Different Types of Bathtub Materials to Consider to Uplift Your Home Value

Like every other room in your home, the bathroom too should be ingeniously designed, stylish. It is a place where you spend the most important period of your day to refresh yourself, a place in which you relax your body. A bathroom with appealing textured walls, good materials, and soothing colors, gives a relaxing experience. If you have a large bathroom, then having a bathtub is the coolest thing you can include. However, buying the right one is also extraordinarily important and quite difficult, the guide that follows ought to help by elaborating different types of bathtub materials that you ought to consider in the bathroom remodeling process.

Before learning about the bathroom materials, it is important to know about the space and how to use the tub. We have two simple options, standard soaking bathtubs and whirlpool bathtubs that have jets providing message by pushing air into the tub.

After deciding the type next is the space to accommodate it. In general, the standard size of the tub is 60 inches to 14 inches. To know the perfect size for your bathroom you have measure the space available and very important, the doorways. You always have to make sure that you can actually get it in the bathroom itself.

Once you’ve considered the use and space of the bathtub, the next important thing to think about is the materials. With the times changing and innovation taking place, bathtub materials with quality work gives an entirely new look to your bathroom. Let us now check different free stand materials of bathtub that can give a new look to your bathroom.

Acrylic Tubs

Different types of bathtub materials to consider to uplift your home value

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These types are made from vacuum acrylic sheets along with fiberglass. Acrylic is light in weight and easy to install. However, they do require proper reinforcement during the installation process. You can check with your dealer to know more about the style, installation process and other details about the acrylic tubs. Some of the benefits of having this tub follow.

  • Warm touch
  • Crack resistant
  • Stands up to high temperature
  • Resists to harsh chemicals

Copper Tubs

The best thing about the copper tub is the durability and natural patina that majorly contributed towards its comeback. It is usually oval shape and is highly understated for its shine. You can create a good space by adding black river stone, which will certainly give a whole new look to the area.


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Cast-Iron Bathtubs

These types of tubs have steels which are coated with enamel. However, they don’t usually look like steel because of the enamel coating that is quite thicker, and the cast iron remains durable for a long time. Even though it looks rich, the weight of the cast iron tub is around 350-500 pounds, which complicates the installation on a second-floor or higher.


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Gel Coated Fiberglass Bathtub

This is yet another lightweight and sturdy bathtub material available in many shapes and sizes. However, it comes with a major downside of not being sustainable and is susceptible to mold and stains. Keeping proper care during its use with regular cleaning will certainly keep it for long years.

Metal Bathtub

If you want to have an old-style tub and have no money issue, then metal bathtub should be your choice. This type of bathtub material looks rich and is strong regarding quality. However, it may also demand extra flooring. It is the cast-iron and baked-on enamel surface material which is crack resistant. Other options are- copper, stainless steel and nickel plated.


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Glass Bathtubs

Why not take your bathroom look to a whole new level, by adding a glass bathtub having glass panel containing water. You can DIY with tiled floors, three walls and a secured glass panel installation thus making it a completely waterproof, really cool area.


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Stone Bathtub

Go bold by replacing the old and mediocre tub with a stone bathtub, which will dig huge in your pocket, but will ever last. You have a good number of options like marble, travertine and granite, each giving a sense of sturdy body and natural looking space. This freestanding bathtub material is quite heavy, and so you need to make sure your bathroom supports at least 2000 lbs of weight. To ensure its longevity, do perform regular cleaning process.


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Wood Bathtub

In western countries, wood bathtub materials are in huge demand because they can keep the heat longer. The best thing is, you can customize the tub a great deal, from essence to size. To make it look richer and get ultimate bathing experience, consider for a handmade Japanese soaking tub. However, it does come with a drawback that wooden cover may get damaged due to excess water connection leading to moisture. The best way to seal it is by coating or by using clear fiberglass.


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Porcelain Bathtubs

Made from steel sheets and features porcelain enamel coating, porcelain bathtubs are light in weight and are quite common in use. These are available in standard sizes makes the installation process fairly easy. However, there are chances of rust formation in the surface area but can be cleaned easily.

Apart from these bathtub materials, there are other options too including:

  • Barrel
  • Sunken
  • Plastic


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Bathtub materials styles are changing rapidly with the ever-changing demands from homeowners and styles coming up. The major factor to consider while installing is the maintenance that will help in keeping the material fresh long term thus uplifting the value of your home.

What do you think about the bathtub materials above and what do you use now at home ? We would to hear your thoughts in the comment section below !

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