10 Best Filing Cabinet You Actually Want

When it comes to organizing enormous amounts of files, filing cabinets are the best solution, we can all agree on that.

But getting yourself just any file cabinet might not be ideal since there are a few criteria that must be checked beforehand. For instance, a specifically-designed cabinet may not fit the office space that you have carefully planned for.

This is one of the many reasons why we made sure to select only the most convenient file cabinets that will suit any intended office space, while others just have unique designs to die for.

Buckle up, the best file cabinets follow!

Best Filing Cabinet 

Best filing cabinet

With that being said, let’s venture into the top 10 Best Filing Cabinets You Actually Want list!

1. Varidesk 2- Drawer Modern Filing Cabinet

The Varidesk 2-Drawer Modern Filing Cabinet comes fully assembled, which offers a hassle-free experience to its customers. It’s equipped with lockable casters, thus making it mobile enough for moving the cabinet from one location to another.

Vari Slim File Cabinet - Three Drawer Office Filing Cabinet - Compact,...
  • SECURE ORGANIZATION: A premium 3 drawer filing...
  • DURABLE, SOFT CLOSE DRAWERS: Conquer your clutter...


The file cabinet consists of two space-friendly drawers with edges that are chambered and constructed out of durable steel. It is the ideal way to keep everything in front as it can be accessed conveniently at the time of need.

It serves as a multi-purpose unit since it can hold almost everything – from snacking items to an extra pair of clothes thus the Varidesk 2-Drawer Modern Filing Cabinet can accommodate a lot if not all.

This file cabinet also comes with an opening cut out in steel for charging devices by placing them in the drawer and passing the cable through the opening created for convenient charging.

However, if one is into bright colors then sadly, this file cabinet is not recommended as it comes in the variant of a maximum of two colors that are basic, white, and black.

Plus, casters can be rolled and locked. This brings a different dimension to this file cabinet by making it mobile and convenient to shift from one position to another.

One of the best aspects of this product is that it comes fully assembled and that is how the manufacturer ships it to the delivery address, thus sparing the customers from the hassle of assembling it.

  • Rollable and lockable casters make mobility possible
  • It comes fully assembled
  • It possesses only two drawers which may not be sufficient for some users

2. Alera 2-Drawer Lateral Modern Filing Cabinet

Looking for deep drawers? We have the perfect Cabinet for our liking. The Alera 2-Drawer Lateral Modern Filing Cabinet is designed to accommodate a great number of items as its drawers run deep down.

And the best part, the drawers inside are equipped with side-to-side railings that can be used as hangers for hanging files and letters.

No products found.


The steel ball-bearing helps to suspend a telescoping slide, and the drawer is allowed to fully extend when pulled out of the file cabinet.

Its dual-walled fronts provide a great amount of stability as well. You can also open one drawer at a time because the file cabinet allows full recessed pulls and comprises of a unique locking system.

The drawer cabinet possesses an anti-tipping interlock system that only permits one drawer to be opened at a given time. This security detail is quite useful for those who intend to keep valuables or confidential documents inside these drawers.

Dimensions of the cabinet make the process of shifting a little cumbersome as it lacks castors. Therefore, it cannot be easily moved from one place to another.

But the cabinet accommodates just two draws, which can be a disadvantage for the customer if they have plenty of items to segregate. On a personal note, we can gladly say that this is a very useful cabinet and serves numerous purposes due to its pros as listed below.

  • All drawers have inner railings
  • These drawers can be fully stretched out for easy access
  • Includes an anti-tipping interlock system to maximize security
  • The design and dimensions are not suitable for shifting the cabinet around

3. Stockpile White Modern Filing Cabinet

If you’re looking for small, convenient, and spacious cabinets, we have just the right product available for you.

The Stockpile White Modern Filing Cabinet can easily fit in under a table or desk and thus it can be termed as space-efficient. It comes with a beautiful white matte finish and comprises of three space-friendly drawers.

