50 of the Best Gifts for Architects in 2024

The “50 Best Gifts for Architects in 2024” offers a wide array of unique gift ideas suitable for architects. These gifts are designed to cater to both the professional and personal aspects of an architect’s life, ensuring there’s something for every taste and need. These gifts are designed to cater to both the professional and personal aspects of an architect’s life, ensuring there’s something for every taste and need. The list includes fashionable accessories like blueprint cufflinks, which are available in a price range of $23 (€20, £18) to $92 (€80, £73). The LEGO Architecture Studio set, priced around $173-$230 (€150-€200, £138-184), allows architects to unleash their creativity. On the luxury end, gifts such as the Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner and the Herman Miller Aeron Chair are suggested for those looking to indulge in high-end items. These products offer cutting-edge technology and supreme comfort, respectively, making them ideal choices for architects who appreciate the finer things in life. For budget-conscious shoppers, the list presents a variety of gifts under $58 (€50, £46), $115 (€100, £92), and $576 (€500, £460). This includes practical items like mini tape measures and drafting pencils, as well as personalized gifts such as engraved drawing pencils and custom blueprint portfolios. These gifts add a personal touch and are thoughtful without breaking the bank. For more budget-conscious options, the list presents a variety of gifts under $58 (€50, £46), $115 (€100, £92), and $576 (€500, £460), ensuring there’s something for every price range. For educational and inspirational purposes, the list recommends resources like “The Story of Buildings” book and Frank Gehry’s MasterClass. These gifts provide architects with insights into the history, theory, and practice of architecture, enhancing their knowledge and skills. The list also includes playful items like architect-themed mugs and humorous T-shirts, reflecting the lighter side of the profession and serving as a source of joy and bonding within the architectural community. For budget-conscious shoppers, the list presents a variety of gifts under $50 (€46, £40), $100 (€93, £80), and $500 (€465, £400). This includes practical items like mini tape measures and drafting pencils, as well as personalized gifts such as engraved drawing pencils and custom blueprint portfolios. These gifts add a personal touch and are thoughtful without breaking the bank. Travel-related gifts and books that appeal to architects are also recommended, enhancing their professional growth and offering new perspectives in their field. For more budget-conscious options, the list presents a variety of gifts under $50 (€46, £40), $100 (€93, £80), and $500 (€465, £400), ensuring there’s something for every price range. These include practical items like mini tape measures, drafting pencils, and personalized gifts such as engraved drawing pencils and custom blueprint portfolios, adding a personal touch to these thoughtful presents. The list suggests travel-related donations and books that appeal to architects, enhancing their professional and personal growth. Lastly, it addresses the essentials for architecture students and the importance of traditional tools like drafting kits, indicating the enduring value of fundamental skills in the architectural profession.

Table of Contents

1. Pair Of Blueprint Cufflinks

Blueprint cufflinks make for a thoughtful gift that allows architects to showcase their profession in a stylish, understated way. The cufflinks feature a blueprint design on a metal base, nodding to an architect’s creative field through a versatile accessory. As far as functionality, blueprint cufflinks offer versatility that makes them useful for an architect’s daily professional and casual wear. Their ability to work with both formal suits and weekend attire ensures architects can incorporate them into client meetings, as well as off-duty outfits. Ultimately, the cufflinks allow architects to subtly express their creative profession on a daily basis.

The blueprint cufflink design works well to represent an architect’s artistic field and often serves as a conversation starter with fellow architects who recognize the familiar blueprint pattern. The cufflinks can also showcase major architectural structures like the Empire State Building or Sydney Opera House through the blueprint motif. This allows the wearer to add personality and tailor the cufflinks to their unique structures of interest.

The blueprint cufflinks range from $20 (€18, £15) to $80 (€73, £67) at various online retailers like Etsy, Amazon, and specialty sites like Cufflinks Depot and Cuff Daddy. They are made of metal with a blueprint enamel or engraving on the face, with silver, zinc alloy, and plated base metal among common materials used. The cufflinks often come packaged in a decorative storage box or pouch, adding to their appeal as a professional gift.

2. LEGO Architecture Studio

The LEGO Architecture Studio set allows architects to tap into their creative design skills in a hands-on way. Priced around $150-$200 (€140-€185, £120-£160) this 1,210-piece LEGO collection includes a monochromatic palette of white and transparent bricks, plates, tiles, and specialty pieces ideal for architectural model building. Developed in collaboration with leading architects like Safdie, SOM, and MAD, the set comes with a 272-page guidebook filled with building tips, techniques, and example models. This provides inspiration for architects at all skill levels to construct famous buildings or create their own designs. 

As a gift, the LEGO Architecture Studio is a unique outlet for architects to revisit their creative roots and 3D visualization abilities. The minimalist bricks allow a focus on structural design rather than color. Architects can follow instructions to build models like the White House or Guggenheim Museum or experiment with original compositions. This hands-on building aligns with an architect’s spatial and visual expertise. The Architecture Studio has versatility as a professional development tool or leisurely creative outlet. Architects can visualize and test concepts in miniature before full-scale construction. The kit also provides stress relief through the meditative, focused process of manual building.

3. Concrete Desk Set

The concrete desk set by Areaware makes for an ideal gift for architects who appreciate minimalist, industrial design. Priced around $50, this set includes a small tray, tape dispenser, and pen holder molded from durable concrete composite.

The minimalist concrete material directly ties into an architect’s work and aesthetic. Concrete is an essential building material that many modern architects utilize for its structural abilities and raw, industrial look. The desk set brings this urban texture into an office space in a subtle way.

The set’s clean, modernist style reflects many architects’ minimalist tastes. The functional pieces provide organization on a desktop while making an artistic statement. The tray can corral small office supplies, while the pen holder neatly organizes writing utensils. The tape dispenser allows quick access to tape for models or plans.

This concrete desk set makes a sophisticated gift that caters to an architect’s aesthetic preferences. The set’s minimalist industrial design and concrete material align with many modern architectural styles. It provides artistic flair and useful organization to an architect’s workspace. The set can be ordered from design retailers like Areaware, MoMA Design Store, and Georg Jensen.

4. Architect Mug

The architect mug makes for a thoughtful, lighthearted gift that architects can appreciate on multiple levels. Featuring the word “architect” purposely misspelled in various phonetic ways like “archeteckt” and “architecht,” the mug pokes fun at the common misspellings of the profession that architects frequently encounter.

Typically priced under $20 (€18, £16), this 11 oz ceramic mug validates the shared experiences and inside jokes of the architecture community. The variations on “architect” play into the humor architects often turn to when dealing with people unfamiliar with their unusual professional title. While the misspellings may come across on the surface as a simple typo, architects instantly recognize the familiar, mild annoyance being referenced. The mug brings some levity and bonding to this common occurrence in a gift that really only fellow architects may fully appreciate.

Beyond the spelling humor, the architect’s mug’s visual design often incorporates architectural symbols, blueprints, or city skylines. This further ties the mug into an architect’s professional identity for a gift that reflects their creative field from multiple angles. The architect mug is available on sites like Zazzle, Etsy, and Amazon for around $15-20 (€14-18,£12-16), making it an affordable and thoughtful gift idea for holidays, birthdays, graduations, or other special occasions.

5. Frank Gehry Master Class 

The Frank Gehry Master Class provides over 2 hours of video lessons from the renowned architect on his design philosophy and creative process. Priced at $90 (€83,£72), the online course gives unprecedented access to Gehry’s model archive and years of experience shaping iconic buildings.

Gehry shares his take on architecture through case studies of major projects like the Walt Disney Concert Hall and 8 Spruce Street skyscraper. Lessons cover generating design ideas, expressing movement, working with clients, materials considerations, and business approaches. The course caters to architecture students looking to learn from a master as well as enthusiasts curious about Gehry’s boundary-pushing buildings.

The production value and inside look at Gehry’s archive is compelling, some architecture students felt the course overpromised on comprehensively teaching design skills. The lessons focus more on Gehry’s inspirations, conceptual approach, and selected project examples rather than technical processes. Yet the master class still validates creative thinking and gives insight into translating bold architectural ideas.

The Frank Gehry Master Class ultimately is an invaluable first-person account of Gehry’s philosophical and business evolution. For those inspired by his iconic warped shapes and folds, the course grants insider access to the mind behind these groundbreaking forms. The conceptual emphasis shows how Gehry’s unconventional thinking manifests in transcendent buildings that elevate architecture’s artistic capacity.

6. Leica Laser Distance Measure

The Leica laser distance measure allows architects to take quick and precise measurements, improving efficiency on the job site. Featuring laser technology, the Leica measure can calculate distances up to 300 meters with an accuracy of ±1.5mm depending on the model. The device is able to measure length, area, and volume, as well as indirect measurements using Pythagoras and tilt functions.

Priced from $150 to $600 (€140 to €555, £120 to £480), the Leica distance measure comes in various models like the DISTO D2, E7100i, and DISTO S910 to fit different architectural needs. The devices are available on Leica’s website as well as retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, and specialty vendors like LaserStreet.com. Models vary in maximum range, accuracy, display type, connectivity options, and specialty features like pointfinders and built-in cameras. Higher-end options like the Leica DISTO E7500i add Bluetooth connectivity and high-resolution touchscreen displays for more seamless data integration and targeting.

