8 Best T-Square Rulers Right Now

Engineers swear by them, and architects don’t leave home without one. 

For any person in the technical field, a T-Square is a dependable friend. Whether you are designing a house or creating the blueprint for that next jet engine, apart from a pencil, compass, and drawing board, a T-square is your best companion.

However, there are multiple options available in the market when it comes to T-Squares, and it’s challenging to make the right choice from among so many. Metal, wood, or plastic, T-squares come in mind-boggling varieties that make it tough to settle with one.

But fret not! With our handy review of the 11 best T-Squares available in the market right now, we are here to help. And if even 11 options are a tad too much for you, then our buyers’ guide is sure to make the task easy enough.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best T-Square Rulers

Best t-square rulers

Whether you’re a student, an artist, or a professional drafter, these rulers are sure to help you get the job done. Here’s the list of the 8 best T square rulers for you to choose from.

1. Ludwig Precision 48 inches Heavy-Duty Aluminum T-Square – Best for Professionals and Durability

For professionals searching for usability as well as durability, the Heavy-Duty, 48” Aluminum T-Square from Ludwig Precision can be an excellent choice. With a long-lasting aluminum scale and solid plastic head, this multipurpose tool can be relied on for any drawing task. 

Ludwig Precision Heavy-Duty Aluminum T-Square for Art, Framing &...
  • 48” LENGTH – Aluminum metal T-Square is a...
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION – Drafting T-Square...


The Ludwig Precision Aluminum T-Square is an excellent option for architects, as it can easily withstand the wear and tear that comes with continuous use. A long length of 48 inches makes this the perfect tool for taking drafting measurements.

We particularly like the durable plastic head that acts as a tool for cutting, framing, and measuring. The inch and centimeter calibrations allow you to measure using any unit, and this lends high flexibility to the instrument. Also, the scale uses large numbers that are imprinted using precise printing techniques and don’t get erased even after significant use.

  • Heavy-duty construction for lasting use.
  • Extended length for better measurements.
  • Made from high-quality extruded aluminum.
  • Large calibrations which are effectively indelible.
  • The scale is not transparent.
Material: Aluminum | Length: 48 in | Graduations: 1/16 inch | Features: Heavy-duty design with a clear anodized finish

2. Alvin Aluminum Graduated T-Square, 36 inches – Best for Lightweight Design and Versatility

As far as T-Squares go, Alvin is one of the most recognized brands. With a long history of providing professional-grade precision instruments, Alvin is a brand that is preferred by experts and novices alike. Made from solid aluminum, this is one T-Square that provides you with flexibility as well as strength.

Alvin Aluminum Graduated T-Square, 36" (ALT36)
  • Graduated with 16ths on both sides: No more...
  • Designed for accuracy and longevity: Ensures...


Our reviews are written only after rigorous testing, and this product passes them all. For any engineer, student, or artist,  this T-square provides one of the best-in-class experiences. The blade is made of grade-A aluminum and guarantees long-life and impeccable service, while the T-head molding is tough enough to handle the onslaught of daily use.

What we like best about it though, are the double graduations on either side that make measurement a cinch. Using this instrument, you can efficiently work on DIY projects and professional assignments with equal accuracy.

This tool is also perfect for artists who want to draw straight horizontals in the blink of an eye. And all this is available at an affordable price, so it won’t hurt your budget.

  • Made from high-quality aluminum.
  • Calibrated for accurate measurements.
  • Lightweight design.
  • High contrast graduations to improve visibility.
  • The plastic head may not appeal to some users.
Material: Aluminum | Length: 36 in | Graduations: 1/16 and 1/32 inch | Features: Graduated on both sides, with a clear finish

3. Alvin Transparent Edge T-Square, 36 inches – Best for Classic Design and Visibility

Next on our list is another quality product from the house of Alvin. And unlike other T-Squares, this one is special as it is made of top-quality hardwood, which promises class along with longevity. The all-wood design makes this an attractive addition to anyone’s toolbox.

ALVIN Wood T-Square 36" Transparent Edge Model C36 for Art Framing and...
  • Ideal for drafting and framing tool - selected...
  • Smooth and durable - smooth wood head attached...


A wooden T-Square always feels a class apart, and this one is no exception. Expertly crafted and flawlessly designed, this stellar product from Alvin is simple and easy to use. The wooden head is attached with multiple screws to ensure perfect squareness, and this makes it all the more precise.

