13 Best Bookshelves You Can Buy Online

The Furrino Luder Bookshelf is our top pick because of its compact design, 5 shelves, and the ability to be mounted horizontally and vertically. But if you’re after a bookshelf with a timeless design and excellent storage space, choose the Rolanstar Bookshelf.

Bookcases are a tasteful solution for a bibliophile to display and store their book collections, photo frames, candles, small plants, and whatnot. 

To bring home a bookshelf, you need not spend a lot of money, as you can get a stylish bookcase at an affordable price. However, finding one is easier said than done. 

We have decided to put together this guide, wherein you’ll come across the 13 best aesthetically pleasing and functional bookshelves.

Best Bookshelves You Can Buy Online

1. Furrino Luder Bookshelf – Best Space-Saving Design

Stylish yet functional, the Furrino Luder Bookcase fits rooms of all sizes. Thanks to the small and compact design, this 5-shelf bookcase doesn’t occupy much floor space. 

Despite its space-saving design, this bookshelf offers ample storage space, so it can easily hold a large collection of books. What’s more, it can be installed both horizontally as a low-base display rack and vertically as a high storage shelf, unlike traditional bookshelves. 

Besides, this heavy-duty bookshelf is made in Malaysia using a CARB particle board. So, rest assured, it scores high on durability, and you can store heavy books without worries. 

While assembly is not that hard, you may face issues if you aren’t a DIY pro. That’s because the assembly directions aren’t clear, so many would break into a sweat trying to figure out how to put the particle board together.  

We also liked that the base of this standard bookshelf is stable, as it doesn’t wobble like other bookshelves. Cleaning is also easy; all you need to do is use a damp cloth to wipe the bookcase properly, and that’s it.

Note that this modern design bookshelf has a dimension of 9.41 “D x 15.79” W x 52 “H, which is ideal for a variety of spaces.  

Item Weight: 22 pounds | Number of Shelves: 5 | Special Feature: Heavy Duty | Reversible Shelves: Yes

2. Rolanstar Bookshelf With Drawer – Best Vintage Design

In search of a bookshelf that is vintage in appearance yet sleek in design? The Rolanster Bookshelf with Drawer with its unique vertical “W” shaped design will be an excellent pick. 

Weighing around 26.7 pounds, this bookshelf fits most spaces because of its compact design. This rustic tree-shaped bookshelf standing tall at 55.1 inches, has a vintage appearance, thanks to the laminated finish.  

Despite its timeless design, it doesn’t compromise on functionality. This compact solid wood mimicking bookcase has 9 shelves, each of which can hold up to 10 books. And if the 9 shelves aren’t enough, a drawer is added towards the bottom to store the remaining magazines, books, or treasures you want. 

At first glance, it appeared fragile, but this bookshelf is as durable as other solid wood bookcases. The brand has used raw materials that meet the EPA TSCA Title VI and Carb Certification. Rest assured, it’s built in compliance with formaldehyde emission standards.

However, the drawer isn’t made of particle board or other solid items. Rather, it’s made of non-woven material, which is why its load-bearing capacity is excellent. 

Assembly isn’t much of a challenge because of the detailed instructions, numbered parts, and an L-shaped Allen wrench. However, just go through the instructions properly before putting the bookshelf together to avoid getting stuck midway. 

Item Weight: 26.7 pounds | Number of Shelves: 9 | Special Feature: Space Saving | Reversible Shelves: No

3. VASAGLE Bookcase

The VASAGLE Bookcase may be a bit pricey, but it’s one-of-a-kind. Featuring 5 shelves, this bookshelf offers plenty of storage space, allowing users to store as many books, ornaments, or toys as they want. 

Despite standing 62.6” tall, this bookcase doesn’t wobble; instead, it has excellent stability because it comes with mounting hardware, i.e., 2 anchoring devices, which can be secured to the wall. 

What’s more, the high-quality chipboard panels, because of their sturdiness, can support as much as 33 lbs, which is excellent. 

As far as assembly is concerned, we didn’t face any trouble while installing this bookshelf. But that’s mainly because the package includes everything one would need to install this unit- a detailed instruction manual and a bag of fittings. So, it’s safe to say that installation is a breeze. 

The design of this rustic-style bookshelf has made it a popular pick among homeowners and interior designers. Finished in hardwood, the edges of this bookshelf are smoothly sealed, which adds to its aesthetics. 