For architects, the Leica distance measure boosts efficiency by delivering instant, precise measurements using laser technology. The tool eliminates the need for tape measures, wheels, and other analog devices that are time-consuming and introduce human error. Gathering on-site dimensions, calculating roof slopes, or documenting as-built conditions, the Leica measure improves accuracy and allows architects to capture more data in less time. The device’s long-range and specialty functions also grant access to hard-to-reach dimensions.

7. The Story of Buildings: From the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House and Beyond

The Story of Buildings is an excellent book choice that explores the history and evolution of architecture over time. Spanning ancient wonders like the Egyptian pyramids to modern marvels like the Sydney Opera House, this hardcover book uses detailed cutaway illustrations and engaging narratives to reveal how iconic buildings were engineered and designed. At $21.99 (£17.50, €19), it makes a reasonably priced gift that provides a helpful perspective on how architecture has been shaped by cultural and social contexts. Architects will enjoy the educational stories about the people behind famous buildings. The visual approach with intricate illustrations of construction and layouts is perfect for sparking creativity and understanding technical concepts. As a valuable reference full of inspirational content, this unique book nurtures an architect’s passion for buildings.

Tools and office supplies are other great gift ideas for architects. A drafting table or kit with essential drawing supplies like triangles, scales, pens, and markers can aid in their artistic process. For those working digitally, a graphics tablet allows them to sketch and design directly on the computer. Gift cards to architecture bookstores or online retailers that sell modeling kits, 3D printers, and design software are also appreciated.

Commemorative gifts like a customized blueprint or 3D printed model of a meaningful building provide a thoughtful memento. Photo books or framed pictures of architectural icons like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater or Antoni Gaudí’s La Sagrada Familia capture an architect’s sense of wonder. For recent graduates, a special gift like an engraved pen set, briefcase, or portfolio can encourage them as they start their careers.

8. The Architect Says: Quotes, Quips, And Words Of Wisdom

The Architect Says compiles insightful and humorous quotes from over 100 famous architects, providing inspiration and bonding for fellow designers. The book features pithy musings on architecture and design from historical figures like Frank Lloyd Wright alongside contemporary architects like Zaha Hadid. Covering topics from creative inspiration to client relationships, the quotes range from witty quips to profound reflections on the art of building.

Priced around $15-20 (€14-18, £12-17), The Architect Says makes an affordable, thoughtful gift to celebrate an architect’s interests and profession. The book’s compact size and elegant design with ribbon bookmark make it convenient to carry or display in an office or home. It’s available on Amazon, bookstores like Barnes & Noble, and architecture retailers like the AIA Store for around $15-20.

For architects, the book offers both professional inspiration and comic relief drawn from shared experiences. Seeing familiar names and struggles voiced validates the realities of architectural practice. The diversity of viewpoints also sparks new ways to approach design challenges. Architects can find motivation in the book’s celebration of creativity and progressive thinking.

Beyond inspiration, The Architect Says also forges connection. The quotes reveal how many timeless joys and frustrations are communal in the field. This inside humor and peer empathy strengthens architects’ sense of community. The book ultimately becomes a bonding gift architects appreciate for understanding the singular nature of their profession.

9. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Architecture Coffee Mug

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Architecture Coffee Mug features blueprint-style drawings of 10 iconic buildings, making it an ideal gift for architects and architecture enthusiasts. Priced at around $15-25 (€14-23, £12-20), this 11 oz ceramic mug displays architectural renderings of structures like the Parthenon, the US Capitol Building, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater House.

The minimalist white mug has a sleek, modern look with the building designs wrapping around the exterior. The drawings capture the essence of each architectural landmark with clean lines and shapes. The mug comes packaged in a fun gift box, adding to its appeal as a present. It can be purchased online through retailers like Amazon, Etsy, and the Unemployed Philosophers Guild website.

For architects and design fans, the Architecture Coffee Mug is a conversation starter that nods to their creative profession. The classic buildings depicted make for a thoughtful, artistic representation of the field’s history and diversity. Sipping coffee from this mug allows one to admire both the form and function of structures like the Pantheon and the Sydney Opera House.

The mug’s blueprint-inspired style also connects to an architect’s technical skills and appreciation for plans and models. The simple, minimalist drawings convey the beauty of these buildings through their outline and geometry. At an affordable $15-20 price point, the Unemployed Philosophers Guild Architecture mug makes for a unique yet practical gift to celebrate great design.

10. Baseball Stadium Blueprints

For the architect who is also a passionate baseball fan, baseball stadium blueprints make a thoughtful and meaningful gift. These detailed technical drawings illustrate the architecture and engineering behind America’s iconic ballparks, providing a fascinating historical perspective on stadium design evolution. Sites like Ballpark Blueprints, Stadium Blueprint Company, and Uncommon Goods offer high-quality archival prints of various MLB stadiums, with prices ranging from $25-100 (£20-80, €22-88). 

Options include classic parks like Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, and the old Yankee Stadium, capturing nostalgia for the sports fan. Framing the print professionally transforms it into an artistic accent piece perfect for any sports lover’s home.

For a recent architecture graduate or young baseball enthusiast, a framed blueprint of their hometown or favorite team’s ballpark commemorates their passion for both architecture and sports. Studying the intricate drawings firsthand allows architects to analyze how these structures were engineered and can inspire creativity for their own designs.

Customization provides a meaningful personal touch. Getting a child’s little league field or an alma mater’s college stadium blueprint made is sure to delight. For the ultimate creative challenge, architects could try reimagining how to improve their favorite ballpark’s design while maintaining its iconic features. At the intersection of America’s pastime and ingenious architecture, the baseball stadium blueprint celebrates both sports and design history. The sophisticated artwork reminds architects daily of the innovation and problem-solving skills involved in stadium construction. For any architect who loves baseball, this gift will be treasured as a unique memento.

11. FlashForge 3D Printer Creator Pro

The FlashForge Creator Pro is an enclosed, dual-extruder 3D printer that allows architects to bring rapid prototyping and model-making in-house. Priced at $399 (€368, £318), the Creator Pro features a sturdy metal frame, acrylic covers, and a heated 6.5mm aluminum platform for printing detailed models with engineering plastics like ABS.

The Creator Pro’s independent dual extruders enable multi-color and multi-material prints, perfect for architectural models requiring specific textures or soluble supports. The removable nozzles also allow switching between 0.4mm, 0.6mm, and 0.8mm sizes to suit different layer resolutions and print goals. Integrated cooling fans, an optimized build platform, and 120°C chamber temperature further the Creator Pro’s print quality and reliability.

For architects, the Creator Pro facilitates in-office rapid prototyping so iterations and client presentations can be handled faster. Rather than waiting days for service bureaus, design validation, and model iterations can happen rapidly to keep projects moving. The enclosed chamber also allows the printing of more advanced materials like ABS for durable yet detailed architectural models.

The Creator Pro’s robust metal frame, dual extruders, and slicing software support help ensure consistent quality for architectural models. Models printed on the Creator Pro can showcase design details from wall textures to landscaping. The $399 price point makes the Creator Pro an accessible in-house machine for small firms.

12. Living Composter

The Living Composter offers an eco-friendly way to recycle food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer right at home. Priced from $90 to $200 (€83 to €185, £72 to £160), this vermicomposting system uses red wiggler worms to break down food waste into compost. The Living Composter’s stacked tray design provides the ideal worm habitat while containing the mess.

The Living Composter is available from retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, and specialty sustainable living sites like Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. The entry-level 2-tray model provides up to 6 gallons of composting capacity. Additional stackable trays can expand the system’s composting volume. The Living Composter’s molded plastic construction is durable, BPA-free, and UV-resistant for indoor/outdoor use.

For the eco-conscious, the Living Composter offers sustainable waste management by turning food scraps into organic compost. This reduces landfill contributions while creating a free, nutrient-rich fertilizer. The composting process is odor-free so the system can be used year-round indoors. The Living Composter provides a small-scale, hands-on way to repurpose food waste.

The Living Composter also makes an educational gift to teach children about ecosystems and the environment. Watching the worms break down waste demystifies the composting process. Kids can learn about sustainability by maintaining the worm habitat. The compact Living Composter is sized for use in classrooms or at home.

13. Frank Lloyd Wright Double Sided Puzzle

For architects who admire the pioneering works of Frank Lloyd Wright, a double-sided puzzle featuring his iconic buildings makes for an intriguing gift. Available from retailers like Galison and the official Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation store, these 500-piece puzzles showcase Wright’s famous structures on one side with architectural plans or blueprints on the reverse at $15-20 (£12-16/13-18€). Options include Wright’s residential masterpiece Fallingwater with an exterior photo on one side and interior floor plans on the back. His legendary Guggenheim Museum puzzle has an image of the building’s unique spiral design on one side and Wright’s original technical drawings for its construction on the other. 

