7 Best Bar Stools Today | Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Imagine walking into a bar or kitchen and to the counter, and then looking around to find no stool or other seating arrangements. Where does it hurt the most when you want to enjoy your favorite drink and couldn’t find a place to sit?

And even if you had a stool or chair for your bar counter, that isn’t always going to be the ideal match for the rest of your decor, and neither will every stool offer perfect quality and performance for your requirements.

But, keeping everything in perspective, you shouldn’t have to choose between style or functionality.

And that’s why we’re bringing you an extensive review guide of some of the best bar stools you can get right now!

Best Bar Stools

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect one. To help you narrow down your choices, here’s the list of the 7 best bar stools that combine form, function, and durability to enhance your home bar or kitchen counter.

1. Winsome Victor 2-Piece V-Back Bar Stools – Best For Vintage Appeal And Comfort

The classic set of these high-back stools will up the old-school glam of any bar that will gracefully have them for the comfort of their guests. These V-Back bar stools not only look attractive and elegant, but their high-back design ensures that you never have to tussle with painful, creaky backs again while leaving the bar!


What we definitely like the most about these stools is their elegant, antiquated design and finish. Made from substantially sturdy hardwood, these stools come with a luxuriously warm walnut finish that creates a merry and spirited atmosphere.

The stools are high-rise and come with an additional footrest bar so that your legs can avail all the comfort of that.

But, of all the things, the high V-backs of stools are the most functional aspect of their structure. This scores high on the comfort of its users. Unlike most stools without back support that tend to bear heavily on your sitting posture, causing you to stoop or experience aches, these stools ensure that you can rest your back easily on the high support.

However, we did find that the drill holes on the horizontal bars aren’t done evenly, which caused the issue of drilling the screws properly into place, more so, because the stools don’t come assembled.

Material: Solid wood | Seat Height (inches): 29.1 | Swivel: No | Foldable: No | Upholstery Material: Wood | Weight Capacity (pounds): 220

2. Linon Claridge Bar Stool – Best For Aesthetics And Versatility

This bar stool from Linon Claridge is an exceptionally beautiful stool that comes in an all-black accent. Made of formidable hardwood, the stool can take up to 275 pounds easily. It is also durable enough to stand up against heavy blows without losing its form and structure.


We love the overall design of this small bar stool. It is indeed a true combination of a traditional design and modern accents that bring a stunningly appealing visual delight through this piece of furniture.

The stool comes with a black vinyl upholstered seat. The silver nailhead trim on the material of the seat accentuates the subtle patchwork design that looks spectacular in every way. The overall craftsmanship of the stool is brilliant, to say the least, and deserves a worthy mention, for that matter.

This is one of the stools that, we think, could be used anywhere owing to the versatility of its design and structure. It could be used at the counter or in the bedroom or living room for various other purposes.

However, we do feel that comfort-wise, it does fall short. Although it looks good, the cushion for the seat flattens out quite soon, and that, for a bar stool, could be a significant problem.

Material: Wood, Vinyl | Seat Height (inches): 32.75 | Swivel: No | Foldable: No | Upholstery Material: Vinyl | Weight Capacity (pounds): 275

3. Roundhill Furniture Swivel Leather Bar Stools – Best For Adjustable Height And Style

Swivel leather bar stools from Roundhill Furniture are all about providing the most comfortable seating arrangements at the counter. But, they do so while making a spectacular statement for the rest of your interior decor! Studded with plush upholstered faux leather and foam cushion on a chrome-finished base and frame, these are going to be the very things for setting the bar high up…at the bar!


The Roundhill Furniture swivel leather bar stools bring in a luxuriously stylish seating arrangement owing to the highly polished and glossy chrome base and faux leather seats. The sturdy metal frame can sustain substantial weight and is resistant to significant impacts, rust, and corrosion.

The lift mechanism on the stools is evidently a considerable benefit as it helps you adjust your stool’s height for added comfort and convenience.