The thing which we liked most about this product is the transparent edges of the main scale; these allow you to see measurements and pen strokes easily. The slightly elevated design makes this instrument easy to use against raised table edges. And although we feel that the addition of a graduated scale would have made things perfect…But hey! You can’t have everything.

  • Made from high-quality, long-lasting hardwood.
  • Elevated, see-through edges that enable error-free work.
  • Wooden head attached with multiple screws ensures squareness.
  • Easily usable by students as well as professionals.
  • It does not have a graduated scale.
Material: Acrylic | Length: 36 in | Graduations: 1/8 and 1/16 inch | Features: Transparent blade, non-skid backing

4. Pro Art 18-inch Aluminum T-Square

For the next item on our list, we have an aluminum T-Square that gives you total value for money. Sleek, lightweight, and affordable, this instrument is perfect for professionals looking to make accurate measurements. It’s also suitable for students and artists looking to draw perfectly straight lines and angles.


Aluminum T-Squares are available from many brands, but Pro Art is among the top contenders in the market. And this product doesn’t make it to this list for anything. The scale is made of spring-tempered aluminum that has been hardened to provide extra durability. We found all three sizes of the instrument-18,24 and 26 inches-to be unmatched in terms of repeated use.

But perhaps the most notable feature of this instrument is the sturdy T-head. Constructed from toughened ABS plastic, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be using this instrument for years to come. An added advantage is the dual graduation in inch as well as metric systems. 

  • Made from high-quality aluminum.
  • Calibrated with inch as well as metric scales.
  • Impact-resistant head made from ABS plastic.
  • Five screw attachment ensures perfect squareness.
  • Does not have a cork backing.
Material: Aluminum | Length: 18 in | Graduations: 1/8 inch | Features: Inch and metric calibrations, hang hole

5. Westcott Junior T-Square, 18-inch

For those looking to avoid the heaviness of wood and metal, the Westcott Junior T-Square is perfect. Made of high-quality plastic that doesn’t break or bend easily, the see-through design of the instrument is one of the major points in its favor. Interested to know more? Then read all about it below.

Westcott Junior T-Square Ruler, 18-Inch (JR-18), Clear
  • PROFESSIONAL T-SQUARE: This 18 Inch/45 Centimeter...
  • UTILITY TOOL: Measuring ruler with Inch and metric...


When it comes to precision instruments, it’s hard to find the right combination of lightweight design and long-lasting operation; and this is exactly the combination that this product embodies. Scratch-resistant and flexible, the head is perfectly squared, so it enables you to draw parallel and perpendicular straight lines in a single stroke. 

The transparent plastic body does make it a bit harder to see the graduations, but that can be overlooked given the dual-scale calibration feature. This T-square is just perfect for students who are starting in the field of design, art, or architecture. And the low price tag only enhances the appeal of this fantastic product.

  • Inch as well as metric scale calibrations.
  • Made of clear, see-through plastic for enhanced usability.
  • Durable material that’s resistant to scratches.
  • Perfectly squared for accurate measurement.
  • Transparent body makes calibrations harder to read.
Material: Plastic | Length: 18 in | Graduations: 1/16 and 1/32 inch | Features: Lightweight and portable

6. Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools T-Square

The Woodpeckers Precision T-Square is available in four different sizes and is one of the best professional T-squares in the market. And despite the hefty price tag that this product comes with, professionals actually prefer this to the many amateurish products that have flooded the market. In fact, once you get a hold of this beauty, most others are going to pale in comparison. 

Woodpeckers T Square, 32 Inch, Precision Woodworking T-Square Ruler,...
  • 32 INCH T-SQUARE - The Woodpeckers 32 inch t...
  • BUILT-IN SCRIBING GUIDE - The blade itself has...


Woodpecker is a costly brand, which means students and amateurs are probably not going to be able to afford this product easily. But for those who can, there can be nothing that comes close. With unmatched accuracy and a lifetime guarantee, this T-square can be a lifelong companion.

The blade edges of this T-square are machined to an accurate 30-degree bevel that enables easy reading and reduces parallax errors. The laser-engraved scales are perfect for measuring any length, and the accuracy is further enhanced by 1-mm holes that are equally spaced on exactly 1-inch centers. These apertures are perfect for inserting any regular or mechanical pencil. And what’s more, the instrument also comes with a fitting wooden case that is prepared with finger slots for ease of access. 