These visual juxtapositions spark an appreciation for both the beauty and ingenious engineering of Wright’s designs. The puzzles’ glossy and matte finishes on opposite sides also facilitate assembly. As they recreate these landmarks piece by piece, architects gain first-hand exposure to Wright’s distinctive style and creative process. Studying floor plans and blueprints inspires new perspectives on form and function in architecture. Wright’s trademark use of natural materials and harmony with the environment also influences modern sustainable design. 

At $15-20, these 500-piece puzzles make reasonably priced gifts to delight the Wright enthusiast. Framed upon completion, they become artistic showpieces celebrating the innovator’s legacy. Paired with a book on Wright’s philosophy or photos of his buildings, the puzzles anchor an inspirational gift set. For any architect with an appreciation for Frank Lloyd Wright’s enduring influence, this interactive tribute stimulates creativity.

14. Professor Puzzle Notre Dame

The Professor Puzzle Notre Dame metal model kit makes for an intricate, challenging build that architecture enthusiasts will appreciate. Priced around $25-60 (€23-55, £20-48), this detailed 3D puzzle uses laser-cut steel sheets to recreate the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Following illustrated instructions, the modeler pops out and assembles intricately shaped puzzle pieces to construct a miniature architectural masterpiece. The sculptural building process requires spatial reasoning and patience to align tabs and holes for a perfect fit. Sanding, bending, and shaping the metal sheets bring Notre Dame’s spires, rose windows, and flying buttresses to life.

For architects, engineers, and design fans, the Notre Dame model offers a hands-on lesson in Gothic architecture. The kit captures the cathedral’s neo-Gothic restoration details from the 19th century, like the gallery of kings and spire statuary. Assembling the metal puzzle pieces provides insight into Notre Dame’s structural elegance.

The Notre Dame model kit is available online through retailers like Amazon, EuroLots, and ProfessorPuzzle.com for around $25-60 (€23-55, £20-48). More advanced than typical jigsaw puzzles, this metal 3D challenge takes around 5 hours to complete. The finished 7-inch x 5-inch x 4-inch Notre Dame model makes an artistic centerpiece for desks or shelves.

15. NYC Skyline Chess

The NYC Skyline Chess Set immortalizes iconic New York City buildings into a creative chess set priced around $100-150 (€92-138, £80-120). The 32 chess pieces are modeled after famous NYC skyscrapers and structures, capturing the essence of the city’s architectural history and diversity.

The chess pieces are sculpted from acrylic and range from 1.5 to 8 inches tall. Each piece has a felt bottom to protect the chess board, which is a 16-inch folding board that is stored neatly in the included presentation box. Some premium versions like the bronze edition use metal pieces with more detailing. The NYC Skyline Chess Set combines artistry, architecture, and history into a creative chess game.

As a gift for an architect, urban planner, or New Yorker, the Skyline Chess Set is a thoughtful way to celebrate their interests. The intricately designed pieces allow admiring the city’s landmarks from all angles while strategizing moves. The set sparks conversation about the buildings depicted and memories made in New York City over a friendly game. It also makes for an artistic display piece in one’s home.

The NYC Skyline Chess Set can be purchased online through the designers’ website SkylineChess.com as well as retailers like MoMA Design Store, Uncommon Goods, and Amazon. Prices range from $100-150 (€92-138, £80-120) for the acrylic edition. More premium versions like the bronze set with marble board exceed $300. The set comes packaged in an elegant gift box, making it easy to present to chess and architecture lovers.

16. The Hand Of The Architect

The Hand of the Architect by Italian designer Gianluca Gimini is a fascinating book that would make an intriguing gift for any architect. Available for around $25 (£20, 22€), this paperback explores the gap between an idea and its execution through Gimini’s imaginative project “Velocipedia”.

Velocipedia began when Gimini asked people to draw a bicycle from memory, collecting hundreds of often humorously inaccurate sketches over the years. He then took these technically flawed yet crowd-sourced drawings and rendered them into realistic 3D models of imaginary bicycle designs using his architectural skills. The Hand of the Architect features a curated selection of these whimsical digitally rendered “Velocipedia bicycles” alongside the original hand-drawn sketches that inspired them.

This book highlights the creative interplay between the purity of an idea and the imperfection of execution. Architects will appreciate how it celebrates the diversity of design solutions that emerge when technical accuracy gives way to imagination. Studying the sketches and 3D models sheds light on the translation of concepts into tangible forms, which is fundamental to architecture. As a meditation on visualizing mental images, the book may spark new perspectives on the architectural design process.

17. Contractor Pen

The Contractor Pen makes an excellent gift for builders, carpenters, electricians, and other hands-on tradespeople. Priced around $20-40 (€18-37, £16-32), this multi-tool pen equips professionals with helpful features like rulers, levels, and screwdrivers right at their fingertips.

The key appeal of the Contractor Pen is its integration of useful contractor tools into a single writing instrument. Most models feature multiple rulers with imperial and metric measurements, bubble levels, a stylus tip, and slotted and Phillips screwdriver heads concealed in the cap or barrel. This consolidates the basic tools needed for measuring, marking, and light assembly into a compact, pocketable accessory. For contractors and tradespeople, the Contractor Pen delivers convenient access to layout tools without having to juggle multiple items. The combination of writing utility with built-in levels, rules, and screwdrivers makes this an essential everyday carry tool. The Contractor Pen’s sturdy metal construction also ensures durability on the job site.

Well-known brands like Milwaukee, Klein Tools, and Fisher Space Pen offer Contractor Pen models that are priced affordably between $20-40 (€18-37, £16-32). Most feature a rugged design with rubber grip sections for comfort. They are available at hardware stores like Home Depot, industrial suppliers like Grainger, and online retailers like Amazon. Some models allow custom laser engraving, making them ideal for adding company info or personalization.

18. The Future Of Architecture In 100 Buildings

The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings offers a forward-looking tour of innovative buildings that represent the future of architectural design. Written by architect Marc Kushner, the book highlights 100 contemporary and conceptual structures from around the world that showcase new possibilities in areas like sustainability, technology, form, and function.

Kushner organizes the buildings around questions that get to the heart of what we expect from architecture today and where it is headed. Questions like “Can a building breathe?” and “Can we live on the moon?” exemplify how buildings are taking on new roles related to the environment, space exploration, and more. The selected projects demonstrate creative responses to these questions through the use of materials like paper and bamboo or via advanced technologies like 3D printing and robotics.

Spanning all seven continents, the buildings range from artful installations like the Blur Building mist pavilion to innovative living spaces like a modular expandable house. Iconic structures like the Shanghai Tower and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao mingle with conceptual designs that imagine future applications like an agricultural skyscraper or a research lab on wheels.

Published in 2015, the book features colorful photographs of each building along with Kushner’s engaging commentary on its key features and the design possibilities it represents. Through these examples, Kushner makes the case that architecture today is defined by experimentation and diversity rather than a unified style. The book retails for around $15-25 (£13-22, €15-25) in paperback and hardcover editions from booksellers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and The MIT Press store.

19. The Architecture Of The Cocktail: Constructing The Perfect Cocktail From The Bottom Up

The Architecture of the Cocktail by spirits writer Amy Zavatto and designer Melissa Woods is an engaging book that would make a creative gift for any architect interested in mixology. Available for around $16 (£13, 14€), this colorful guide breaks down the key components of cocktail craft using an architectural metaphor.

Just as a well-designed building relies on structural elements like a strong foundation, The Architecture of the Cocktail looks at how balanced ingredients, proper tools, and techniques are the basis for an artfully constructed cocktail. Zavatto provides practical tips on measurements, shaking methods, glassware, and garnishes. Visually, the artistic illustrations by Woods showcase dazzling exploded view diagrams of drinks, revealing their essential parts.

This book would appeal to architects’ innate sense of design, spatial composition, and appreciation for visualizing form and function. Studying cocktail architecture can inspire new perspectives on their own creative process for developing structural designs. It also strengthens technical skills for combining and balancing elements to create a cohesive whole, whether a building or beverage.

20. Funny Ugly House Architect Unisex T-shirt

The Funny Ugly House Architect unisex t-shirt makes a humorous gift to poke fun at the eccentricities of architecture. The t-shirt features illustrations of oddly shaped houses with quirky designs, paired with funny phrases like “It’s not ugly, it’s avant-garde.” This plays into the inside jokes and experiences of architects who have to defend experimental building forms.

The unisex tee comes in sizes S-3XL and is constructed from lightweight cotton, with a crew neck and short sleeve cut. The front displays various cartoon houses with unconventional shapes and odd proportions, representing some of the outrageous architectural ideas architects encounter. Phrases include “My other house is ugly too” and “I’m not an architect but my buildings are offensive.”

Priced between $15-25 (€14-23, £12-20), the Ugly House Architect tee can be purchased from online retailers like LookHUMAN, Redbubble, and Spreadshirt. The illustrations are printed directly onto the fabric for a soft, comfortable feel. The t-shirt’s humorous design and affordable price make it a fun gift for architects, architectural students, or anyone who can laugh at avant-garde architecture.