The plush faux leather seats of the stools are actually injected with a high-quality foam material that makes them incredibly comfortable for the users. Moreover, the stools come with back support of the same material, which makes it all the more relaxing.

The complete 360 degrees swivel ensures the convenience of spinning in all directions with ease. We liked the controlled spin of the swivel, which keeps you from getting dizzy from spinning too fast.

The only gripe that we had with these stools is that they squeak and would probably require you to grease them more often.

Material: Metal, Leather | Seat Height (inches): 30.5 | Swivel: Yes | Foldable: No | Upholstery Material: Leather | Weight Capacity (pounds): 330

4. Linon Kiera Pad Back Folding Bar Stool

The Kiera Folding Bar Stool from Linon brings in a fantastic high-rise chair-styled bar stool for all your kitchen or private bar counter woes. The stool is designed to provide you with all the comforts of a decent bar stool along with the assurance of high quality given it’s from a brand like Linon. And it’s foldable for easy storage, too!


The Linon Keira comes with a padded back that not only gives you maximum comfort throughout your time at the counter but also provides strong support for a well-balanced structure, keeping the stool from toppling backward. This padded back support is made of vinyl on its wooden frame and facilitates easy cleaning with just a soft, damp cloth. The fantastic Espresso finish of the seat gives it a rich, leather-like appearance in touch and feel.

The construction design of the front and back of the stool provides extra support and stability to its overall structure.

However, the most significant advantage of this stool is that it can be efficiently folded up for easy storing or transportation purposes.

On the other hand, we noticed with this stool that the finish can chip away soon, leaving it with an unpleasant appearance. Also, the cushion flattens out within a couple of weeks of use, which is a real bummer.

Material: Wood, Vinyl | Seat Height (inches): 30 | Swivel: No | Foldable: Yes | Upholstery Material: Vinyl | Weight Capacity (pounds): 250

5. Winsome Wood Saddle Seat Bar Stool

The saddle seat bar stool from Winsome Wood really adds a wonderfully rustic and spirited charm to your counter decor scenario. With luxurious, dark finishes and a cozy saddle built to lounge in, this bar stool is definitely one of the most functional ones that we have on our list today.


This saddle seat bar stool is beautifully crafted to get you all the comfort while having a great time at the bar. The stool is made of strong, natural beechwood that can sustain a lot of weight. This formidable construction of the stool makes it exceedingly resistant to sudden, heavy impacts.

The seat has a wide contoured surface area that comfortably accommodates the user. The sturdy square legs of the stool provide a proportionate and balanced base that keeps it from wobbling or toppling over.

The stool is also available in two separate height measurements, which are 24” and 29” for suiting different height preferences.

But, although we did expect the stool to come fully assembled as had been advertised, that’s not the case. It doesn’t come fully assembled, but it does include the required hardware for the purpose. However, it could be a hassle while put it together.

Material: Solid wood | Seat Height (inches): 24 | Swivel: No | Foldable: No | Upholstery Material: Wood | Weight Capacity (pounds): 220

6. Flash Furniture Black Vinyl Adjustable Bar Stool

This vinyl adjustable stool from Flash Furniture presents a charmingly versatile and functional structure for seating purposes at the counter. With a chic, contemporary design, and comfortable foam seat, the bar stool brings in a beautiful duo of functionality and style to your sitting area!


Although this bar stool may look like a few other ones on this list, we did find a good many functional features on it to deem it as a worthy competitor to the others.

The stool is made using high-grade steel with a chrome finish. It is highly durable against impacts and could hold up a substantial weight. The finish protects the bar stool from rust and corrosion or any sort of reaction caused by heat, sweat, or other reactive.

We also noticed that the stool uses CA177 fire retardant foam that not only provides ample comfort but is resistant to high temperatures and sparkings.

This ensures the safety of the user at all times.

The black vinyl used for the stool covering comes with beautiful and durable exposed embellished stitching that is also very easy to clean.

