13 Best Bookshelves You Can Buy Online and Actually Want

With the growing rage about ebooks, the good old precious print books are still part of our homes. Some of these books hold beautiful memories of bygone days that we often treasure.

Having your books close by makes you more curious about reading new stories that transport you to different worlds, both real and imagined. 

But, organizing them in place might sound like a mammoth task if you don’t have a quality bookshelf. Even if you keep a few books in the storeroom, you’ll still be left with a pile that you want within your hand’s reach.

And books have an interesting way of drawing the attention of any visitor by seamlessly integrating with the casual atmosphere of the home. 

After all, a bookshelf holds value for not just its functionality but also its aesthetics. 

Now that you’re looking for a bookshelf, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the number of available options. To simplify things a bit, we’ve compiled some of the best bookshelves that you can purchase online.

Best Bookshelves You Can Buy Online

Best bookshelves you can buy onlines

So, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Coava Folding 4-Tier Bookshelf

If you’re looking for a bookshelf that requires zero maintenance and can be shifted around easily, you should try out the Coava 4-tier bookshelf. It’s made with a heavy-duty black coated iron frame that comes with two oblique sidebars and a few extra back bars that provide additional stability. For the best part, when you don’t want to use the shelves, you can fold it and place the rack on the corner. 

Coavas Folding Bookshelf Home Office Industrial Bookcase No Assembly...
  • Best Gift Choice -- [ No Assembly ] Only 1 step,...
  • Industrial Bookshelf --[Folding] When not in use...


We were looking for a premium quality foldable bookshelf on a limited budget, and we ordered this product after reading the reviews. And when we received this bookshelf, we had no issues with the assembly. It was partly pre-assembled; we just unboxed and clipped the shelves on the iron frame accordingly. We loved the stylish metal frame and the wood details.

The overall design complements the modern decor of our home. We didn’t want a large bookshelf because we live in a pretty small apartment, and this piece fits in perfectly. The shelves are made using MDF material which is of pretty good quality, especially for its resistance against water makes it easier to maintain. 

Plus, the entire shelf is a maximum of 50-inches high, and the space between each rack is about 13-inches. The storage area is sufficient for us to keep large-sized books and heavy photo frames. Even the times when we loaded it with a huge pile of books, the structure didn’t wobble or collapse. Therefore the sturdy industrial design and its durability make it an ideal bookshelf for our home.

  • Can be personalized easily with some paint
  • Flexible and adaptable bookshelf
  • Priced within a reasonable range 
  • The size is somewhat smaller when compared to the other models

2. Tribesigns 5-Tier Bookshelf

If you generally appreciate rustic, weathered furniture, you’ll love this piece. The design of this bookshelf has a very subtle way of standing out amongst the rest of the furniture. It’s around 72-inches in height, and each shelf is approximately 47-inches in length. This bookcase can accommodate heavy books, and its solid steel tube frame helps to enhance the support and durability of this product.

Tribesigns 5-Tier Bookshelf, Vintage Industrial Style Bookcase 72 H x...
  • EXTRA LARGE SPACE for SHOWCASE: 72” high x 12”...


We have a lot of decorative items and travel guides that we like to keep on display, and this large bookshelf was the perfect addition to our home. We were able to assemble this piece pretty quickly, within a maximum of 20 minutes, but the instructions were not easy to follow. The final result was satisfying because the design suits our taste; it’s simple yet very modern. 

It comes with anti-slip pads that prevent the shelf from moving, and it also reduces any scratches on our marble floor. This added feature is especially beneficial whenever we try to redecorate the home by shifting furniture. Moreover, it‘s an open bookcase, and we have placed in a way that it works as a divider in our large hall room space.  

