9 Best Folding Ladders of 2023 [Review & Buyer’s Guide]

Have you been on the lookout for a great folding ladder? 

Yes, there are numerous options on the market, but seldom do you get the right one. Finding a sturdy and stable folding step ladder that can take enough weight may seem like a tedious chore.

Don’t panic! We are here with some great recommendations for the best folding ladders. It might be a tough choice out there, but we have shortlisted the top nine contestants after meticulous research.

Rather than just looking at the exterior, we have gone in-depth about each folding step ladder and found out the best in them. This included finding out about the materials, cost, hinges, and even the foot tips of these ladders! Moreover, look out for the buyer’s guide to get some essential information about buying folding ladders. 

Now, let’s begin our journey of the best folding ladders to get in 2023! 

Best Folding Ladders

Here’s the list of the 9 best folding ladders that will help you reach new heights safely and efficiently.

1. HBTower 3 Step Ladder – Best for Home Safety

Are you trying to find a step ladder to use around the house? Here’s one that is known for its ability to stay steady even after reaching the maximum capacity. Moreover, the added safety through anti-slip pedals and non-slip rubber feet gives you a boost of assurance while using it.

Among all the folding ladders that we checked out, this had to be one of the best-rated products out there. Former customers have raved about its wide platform as it allows a person to stand without needing to scrunch their feet. 

Moreover, the strong and enhanced build quality of this ladder can easily take a load of up to 500 lbs without becoming wobbly. As a result, you can be sure of not toppling down. 

Extra sturdiness is provided to this ladder with the help of its rubber horseshoe non-slip feet. Have you installed brand-new wooden floors? Don’t worry, as these rubber shoes also help in keeping the surface scratch-free and tidy. 

After finishing your work, folding this ladder is easy and smooth. When folded, it measures just 1.6 inches in width, and sliding it into a corner is as easy as it can get! 

Even though this is one of the best step ladders that we have come across, there is only one shortcoming. After taking the product out of its packaging, you may need to adjust its rubber feet to remove any pre-existing wobbliness. 

Type: Step Ladder | Material: Steel | Dimensions: 20.1″W x 44.5″ | Item Weight: 11.50 lbs | Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

2. Little Giant 15413-001 Multi-position 13ft Ladder – Best Multipurpose Ladder

When it comes to this folding step ladder, this sturdy product is meant for both indoor and outdoor usage. Hence, it is great for those who are planning to get a lot out of buying a single product. The open aluminum look gives it a heavy appearance, but this ladder is surprisingly lightweight! 

The most striking thing about this folding ladder has to be its aesthetic metallic look. Moreover, even after the metal construction, the ladder is lightweight enough to carry around. 

When it comes to ladders, seldom do we think about configuring them into different poses. However, this product proves that wrong and lets you bend it according to your pleasure. It can easily be used on a staircase or even as a true two-person ladder. It can actually get into sixteen different poses, thus making it useful for various jobs. 

Another unique aspect of this ladder is its flared legs. This inventive design helps to make this product stable even at its maximum load capacity. Also, a bit of extra safety is added through the dual-pin hinge to keep you free from wild wobbly thoughts. 

By all means, this is an exceptional ladder, especially when it comes to professional use. However, one of the drawbacks that past users have noted is its sharp edges. You need to be a little more aware while closing it to save your fingers from getting scratched. 

Type: Multi-position Ladder | Material: Aluminum | Dimensions: 43″W x 9″H | Item Weight: 25.00 lbs | Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

3. COSCO 11308PBL1E Two Step Folding Stool – Best Compact Ladder

Compared to the previous two products, this step stool may look a little less dramatic. However, when you need to reach a bulb or the top kitchen shelf, nothing seems better than this product. The seven-foot reach of this ladder makes it a great tool to have for every household.

Most of us have gone through moments of struggle while needing to reach something kept at a height. This COSCO step ladder has gained exceptional feedback from customers due to its user-friendly design. It is a cute little product that needs minimal space, but can still take a lot of weight. 

Keep it stored in your kitchen or garage, but we are sure that this ladder will come in handy quite frequently. Don’t be afraid to get up on it, as its extra-wide resin platforms make it a comfortable surface. Also, extra sturdiness is added by its slip-resistant feet and rear leg support. 

Moreover, the leg tips ensure that your carpet or flooring remains scratch-free. Besides, you will be happy to know that this step ladder is available in six cute color combinations. So, have fun with this product, as it will make reaching cabinets, closets, or even dirty fans a complete breeze! 