Laura Davidson Furniture Stockpile 3-Drawer File Cabinet,...
  • Modern Matte White powder coated steel file...
  • 3 locking EZ-Glide drawers with two unique keys


This cabinet comes with a drawer divider, as well as a pencil tray. It has a 3 locking system and requires two different keys to open it. Therefore, this increases the security level of the cabinet. The drawers in the file cabinet support the hanging of files and even legal documents of standard size.

Overall, it is a very useful cabinet and much recommended as we don’t have to worry about having ample space to position it due to its convenient size. It also matches the decor of any surrounding for its beautiful powder-white color finish.

You can easily shift it around even though it lacks castors, and can even be used to store important belongings of the owner without any hesitation.

The design of the cabinet is by far the most important and useful property. With this cabinet, we need not worry about it by taking up too much space. As mentioned earlier, placing it below a table or desk is the most convenient location.

One of the major drawbacks concerning this cabinet is the amount of space it offers within its drawers and the answer to it is, space is limited.

  • It has a three-lock system that requires the use of two unique types of keys, providing full security of our belongings
  • Because of its design, the cabinet can be placed anywhere without any trouble
  • It lacks inner space

4. Scoot Mobile Modern Filing Cabinet

The Scoot Mobile Filing Cabinet brings a completely differently designed product. It ensures extra convenience of being mobile along with the extra luxury of an upholstered cushion seat to sit on. And underneath this seat, a whole sliding drawer has been accommodated.

Safco Products Scoot Mobile Filing with Cushioned Seat, Black
  • Mobile file features an upholstered cushion on the...
  • Side-access drawer


The cabinet can be pulled out entirely, thus making it more accessible to the customer. It includes the support of rails to hang various files and small compartments to hold a few materials.

One highlighted feature of this cabinet is that it serves the purpose of seating as well as storage as it holds all supplies within the seat to make it impressive.

The file cabinet is shipped fully assembled except for the wheels or castors that can make it more convenient to move from one position to another.

Barring that one flaw, the Scoot Mobile Filing Cabinet is a must-get because of its dual functionality feature. It is also an attractive piece of furniture to keep around for its eye-catching looks. Moreover, it can go along with any decor and surroundings.

One major disadvantage of the cabinet is that it lacks space, which is the main purpose of a file cabinet. The lack of space is a major factor in our decision-making process that might not allow us to go ahead with the purchase.

But this unique cabinet has a cushioned seat and can fit under any table, bench, desk with a minimum of 20” height. Since most raised objects or demonstrations around us exceed that height, it makes the file cabinet suitable to be placed anywhere under them, saving space.

  • The cabinet has dual functionality which sets it apart from other traditional cabinets
  • With the help of the castors, the file cabinet can be moved and placed anywhere
  • It lacks a locking system that could be depended upon to keep the contents within the cabinet safe

5. Stockpile Square Mobile Modern Filing Cabinet

Here is a similar cabinet to the company’s earlier product. One of the few differences is that it is square-shaped rather than being curved on the edges. The Square mobile cabinet brought to you by Stockpile can be placed anywhere due to the advantage that its height brings about.

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The space offered is that of three drawers which is not much but can serve the purpose to store some basic and valuable items. It is easy to place it anywhere we desire as its compactness makes it convenient for the customer to move the file cabinet to a desirable position.

With beautiful white-powder color and exceptional finish, it ensures that the product will last for years to come. It can be placed under a table or under a desk and likewise at the corner of the room somewhere without affecting the space. Moreover, it also offers three drawers with an anti-locking system that requires two separate keys to open.

The inner railings fitted inside the drawer are convenient to hang standard-sized files and much more. Overall, this is a recommended file cabinet for those who are looking to store only a few valuable documents. The best thing about this cabinet is that it can be fitted anywhere and everywhere.