When it comes to construction, it feels quite sturdy, and the minimalist design with wooden finish creates a modern vibe. The shelves are spacious, we have been storing a lot of books, and we must say that it can withstand a good amount of weight. Unlike other bookshelves, the industrial steel construction of this piece is brilliant, and we can trust the stability of this model.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Ample, open storage space
  • Will suit the decor of both traditional and modern homes 
  • The assembly instructions are not clear

3. Sauder Barrister Lane in Salt Oak Bookshelf

This bookcase comes with cubbyhole storage that protects your valuables from any contaminants. What makes the design stand out is the Washington cherry finish on the warm native timber. The design is inspired by recovered materials that give it a vintage feel. It’s around 47-inches in height and the overall built is perfect for any home.

Sauder Barrister Lane 10-shelf Bookcase, Salt Oak finish
  • Cubbyhole storage for books binders framed photos...
  • Accommodates ID label tags for easy organization


We have a massive collection of books that covers all different genres, and because of this, we keep running short of bookshelves. And when we saw the rich wooden finish of this product, and its large storage space we ordered it instantly, shelf space was key for us. It’s also priced reasonably which makes it a steal for the quality. The assembly required about 2 hours in total to put this set together. 

This bookshelf looks better than the pictures online, and no doubt that it’s built with quality materials. Now, we have an ample amount of space for keeping our books; also, the shelves are deep so we can place two rows of books per cubby.  

The top shelf has a gallery display that is perfect for us to keep our photo frames and other magazines. Moreover, the cubby hole storage makes it convenient for us to place the books according to their genre. 

For the design aspect, what we appreciate the most is the ID label tags, which allow us to organize the books according to their genres. And we don’t have to shuffle through the shelves to find the right book; we can just look at the tags and identify the rack that accommodates the book. It’s a pretty versatile product for our home; we can personalize it according to our needs. 

  • Anti-skid padding at the bottom
  • Suitable for keeping books and other decorative items
  • Has a cubby hole storage that protects the books 
  • The assembly process is a little time-consuming

4. O & K Furniture Rustic Bookshelf

If you generally appreciate the look of rustic industrial furniture, you should consider this bookshelf by O & K. It has a height of 70-inches with five sturdy wooden shelves. Each shelf can hold a weight of up to 45 pounds, which is perfect for a mix of decorative items and books. Also, this bookcase is made of brown metal, and wood PVC board. 

O&K FURNITURE 5-Tier Ladder Shelf, Ladder Shelves, Industrial Style...
  • ★Superior Construction--Sturdy metal for the...
  • ★Stable and Secure Usage--Equipped with 4...


We wanted a bookshelf that would fit in with the rest of the furniture at home. For a modern style of home decor, it was best for us to select a piece with minimal design and clean lines. We came across this product online, and we liked the industrial aesthetic feeling that it offers. This bookcase has been designed in a way that will match both home and office settings.

It took a maximum of 20 minutes to put this bookcase together, after carefully following the instruction manual. There is sufficient space between the shelves for keeping large-sized books, photo frames, and other decorative items. We generally receive a lot of compliments for the stylish, rustic design of this piece that grabs a lot of attention.  

However, this stand doesn’t have any holding sides that can protect the displays. And we believe that if we add any set of bookends, it will destroy the simple, straightforward design of this model. The shelves are made using metal and PVC board, but, surprisingly, it looks more like reclaimed wood. Overall, we love the look and feel of this bookcase; it helps to revamp our living room decor.

  • Open design offers an ample amount of storage space
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Has a durable construction 
  • Plastic veneer finish

5. West Elm Mid-century Bookshelf

If you’re a fan of mid-century furniture designs, this bookshelf is going to be your new favorite. Whether you’re looking for a bookshelf for your small or large-sized home, this piece is going to take up limited space. It’s made with eucalyptus wood, and it has an acacia wood veneer finish. The overall look and design of this piece are relatively simple with a refined style.


We saw this bookshelf design earlier in an interior design magazine, and since then we tried searching for it. Luckily, we found it online, and without a second thought, we ordered this model. When we received this product, we were sure that the design would complement the other mid-century furniture at home.

 We marveled at the brilliant, stylish construction of this piece; it looks gorgeous. The quality of the wood and the clean finish reflects a rich and luxurious feel. We have a small apartment, and we love reading books, so a bookcase was one of the essential elements that we wanted to have in our home. 

