8 of the Best Bags for Architects Today [Architect’s Collection]

Architects are among the most kitted out professionals in the industry and are generally people who tend to carry a lot of equipment. There’s a bunch of things they need with them, each for their own purpose. They have meetings, site visits, and construction supervision days. They’re supposed to carry specific equipment for drawing boards and mapping purposes as well as laptops or tablets like most proffesionals.

Of course, carrying all that kit around means you need to have a bag that can make it easy to haul everything without breaking your back. You need bags that will be practical as well as comfortable and capable of holding different kinds of equipment.

Read along and find out the best bags for architects.

8 of the Best Bags for Architects Today

  1. Waxed Cotton Canvas Duffle Bag

the DUFFEL | Waxed Cotton Canvas Duffel Bag with Leather Handles
  • 18" x 11" x 9" IDEALLY-SIZED for a weekend...
  • SUPER-SMOOTH CAST METAL ZIPPER :: These buttery...

This Duffle bag is everything an architect would be looking for in a bag. It is large and spacious, and it is designed for traveling as well as everyday use. Fat Felt’s products always stand out and so does this one. The material is exquisite, and you feel classy and professional just carrying it around.

It feels durable and capable of withstanding the elements without any issues.The zipper feels smooth and easy to use. The handles are soft and make it easy to carry. You could also use this bag for your weekend getaways. Only thing is, the price is quite high but there’s a lot of quality on offer for that price.

  • Excellent quality of the material. Feels rich and exquisite
  • Smooth and functional Zipper that will not falter or break the chain
  • Soft leather handles that make the bag comfortable to carry around
  • Plenty of storage available
  • Weather resistant and can be taken along to places where the elements could be an issue
  • The price is pretty steep
  • here is no specific storage option for devices such as tablets or laptops
  1. Leather Architect Men’s Duffle Bag

Leather Architect Men's 100% Leather Duffle Bag Mid Brown
  • Leather weekender duffle bag featuring rounded top...
  • Multiple interior utility pockets.

This product is not just another duffle bag, but one that is specifically designed with architects in mind. Well, the brand’s name itself has architect in it. Leather Architect is known to make some of the best leather products out there and this Duffle bag is no exception.

It’s got plenty of pockets for people who prefer better organization and compartmentalization. The leather quality feels substantial and pretty durable. Moreover, the price is quite reasonable too. It looks very sleek too and comes in two colors.

Seems like a pretty straightforward formula, right? Well, it is one. This is a product that aims to impress, and it definitely achieves what it has set out to do.

  • Reasonably priced with excellent quality
  • Excellent quality of leather which does not weigh too much but is quite durable
  • Plenty of storage pockets for those that look to organize whatever they’re carrying
  • Good size and comes with a shoulder strap for convenient carriage
  • Sleek looks that can make you stand out in a professional space
  • When brand new, the material tends to emit a weird odour but this doesn’t last long
  • The color seems to fade out pretty quickly
  1. Newhey Men’s Messenger bag

Mens Messenger Bag 15.6 Inch Waterproof Vintage Genuine Leather Waxed...
  • DURABLE & WATERPROOF: Men messenger bag is made of...
  • PLENTY ROOM FOR ORGANIZING: This leather messenger...

This one’s a bit different from the duffle bags we’ve been talking about. It’s more like a leather briefcase or a combination of a satchel and a briefcase. It’s got a comfortable strap which makes it a great bag for carrying around on your shoulder.

You cannot haul around as much equipment as you normally would with a duffle bag but that isn’t the point. This one has got excellent storage options for your laptop, stationery equipment and things like files, folders, small equipment, etc. And can be used if you’re not travelling far off or for office meetings where you won’t be too involved in the legwork.

The leather quality is excellent, and it’s protected by a waxed canvas that is waterproof so durability is not a concern at all.

  • Waterproof design with excellent quality leather and waxed canvas
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Can comfortably hold laptop and other portables along with a few important files and documents
  • Excellent for short visits or important meetings
  • Comfortable shoulder sling for carrying with ease
  • Not enough storage for holding bigger equipment
  1. CafePress Canvas Tote Bag

No products found.

We’re going from large and fancy to small and simple. CafePress’s Canvas Tote bag is perfect for people who prioritize portability over everything else. It is very much like a regular cloth bag, except much more durable and capable of holding more than just your usual groceries.

Don’t go thinking you can carry your tools and equipment in this easily. This bag isn’t meant for that, but it is definitely a great choice if you need something to carry your essentials on a casual work day. Probably a routine trip to the office or for a meeting with clients.

Although this is one of the heaviest tote bags you’ll find out there, it’s not that hard to carry. The handle feels comfortable and soft and you can carry it around your shoulder pretty easily.