Not all cabinets are space-friendly. At your convenience, you can fit the Stockpile Square filing cabinet below any desk or table.

Another advantage is that the file cabinet comes with a locking technology that allows you to keep your contents safe and out of reach of the wrong hands. It brings a much-needed security detail, especially considering the contents placed inside by the customer.

  • It can be fitted anywhere around the house, thanks to its convenient shape and design
  • The cabinet has a locking technology to ensure safety
  • Highlights the issue of space because the available set of drawers are not enough

6. Poppin White + Orange 3-Drawer Modern Filing Cabinet

Looking for a file cabinet that pops through its color and appears attractive to the eyes? We have found the most suited cabinet available for that purpose. This 3-Drawer Modern Filing Cabinet is of a beautiful shape and has a very eye-catching color too.

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The bright orange on the front surface catches the eye in an instant. Along with this, four grey castors are shipped with the cabinet that needs to be attached correctly. These castors have a locking system to prevent the cabinet from rolling away.

Plus, the curved edges give it a more complete and subtle look rather than having sharp edges that would make it come off as too loud to accommodate. It also has 3 drawers that offer a good amount of space along with railings on the inside of the same to hang various standard-sized files.

Moreover, the locking system used by the file cabinet is of the first quality and all three drawers are lockable. This makes the cabinet safe and convenient for us to use and keep our personal stuff.

All in all, this is a recommended file cabinet to invest in especially if the color matters to the customer whilst purchasing. And unlike the other cabinets, this one is an exception with the color it displays.

  • This cabinet is available in ten different colors and features four casters that give the cabinet a 360-degree swivel
  • Contains a locking system that involves two keys to open for total protection
  • Does not offer a great deal of space like other stationery big cabinets

7. Belham Living Carter Modern Filing Cabinet

If you’re on the search for something small and compact which can blend in with any room decor, Belham brings to us this modern filing cabinet. It comes with a classy, walnut finish and mid-century design. The file cabinet comprises of two drawers, one for the filing and the other for the supplies.

Belham Living Carter Mid-Century Modern Two-Drawer File Cabinet,...
  • Dimensions: 19.5W x 15.75D x 26H in.
  • High-quality MDF and poplar wood construction with...


Unlike the modern designed file cabinets, this cabinet lacks a locking system and can be easily accessed by anyone and everyone, hence, not taking care of the security of the owner’s belongings.

However, it has a beautiful appeal and can be easily used as a tabletop. And you can even use it for placing a telephone or a flower vase as well.

Made from high-quality MDF, it has been given a mid-century modern style appearance and is constructed with the use of popular wood and birch veneer. Moreover, the walnut finish is very appealing to the eyes.

Its dimensions make it a convenient choice as it is space-friendly and can be accommodated anywhere. To sum it up, this file cabinet makes for an ideal choice although it doesn’t serve a professional purpose of work because it lacks security detailing.

The file cabinet by looks gives a very mid-century style vibe that complements other wooden-based furniture in the room. This completes any room decor and considering its dimensions, it is pretty convenient because you can fit it anywhere and everywhere.

  • The file cabinet has convenient dimensions so it can be placed anywhere in the house without putting too much thought into it
  • It can be used as a tabletop as well as a file cabinet
  • Lacks the ability to be mobile or to be locked for keeping contents safe

8. Devaise 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

Another unit that is designed to meet the convenience of the customers is the Devaise 3 Drawer mobile cabinet. Its dimensions are highly space-friendly and can fit comfortably below any desk or table. The all-metal file cabinet construction and lockable function make it a great product to keep our belongings safe and out of the reach of the wrong personnel.

No products found.


It accommodates a decent deal of space, two stationery drawers and one drawer to hang and place the files in.

The five casters can be fitted onto the base of the file cabinet that provides suitable mobility, which is a great motivation to purchase this unit from a customer’s point of view.