Architects will appreciate how the t-shirt playfully skewers some of the questionable designs they come across. The exaggerated ugly house drawings bring levity to the reality that architects sometimes have to restrain their criticism when presented with a client’s eccentric vision. The tee becomes an inside joke about the fine line between groundbreaking design and design gone wrong.

21. Rotring 800 Mechanical Pencil

The Rotring 800 mechanical pencil is an excellent gift idea for architects who appreciate high-quality drafting tools. Available for around $55-65 (£44-52, €49-58), this premium pencil features an all-metal hexagonal body and a full 4mm lead sleeve that retracts completely inside the barrel for protection.

Architects will appreciate the Rotring 800’s robust metal construction which provides a nice weighted feel. The knurled metal grip gives a secure hold while drafting precise lines. The twist mechanism smoothly extends and retracts the lead sleeve with a satisfying click. This allows the pencil to be safely carried in a bag or pocket without worrying about lead breakage or stabbing injury. The long lead sleeve also gives architects an unobstructed view of their work.

Another standout feature is the 800’s overall durability and longevity. With high-quality brass internals, this is a pencil built to last through years of drafting projects. The 800 represents a worthwhile investment for any architect’s toolkit. Refills and spare parts are also readily available. For architects who work digitally, the Rotring 800+ variant features a touchscreen stylus function while maintaining the same all-metal design. This 2-in-1 tool facilitates both hand drafting and digital work.

22. rOtring Rapid PRO

The rOtring Rapid PRO is a premium mechanical pencil known for its high-quality construction and versatile performance. Priced between $25-60 (€23-55, £20-48), it features an all-metal body and hexagonal barrel for optimal grip and control. The Rapid PRO is available in 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 2mm sizes to suit different lead diameters and drawing needs.

The full metal body provides durability while the knurled metal grip creates a non-slip hold. The cushioned tip mechanism helps reduce lead breakage during writing. For pocket safety, the 0.5mm and 0.7mm models have a sliding sleeve to retract the lead. The Rapid PRO uses a push button click mechanism for clean lead advancement. For architects and designers, the Rapid PRO facilitates detailed technical drawing and drafting. Its weighted body offers excellent balance and control of lines and strokes. 

The range of lead sizes accommodates varied sketching and writing applications. Many appreciate the Rapid PRO’s quality construction and reliability for long work sessions. The Rapid PRO mechanical pencil can be purchased directly from rOtring’s website as well as from major retailers like Amazon, JetPens, Cult Pens, and specialty stores like Goldspot Pens. Prices range from around $25 for the 0.5mm model up to $60 for the 2mm version. The chrome and black color options give choices between a shiny or matte finish.

23. Architectural Coffee Mug

An architect-themed coffee mug makes for a fun and practical gift idea. Available from $15-20 (£12-16, €14-18.50) on sites like Amazon, Etsy, and Zazzle, these mugs come in a variety of stylish designs appealing to any architecture lover. Options range from mugs showcasing sketches of iconic buildings like the Italy Architecture or other European cathedrals to modern geometric patterns and architectural elements like columns. Humorous mugs with funny architecture quotes and definitions also abound for a quirky gift. Customization allows adding the recipient’s name or photos of a meaningful structure.

For recent graduates starting their architecture careers, an elegant pen set, portfolio case, or briefcase along with a monogrammed mug full of office supplies makes a thoughtful gift set. Engraved or personalized, it commemorates their achievement.

A mug is a daily reminder of an architect’s passion. Sipping coffee from an architectural mug inspires creativity and admiration for the artists, engineers, and innovators who shaped building history. The visual details spark discussion and joy. Paired with items like architecture books, modeling kits, gift cards for design software or supplies, or framed building photos, the mug boosts inspiration in an architect’s daily routine. 

24. Future Architect Babysuit

A “Future Architect” baby bodysuit makes for a thoughtful and personalized gift to celebrate a newborn in an architect’s family. Ranging from $16-25 (£13-20, €14-22), these 100% cotton onesies feature cute architectural designs like blueprints, drafting tools, or building sketches.

The playful career forecasting is sure to delight the new parent architect. For the baby shower, this bodysuit pairs perfectly with architecture-themed books, building block sets, stuffed animals in hard hat costumes, and blueprint pacifiers or blankets to create a gift basket. The adorable outfits come in various colors and patterns like white with black prints or heather gray with colorful graphics. Sizes range from newborn to toddler so the baby can wear it for years.

Personalization options allow adding the baby’s name or monogram to make it extra special. For fun family photos, the parents can wear matching architect-themed tees. Beyond showers, the bodysuit makes a great birthday or holiday gift as the child grows up. It memorializes the parent’s profession and encourages imaginative play about construction.

The bodysuit celebrates the child’s future potential while honoring the architect’s parent’s passion. Its message nurtures creativity and the promise of following one’s dreams. It also makes a great baby announcement gift or hospital take-home outfit for a newborn.

25. Drawing And Sketching Pencil Zipper Case

A drawing and sketching pencil zipper case makes an excellent gift for artists and design professionals. Typically priced between $20-60 (€18-55, £16-48), these cases allow creatives to conveniently transport and organize their sketching supplies. The protective zipper pouch keeps drawing pencils, charcoal, pens, erasers, and other tools securely in place.

Quality zipper cases are constructed from durable canvas or nylon and contain specialized features like elastic loops, sleeves, and removable dividers to hold each item snugly. This prevents drawing tools from shifting and breaking during transport. Cases come in various sizes to accommodate small travel sets or expansive 100+ piece studio kits.

For artists, the case provides customizable storage to fit their specific pencil and media collection. Having supplies neatly organized in one portable place allows quick access to the exact tools needed without sorting through loose items. The case also reduces clutter around the studio. Some cases have outer storage pockets for sketchbooks, blenders, and other extras.

Leading brands like Castle Arts, Konibn, and Brite Crown offer drawing pencil cases often bundled with starter pencil sets. Cases can be purchased from art supply stores like Blick, Michaels, and Dick Blick as well as online retailers like Amazon. Prices range from $20 for basic nylon pouches up to $60 for large leather cases with premium features.

26. LEGO Architecture Studio Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The LEGO Architecture Studio Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum set makes an excellent gift for any architect who appreciates iconic buildings. Priced at $79.99 (€69.99, £64.99), this 744-piece kit allows architects to construct a miniature model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s landmark museum while enjoying an immersive building experience. 

The detailed LEGO model accurately recreates the Guggenheim’s unique spiraling ramp gallery design using advanced building techniques. Architects will appreciate the thoughtful engineering required to replicate the curved shapes and sloped walls using interlocking bricks. The hands-on build process provides insight into realizing such an unconventional structure and inspires creativity for architects’ own designs.

The completed museum model makes an artistic display piece that celebrates Wright’s organic style and innovative vision. Paired with architecture books on the Guggenheim or a LEGO set of another Wright landmark like Fallingwater, it anchors an architect-themed gift collection.

27. 101 Things I Learned In Architecture School

101 Things I Learned in Architecture School provides a concise yet insightful look into the key concepts and skills taught in architecture programs. Through 101 brief lessons, author and architect Matthew Frederick covers the breadth of architectural theory and practice.

The book spans fundamental drawing techniques like how to render lines, forms, and shadows, to big-picture topics like design philosophy and critical thinking. Core principles of architecture are broken down into clear, easy-to-grasp points accompanied by illustrations and examples. Lessons range from practical tips like “Carry a notebook” and “Join the library” to conceptual advice like “Have an idea” and “Design in section”.

Published in 2007, 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School offers a timeless primer on the architectural design process and profession. Frederick packs the lessons with wit and wisdom gleaned from his own architecture education and career. The book retails for around $15-25 (£13-22, €15-25) in paperback and hardcover editions from sellers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and independent bookstores.

The book’s universal lessons on creativity, problem-solving, and communication make it valuable for anyone interested in design. Aspiring architects will find motivation alongside practical knowledge to apply in studio courses and first jobs. Seasoned architects can rediscover core principles and inspiration within Frederick’s pages.

28. Architect Parking Only Sign

An “Architect Parking Only” parking sign makes for a fun and personalized gift to delight any architect. These metal signs typically measure around 8″ x 12″ and cost approximately $25 (£20, 22€) from retailers like Amazon and Etsy. The signs feature amusing copy like “Eyeball parking only” and “-3 mph speed limit” which pokes lighthearted fun at an architect’s attention to detail and precision.

The customized sign can be affixed on a wall or post near the architect’s workspace, home garage, or parking spot to reserve a space just for them. It adds a touch of humor to their work or living space. The durable aluminum or steel construction means the sign can withstand outdoor elements.

For recent architecture school graduates, this personalized sign commemorates the start of their professional careers. Pairing it with gifts like an engraved pen set, portfolio case, or tool kit makes for a thoughtful congratulatory package. For a family member’s birthday or work anniversary, the parking sign shows pride in their architecture profession in a fun way.

29. DIY LEGO Clock

Constructing your own working LEGO clock makes for an engaging hands-on project that tests your design skills. Typically using 400-1200 LEGO pieces, these customized timepieces incorporate LEGO Technic gears, motors, and other movement components to create a fully functional clock powered by LEGO.