At its price point, this step ladder excels in all its claims. However, you need to check its weight capacity before ordering it. Even though it has a very solid plastic build, we wouldn’t recommend it for people who weigh over 250 lbs. 

Type: Step Stool | Material: Steel | Dimensions: 22.84″D x 17.72″W x 34.65″H | Item Weight: 8.36 lbs | Weight Capacity: 200 lbs

4. Little Giant Ladders 15270-001 6-Foot Stepladder

Our next pick is an excellent ladder that is perfect for outdoor chores. Working with a lightweight ladder like this will surely make your tasks much easier, as the portable design helps you to carry it without breaking into a sweat.

Are you tired of dealing with ladders that are inconvenient to use? This folding ladder has the reputation of being an easy-to-use product, even for heavy-duty jobs. We particularly like how the easy-release handle lets you position it in only a few seconds. 

Moving on, the extra-wide steps of this ladder save you from getting excessive foot fatigue. Even the balance remains steady as the platforms have enough room for both feet. Moreover, the grooves placed on the steps protect against accidental slips. 

Don’t worry about putting too much weight on it, as it can manage to carry up to 300 lbs. Additionally, the aluminum body, along with the covered feet, makes it wobble-free and comfortable.

It also has a spacious tool tray at the top. Hence, you can place anything that you need and reach for it without needing to bend in weird positions. 

Overall, this folding ladder is excellent for those who are looking for a comfortable and robust product. However, previous customers have complained about improper packaging and the presence of dirt. Other than that, this seems to be a great folding ladder without many complaints. 

Type: Step Ladder | Material: Aluminum | Dimensions: 74.75″W x 5.25″H | Item Weight: 17.00 lbs | Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

5. Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Ladder

Here is a folding three-step ladder that is perfect for home use. Have you been searching for a ladder that can help you reach the upper cabinets without much stretching? If yes, then this ladder solves your problem by lifting you to the ideal height.

When it comes to using a ladder at home, it might not need to reach a great height. This product is a perfect cross between a ladder and a footstool. Moreover, it provides the ideal elevation to reach a top cupboard or shelf. 

One of the impressive features added to this ladder is the soft-grip handle. Along with keeping you stable during climbing, it is beneficial for the elderly. Also, the wide platforms help to keep your foot at ease while climbing or standing on it. 

As this ladder has a strong steel frame, its feet have rubberized soles. This helps the ladder to remain stable to protect you and also keep the floor clean and without scratches. 

Another mentionable aspect is the slim design, which takes up minimal storage space. Also, folding this latter is as effortless as it can get. 

At its price, this is one of the most affordable folding ladders that you can get. However, the only drawback we came across was its weight-bearing capacity of 200 lbs. This is an underwhelming aspect of such a great product. Hence, you should note its capability before placing an order. 

Type: Step Ladder | Material: Steel | Dimensions: 21″D x 3″W x 44.75″H | Item Weight: 13.25 lbs | Weight Capacity: 200 lbs

6. Delxo Folding 4 Step Ladder

Irrespective of your needs, the Delxo folding ladder is there to help you out with all your tasks. Its thick and wide steps ensure stability while you are climbing or standing. Additionally, the cross brace levers present at the back ensure extra safety.

Opening up a ladder can often be a challenging task, especially for elderly folks. However, the ingenious lock-free design of this product makes it super convenient. This also makes folding and storing it hassle-free. 

Moreover, it has a slender body of 4.5 inches which lets it easily slide into small gaps, making it useful for shops and apartments with limited space.

When it comes to safety, this ladder excels because of its sturdy metal body and wide steps. As a good measure, cross base levers at its back provide added stability. Moreover, have no fear while climbing as the hand grip provides support even on the top step. 

Moving on, the grooves present on the pedals make it slip-resistant. Also, the rubber feet protect the floor and carpet from spoiling. 

The only thing that we felt was off about this ladder was its weight. Compared to other similar products, it is heavy ‎at 17.5 lbs. However, this extra weight does increase its load-bearing capacity. So, if you are happy with that quality, its weight wouldn’t be bothersome. 

Type: Step Ladder | Material: Steel | Dimensions: 16″W x 49″H | Item Weight: 18.50 lbs | Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

7. EdMaxwell 4 Step Ladder

Are you struggling to find ladders with the correct bearing capacity? Our next pick is a stable and sturdy ladder that comes with a remarkable weight-bearing capacity. Moreover, its heavy-duty frame doesn’t even budge while climbing or standing on it.

You will surely find this ladder to be slightly different from the other products. One of its striking features is the rubberized side handrails. Because of their high weight-bearing capacity, these handrails help you to ascend or descend with ease. 

