Cristina Galan

Cristina Galan

Cristina has been the architect contributor and consultant of Architecture Lab since 2019 and while her full-time architecture practice leaves little time for creative writing, her wisdom and the struggles of being an architect in Europe are shared here.

Cristina contributes to the teams permanently as a consultant on various delicate architecture topics, her sustainability expertise and international architecture practice experience being a great asset to the Architecture Lab team.



Cristina is a seasoned architect with international experience currently working at in Bucharest as a PassivHaus Institute certified architect. She loves organizing absolutely everything with flair and spreadsheets, her motto being that “spreadsheets can solve any organizational predicament “. Her approach to architecture and design always includes sustainability, seeing energy-efficient builds as heirloom architecture to be.

In her free time, she writes for Architecture Lab about how rewarding and equally challenging life as an architect can be.


Cristina graduated UAUIM’s Master of Architecture in 2017 with a sustainability major.

TITLE | Architect Contribuitor at Architecture Lab

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