Kits like those offered by Bricker Builds provide instructions and LEGO parts to assemble alarm clocks, desk clocks, and wall clocks resembling retro designs. LEGO hobbyists have also shared building tips for pendulum clocks, digital clocks with LED displays, and ornate grandfather clock designs on sites like Instructables. Complexity ranges from beginner builds taking 1-2 hours to advanced mechanisms requiring fine-tuning.

The core clock components involve motorizing the time display via Technic parts that rotate hour, minute, and sometimes second hands. The motor can be battery-powered or electric. Smoothly transferring rotational motion through a gear train is key for precision. Creative enclosures, numerals, and adornments around this mechanism transform the clock into a showpiece.

LEGO clock projects allow architects, engineers, and hobbyists to experiment with mechanical movement and gear ratios while encasing their designs in inventive bricks. The modular nature enables easily reconfiguring and upgrading builds. Finished models make artistic desktop displays or conversation pieces, The DIY aspect offers cost savings and customization compared to pre-made LEGO clocks costing $80-$150 (€74-€138, £64-£120). Bricker Builds’ alarm clock kit starts around $60 (€55, £48) while building a clock from your existing LEGO stash cuts costs further. Sourcing specific Technic elements can however increase expense.

30. Pallet Board Map

A pallet board map makes for a creative and meaningful gift for any architect. Pallet wood brings visual interest with its rustic, reclaimed look, while a map design ties into an architect’s innate sense of space, place, and orientation. This handmade wall art celebrates an architect’s passion for buildings and design in a thoughtful way. Pallet board maps can depict states, countries, or even custom maps of a city or neighborhood meaningful to the architect. The pallet wood itself is often upcycled and sustainably sourced, appealing to an architect’s eco-conscious design sensibility. 

Prices typically range from $50-150 (£40-120, 44-132€) for a medium-sized map. Many sellers on Etsy and other handmade marketplaces offer customization options featuring a hometown, college town, or other special place that adds a personal touch. For recent architecture graduates, a pallet map of their alma mater’s campus makes a heartfelt memento.

Beyond wall art in the home or office, these pallet wood maps could provide inspiration for architects’ own building projects. Studying abstracted geography and patterns may spark new perspectives on designing spaces, places, and wayfinding.

31. DIY Flip Desk

The DIY flip desk provides architects with a large, adjustable work surface that is well-suited for spreading out plans, drawings, and materials. Its rustic, industrial design featuring exposed pipes, wood grain, and metal accents fits in seamlessly with many architects’ aesthetic vision for their studio space. The desk’s dimensions can also be fully customized to optimize layout and functionality within the unique parameters of any workspace. Key benefits for architects include the ample desktop area which enables efficiently managing multiple large-format documents. Standing height variants improve ergonomics and prevent fatigue from extended sitting. Integrated storage like shelves and cubbies keep frequently used supplies readily accessible yet organized. And wheels provide mobility to conveniently move the desk around a studio as needed.

DIY builds cost around $100-200 (€90-180, £75-150) to purchase the necessary materials like plywood and lumber. Prefabricated flip desks range from approximately $200 (€180, £150) for basic versions up to $1000+ (€900+, £750+) for high-end models with premium details and finishes. DIY plans and materials can be sourced online and from hardware stores and lumber yards. Ready-made desks are available through major retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock. For completely customized builds, local carpenters and woodworkers can construct flip desks to spec.

32. DIY Terrarium 

Architects will appreciate the geometric beauty of this DIY geometric terrarium kit. The 3-piece set includes an octagonal glass vessel and materials for constructing tiny wood planter boxes to display mini succulents inside. Architects gain hands-on practice visualizing in 3D as they strategically position planters to create depth. Tending to the live succulent garden reduces stress while infusing the architect’s space with organic life and creativity. 

This geometric terrarium kit can be purchased for around $40 (£32, 35€) from specialty shops like Packagefreeshop on Etsy. The multi-faceted glass vessel enhances light reflection and adds artful dimension. Assembling the mini planter boxes allows architects to explore modular design and repeating geometric patterns hands-on. The problem-solving involved in arranging planters and succulents to best complement the octagonal frame is ideal for their spatial skills. Watching the succulents grow over time can have a calming, therapeutic effect to counteract work stress. The terrarium’s presence brings a touch of nature and living energy into an architect’s indoor space.

33. DIY Modern Mousepad 

A handmade modern mousepad makes for an easy and thoughtful DIY gift idea to delight any architect. Architects can appreciate a geometrically shaped mouse pad as a functional accent piece on their workspace. Prices range from $10-25 (£8-20, 9-22€) in materials to create a custom pad.

Good base materials for structure and padding include neoprene rubber sheets, thick felt, or foam. Smooth leather, faux leather, linen, or cotton fabrics work well for the top surface. Using graphic vinyl or specialty papers to cover the base creates intriguing textures and patterns. Architects can cut geometric shapes like circles, triangles, diamonds, or hexagons for the pad outline from template plastic or cardboard. After adhesive mounting of the fabric cover onto the padded base, edges can be neatly finished with binding tape or trim. Spray sealants protect the materials and mousepad surface. Stencils and paint, thread embroidery, fabric markers, or vinyl cutouts allow for further creative embellishment.

The process of designing and producing a custom mousepad enables architects to experiment with shape, color, texture, and material combinations while creating a functional item. It also makes for a fun collaborative DIY gift project. This modern handmade accessory is sure to receive daily appreciation brightening up any architect’s workspace.

34. ​​Sawhorse Desk

The sawhorse desk can be highly useful for architects given its spacious, adjustable work surface that allows easy laying out and reviewing of drawings, plans, and materials. The industrial design with exposed wood grain fits in well with many architects’ aesthetic vision for their studio space. Key advantages for architects include the ample desktop area which enables handling multiple large-format drawings, trace paper, and other documents to efficiently compare plans and mark up changes. The ability to adjust the height from seated to standing positions improves ergonomics and prevents fatigue from staying seated too long. 

DIY sawhorse desks can be built for around $100-$200 (€90-€180, £75-£150). This covers the cost of materials like pine 2x4s for the legs and plywood for the desktop. Prefabricated sawhorse desks range from simple plank-top versions costing $300-$500 (€270-€450, £225-£375), up to large executive models priced at $800+ (€720+, £600+) and ornate woodworking styles exceeding $1000 (€900+, £750+). So expect to spend at least $300+ (€270+, £225+) for a quality ready-made desk, with the DIY approach being the most budget-friendly way to get a fully customized sawhorse workspace.

Sawhorse desks can be purchased online through major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair which carry mass-produced models focused more on function than form. Specialty shops like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel offer high-end designer models with unique finishes. Etsy hosts independent woodworkers selling handcrafted sawhorse desks spanning a variety of rustic aesthetics. Major hardware stores sell lumber and plan for constructing your own DIY version.

35. DIY Pencil Holder 

The DIY mirrored pencil holder is an excellent gift idea for architects that can help improve their work efficiency. As creative professionals who rely heavily on drafting tools, architects can benefit from an organized workspace that allows quick access to pens, pencils, and other supplies. This easy DIY project allows architects to create a custom desk organizer that adds art to their workspace.

Constructing the mirrored pencil holder requires basic craft supplies like a cylindrical glass vase, mirror tiles, and strong adhesive. The total cost of materials is around $20 (€19, £16). With simple instructions readily available online, architects can handcraft a contemporary accent piece in just a few hours. As the pencil holder is made of glass, it is sturdy enough for daily use while bringing a modern aesthetic to the desktop.

The mirrored surface gives architects a small glimpse of their surroundings, making this DIY pencil holder both beautiful and functional. By keeping drafting tools neatly corralled, the organizer reduces clutter and makes items easy to grab when inspiration strikes. For architects who appreciate good design, part of the appeal lies in fashioning their own desk accessory that demonstrates creativity.

Architects can purchase the materials for the mirrored pencil holder at local craft stores or online retailers like Amazon and Etsy for reasonable prices. The glass vase, adhesive, and mirror tiles are widely available. With an abstract, modern aesthetic, this DIY pencil holder makes a thoughtful gift idea for architects while serving as a daily reminder of their creativity. The handcrafted desk organizer combines art and function, keeping necessary items orderly and close at hand in a sleek package.

36. Mini Red Bricks With Pallets

Mini Red Bricks With Pallets is a miniature model set of 90 mini replica bricks with a wooden pallet priced around $35 (€33, £28). These 1:12 scale mini bricks made from actual concrete provide architects with an engrossing desk activity while modeling architectural elements.

The mini brick sets are sold on Amazon and specialty shops like Mini Materials and Acacia Grove. Architects can use these realistic mini bricks to build small structures as decorative conversation pieces that inspire new building concepts. With the included wooden pallet, architects can explore creative arrangements right on their desks.

The tactile quality of these mini bricks brings a satisfying hands-on design experience. Architects gain a miniature modeling set that stimulates their creativity through conceptual building. Priced affordably around $35 (€33, £28), these sets make great gifts for architects to enrich their workspace with visual inspiration.