The height of the seat could be adjusted using a gas lift.

The stool also comes with a footrest and back support that make it immensely comfortable for you to sit around it.

Material: Metal, Vinyl | Seat Height (inches): Adjustable (24-32) | Swivel: Yes | Foldable: No | Upholstery Material: Vinyl | Weight Capacity (pounds): 330

7. Roundhill Furniture White Leatherette Bar Stool

When it comes to furniture design, Roundhill Furniture marks its winning territory time and again with some of its spectacular designs that rule the interior decor scenes for many public and private spheres alike. And the white leatherette bar stool from the brand establishes the same, presenting some awe-inspiring looks for you to enjoy!


The white leatherette bar stool features plush white faux-leather seating with foam and a glamorous chrome-accented polished metal frame. The formidable chrome metal construction makes the bar stool extremely resistant to severe impacts.

We noticed that it actually doesn’t dent that easily or lose structure even under heavy blows. It goes without saying that the stool does sustain a significant amount of weight with losing balance, for that matter.

The stool offers an integrated 360 degrees swivel for user convenience. It delivers a controlled swivel action, as well as preserves the looks of the stool by staying concealed in the base.

We love the polished, floral design on the metal sides that add a somewhat futuristic appeal to the overall structure.

The stool also comes with a height-adjusting hydraulic piston mechanism that makes it all the more comfortable and convenient for the user.

However, the stool doesn’t ship assembled. Also, the metallic surface scratches up a lot which may damage its polished appearance of it.

Material: Metal, Leatherette | Seat Height (inches): Adjustable (24-32) | Swivel: Yes | Foldable: No | Upholstery Material: Leatherette | Weight Capacity (pounds): 250

Bar Stools Comparison Table

Product Material Seat Height (inches) Swivel Foldable Upholstery Material Weight Cap. (lbs)
Winsome Victor 2-Piece V-Back Bar Stools Solid wood 29.1 No No Wood 220
Linon Claridge Bar Stool Wood, Vinyl 32.75 No No Vinyl 275
Roundhill Furniture Swivel Leather Bar Stools Metal, Leather 30.5 Yes No Leather 330
Linon Kiera Pad Back Folding Bar Stool Wood, Vinyl 30 No Yes Vinyl 250
Winsome Wood Saddle Seat Bar Stool Solid wood 24 No No Wood 220
Flash Furniture Black Vinyl Adjustable Bar Stool Metal, Vinyl Adjustable (24-32) Yes No Vinyl 330
Roundhill Furniture White Leatherette Bar Stool Metal, Leatherette Adjustable (24-32) Yes No Leatherette 250

Buying Guide For The Best Bar Stool

These are what you should consider while buying a bar stool:

1. Height and adjustability

Almost all bar stools at least measure 24 inches in height. Many stools come with more excellent height measurements. These could also come with mechanisms to adjust the height of the stool to more significant measurements. You could easily crank up the height of the chair to get to a comfortable level with the counter.

Many stools come with alternate height options and could go up to 29 inches for that matter. However, some of the stool bars we have reviewed go up to 31 inches as well, which could be adjusted down to lesser statures by either going for the hydraulic pistons or opting for leg extension options: whichever system they offer.

2. Back-support, and swivel

While most stools will come with a foot-resting bar, you may not get the comfort of back support in most. And if that is something that you really want your stools to have, then go for the chair-styled ones.

Back-supports provide immense comfort and are especially helpful after a point of time when the user has been sitting for too long. It keeps one from falling into a hunched position or developing a sore, aching back, for that matter.

Swivels are another great addition to bar stools. The 360 degrees spinning mechanism provides the convenience of moving and reaching out in all directions while still sitting in the chair.

However, you do want to get something with a controlled swivel movement, since you could get a headache or feel dizzy if the spin is too fast. There would also be a risk of falling off the chair in that case.