Moreover, the sturdy steel frame of this ladder has metal crossbars on both sides to add safety. Even the pedals are extra wide to comfortably accommodate your whole foot. 

The unique design and sleek frame of this product enable you to store it in a corner, against the wall, or even under your bed. Additionally, you can place it under a car seat for easy transportation. 

Another impressive feature of it is the tool pouch. This has enough space to accommodate several tools along with a bottle of your favorite beverage. Additionally, you can also detach this pouch when there is no need for it. 

At 27.6 lbs, this ladder is much heavier than the other products we have on this list. Nevertheless, the extra weight enables it to have an increased weight-bearing capability. However, we do think that it can still be carried by one person. 

Type: Step Ladder | Material: Steel | Dimensions: 10.25″W x 39″H | Item Weight: 27.60 lbs | Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

8. Louisville FS1506 6′ Fiberglass Step Ladder

Our next product is this Louisville ladder that’s great for heavy-duty use. The stability provided by it is perfect to work outside, even on rough surfaces. Moreover, the high reach of this product will awe professionals who use ladders regularly.

When it comes to getting a professional ladder, safety and stability become the top priorities. The non-conductive fiberglass used in this product provides it with adequate strength. Moreover, the riveted steps keep you safe while climbing and standing. 

But, that’s not all. This ladder also comes with the Shox system, an exclusive durability feature from the makers. These shock absorbers placed under the bottom steps help to minimize jerks and imbalances.

Moreover, the balance remains steady with the custom raptor boots, which leave no scratches on the floor. Additionally, the spreader braces on the side ensure effortless folding and transportation. 

At the top of it, you will find the molded-in slots to keep your tools. It can even hold a paint bucket! The thoughtful inclusion of this ensures access to the necessary tools without a need to get down. 

While researching this ladder, we didn’t come across any problems except for some packaging issues. However, the company does respond to those queries and helps out the customers in need. Other than that, you are going to get a ladder that will be useful for many years.

Type: Step Ladder | Material: Fiberglass | Dimensions: 7″W x 73.2″H | Item Weight: 20.00 lbs | Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

9. Best Choice Products 3 Step Steel Ladder

Up next, we have a three-step ladder that’s perfect for your home. Its simple design lets you use it without having to follow special instructions. Moreover, this is a great first-time ladder for someone who has no experience of using one.

To begin with, the ladder has a simple design. Its clean metal frame with grooved pedals creates the perfect combination. Moreover, the crossbar design on its sides acts as an added safety measure for an even balance and distribution of weight. 

The legs of this ladder have rubber caps to help it to remain steady while you are working. Don’t worry about your floors, as these caps also keep the floor clean and scratch-free. 

A unique aspect of it is the versatility of use. It’s great for all kinds of home projects, everything from reaching top shelves to painting walls. Additionally, this product also works for light outdoor tasks.

To top it off, the sleek body lets you forget about it after pushing it into a corner or under a bed. Hence, storing it will never be a problem, even when there is a space crunch.  

Overall, this is a great, user-friendly ladder. However, the only tiny problem that we found was that of a caution sticker applied to the top pedal. Please note that it may take you some tries to get rid of the sticker. 

Type: Step Ladder | Material: Steel | Dimensions: 27.2″W x 41″H | Item Weight: 13.82 lbs | Weight Capacity: 330 lbs

Best Folding Ladder Comparison Table

Product Type Material Dimensions Item Weight Weight Capacity Maximum Height
HBTower 3 Step Ladder Step Ladder Steel 20.1″W x 44.5″ 11.50 lbs 500 lbs 103 cm
Little Giant 15413-001 Multi-position 13ft Ladder Multi-position Ladder Aluminum 43″W x 9″H 25.00 lbs 300 lbs 396 cm
COSCO 11308PBL1E Two Step Folding Stool Step Stool Steel 22.84″D x 17.72″W x 34.65″H 8.36 lbs 200 lbs 52 cm
Little Giant Ladders 15270-001 6-Foot Stepladder Step Ladder Aluminum 74.75″W x 5.25″H 17.00 lbs 300 lbs 182 cm
Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Ladder Step Ladder Steel 21″D x 3″W x 44.75″H 13.25 lbs 200 lbs 69 cm
Delxo Folding 4 Step Ladder Step Ladder Steel 16″W x 49″H 18.50 lbs 350 lbs 132 cm
EdMaxwell 4 Step Ladder Step Ladder Steel 10.25″W x 39″H 27.60 lbs 500 lbs 96 cm
Louisville FS1506 6′ Fiberglass Step Ladder Step Ladder Fiberglass 7″W x 73.2″H 20.00 lbs 300 lbs 182 cm
Best Choice Products 3 Step Steel Ladder Step Ladder Steel 27.2″W x 41″H 13.82 lbs 330 lbs 104 cm

Buying Guide for the Best Folding Ladder

By now, you must have figured out that ladders can have various features. So, while looking for the best folding ladder, it’s crucial to look out for a product that suits you. A simple way to figure it out is by analyzing your needs. However, to help you out, we have jotted down some essential points. Read on to get a clear idea about them. 