37. Nordic Wooden House

Nordic wooden homes reflect the Scandinavian ethos of simplicity and connection to nature with their use of renewable pine, spruce, and birch lumber. The clean lines, open layouts, and abundance of natural light create a calming environment well-suited for creative work. Prefab kit prices from manufacturers like Honka, Nordic Homes, and Kontio range from $150-300 (€135-270, £115-225) per square foot.

Nordic wooden houses reflect the Scandinavian design ethos of simplicity, functionality, and connection to nature. The use of wood and large windows creates a warm, minimalist aesthetic while bringing the outdoors in. These homes are highly relevant for architects given their clean lines, open layouts, and eco-friendly materials like pine, spruce, and birch which provide creative design options. The interiors and natural light allow efficient workflow and layout of drawings. Adjustable standing desks and multi-level spaces also improve ergonomics.

Nordic wooden homes are available directly from manufacturers in Finland, Sweden, and Norway who can ship prefab kits worldwide. There are also North American dealers found online. Alternatively, custom plans can be purchased and built with local timber. While expensive, these homes provide architects with sustainable, energy-efficient, and design-driven spaces that connect indoors with nature.

38. Kikkerland Cinder Block Magnets

The Kikkerland Concrete Block Magnets provide a creative and functional gift for architects to liven up their office space. This set of 4 magnets is shaped like miniature cinder blocks in various colors and designs. The concrete block magnets are priced affordably between $10-15 (€9-14, £8-12). For modern design items, they can be purchased online from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and specialty shops.

Architects will appreciate how these desk accessories reflect their aesthetic with the concrete material and abstract shapes. The magnets can be used to display sketches, photos, and project notes, improving architects’ organization and efficiency. The miniature cinder blocks also serve as an artistic conversation piece that demonstrates the architects’ ingenuity.

The tactile, hands-on experience of the concrete magnets evokes the real building materials that architects work with. Having this desk model can stimulate creativity as clients and colleagues admire the unique accent piece. The magnets allow architects to highlight their best work while also finding inspiration from architectural images.

With their contemporary styling, the concrete block magnets complement the modern minimalist look many architects want for their workspace. The pops of color add visual interest to the industrial material. This combination reflects architects’ ability to incorporate functional art.

39. Cabin Architecture Book

The illustrated Cabin Architecture book indulges architects’ dreams of escaping to an idyllic retreat. With in-depth profiles of innovative cabins worldwide, this $50 coffee table book feeds architects’ fantasies of fireside coziness. Cabin Architecture highlights diverse regional aesthetics from minimalist Nordic to ornate Swiss Alps, providing inspiration for architects’ own future designs.

The book profiles small-footprint, eco-friendly cabins that achieve harmony with the natural surroundings through smart design. Studying these case studies, architects gain fresh ideas for sustainability, spatial efficiency, and working with the land’s contours and climate. This exposure expands architects’ design approaches, allowing them to better serve clients with small or challenging sites.

The book also provides practical inspiration applicable to their daily work. Innovative solutions for lighting, layout, materials, and more can spark architects’ creativity for current projects, even urban ones. The constrained cabin designs showcase how necessity breeds inventive design.

Available online and at major bookstores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble for around $50 (€47, £40), Cabin Architecture makes an engaging gift for architects. It provides a visual respite from their hectic profession through beautiful escapist imagery while also expanding their design skills and philosophy. Whether a weekend read or a daily desktop companion, this cabin design book caters to architects’ cravings for both inspiration and tranquility.

40. Magnetic Sculpture Blocks Cubes

Magnetic sculpture blocks or cubes make for an excellent gift for architects that can stimulate creativity and serve as a fidget toy during brainstorming sessions. These magnet sets allow architects to casually build abstract sculptures right on their desks using the included 216 magnetic cubes. The small models help architects conceptualize architectural elements and test designs in miniature.

The magnetic blocks provide a satisfying tactile experience reminiscent of the real building materials architects work with. Having this desk sculpture set allows architects to take a hands-on approach to thinking through project challenges. The magnetic connectivity enables quickly rearranging pieces to try new configurations. The magnetic sculpture blocks/cubes are priced around $20-30 (€19-28, £16-24). They can be purchased online from retailers like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and specialty toy shops.

For aspiring architects, these magnetic blocks are a fun way to gain familiarity with structural principles on a small scale. Students can explore concepts like balance, tension, and compression by building arches and cantilevers. Manipulating the magnetic pieces boosts spatial reasoning skills critical in architecture. 

Professional architects can also utilize the magnetic sculpture set to create quick design prototypes to demonstrate concepts to colleagues and clients. The abstract models act as conversation pieces to elicit feedback on the look and feel of proposed buildings. Portable and easy to transport, the magnetic blocks allow for impromptu demonstrations anywhere.

41. Eames Lounge Chair

The iconic Eames lounge chair, designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1956, has long been coveted for its elegant blend of comfort, style, and craftsmanship. However, with authentic versions retailing for thousands of dollars, high-quality replicas have emerged as an alluring alternative for design aficionados. In terms of relevance for architects, the Eames lounge chair’s clean lines, sculptural shape, and premium materials like top-grain leather, wood, and molded plywood exemplify many architects’ aesthetic visions. The adjustable reclining angles and plush cushioning also provide optimal ergonomics for working long hours reviewing technical drawings. 

For pricing, basic Eames chair replicas start around $700-800 (€630-720, £525-600), ranging up to $2000+ (€1800+, £1500+) for near-indistinguishable versions made with premium materials and attention to details like the shock mounts underneath the armrests. Expect to spend $1200-1500 (€1080-1350, £900-1125) for a high-quality replica balancing aesthetics, comfort, and affordability.

Popular online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair offer mass-produced Eames replicas focused more on accessibility than authentic design. For more curated collections by trusted manufacturers, stores like Design Within Reach and specialty boutiques on Etsy carry handcrafted replicas with premium details.

42. Fire Escape Wall Shelves

The Fire Escape Wall Shelves provide a creative and functional gift for architects that brings an urban, industrial flair to their workspace. Reminiscent of the zigzagging metal fire escape seen on city apartment buildings, this wall-mounted shelving unit has a nostalgic, vintage appeal. Priced affordably around $130-140 (€122-131, £104-112), the handcrafted iron shelves can be purchased online from retailers like Zillymonkey, Amazon, and Etsy.

For architects who appreciate good design, the fire escape shelves demonstrate their ingenuity through a well-crafted decorative piece. The shelves allow architects to proudly display models, books, and other meaningful objects that reflect their profession. The industrial styling also complements the modern aesthetic many architects want for their offices.

Architects can use the shelving to store portfolios, samples, and project binders within easy reach. This improves efficiency by keeping necessary documents and objects accessible yet tidy. The open shelves also provide quick visual access to items when meeting tight deadlines.

The fire escape shelves indulge architects’ affinity for urban architecture on a small scale. The mini metal “stairways” evoke the exhilaration of a bustling metropolis. For recent architecture graduates, the shelves provide a daily reminder of their big-city dreams. The shelves allow more established architects to maintain that energetic inspiration.

43. Karl Johan Table Lamp

The Karl Johan table lamp by Danish brand New Works brings an organic, nature-inspired look to any space with its soft oval glass shade atop a solid wood base. For architects, the mix of natural materials like oak or marble with muted colors fits well with contemporary styles. The adjustable height provides ideal task lighting for workspaces. 

The Karl Johan lamp starts around $300 (€270, £225) for basic versions. The smoked oak and white opal glass model retails for approximately $375 (€338, £280). Larger table versions with premium materials like black marble can cost up to $500 (€450, £375). The collection also includes portable battery-powered models starting around $140 (€126, £105).

The lamp is available through retailers like Finnish Design Shop, Design Within Reach, and specialty lighting stores carrying the New Works brand. New Works’ website also ships directly worldwide. The minimalist, organic aesthetic makes this a versatile statement piece or subtle background accent for any space.

44. Hexagonal Bulletin Boards

Hexagonal bulletin boards provide a creative and functional gift for architects to organize inspirational images and project notes in their workspace. The unique hexagon shape allows for an artistic arrangement of items that stimulates creativity. Priced affordably from $20-50 (€19-47, £16-40), these felt or cork boards can be purchased at retailers like Amazon, Michaels, and Target.

The modular hexagon tiles create visual interest and allow architects to build customized clusters tailored to their needs. Architects can proudly display their best sketches, material samples, and project photographs on the boards. The hexagon shape enables architects to arrange items in aesthetically pleasing patterns, demonstrating their strong design skills.

For efficiency, architects can use the bulletin boards to organize reminders, schedules, and important documents within easy view and reach. The variety of materials like felt, cork, or magnetic provide versatility – architects can pin up papers or secure items magnetically. Some boards include storage bins to keep small items tidy. This organization improves architects’ workflow.

Hexagon bulletin boards indulge architects’ affinity for geometry in interior design. The unique shape makes a statement as a contemporary art piece, unlike traditional square boards. For recent architecture graduates, the hexagon board can reflect the excitement of fresh design thinking. For experienced architects, it provides a daily dose of inspiration.