This bookcase is compact yet extremely functional; it has four open shelves and a small closed cabinet at the bottom. We love the extra drawer we generally use it store away the knick-knacks that we don’t want to display. 

When it comes to quality, there is no compromise with the industry standards, and it’s safe for the home environment. Plus, it looks like a statement piece, and it is well worth the small investment that we have made for this beautiful product. 

  • High-end, premium-quality bookshelf
  • Sturdy construction
  • Mid-century-inspired furniture with clean lines and a refined style 
  • Doesn’t have a lot of storage space

6. C&A HOME Hardwood Tree-Shaped Bookshelf

This bookshelf by C&A HOME has a unique tree-shaped design, and it’s made with 100% real wood, solid wood. It has a total of seven angled shelves that allows you to easily organize your books and other items. The slim design fits in comfortably, even in the smallest of storage spaces. It has an easy to assess open shelving with a clean, modern look.

C&AHOME 7-Shelf Tree Bookshelf, Bamboo Wood Bookcase, Book Rack,...
  • EYE-CATCHING: The bookshelf with a unique tree...
  • GET RID OF CLUTTER: A mountain of books? Out of...


We were moving to a new apartment, and while shopping for furniture, we came across this elegant bookshelf. It has a very stylish design and looks good in our hall room. Even though we have limited space, the slim design of this bookshelf is perfect for our home. It was a little challenging to put the shelves together, but the instruction manual made it relatively easy. 

With this bookshelf, we can eliminate all the clutter of books being placed all across the hall room, and instead, we get to organize things in place. According to the instruction manual, the loading capacity of each shelf is around 20 lbs, so we can comfortably load them with a good pile of books. We generally keep about 5 to 8 books per shelf, depending on the width of each book.  

The shelf has been thoughtfully designed with user safety in mind; it comes with rounded edges that help to protect us from any mishap. Plus, the book rack has an anti-friction rubber mat that in return, helps to protect the wood from the ground moisture. Overall, the design of this bookshelf is well suited for limited space, and it effortlessly complements our home decor.

  • Slim design, and it doesn’t occupy much space
  • Made with superior quality wood
  • Value-added product 
  • The assembly can be hard for some users

7. Homestar Glass Cabinet Bookshelf

If you’re concerned about protecting your valuable books and other decorative items, it’s best to opt for a glass cabinet bookshelf. It helps to keep the contents organized and free of the accumulation of dust. Unlike the traditional open bookcases, this cabinet style adds a decor element to the house.

The best part, this unit has two exciting sections, but only one of them comes with a glass door. To know more about this model, let’s move to the following section.

Signature Design by Ashley Drewmore Rustic Farmhouse Accent Cabinet...
  • TALL ACCENT CABINET: Making a great case...
  • QUALITY FURNITURE: Made of engineered wood with an...


We read many reviews before selecting this product; many users had been complementing the design and construction of this unit. It’s a glass cabinet bookshelf, and we feel it has a traditional style and it blends in perfectly with the style of our home.

 It took us about an hour to assemble this product, and all the parts were labeled correctly, which made it relatively simpler. The result was well worth all the time and effort that we had to put into organizing this product. This bookshelf is made with particleboard and hardwood; it has a pretty solid construction. Also, it looks like it’s built to last a lifetime. 

Moreover, we wanted a bookshelf with plenty of storage space, and this piece suits our needs perfectly, shelf space is there for you behind closed doors, away from dust. It has two separate sections; one area is covered with glass doors that allow us to show off a few of the display items and a closed bottom unit where we store some old books.

For maintaining this elegant piece, we just need to dust it off regularly, and nothing more is required. We have been using this product for about 9-10 months, and we can say it looks pretty good with sufficient room for storing our precious books.

  • Quality product for the price
  • Easy to organize things in a cabinet
  • Has a traditional yet stylish design 
  • It’s time-consuming to assemble this product

8. Tespo Metal Wire Bookshelf

This wire shelving option is both practical and cost-effective, a brilliant modular bookcase with a durable metal frame and basically fully adjustable. It has a reliable construction which is supported by resin, high-quality steel, and some plastic parts. If you’re looking for a portable bookshelf, you should try out this lightweight model. This modern industrial grid-style bookshelf will fit in perfectly in your small to medium-sized living spaces.