Also, the side panels added to this bookshelf are a thoughtful touch, which doubles as dividers or book stands. This provides a stage for displaying your family photos, a potted string of pearls, and your favorite books, which makes it highly versatile. 

Item Weight: 40.3 pounds | Number of Shelves: 5 | Special Feature: Heavy Duty | Reversible Shelves: No

4. Nathan James Theo 6-Shelf Tall Bookcase – Minimalist Design & Adjustable Shelves

Unlike Walmart and Ikea, Amazon (company) has no shortage of options when it comes to versatile shelving solutions in the United States, and this Theo 6-Shelf Tall Bookcase is among them. 

This modern wall-mount bookcase sports a metal frame finished in white, which is complemented by rustic light oak shelves. This white-rustic oak color combination blends well with all kinds of interiors, thanks to the industrial-style finish.  

Where most bookcases come with 5 shelf spaces, this ladder bookcase offers substantial storage with 6 shelves. And because these open shelves are 30” wide, it allows users to store anything they want, be it your book collection, collectibles, or decor items. 

What’s more? This Theo bookcase has adjustable shelves, which makes it stand out from the competition. 

Unlike other ladder bookcases, this bookshelf comes with floor protectors to ensure the floor remains unharmed due to the metal frame. Thanks to the modular design of this bookcase, it doesn’t occupy much space. 

Assembling the bookcase is slightly a chore due to its heavy weight. Speaking from experience, assembly takes around 40 minutes if you connect the right parts from the get-go. 

Even better is that this 6-shelf bookcase is sturdily built, but despite that, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty. It’s also backed with a 100-day guarantee, so you can return it if you don’t like it. 

Item Weight: 60 pounds | Number of Shelves: 6 | Special Feature: Adjustable shelves  | Reversible Shelves: No

5. Hodedah 4-Shelf Bookcase – Best No-Frills Engineered Wood Bookshelf 

The Hodedah 4-Shelf Bookcase is a no-frills option to keep your room organized and clutter-free. 

In terms of design, this standard bookcase is simple: it stands around 47” tall and has 4 shelves. From book collections to decor items, this bookcase can accommodate a variety of things, so it’s ideal for most homes. In case of extra storage space, ordering multiple bookcases will be the best bet. 

Unlike other bookcases, it isn’t wall mountable, which means it can be placed horizontally and vertically. However, we suggest placing it horizontally against the coffee table, as it doesn’t come with anti-tip accessories so that it doesn’t tip over. 

Speaking of build, this multi-purpose bookshelf is made of engineered wood and finished in mahogany. Rest assured, it’s built to withstand the test of time, so it will last for years. 

And as it is around 16” in width, it doesn’t occupy much floor space. This slim profile makes it a versatile option, as it can be used anywhere, including the kid’s room, entryway, bedroom, and office. 

Beech, black, cherry, rainbow, and white- this bookcase is available in 5 colors that match more or less all types of interiors. Besides, it’s sold in 2 more sizes- 3-shelf and 4-shelf, allowing users to choose whichever option they need. 

Item Weight: 28 pounds | Number of Shelves: 5 | Special Feature: Durable | Reversible Shelves: No

6. Tribesigns Bookshelf

Tribesigns Bookshelf is an easy way to add an impressive bookshelf setup to the existing decor of your home. 

Starting with its glamorous aesthetics, this bookcase boasts a unique white-gold color combination. The powder-coated metal frame is complemented by white color shelves that add charm to whichever space you place it in. Like most bookshelves, it has an open shelving system with 5 shelves offering plenty of storage space. 

The shelving unit of this bookshelf is clean-lined, which means it’s ideal for storing an array of items. Besides books, a vase, potted plants, family photos, and other home essentials can be stored on these angled shelves. 

When it comes to reliability and stability, this bookshelf doesn’t disappoint. The metal-wood combination lends excellent durability to the bookshelf, which is why storing heavy items or hardcover with paperback books isn’t a problem. 

On top of that, the height between each compartment is 14.2”, which means it can accommodate long books, too.  

Interestingly, this bookshelf comes with adjustable desk feet for easy height adjustment on uneven ground surfaces. This also protects the floor from scratch, so your flooring won’t get damaged. 

Not to forget, unlike other bookshelves, the engineered wood is resistant to dust and water. That means you won’t have to worry about water spillage from potted plants. 

Owing to its heavy weight, we wouldn’t recommend DIY installation, as even the slightest mistake will damage the unit. 