  • Accurate to one-thousandths of an inch.
  • Beveled scale edges for improved line of sight.
  • Laser engraved scales for easy reading and measuring.
  • The fitted wooden case allows portability.
  • Costlier than regular brands.
Material: Aluminum and Steel | Length: 36 in | Graduations: 1/16 inch | Features: Durable, heavy-duty construction

7. Helix 12-inch Plastic T-Square

Helix is a leading manufacturer of drawing instruments, and for those looking for a cheaper option than the previous contender, this plastic T-square from Helix is just perfect. Transparent, tough, and made to last, this instrument is an ideal choice for students on a tight budget.

Helix Plastic T-Square 12 inch / 30cm (20002)
  • Beveled Blade For Drawing
  • Ruler With Both Inch And Metric Graduations


Plastic T-squares are always lighter than metal ones, but that doesn’t mean they’re not sturdy. And this particular variant proves that to the T, literally. The transparent blade is perfect for taking accurate measurements and has graduations in both the metric as well as inch scales.

The beveled blade provides for easy inking and makes sure that any drawings remain smudge-free and clean. If you are looking for a more extended version of the same product, then go for the 18-inch variant. But the icing on the cake? Both come with an easy hang-hole that enables you to stow away the T-square in any convenient nook of the workshop or office.

  • Beveled blade for easy drawing.
  • Dual-sided ruler with both inch and metric graduations.
  • Convenient hang hole.
  • Perfect for students, artists, and techies alike.
  • Presence of small parts.
Material: Plastic | Length: 12 in | Graduations: 1/16 and 1/32 inch | Features: Lightweight and portable

8. Mr. Pen 18-inch T-Square

The last item on our list is a clear winner, and you’ll agree with us after going through the following. This is a multipurpose tool that can be used as an L-square and T-square all rolled into one. And the attractive price tag only adds to the appeal of this fantastic product. 

Mr. Pen - T Square, T Ruler, 18 inch Metal Ruler, T Square Ruler,...
  • Black T ruler (18in), perfect for architects,...
  • Made from high impact carbon steel for durability


The only item on this list that is made from high-impact carbon steel, this product is made for resilience and lifelong service. We particularly like the white-on-black design, and the laser-printed graduations on either side of the blade have been perfectly calibrated to provide the best measurements.

We’d also like to mention the 12-inch calibrated T-head that allows for minute measurements. But perhaps the best feature is the single mold design that makes for a fluid transition from the blade to the T-head. As this instrument is made from a continuous mold, the head is permanently attached to the blade. This reduces the chances of any errors in the squareness of the device.

  • The white-on-black color scheme makes for perfect visibility.
  • Made from highly durable carbon steel.
  • Accurately laser printed.
  • Can be used as a T-square as well as an L-square.
  • No guiding edge for gliding against the drawing board.
Material: Aluminum | Length: 18 in | Graduations: 1/16 inch | Features: Smooth edges, hang hole

T-Square Rulers Comparison Table

Product Material Length Graduations Features
Ludwig Precision 48 inches Heavy-Duty Aluminum T-Square Aluminum 48 in 1/16 inch Heavy-duty design with a clear anodized finish
Alvin Aluminum Graduated T-Square, 36 inches Aluminum 36 in 1/16 and 1/32 inch Graduated on both sides, with a clear finish
Alvin Transparent Edge T-Square, 36 inches Acrylic 36 in 1/8 and 1/16 inch Transparent blade, non-skid backing
Pro Art 18-inch Aluminum T-Square Aluminum 18 in 1/8 inch Inch and metric calibrations, hang hole
Westcott Junior T-Square, 18-inch Plastic 18 in 1/16 and 1/32 inch Lightweight and portable
Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools T-Square Aluminum and Steel 36 in 1/16 inch Durable, heavy-duty construction
Helix 12-inch Plastic T-Square Plastic 12 in 1/16 and 1/32 inch Lightweight and portable
Mr. Pen 18-inch T-Square Aluminum 18 in 1/16 inch Smooth edges, hang hole

Buying Guide For The Best T-Square Rulers

So that was our list of the eleven best T-squares on the market right now, but we’re sure that eleven is also a sizeable number to choose from. Therefore, to make the decision-making process a bit simpler, here’s a handy buyers’ guide that can enable you to choose the best among equals.