Tespo Wire Cube Storage Shelves Book Shelf Metal Bookcase Shelving...
  • DIY STORAGE CUBE: Interlocking cubes giving you...


We wanted a bookshelf that comes with the convenience of portability, and the metal grids are not massive, so we ordered this piece. The design and structure of this bookshelf stand out amongst the rest. It was easy to assemble the cubes, we took a little time to set up the first few racks, but once we learned the trick, it took us about 20 minutes to complete it.

There are a total of 6 interlocking cubes which we can arrange as per our needs because of the multiple stacking options so it doesn’t have adjustable shelves, it’s a fully adjustable bookcase, a modular bookcase. It has a reliable construction, and we try to keep the heavier books towards the bottom to ensure that there is excellent stability. However, as per the manufacturer’s instructions, each cube can withstand a load of 44 lbs which is a decent amount. 

And we never had any issues with cleaning these racks; regular dusting is enough to keep it in good shape. It has a modern design, but it still complements our contemporary style home decor. Of course, it looks like a statement piece, and it gives an exciting twist to the style of our home. All in all, this makes for an ideal choice, especially for our limited budget and the need for a portable unit.

  • Stylish and fun design
  • Easy to set up
  • Has a reliable and durable construction
  • It’s not suitable for storing bulky items

9. Beachcrest 63” Home Preview Corner Bookcase

If you’re looking for a compact and modern corner bookshelf, you should take a look at this unit. It has a unique ladder-like design that is perfect for small-sized homes. You can avoid the clutter in your living room by adding this bookshelf that is made from fiberwood or MDF. It’s a five-tier bookcase that has broad shelves at the bottom that gradually tapers toward the top.



We don’t have a large collection of books; there are a few precious business novels and cookbooks that we wanted to display. So, we were looking for a small bookshelf, but with an attractive, stylish design that would blend in perfectly with the overall home decor. After reading a lot of the reviews, we finalized this product for its exciting pattern and quality. 

It has a total of five shelves, but as expected they are pretty small, and we don’t generally place too many heavy books on one shelf. We have used the topmost shelf to keep our potted plants that go well with the wooden finish. 

It‘s hard to identify that the bookshelf is made with faux wood grain because it looks like genuine hardwood. When the shelves are organized well, it looks very beautiful, and many of our friends loved the design of this unit. And it stands like a showstopper in our living room. Overall we can say that it’s a value-added product for its price and high-end look.

  • Durable construction
  • Complements all types of home decor
  • Compact and lightweight unit 
  • Shelves are a little small

10. Coaster Home Furnishings Bookshelf

This is a standard bookshelf with metal frames and hollow boards. It comes with a total of five storage shelves that are quite broad offering plenty of shelf space, and you won’t face any challenges when you load it with heavy books. It has an antique nutmeg and black finish that gives it a really classy look. When it comes to quality Coaster makes no compromise, and it’s known to deliver the best of products to its users.

Coaster Home Furnishings Glavan Small Wood and Metal Open Bookcase,...
  • Includes: One (1) bookcase
  • Four (4) tiers of shelving finished in antique...


We wanted a heavy-duty bookshelf for organizing our massive collection of books and postcards. One of our friends had this bookshelf in their house, and they gave us good feedback about its quality, so we went ahead and ordered it. We received the product within a few days, and the assembly didn’t take us more than 10 minutes which made it relatively simple to use this bookshelf.

There are around four shelves that can be assessed quickly, but the topmost shelf is hard to reach without using a stool. We generally store old magazines and other gadget boxes on the last shelf, because we won’t be using them frequently. The height of this bookshelf is around 63-inches, and there is sufficient storage space because the shelves are pretty broad. 

We have not faced any issues with the stability of this product even after placing an ample amount of heavy books. When we consider the weight of this product, it’s pretty surprising that it can withstand so much pressure. The sturdy construction and quality materials make it an excellent purchase for a limited budget.