45. Designer Tumblers

Designer tumblers make for a fun and practical gift for architects who appreciate good design in everyday objects. These tumblers feature stylish patterns and graphics that reflect architects’ aesthetic sensibilities. Sipping from a designed tumbler adds a bit of joy to their daily routine. Tumblers with architecture-inspired motifs are especially meaningful.

Priced affordably from $10-30 (€9-28, £8-24), designer tumblers can be purchased online through Etsy sellers who offer customized graphics. Major retailers like Amazon and Zazzle also carry a range of printed tumblers celebrating architecture. For architects, a tumbler with a blueprint design or city skyline allows them to display their profession with pride.

The tumbler’s functionality improves architects’ efficiency as they work long hours. The double-wall insulation keeps drinks hot or cold for hours, preventing wasted time running to the break room. For architects who work on-site, tumblers allow them to stay hydrated and energized while reviewing builds. 

For new architecture graduates, a customized tumbler makes a heartfelt gift to commemorate this milestone. The tumbler provides daily encouragement as they embark on their career. The printed graphics or engravings on designer tumblers showcase architects’ personal flair. While meeting with clients, the tumbler becomes an artistic talking point – a mini portfolio highlighting their aesthetic.

46. Minimalist Grinder 

A minimalist mortar and pestle set can appeal to architects who appreciate simple, functional designs that don’t distract from their purpose. The clean lines and neutral colors blend seamlessly into modern kitchens and workspaces. Architects may also be drawn to the historical roots of the mortar and pestle as one of humanity’s oldest tools. The hands-on process of grinding spices echoes architects’ tactile creative process.

Beyond aesthetics, a mortar and pestle set offers architects a way to freshly grind spices and herbs at their peak freshness and flavor. The process of manually grinding small batches gives precision control over texture not possible with electric grinders. This can help architects explore nuances in the dishes they create. Physical exertion can also serve as a stress-relieving creative outlet from mental focus.

Basic mortar and pestle sets start around $20-50 (€18-45, £15-38). More premium versions made from marble, granite, or metals range from $75 (€68, £57) up to $300+ (€270+, £225+). Expect to spend $100-150 (€90-135, £75-113) for a high-quality minimalist set.

47. Handmade Teapot

A handmade Chinese Yixing teapot makes for a thoughtful, artistic gift for architects who appreciate good design and craftsmanship. The purple clay teapots have been handcrafted in China for centuries, combining aesthetics with functionality. unglazed Yixing clay is highly porous, allowing it to absorb the flavors and aromas of the tea over time. This “seasoning” of the teapot enhances the taste and experience of drinking tea. Architects will enjoy seeing how their teapot develops its own character after repeated use.

From $50-150 (€47-141, £40-120), handmade Yixing teapots can be purchased online through specialty tea vendors like Umi Tea Sets, Mei Leaf, and Verdant Tea. The teapots are shaped and smoothed entirely by hand and then fired at high temperatures. No two are exactly alike, showcasing the artisan’s skill. For architects, the handmade teapot demonstrates human creativity and ingenuity even in small everyday objects.

The minimalist, earthy aesthetic of the purple clay teapots will appeal to architects’ design sensibilities. The subtle elegance enhances without overwhelming. The teapot’s graceful curves and delicate handle reflect harmony between form and function, a hallmark of good architecture. A handmade Yixing teapot brings beauty and craftsmanship to architects’ daily ritual of tea.

48. Precision Cutting Board

The Precision Cutting Board provides an excellent gift for architects who appreciate both utility and design in everyday household objects. This cutting board features measurements, guides, and straight edges engraved directly into the surface to assist with slicing, dicing, and other culinary cuts. The engraved lines and markings integrate into the minimalist design. Architects can relate to the planning required to perfectly calibrate each measurement and angle. The board demonstrates that even kitchen tools can showcase precision and ingenuity.

The integrated guides improve efficiency and technique for chefs of all skill levels. Architects working long hours will appreciate the cutting board’s assistance in chopping vegetables and meal prepping. The non-slip feet keep the board securely in place during use. Made of durable bamboo, the Precision Cutting Board withstands daily use while serving as a sustainable and artisan piece.

Priced affordably between $25-40 (€23-37, £20-32), the Precision Cutting Board appeals to architects’ aesthetic sensibilities while assisting in kitchen tasks. The board makes a thoughtful gift for architects who appreciate the creativity and problem-solving that can go into household items when good design is applied.

49. MoMA Perpetual Calendar

The MoMA perpetual calendar reflects the museum’s aesthetic by blending artistic design and everyday function. The calendar’s simple yet engaging format of sliding disks and magnets to track dates appeals to architects who appreciate minimalism and usability. More premium options like multi-colored cubes, calendars, or two-tone slide versions cost up. Considering the perpetual reuse and museum branding, these are affordable prices for a functional art piece.

The iconic MoMA Design Store found online and in-person carries the full selection of perpetual calendars. They can also be purchased from other major retailers like Amazon and specialty shops like AKAR Design. For those wanting an authentic piece tied directly to their collection, purchasing directly from the MoMA Design Store ensures a true archival-quality museum artifact.

The MoMA perpetual calendar combines inspired design and everyday utility in a practical tool aligned with architects’ aesthetics. Prices start around $20 (€18, £15) for basic models and reach up to $75 (€68, £57) for premium versions. The calendar’s unique design and MoMA brand cachet make it a functional showpiece for any workspace.

50. Architectural Glass Terrarium

An architectural glass terrarium provides a gift for architects who appreciate innovative design and nature. These terrariums are constructed from metal and glass to resemble mini greenhouses or conservatories, allowing plants to thrive indoors. Priced from $50-150 (€47-141, £40-120), architectural terrariums can be purchased online through retailers like Amazon, Etsy, and VivaTerra.

Architects will delight in the terrarium’s blend of artistic design and functionality. The metal framework and glass panels create a sculptural accent piece evoking the soaring greenhouses of Europe. Watching the terrarium ecosystem flourish indulges architects’ affinity for nature’s beauty and resilience. Caring for the plants provides a relaxing counterpoint to architects’ hectic work.

The architectural terrarium’s aesthetic will appeal to architects’ modernist design sensibilities. The clean lines and geometric shapes demonstrate creativity even in a simple household item. The terrarium can showcase architects’ profession by housing small buildings or construction equipment among the plants.

What are the best gifts for architects for under 50$?

Listed below are the best gifts for architects under 50$. 

  • Mini Tape Measure: A mini retractable tape measure that fits in the pocket. Tape measures allow for quickly taking dimensions of spaces and objects on the go. This small tape measure costs just $5-10 and makes an excellent inexpensive gift. Its pocket size portability and ease of use provide an ideal affordable way for architects to efficiently jot down key measurements. 
  • Blueprint Bow Tie: A blueprint bow tie makes a thoughtful sub-$20 gift. The blue technical drawing design is a subtle way for an architect to showcase their profession. Blueprint bow ties offer a versatile way to express an architect’s style at formal and informal events. 
  • Architect Mug: A humorous architect-themed coffee mug can be bought for under $15. Clever mugs play on architect stereotypes with funny misspellings of the word “architect” or exaggerated qualifications. The inexpensive mug’s witty design provides inexpensive entertainment and utility.

What are the best gifts for architects for under 100$

Here are some top gift ideas for architects under $100:

  • Drafting Pencils: A set of high-quality drafting pencils is a practical gift architects can make great use of. Drafting pencils, which range from $10-$50 for multi-pencil sets, allow architects to make detailed drawings with precise lines. Brands like Staedtler, Rotring, and Pentel offer excellent drafting pencils suited for an architect’s needs.
  • Architect Scale Ruler: An architect scale ruler, which provides common measurement scales needed in architectural drafting, is available for around $25-50. This triangular ruler makes measuring and scaling drawings much simpler. It’s a useful, inexpensive tool that architects use constantly when drafting designs. 
  • Desk Organizer: Help organize an architect’s hectic workspace with a practical desk organizer for under $50. Options like concrete pen holders, wooden trays, and metal office organizers neatly corral office supplies while adding a touch of style. Keeping pens, pencils, notebooks, and essential tools at arm’s reach streamlines work.

What are the best gifts for architects for under 500$

Here is the list of the best gifts for architects under $500:

  • Leica Laser Distance Meter: The Leica DISTO D2 laser distance meter makes an excellent gift for architects to accurately measure spaces and distances. With laser pulse technology, architects can instantly calculate room dimensions, areas, and volume. This handy tool eliminates manual measuring, saving significant time and effort on the job site. The palm-sized device conveniently provides architects with precise spatial data.
  • iPad Pro: Gift an Apple iPad Pro to equip architects with a powerful mobile sketching, modeling, and presentation tool. The iPad’s large high-resolution touchscreen and Apple Pencil compatibility allow smooth, professional-quality digital drawing capabilities. Portability enables an architect to concepts anywhere inspiration strikes. Integrated Apple ecosystem connectivity also streamlines workflow. 
  • Professional 3D Printer: A professional-grade 3D printer like the FlashForge Creator Pro (around $400) empowers architects to swiftly generate accurate 3D prototypes of building designs. Quickly printing scaled conceptual models aids in visualizing designs. 3D representations also effectively showcase project visions to clients. 3D models boost design capabilities.