A T-square ruler is a highly technical instrument that must be chosen based on several factors. Here we are going to let you in on some of them. By keeping these in mind while selecting a T-Square, the entire exercise can become a more straightforward process. 


The first and foremost thing to consider while buying a T-square is the material it is built of. Usually, T-Squares are made from aluminum, steel, plastic, or wood. Each has its advantages. For example, aluminum is lightweight, bendable, and resistant to rust. This makes it perfect for everyday use. 

However, in industrial and construction settings, steel might be a better choice. Tougher than aluminum and more durable than wood, steel is an excellent base to go with if you are a professional. For students, wood or plastic might be a better choice as it offers the benefits of lightweight design and flexible use.


When buying a T-square, make sure to see that the markings and graduations are of high quality. Incorrect calibrations can wreak havoc with your designs and drawings, and throw minute dimensional calculations off-balance. 

The perfect T-square will have prominent graduations that allow you to make the right measurements, along with clear bevels that minimize parallax errors. Keeping these things in mind during the buying process itself can save anyone from a lot of headaches later.

The Squareness

There’s a reason this is called a T-square, and here it is. The scale of the square needs to be attached precisely perpendicularly to the T-head. This is necessary because unless the T-head and main scale are at right angles, you won’t be able to draw parallel and perpendicular lines.

So when buying the T-square, make sure to check out the squareness of the tool. This is of vital importance to its usability. It’s best if you buy an instrument in which the T-head is securely fixed to the main blade.

The Scale

The scale in which the instrument is graduated also plays a vital role. The exact units that can be accurately measured, along with the level of precision, should be at the top of your mind while choosing the T-square. This is the most vital point that determines the correctness of your measurements. 

By keeping the above in mind while choosing a T-Square, you can be sure to hit upon the right one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a T-Square ruler?

T-Square rulers are preferred by many artists and draftsmen because they provide a straight edge that is perfect for drawing straight lines or creating smooth curves. Additionally, they are easy to use and come in a variety of sizes.

How do you use a T-Square ruler?

To use a T-Square ruler, first place the ruler on the drawing board so that the short arm is perpendicular to the long arm. Then, use the shorter arm to guide the pencil along the ruler’s edge for a perfectly straight line.

What is the difference between a T-Square ruler and a triangle ruler?

A T-Square ruler has a short arm perpendicular to a longer arm, forming a “T” shape. A triangle ruler has three arms, forming a triangle shape. The T-Square ruler is primarily used for drawing straight lines on a drawing board, while the triangle ruler is primarily used for drawing angles such as triangles and other geometric shapes.


As we reach the end of our exploration into the world of T-Square Rulers, it is evident that there are numerous high-quality options available to cater to individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re a student, artist, or professional, having a reliable t-square ruler is essential for accurate measurements and precise drawings. Durability, usability, and versatility are all important factors to consider when choosing the perfect T-Square Ruler to add to your toolkit.

Out of these 8 T-Square Rulers, here are the top three expert recommendations. The Ludwig Precision 48 inches Heavy-Duty Aluminum T-Square is an ideal option for professionals seeking a durable and versatile tool capable of handling various tasks. With its extended length and dual calibration, this t-square offers enhanced flexibility and precision, ensuring accurate measurements in all kinds of projects.

The Alvin Aluminum Graduated T-Square, 36 inches is a good option for those who value a lightweight yet sturdy design. Trusted by experts and beginners alike, this aluminum t-square features double graduations on either side, making measurements a breeze, and facilitating work on both DIY projects and professional assignments with equal accuracy.

Finally, the Alvin Transparent Edge T-Square, 36 inches is the right choice for those who appreciate both form and function in their tools. Crafted from high-quality hardwood for a touch of elegance, this t-square offers elevated, see-through edges, allowing for easy visibility and error-free work. Perfect for students and professionals alike, this t-square combines classic design with dependable accuracy.

In conclusion, the perfect T-Square Ruler is one that accommodates your unique requirements and preferences. Regardless of your choice, investing in a high-quality T-Square Ruler will prove invaluable in achieving precision and accuracy in your work, allowing you to focus on bringing your creative vision to life.

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