  • Offers a lot of storage space
  • Easy assembly
  • Lightweight 
  • The shelves need to be loaded properly to prevent “wobbling.” 

11. Spine Tower Bookshelf by Southern Enterprises

This spine tower bookshelf has an innovative pyramid design. There are a total of 11 shelves, and the design is such that it’s broader at the bottom and it gradually tapers towards the top, a lot of shelf space on this unit. It has a sturdy base that holds the structure in place, and it’s made with solid sheet metal. Irrespective of where you choose to place this bookshelf, it won’t occupy much space.

No products found.


We wanted a bookshelf with a distinctive design edge to it, and our interior designer picked this piece for our home. The sleek design and the durable powder-coated silver finish add a playful color to the overall neutral shade of home decor. We took around 20 minutes to assemble this bookshelf, and it wasn’t very challenging.

It’s around 65 inches high, which is relatively higher than the other pieces of furniture, but the slim profile fits comfortably in the tightest of spaces. We were able to fit in about 50-60 books, but it again depends on the weight of each book. As per the instructions, each shelf takes a load of up to 9 lbs, so we need to use it carefully to avoid any damage. 

The shelves are arranged in a way that we always have the books looking organized. And it helps to eliminate the clutter that we usually face with the cabinet-style bookcase. 

This model doesn’t require any maintenance, we need to dust the shelves once in a while, and it’s good to go. By looking at the sturdy construction, we can say that it’s going to last us a lifetime. Overall, we love the design of this bookshelf, and we usually receive a lot of compliments for this statement piece.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Minimalist design
  • Made with solid sheet metal 
  • The edges of the shelves are not curved

12. Kathy Ireland Home Bookcase By Martin Huntington

If you’re looking for a sturdy, solid wood bookcase, you should check out this model by Martin Huntington. When you consider solid wood, you don’t have to worry about the wood bending when too much pressure is applied. This is a huge bookcase that measures about 72” x 36”, and it consists of six shelves.  

C6e13a8b b6c6 49e5 9402 3ae28dd787ae 800


When we were looking for solid wood bookcases, this model had some of the best reviews, and after going through them, we decided to order it. This unit was fully assembled; this helped to eliminate the hassle of figuring out the instruction manual. The high-quality details on this old-fashioned hardware not only give a luxurious appeal but also create a vintage finish. 

We had the option to select either wheat or burnish color, and we opted for the second one. The shade is neutral enough to match the other furniture in our home. In our opinion, the color, decorative accents, and construction of this bookshelf are such that it will match the formal as well as informal space. The best part, is there is a total of six shelves, so we don’t have to worry about storing our books any further. 

Moreover, only two of these shelves are fixed while the remaining four are adjustable. It gives us the freedom to organize books and other decorative items according to our needs. And we don’t face any challenges when we have to keep thick and heavy books on the shelf. 

Overall, the quality of the solid wood is pretty exceptional, and it comes with a 10-years manufacturer’s warranty which makes it a great deal. 

  • Classy, vintage finish
  • Made with premium quality solid wood
  • Comes with four adjustable shelves 
  • It’s an expensive bookcase

13. Montego 5-Shelf Bookcase

This classic 5-shelf bookcase features a simple, standard design. The sides of the shelves are designed in a way that helps to prevent them from falling, and it creates a chic, airy look. You have the option to select between three different styles, which helps to widen your search criteria. It has a solid wood construction and you also get to choose from espresso, black, and walnut finishes.

Casual Home Shelf Bookcase
  • Five (5) spacious shelves provide all the storage...
  • Contemporary x-design styling gives this piece a...


We wanted a quality bookshelf, and we were ready to stretch out the budget for it. This model was recommended by a few friends who have been using products by Montego. We didn’t have issues when we were trying to assemble this product. Moreover, we also received some screws and a wrench that made it simple to get started without having to purchase these tools separately.