Item Weight: 58.9 pounds | Number of Shelves: 5 | Special Feature: Heavy Duty, Durable, Adjustable, Waterproof | Reversible Shelves: No

7. BON AUGURE Industrial Bookshelf – Best With High-Quality MDF Design

If you’ve been searching for an industrial-style multi-purpose bookshelf, this one from BON AUGURE will fit the bill. 

Constructed of a heavy-duty metal frame, this bookshelf features 5 shelves of high-quality MDF with a wood grain finish. As high-quality MDF is quite dense, these shelves are sturdy enough to hold an array of items. 

What’s more, each shelf has a metal tube underneath it to reinforce weight capacity. As such, each shelf can hold up to 130 lbs, which is decent enough. Towards the bottom are 4 adjustable levelers that can be rotated to adjust the height of the feet and stability to prevent the structure from wobbling. 

Further, the stability is enhanced by an anti-tip kit with which the metal frame can be locked to the wall, minimizing the possibility of unwanted tipping. The open storage shelving system also deserves mention, as it provides an excellent platform for displaying accent items. 

As it comes with a detailed instruction manual and all the hardware, assembling this bookshelf won’t be challenging. 

Needless to say, its industrial design makes it a perfect item for almost any space. Be it the dining room, office, kitchen, living room, or bedroom, the clean design of this etagere bookcase makes it ideal for all kinds of space. 

BON AUGURE sells this bookcase in gray oak and rustic oak options, which blend well with all types of interiors. 

Item Weight: 38.7 pounds | Number of Shelves: 5 | Special Feature: Adjustable feet | Reversible Shelves: No

8. Furologee Bookshelf

The Furologee Bookshelf will be the best bet for a small space because of its sleek and compact design. 

Despite its sleek design, this bookcase offers plenty of storage space. From photo frames to books, its 5-tiered shelves can be used to store lots of items. Besides decor items, necessities can be stored on this bookshelf, as beneath the bottom shelf are 2 storage drawers.

What sets it apart from the rest of the bookshelves is its adjustable middle shelf. When storing large products, the shelf can be removed to expand the height. 

Even the 2 storage drawers made of fabric are removable for extra storage for storing items like toy cars. 

Coming to the sturdy construction, this bookshelf is crafted of a metal frame known for its strength and durability. And the five shelves are made of durable particleboard, which is why they can hold up to 55 lbs. On top of that, each shelf is equipped with a backboard for extra stability. 

Equally noteworthy is the fact that this bookshelf comes with anti-tip kits that keep the shelf safe from tipping. This way, those sitting or relaxing around the bookshelf will be safe from injury. 

As you’d expect from a brand supplying quality furniture, this bookshelf has 4 adjustable feet that minimize wobbling. So, it can be placed near cabinetry, glass coffee tables, and other delicate furniture. 

Item Weight: 32.4 pounds | Number of Shelves: 5 | Special Feature: Adjustable, Scratch Resistant, Waterproof, Durable, Drawer, Heavy Duty | Reversible Shelves: No

9. AmazonBasics Modern Ladder Bookshelf – Best Ladder Bookshelf Design

If you’re after something that will serve as the focal point of your room, the AmazonBasics Modern Ladder Bookshelf will fit the bill. 

Ideal for an office setting, this ladder bookcase boasts a unique design with shelves descending like the ladder. While the top 3 shelves are narrow, those towards the bottom are wide. In fact, the last shelf is as wide as 14.” As such, this 5-tiered standing bookshelf is ideal for storing keepsakes, books, picture frames, and other decor items. 

Although it resembles a ladder, it has a straight back with an angled front. Hence, it can be installed against the wall. Also, this ladder design doesn’t occupy much floor space, which is one of its USPs. This space-saving design has made it popular among office owners and a few homeowners. 

Where other bookshelves feature a metal frame, this ladder bookshelf has a solid rubberwood frame. While it scores high on durability, its weight-bearing capacity is less. Each shelf can hold up to 25 pounds, which is less. 

Assembling this bookshelf is a relatively easy task, thanks to the hardware provided and the detailed instruction in the manual. 

Even in terms of cleaning, it differs from other bookshelves. Unlike other bookshelves that need to be cleaned with a damp cloth, this bookshelf can be hand washed. 

Item Weight: 30.8 pounds | Number of Shelves: 5 | Special Feature: Adjustable | Reversible Shelves: No

10. Angotrade Jaketen Bookshelf

Next up, we’ve got a multi-purpose cabinet, the Angotrade Jaketen Bookshelf, which offers plenty of storage space. 