3. Seat and Cushions

One of the most important things in any seating arrangement, the cushions or the sitting area of a barstool should be comfortable enough to allow anyone to sit on it for a prolonged period of time.

You can expect most cushions to come with a faux leather cover and an injected foam interior. This ensures complete comfort for the user. You can also avail of various other expensive foam types for greater comfort, but it will depend entirely on your budget.

And if you are going for simple, wooden stools, then you could opt for comfortable saddle seats or ones that have contoured seating areas for a comfortable spot.

4. Material

A major factor to consider while buying bar stools is obviously the material you should go for. While wooden stools make a charming, old-school statement, metals are way more durable.

But, on the other hand, metallic stools can be more expensive and often run the risk of getting rusted, corroded by reactive agents, or losing their high-shine finish.

Also, consider how easy it might be to clean stools made of either material. That should help you make a definite decision.

5. Floor-protectors

This is definitely a crucial factor to consider while getting a chair or a stool. The legs on them can leave nasty scratches and marks on your floors. These can scrape the delicate materials off of your floors, doing some irreparable damage for that matter.

Some stools will come with plastic rings as protectors, but they can leave marks too due to the hard substance. It’s always a better idea to get rubber protectors that will do an ideal job of keeping your floor scratch-free even if you dragged your stool across it.

How do I clean and maintain my bar stools?

The best way to clean and maintain your bar stools depends on the materials they are made of. For example, wood bar stools can be wiped down with a damp cloth and polished with furniture wax, while metal bar stools can be cleaned with mild detergent and water.

Upholstered bar stools may require professional cleaning or a specific cleaning solution. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance tips specific to your bar stools.

What is a swivel bar stool?

A swivel bar stool is a type of bar stool that has a rotating seat. This allows you to turn the seat without moving the entire stool, making it easier to get in and out of the stool and reach items on a bar or counter.

Can bar stools be used outside?

Yes, there are bar stools specifically designed for outdoor use. These bar stools are made from weather-resistant materials like aluminum or synthetic wicker and may have a waterproof finish to protect them from the elements.

Be sure to check the product specifications to see if the bar stool is suitable for outdoor use.

Are bar stools adjustable?

Yes, many bar stools are adjustable. Some have a hydraulic lift mechanism that allows you to adjust the height of the seat, while others have a manual adjustment mechanism. Be sure to check the product specifications to see if the bar stool is adjustable.

What materials are bar stools typically made of?

Bar stools can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and upholstered materials like leather or fabric. The most common materials used for bar stools are solid wood and metal, as they are sturdy and durable.


Choosing the perfect bar stool that provides both comfort and style can be a daunting task. Through our extensive testing of various bar stools, we have been able to identify the key factors that contribute to their functionality and design, such as material, weight capacity, height, and overall appearance. Out of these 7 bar stools, here are the top three expert recommendations.

Best for vintage appeal and comfort: Winsome Victor 2-Piece V-Back Bar Stools is an ideal option. Their high V-backs offer ample back support, ensuring you won’t experience any discomfort while sitting for extended periods. Made from solid hardwood with a beautiful walnut finish, these stools will give your space the perfect old-school charm.

Best for aesthetics and versatility: Linon Claridge Bar Stool is a good option. Boasting a beautifully intricate design, this stool can easily complement various interior décors. Sporting a robust hardwood frame, it can sustain around 275 pounds in weight. However, keep in mind that it’s not the most comfortable option due to its seat cushion flattening out after some time.

Best for adjustable height and style: Roundhill Furniture Swivel Leather Bar Stools is the right choice. These swivel bar stools are sure to impress with their luxurious faux leather upholstery and chrome-finished base. What stands out is the adjustable height feature, 360-degree swivel, and back support that ensures a comfortable and convenient seating experience. Be prepared to grease them frequently, as they may start to squeak with regular use.

These top three bar stools cater to various preferences in terms of style, comfort, and convenience. Take your pick based on the factors that matter most to you, and let these expertly chosen options elevate your space.

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