What are the best luxury gifts for architects?

Here are the top luxury gifts for architects:

  • Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner ($15,990): The Leica BLK360 is an elite professional-grade laser scanner that allows architects to swiftly capture detailed 3D measurements and models of spaces. This enables architects to digitally map and model environments with extreme accuracy and visual rendering capabilities far surpassing manual measurement methods. The BLK360 saves architects significant time and labor while opening new doors for design capabilities. 
  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair ($1,645+): The iconic Herman Miller Aeron office chair provides architects with customized support for comfortable long work hours at their desks. Architects can also tailor the armrests, lumbar support, and reclining tension. The Aeron’s sleek style and meticulous craftsmanship make this chair a status symbol displaying refined taste. 
  • Apple iPad Pro & Accessories ($1,000+): Gifting an iPad Pro plus accessories creates the ultimate mobile digital design suite for architects. The iPad Pro’s large high-resolution touchscreen enables intuitive drawing and precision work with an Apple Pencil. Adding a keyboard case and an AppleCare protection plan provides comprehensive capabilities. This is the pinnacle of technology for architects.

What are the best personalized gifts for architects?

Listed below are great personalized gift ideas for architects:

  • Engraved Drafting Pencils: Engraved drafting pencils provide a thoughtful way to personalize a useful architect’s tool. Having a set of drafting pencils professionally engraved with an architect’s name or initials makes the pencils uniquely theirs. The engraved pencils will remind the architect of your gift each time they sketch and draft. Personalized pencils are available for around $25-50 for a set.
  • Custom Blueprint Portfolio: Gifting an architect a custom leather portfolio showcases blueprints of their design projects or monogram makes for a one-of-a-kind personalized gift. Portfolios run $100+, and you can work with the recipient to choose blueprints or images they feel proud of to print on the interior. Seeing their name embossed on the portfolio cover each time they head to a client meeting provides a heartfelt reminder of your meaningful gift. 
  • Personalized Architect Ornament: A personalized architect Christmas ornament crafted with the recipient’s name or initials carved into wood creates a sentimental gift displayable year after year. Seeing their name carved in a heart alongside related symbols like a drafting compass makes architects feel proudly seen. These thoughtful ornaments run around $20-30 on Etsy. The personalized touch makes this a cherished holiday memento.

What are the best gifts for a designer?

The best gifts for a designer that cater to their professional and artistic needs. First, an iPad Pro bundled with an Apple Pencil and a keyboard case is a perfect gift. It offers a portable and versatile design studio that allows for creativity and efficient communication. Secondly, premium sketchbooks coupled with high-end art supplies, such as quality markers and pencils. It provides designers with the tools to manifest their creative impulses and ideas on top-notch archival paper. Lastly, a large digital drawing tablet, such as the Wacom Intuos Pro. It can revolutionize its design process with its advanced features, allowing for detailed digital sketches and professional-grade rendering. These gifts not only honor the designer’s passion for creation but also enhance their ability to communicate visually and execute projects.

What are the best gifts for architects to celebrate an accomplishment?

Here are the same gift recommendations for architects to celebrate an accomplishment:

  • Engraved Drafting Pencils: Engraved drafting pencils personalized with a congratulatory message make a thoughtful gift celebrating an architect’s accomplishments like graduating or passing licensure exams. Architects will be reminded of their achievements each time they sketch with their pencils.
  • Blueprint Portfolio Case: A custom portfolio case embossed with the architect’s name and selected blueprints of their designs commemorates an accomplishment like starting a firm. This gift represents their hard work while providing professional functionality.
  • Recognition Award/Plaque: A personalized Lucite or glass award plaque displaying the architect’s accomplishment makes a professional memento. This recognizes the specific achievement, whether it’s licensure, an award, an academic honor, or a career milestone.

What travel-related gifts would be most appreciated by architects?

Here is the list of travel-related gifts for architects:

  • iPad Pro: An iPad Pro provides architects with unlimited portable digital design capabilities while traveling. The mobility empowers architects to concept, render designs, or make client presentations anywhere with this powerful tablet.
  • Travel Sketchbooks ($15-$30): High-quality blank sketchbooks give architects an outlet to capture observations and inspiration while traveling. Documenting concepts visually enriches the trip’s influence on their architectural eye. 
  • Luggage Tags ($15-$30): Personalized leather or metal luggage tags featuring an architect’s name and logo gift useful travel accessories while representing their brand. The gifts add a professional touch to any trip near or far while showing support.

What are the best book gifts for architects?

  • Monographs of Famous Architects: Monographs of Famous Architects cost $40- $60. Books exploring the body of work and approach of an architect they admire make meaningful gifts by providing design inspiration. Monographs showcase specific architects’ signature styles.
  • Architectural History Books: Architectural History Books is about examining architectural eras, movements, or the development of building methods to expand architects’ knowledge. These deepen architects’ understanding of influences shaping architecture’s evolution. 
  • Architecture Books by Renowned Authors: Books by beloved architecture authors like Witold Rybczynski or Frank Lloyd Wright himself deliver valuable insights from respected voices. Their wisdom enriches architects’ perspectives.

What are the best gadget gifts for architects?

  • Apple iPad Pro & Accessories: An iPad Pro plus accessories like an Apple Pencil and keyboard folio case provide the ultimate mobile digital design suite. This compact yet powerful technology maximizes architects’ capabilities. 
  • Digital Drawing Tablets: Large digital drawing tablets like Wacom’s Intuos Pro mimic drafting table experiences digitally. These advanced tools allow extensive digital rendering capabilities.
  • Laser Distance Meter: Laser distance meters like Leica’s DISTO D2 enable architects to accurately measure spaces with the push of a button. These devices integrate with software to record dimensions digitally. 

What are the best gifts for architecture students?

  • Premium Drafting Kit: The Premium Drafting Kit is an upgrade of a student’s drafting tools with professional quality supplies – like lead holders, lamps, parallel rules, and drafting boards – to improve their learning. 
  • Architecture Studio Model Kits: Architecture Studio Model Kits is a hands-on studio model kit teaching concepts like structural engineering through mini experiments that provide interactive architectural learning.
  • Digital Rendering Software: Digital Rendering Software is a version of 3D modeling and digital rendering software that gives student architects professional digital design skills applicable in academia and careers.

What are the most important tools of an architect?

The most important tool for an architect is a quality drafting kit with pencils, scales, parallel rules, templates, and drawing boards. It provides essential supplies for sketching plans. First, laser distance meters and digital tablets allow for capturing precise measurements and executing digital drawings efficiently. Secondly, the 3D printers enable swift prototyping of design models to visualize concepts physically. Lastly, High-caliber software like AutoCAD, Revit, and Photoshop empower advanced digital drafting, modeling, rendering, and imaging capabilities. The right set of physical and digital tools optimizes an architect’s unique talents and brings their ideas into built form.

Which types of pencils are mostly used by architects?

Architects used an array of pencils tailored to different sketching needs. First, softer 4B-6B graphite pencils offer dark lines for initial sketches conveying basic form and shading. HB lead provides sufficient darkness without smudging for drafting preliminary drawings. Harder 2H-4H pencils allow precise thin intricate lines perfect for detailed technical drawings. Secondly, the colored pencils add vibrancy when illustrating designs. Water-soluble colored pencils create wash effects. Lastly, the non-photo blue pencils draw lines that won’t reproduce when photocopied, ideal for markups on copies. The array of pencil types gives architects artistic versatility in their sketching and technical drawing across projects.

Do most architects still design with pencils?

Yes, most architects still rely heavily on hand-sketching with conventional tools to develop initial design concepts. Digital technology has become pervasive later in the design process for precision drafting and 3D modeling, the prominence of manual drafting gifts indicates paper sketching remains a core first step for creativity and ideation. So despite the expanding use of computer-aided design programs, the enduring presence of pens, pencils, parallel rules, and drawing boards as ideal architect gifts signifies that the tactile hand-sketch retains a vital place in most architects’ artistic process and toolkit.

Do architects rely on technology in their designs?

Yes, architects rely on technology to execute and refine their designs. 3D modeling software enables architects to comprehensively map out spatial dimensions, light studies, acoustics, structural systems, mechanics, and aesthetics with a level of detail impossible manually. Powerful rendering programs create photorealistic visualizations that allow clients to immerse themselves in the designs. BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology supports comprehensive parametric modeling of architecture data to simulate building performance.

What are the most popular design apps for architects?

The most popular design apps for architects vary. For 2D technical drafting, vector-based programs like AutoCAD and DraftSight are ubiquitous standards that enable precise plan layouts. 3D modeling software such as SketchUp, Revit, and ArchiCAD empowers building information modeling for visualizing and analyzing designs comprehensively. Rendering software like V-Ray generates photorealistic renderings to impress clients. Adobe Creative Cloud apps, especially Photoshop and Illustrator, help compose beautiful concept images and graphics. MS Office assists professional development like project schedules, contracts, and proposals. And mobile apps like Morpholio provide portable sketching. 

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