With 9 compartments, this bookshelf is perfect for displaying books, accents, photo frames, espresso machines, and all other things that fit your personal space. Each storage cube measures 15” L x 12” H x 11” W, which is why their storage capacity is large and can accommodate as much as 10 lbs per cube. 

To improve the carrying capacity of each cube, this bookshelf is equipped with 4 metal tubes for loading and reinforcement. 

Besides the large storage capacity, the frame of this bookshelf is well-built. The brand has used high-quality PP panels and durable ABS connectors to construct this bookshelf. Not only does this offer excellent stability, but it also is eco-friendly and odorless. So, after unpacking, this product won’t emit as much smell as others. 

Further enhancing the stability of this bookshelf is the steel frame. Rest assured, it won’t tip over or wobble, unlike other bookshelves.

Interestingly, the construction uses waterproof fabric to protect books against moisture. Even if something spills on the fabric, cleaning is easy-peasy. Simply wipe the fabric with a damp cloth or wash it with running water. 

What’s more, installing this bookshelf doesn’t require much time because glue or screws aren’t needed. Instead, interlocking connectors is all one needs to do to assemble this bookshelf. 

Item Weight: 5.21 pounds | Number of Shelves: 9 | Special Feature: None | Reversible Shelves: No

11. GHQME Folding Bookshelf

What made us include the GHQME Folding Bookshelf on our list is its no-assembly feature, which makes it ready to use right after the box. As it comes fully assembled, you don’t have to connect one part with another. All you have to do is unfold the bookshelf to install it. Its foldable design also makes it easy to store, as it can always be folded when not in use. 

Furthermore, this industrial-style bookshelf blends retro with simplicity. Hence, it has the power to elevate whichever space you place it in. From the balcony to the bedroom and kitchen to the living room, it will blend seamlessly with all kinds of decor. That’s because of its classic white-brown color combination. 

Coming to the most important aspect, this foldable design bookshelf features 4 shelves. Because they are made of wood, their durability is top-notch. Further enhancing the durability is the metal frame that makes sure this bookshelf lasts for the coming years. 

Behind each shelf is equipped with a 0.79” wide metal crossbar to consolidate the structural stability. Besides books, items like plants, decorative ornaments, and family photos can be displayed on this bookshelf. Also, the spacing between each shelf is 12.68”, which is decent enough to store an array of items. 

What’s more, this bookshelf can be placed on uneven surfaces, thanks to the adjustable foot pads with which the height can be adjusted. 

Item Weight: 30.4 pounds | Number of Shelves: 4 | Special Feature: Adjustable | Reversible Shelves: No

12. Sauder Barrister Lane Bookshelf – Best Bookshelf With ID Label Tags

Looking for something that doubles both as a bookshelf and a display for electronics or decor? Your search ends here, as the Sauder Barrister Lane Bookshelf is just what you’ve been searching for. 

Where others feature industrial-style design, this bookshelf comes in a cottage-style design. 

Engineered from wood, this bookshelf is finished in salt oak, which makes it one-of-a-kind. As it’s 10 shelves, understandably, this cubbyhole storage can accommodate more items than a standard bookcase. Be it framed collectibles or photo frames, this bookshelf is perfect for an array of items. 

It even accommodates ID label tags for easy organization, which other bookshelves don’t. This way, all your treasures will be organized, and you won’t face trouble finding whatever you’ve been looking for. Above the storage space of this stylish design bookshelf is a gallery display where electronics and decors can be displayed; hence, it’s a versatile option. 

One downside of this bookshelf is that it weighs 90 pounds, which means it’s quite heavy. Thus, it means that moving this bookshelf from one place to another would be a problem. 

Even better, this elegant-looking bookshelf is easy to install, although it takes a while to assemble due to the number of compartments. Not only does this bookshelf look sturdy, but it is robust. 

Item Weight: 90 pounds | Number of Shelves: 10 | Special Feature: None | Reversible Shelves: No

13. YITAHOME Bookshelf – Best Wrought Iron Bookshelf With Modern Yet Minimalist Design

Last up on our list is a modern-style bookshelf from YITAHOME that is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, study rooms, and offices. What makes it a perfect fit for a variety of rooms is its streamlined, minimalist, yet modern design with clean lines. 

Wrought iron is used to construct the frame of this bookshelf, which is finished in matte black. 