The size of the bookshelf that we’ve got is about 63 inches in height, and we opted for the walnut finish. It complements the other furniture at home, and we believe it can also be painted to customize the design. We have a lot of expensive wooden furniture in the living room, and this fits right in. The shelves are made of real solid wood and not some fiberboard or plastic material. 

Even though the shelves are a little low, it’s spacious enough to store a good amount of books. We have also kept a few photo frames and potted plants on the shelf. It’s an open bookcase, and it comes with two metal supports at the back. We have placed it firmly against the wall, so we didn’t have to get any additional backing for it. For the price, we believe it’s a high-quality product.

  • Made with quality materials
  • Has an easy assembly
  • Comes with reliable construction 
  • Needs to be maintained well for better durability

Best bookshelves you can buy online

Best Bookshelves Online Buyer’s Guide

With the right bookcase that complements the overall decor of your home, you can showcase some artworks, plants, and picture frames, alongside your collection of books. 

But, before purchasing a bookcase, you need to consider a few essential factors that will help you assess your needs. Let’s move to the following section to help you make an informed decision.

1. Size

You should measure your space correctly to ensure that you’re ordering a bookshelf that will fit in perfectly. This will also help you narrow down the options that suit your needs. It’s often said that bookshelves come in a range of different sizes than most furniture. 

Therefore if you’re opting for a bookcase with fixed shelving, you should check the headroom as well as the shelf space.

2. Adjustable shelves

With adjustable shelves, you are assured that even your large-sized books will fit in comfortably. It gives you the freedom to adjust the size of the shelves according to your needs without having to worry about the storage of your books and other accessories.

3. Materials

When you consider the material of the bookcase, it will help you determine the durability and convenience of portability.

For instance, bookcases that are made with metal and hardwood will last you for a lifetime. But, when it comes to moving it around, it will be challenging to shift it from one room to another without asking for help.

And in the case of plywood and wood veneer, are some of the common bookcase materials. It makes for an ideal choice, especially for decorative purposes but you can’t rely on its durability.

4. Finish & Style 

A bookcase that looks good in homes with traditional decor might not necessarily complement a modern-styled home. You should check a range of different finishes before finalizing one model. When you look around, you’ll be surprised by the variety of bookcase styles. For instance, you might find vintage pieces that blend in perfectly with every type of home decor.

5. Open back bookcases

An open-back bookcase works brilliantly in creating an illusion of a larger space, and when placed correctly, you can access your book from all sides. Plus, you can keep this shelf almost anywhere because of its versatile design with no hard and fast rule of being placed in a corner, or against the wall.

6. Types of bookcases

  • Decorative bookcase- When you want a functional yet aesthetically appealing bookcase, you’ll find many available options. They provide a dose of glam and it effortlessly reflects your style statement.
  • Barrister bookcase- If you generally appreciate vintage, traditional styles you’ll love the professional feel of a barrister bookcase. It’s designed to look like stacked cabinets that come with solid doors or flip-up glass screens. 
  • Ladder & Leaning bookcases- These models are known for their space-saving design and casual style that revamps the decor of your home or office. The shelves are narrow towards the top, and it gets broader near the bottom, which gives it a unique design. Moreover, it allows you to be more creative in designing your home.
  • Standard bookcases- Most of the bookshelves that you can see around are the classic, freestanding ones that are either vertical or horizontal. Some of them might look like a cube where you can use the top shelf to keep your tv or decorative items. It’s designed to stand against the wall, and the shelves are suitable for regular size books. 


As books are known for having immense power to open the world to us, it’s essential to keep them properly. Every book hoarder will understand the importance of each book that they have bought or received as a gift.

And a bookshelf makes it simple to store the books and a few display items as we continue to purchase new ones now and then, a bookshelf with adjustable shelves also allows you to dynamically change your interior as your needs evolve. No one should sacrifice their love for reading; it’s a beautiful habit that lets you explore the world in the shelter of your home.

In this guide, we have tried to cover the best bookshelves that will be suitable for different-sized homes. We hope it has helped you find a beautiful bookcase for storing those bundles of precious stories.

Until next time!

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