Number Of Steps Or Height

The foremost thing to consider about a folding ladder is the number of steps present on it. This also dictates its height; hence be careful about choosing the exact number of steps. Moreover, the choice will depend on the height that you want to reach. 

For instance, a footstool or a two-step ladder is helpful for getting to a hard-to-reach shelf. In comparison, a three or four-step ladder offers a more versatile opportunity, such as to clean a ceiling fan. 

Weight Or Load-bearing Capacity

An essential and basic characteristic of a ladder is its weight-bearing capacity. Manufacturers clearly mention the maximum load capacity for your safety. Before getting the ladder, ensure that your weight falls within the range. To be on the safer side, go for a product that can sustain more than your weight. 

Build Quality

You would want a ladder that is sturdy and stable. Aluminum and steel ladders are strong and durable options. However, you can also go for high-quality resin or fiberglass ladders with robust construction.

Additionally, safety features like crossbars and handrails also enhance the quality. For enhanced stability, the legs should have rubber tips or caps as they minimize wobbliness. 


Whenever you buy a new product, ample space needs to be made for it. So, it’s essential to select something that would easily fit in a corner or under a bed. 

While buying a ladder, make sure that it’s sleek enough to fit in a readily available space in your home. We recommend having a look at the folded thickness to determine its storage capability. 


Choosing a lightweight ladder will give you the ease of carrying it between jobs. Aluminum ladders often have portable designs, making them great for households. 

However, you should note that ladders with higher weight capacity will be heavier. Hence, while choosing one, make sure to check both the load capacity and the product weight. 

Safety Features

Is it your first time buying a ladder? Then it’s vital to pay attention to its safety features. Even a basic thing like a lock can make the ladder safer to use. We would recommend you go for products with multiple safety features. Also, ladders with safety certifications are always an excellent choice. 

What is the weight capacity of folding ladders?

The weight capacity of folding ladders varies depending on the model, materials used, and build quality. They can range from 200 lbs to over 500 lbs.

It is essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications before purchasing and ensure the ladder’s capacity meets your requirements.

Are folding ladders safe to use?

Yes, folding ladders are safe to use, provided they are used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines.

Some ladders feature slip-resistant steps or platforms, non-slip rubber feet, and additional safety features like handrails and cross braces.

Can folding ladders be used on uneven surfaces?

Some folding ladders have adjustable legs or feet to accommodate use on uneven surfaces. However, not all folding ladders are designed for this purpose.

It’s essential to check the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensure you’re using the ladder in a safe and stable manner.

How do I maintain my folding ladder?

Regularly inspect your ladder for any damage or wear, including loose or missing screws, bent or broken steps or platforms, and cracks in the ladder material.

Clean the ladder with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris, and lubricate hinge points with a silicone-based lubricant.

Store the ladder in a dry and cool location, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures that might cause damage.

How do I choose the right folding ladder height?

To choose the right folding ladder height, consider the tasks you’ll be performing with the ladder. Select a ladder that allows you to easily reach the necessary height without overextending or standing on the top rung.

Keep in mind that the highest safe standing level on a step ladder is typically 2-3 steps below the top.


Seldom do we think about getting a folding step ladder while buying things for a house. However, soon it becomes apparent that reaching the top shelves of kitchen cabinets or closet spaces might not be that easy. 

Folding ladders are also helpful when it comes to taking care of emergency tasks such as fixing the air conditioner or cleaning the roof. Hence, our three top recommendations will surely help in finishing your chores without needing to balance on top of chairs.

We would like you to note that the HBTower 3 Step Ladder has excellent portability and an enhanced weight capacity. In contrast, the Little Giant 15413-001 Multi-position 13 ft ladder is ideal for outdoor and indoor usage. On the other hand, the COSCO 11308PBL1E Two Step Folding Stool seems to be the best option for those who are looking for something simple yet effective. 

Let us know if you have any queries regarding selecting a folding ladder. Till then, take care!  

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