Furthermore, the lock system is designed to be opened with the use of two separate keys and the system controls access to all three drawers. This assures the safety of the content it holds inside. Its sharp edges and flat rectangle top are convenient to be used as a tabletop, a modern metal file cabinet that you can rely on.

One of the major setbacks is the limited amount of space that is offered by this file cabinet. This is made for storing small products but doesn’t cater to the heavy storage needs of customers.

Overall, it is a convenient purchase and is durable enough to last for years to come. The white-powder finish is also something to consider as its finishing is impeccable. It is a convenient item to go for and it’s definitely a value-added product.

  • The Devaise Cabinet comes with three separate drawers
  • Its slightly extended height offers a greater amount of space to the customer’s liking
  • All the metal file cabinet and locking system makes it a safe and dependable to store personal belongings
  • Five casters are fitted to make it mobile and easy to roll away
  • Space provided does not cater to heavy storage requirements

9. Hirsh Industries 20” Deep File Mobile Pedestal

Next, we have one of the best commercial setup file cabinets available to those looking for similar options.

The 20-inch deep File Mobile Pedestal is a file cabinet that is mobile as well as sturdy that also offers a great deal of space within its drawers to store belongings or important documents.

Hirsh Industries 20" Deep 2 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet File in White
  • Commercial grade ball-bearing suspension allows...
  • Material: Steel


The file cabinet comes with two spacious drawers that are lockable and includes the use of two separate keys that are unique thus making it difficult to access.

Its white color exteriors give it a lovely corporate look that blends into an office atmosphere. Plus, it also accommodates a lovely filing system and channel that provides the customer with easy access and proper segregation of their documents.

We like the idea that it is a commercial-grade product since it can accommodate letter-sized files inside the wholly-welded construction. And the casters present below provides the convenience of portability.

It is a very favorable and suited product to opt for especially for a commercial purpose. After all, it’s one of the top file cabinets and we advise you to give it a light wipe with a wet cloth for maintenance as that should help increase longevity.

  • It is made of solid steel and has a brilliant construction that is durable enough to last for a long span of time
  • Its casters are not visible from the outside, giving it a very complete look and finish
  • In comparison to other big cabinets, this cabinet offers a lesser deal of space although, for commercial purposes, it fits the criteria perfectly

10. Aurora FC – 103BL Modern Soho Design 3-Drawer Metal Mobile File Cabinet

This product has a solid metal structure with an electrostatic spraying finish for durability and prevention of rust.

For smooth functioning, the drawer suspension is much better when compared to other drawers. It comes with a total of three drawers and offers a great range of space to help store big, letter-sized files. On top of that, the filing system has great segmentation for better convenience.

Aurora FC-103BL Fully Assembled Modern Soho Design 3-Drawer Metal...
  • Solid metal construction with anti-rust...
  • Product dimensions – 20.7” L x 15.5” W x...


This cabinet is lockable and helps in the safety of your documents. It comes with casters that can be easily fitted while its lockable system allows casters to bring stability to the construction.

Its partial-colored look helps it blend into any decor and surroundings, whether business or home. In addition to its space, it also offers a great design and is well-equipped with divisions for the separation of belongings. There are easy-to-roll casters that give great mobility and complete support to the file cabinet.

Overall, it stands out as a cabinet of suitable size that can be accommodated in any environment while offering a great deal of space for storage. In addition, its colors provide numerous options to choose from and the lockable system is also an important addition to the whole structure.

  • Features three drawers with sufficient space to accommodate personal belongings locked with an in-built lockable system
  • Its casters provide enough mobility to be shifted
  • The varied colors blend in perfectly into any surroundings, whether commercial or personal household
  • Lacks storage as compared to other bigger filing cabinets


Along with our recommendations, we also urge you to make sure you have a brief look at some buyers’ guides and read a few reviews about the particular file cabinets that interest you. This will ensure you get the one that best suits your preferences.

And there you have it! We hope to see you next time.

All the best!

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