Complementing the matte black finish metal frame are 5 sturdy board shelves. Their durability is unmatchable as they are made of thickened boards. Also, they are scratch-proof. 

And thanks to the open shelving system, each shelf offers ample storage space, which can be used for displaying numerous things other than books. Furthermore, X-shaped rods equipped in the back and metal sidebars make this bookshelf stable. 

As the brand ships illustrated instructions, tools, and all the necessary accessories, installation is easy. This means the bookshelf will be assembled quickly and effortlessly. Anti-tip kit is also included in the package for better stability. 

While it does offer excellent storage shelf space, it takes minimal space due to its compact design. Besides a functional bookshelf, it serves as an excellent display shelf and plant shelf, so it’s versatile. Like others, it comes with adjustable feet. 

Other than 2 sizes, it is available in 6 color options, so users are spoilt for choices when it comes to this bookshelf. 

Item Weight: 28 pounds | Number of Shelves: 5 | Special Feature: 5 Tiers Shelf | Reversible Shelves: No

Top Bookshelves Comparison Table

Product Item Weight Number of Shelves Special Feature Reversible Shelves
Furrino Luder Bookshelf 22 lbs. 5 Heavy Duty Yes
Rolanstar Bookshelf with Drawer 26.7 lbs. 9 Space Saving No
VASAGLE Bookcase 40.3 lbs. 5 Heavy Duty No
Nathan James Theo 6-Shelf Tall Bookcase 60 lbs. 6 Adjustable shelves No
Hodedah 4-Shelf Bookcase 28 lbs. 5 Durable No
Tribesigns Bookshelf 58.9 lbs. 5 Heavy Duty, Durable, Adjustable, Waterproof No
BON AUGURE Industrial Bookshelf 38.7 lbs. 5 Adjustable feet No
Furologee Bookshelf 32.4 lbs. 5 Adjustable, Scratch Resistant, Waterproof, Durable, Drawer, Heavy Duty No
AmazonBasics Modern Ladder Bookshelf 30.8 lbs. 5 Adjustable No
Angotrade Jaketen Bookshelf 5.21 lbs. 9 None No
GHQME Folding Bookshelf 30.4 lbs. 4 Adjustable No
Sauder Barrister Lane Bookshelf 90 lbs. 10 None No
YITAHOME Bookshelf 28 lbs. 5 5 Tiers Shelf No

Best Bookshelves Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a bookshelf is easier said than done, despite knowing the 13 best options. So, to ease the task, we decided to share a few important factors that one must consider when choosing a bookshelf. They are as follows:

1. Material

Bookshelves have to support a lot of weight, so it’s important to go for a model that is made of durable materials. While solid wood is the best, it is usually out of budget for many because of its expensive price tag. That’s why most prefer bookshelves made of metal frames because they are sturdy and do not cost much. Even those made of manufactured wood are good, but their weight-bearing capacity is less. 

2. Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is an important consideration if you own large piles of books. Typically, one shelf of a standard bookcase weighs about 20 pounds, which isn’t feasible for heavyweight books. In case you intend to display a full shelf of books, the bookshelf you go for must be able to support up to 50 lbs.

3. Size

Bookshelves are available in an array of sizes. Of course, not every model would be a perfect fit for your apartment. Therefore, always check the height and width of the bookshelf before finalizing one. 

Always take into account the ceiling and the space of the room where you’ll be installing the bookshelf to see if you need a space-saving design. Also, check if the shelves are adjustable or not so that you can understand whether they will be able to accommodate tall books. 

What else can be displayed on the bookshelf other than books?

Bookshelves are highly versatile units on which can be placed a plethora of items. Among them are picture frames, pottery, art pieces, vases, and potted plants. When arranging, make sure to place the largest items first and then the rest of the items. 

How tall should your bookshelf be?

Your bookcase shouldn’t be more than 6 feet or 72”; otherwise, reaching the top will be difficult for an average individual. 


Overall, the Furinno Luder Bookshelf takes the crown because of its simple and stylish design. Finished in black, this bookshelf complements a variety of décor. 

The Rolanstar Bookshelf is a close second because of the large storage space it offers. Thanks to the 9 shelves, this bookshelf is ideal for storing heavy books alongside accent pieces. But despite being a 9-tiered bookshelf, it is compact and fits rooms of all sizes. 

So, of the 13 options, which bookshelf did you pick for your space? If you’re still unsure, take a look at the buyer’s guide, and we are sure you’ll choose the right one. 

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