How to Repaint a Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Few years back, painting old or scratched fireclay farmhouse sinks seemed unimaginable. Still, this may come as a surprise to many people. There are many factors that may make you paint the sink, obvious one being appearance and second, saving money.

Nonetheless, the technique, material of the sink and paint used are the three major factors that are going to determine the success of your art. Clay is a good material to paint because it is not super smooth. Today, there are better epoxy and primer paints that have excellent adhesion to fireclay surface. You are left to up your technique and you will be fully equipped to give your sink a good painting.

Prior to any operation, you have to make up your mind whether you will repaint the sink in its fixed position or you will remove it and have it where you can easily access all faces.

How to Repaint a Fireclay Sink

How to repaint a fireclay sink 1

Step 1. Repair any deformation

Repair any cracks, chipped surfaces or mars. This will help the paint look even. Cracks and chipped surfaces act as starting point for peeling paint. For prolonged lifespan of the paint, get rid of these dents using fillers available in the market.

Step 2. Clean the surface

Give the sink’s surface a really good wash using degreasing solution. Scrub any flakes of paint or uneven grains as this will make the paint appear almost flawless.

Step 3. Scour the surface using steel-wool

Cut small circular strokes of steel wool and scour the surface. Apply pressure gently in order to obtain a fine and even surface that will respond well to the paint. You can wash and scour the surface a couple of time until the right texture is obtained. A total of three washes and scouring should be enough to make the surface ready for painting.

How to repaint a fireclay sink 4

Step 4. Leave the surface to dry

You should leave the surface dry completely. Painting while wet may compromise the quality of the painting. You can speed up the process by wiping it dry using towels.

Step 5. Cover/Tape off surrounding areas

This applies if you decided to paint the sink in its fixed position. It is the most recommended decision as it will save you the task of re-fixing the sink. Additionally, you may break the sink while you try to dismantle it from its position.

Use painter’s tape to cover areas that don’t need painting like the walls and drain hole. You have the option of removing the faucets or covering them too.

Step 6. Time to paint

Finally, the moment is here. Fireclay kitchen sink requires special epoxy that hardens and dry evenly. Using a stick, stir the paint to obtain a thick uniform epoxy free from bubbles. Using a brush, apply a thin uniform layer throughout the fireclay sink. Try to make long clean strokes that stretch from one end to the other. Bristle brushes are perfect at giving that excellent surface finish.

For the sink’s basin, make clean circular strokes starting from the top. Be careful not to overload the brush. This first layer should be as thin as possible.

Step 7. Apply Second coating

This should come two to three hours after applying the initial layer. The first paint should not be left to dry for more than four hours. If you spot runs or drips of paint, allow it to cure for a maximum of 72 hours. Using a fine steel wool, scour them before applying the second coating.

How to repaint a fireclay sink 3

Step 8. Cure

Leave the epoxy dry completely before removing the painters tape. This should take a minimum of 72 hours too. To give the surface a smooth feel, wash it using a soft cloth/cotton wool soaked in nonabrasive cleaning detergent. Fix the faucets back and the sink is ready for use.


Painting a fireclay sink offers you a cheap and much easier way of making your sink look new compared to buying a new one and hiring plumbers to have it fixed. Additionally, if you are good at drawing, you can embed one or two pictures that you find interesting. It can be flowers or a general image that will be reminding you of the day’s work every time you use the sink.

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