The best thing about this bag is that it is quite affordable. So, if you’re on a budget, and need something to carry some stationary, a laptop and a few files and papers  then this bag is the perfect choice. It’s portable, comfortable and inexpensive.

  • Easy to carry around and very compact
  • Inexpensive to buy, excellent for those on a tight budget
  • Good choice for the casual weekend work day
  • Comes in multiple sizes for those looking for something more flexible
  • Very simplistic, not necessarily a bag designed to carry all sorts of equipment
  1. FAT FELT Waxed Cotton Canvas Small Shoulder Tote Bag

the SMALL TOTE | Waxed Cotton Canvas small shoulder tote bag with...

Another tote bag we think that should make this list is Fat Felt’s Wax Cotton Canvas Tote bag. It’s a small shoulder design with plenty of quality on offer. Much more so than the usual tote bag at the very least. You get some options for better organization with a functional zipper and a few pockets on the inside.

It’s quite durable and is made of excellent quality material, especially for a Tote Bag. It is also protected by a waxed canvas which means it can withstand wet conditions with relative ease. The small shoulder means it can get a little uncomfortable to carry over longer distances if you’re someone who likes to stuff your bag with a lot of stuff.

In terms of storage, it does leave youwanting for more but then again, there’s plenty for someone who’ll not be using it for carrying their heavier equipment. The price is a bit steep too. The best part though is that it feels premium and looks really classy.

  • Exquisite material for a Tote bag with brilliant durability
  • A few storage options for added practicality, pockets and zippers, the lot
  • The zippers feel really good and do not get stuck or feel breakable
  • Small shoulder makes it easy to lift up
  • Looks excellent and feels premium
  • Not the most comfortable bag to carry around
  • The price is quite steep
  1. Fat Felt Waxed Cotton Canvas Shave and Toiletries dopp Kit Bag

the SMALL TOTE | Waxed Cotton Canvas small shoulder tote bag with...

We’re cheating a bit here but then again, what’s in a name. Just because Fat Felt says this bag is meant for Shaving and Toiletry kits, doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use it as an architect’s bag. This product has everything you need to carry your kit long distances.

It’s got plenty of compartments, a really good, durable zipper that does its job incredibly well, and a handle that is really comfortable to hang around your shoulder and has a nice weather proof design. It looks amazing too. So, you’re going to carry everything you need and look like a thorough professional in doing so as well.

  • Good looks, makes the wearer look like a true professional
  • Plenty of options for kit and equipment, you’re not going to have to worry about storage space either
  • Comfortable to carry around, does not add too much strain or weight on the shoulder
  • Very well priced for the quality it offers
  • Could have some more storage space for equipment
  1. Leather Architect Cross Over Messenger Bag

LEATHER ARCHITECT-Men's 100% Leather Cross over Messenger Bag-Black
  • Leather messenger bag featuring crossbody shoulder...
  • Interior utility pockets and device sleeve

Leather Architect is an amazing brand and we really love them. Their bags are pretty amazing and the quality of the leather they use is phenomenal. Not only that, they look nothing short of spectacular because the leather finish tends to stand out quite well. And this Cross Over Messenger bag is the embodiment of all these qualities.

There’s plenty of space for a laptop, notebook, some pens, and usual stationery that an architect would carry around. There’s also space for drawings, documents, files and folders. The buckle-based design feels quite vintage but is functional at the same time. It’s also got an excellent sleeve inside for your laptop.

  • Inner Laptop sleeve is excellent and holds the laptop pretty well
  • The material of the leather is absolutely phenomenal
  • The black leather finish looks classy and stands out in a crowd full of suits and ties
  • Buckle based design not to everyone’s tastes
  • A bit expensive for what it offers
  1. Estalon Leather Laptop Messenger Bag for Men

No products found.

Well here’s a brand we haven’t covered. Estalon does not have many products we think are good for architects but this one definitely stood out for us. What we loved most about this bag is the sheer number of options you get. You can order it with different finishes and colors and there’s also an optional zipper model. All across a $10 price difference from $55 and $70.

Basically, you get to decide what version of this bag you want. The more features you need, the more you pay.But at the end of the day, this is an excellent bag to carry to work. You can fit all your drawing board equipment, your laptop, your stationery and everything else in it. It feels very comfortable to carry and looks fabulous too.

  • Wide range of options to choose from in terms of aesthetic appeal and material
  • Excellent storage for stationery and electronic devices
  • Attractive and upmarket look and feel
  • Affordable price range
  • Top option feels a bit too expensive and zipper should be standard across all options
  • No wireless

All in all, as an architect you’d want a bag that lets you carry all the equipment, stationary and essentials you need. You’d also want it to look neat and classy.It must also be durable and capable of surviving in more rugged and volatile environments because as an architect, you’re going to be around plenty of construction sites too. Take your pick!

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