Best Telescoping Ladder: 7 Best Telescoping Ladders to Climb

How we wish climbing a ladder was as exciting as rock climbing!

For most of us, climbing up a ladder is not an experience that we look up to, definitely not if it is for everyday mundane tasks like cleaning and painting. Although a telescoping ladder may not make cleaning the attic any more interesting, it can certainly make it easy and time-saving.

Most of the popular telescoping ladders not only come with extendable height settings but also utilize a range of safety mechanisms. This goes a long way in making the overall design durable – enough for both indoor and outdoor tasks.

If you are planning to switch to a telescoping ladder, check out our list of the top 7 products that are worth considering. Each of these ladders comes with different modes, heights, and safety elements to choose from.

Let’s begin!

Best Telescoping Ladders

Here’s the list of the 7 best telescoping ladders.

1. Werner MT-22 Aluminum Telescoping Ladder – Best for All-Around Versatility

The first product on today’s list is the MT-22 telescoping ladder by Werner. An extremely reliable product, the 22-foot extendable ladder has a durable yet lightweight aluminum body for enhanced portability. With a high carrying capacity, the MT-22 is a total value-for-money deal.

The high customer ratings demanded every bit of our attention. Not only did this telescoping ladder serve all our requirements, but it also took care of our safety concerns. To ensure a safe experience, the ladder feet have been designed to be sturdy and slip-resistant. In addition, the extra-wide bottom ends provide extensive grip and support.

Undoubtedly, the versatility of the MT-22 makes this aluminum extension ladder product our top pick. Besides the normal extension mode, this telescoping ladder can also be used as a twin-step and stairway step ladder. What’s more? The step ladder allows double carry, with a 300-pound carrying capacity on each side!

Its 28 working positions help in reaching the highest points of the construction for all those cleaning, painting, or fitting tasks. Even if you have never used a telescoping ladder before, the smooth curved rails of the MT-22 telescoping ladder will make your climbing safe and comfortable.

The locking pins on the hinge of the ladder can be hard to release while setting its height. We’d have loved the locks to be smoother and more comfortable to operate. But this is far from a deal-breaker!

Material: Aluminum | Weight: 42 lbs | Max Height: 20′ Operation: Manual | Max Cap: 300 lbs

2. Telesteps 1600E Telescoping Extension Ladder – Best for User-Friendly Functionality

The next product of the day is the Telesteps 1600E Telescoping Extension Ladder. Safe and durable, the Telesteps 1600E is a favorite among homeowners and professionals alike. With a retracting height of 30 inches, this extension ladder model can be stored conveniently in spaces where traditional ladders don’t fit.

Telesteps is known to manufacture the only automatic telescoping ladders in the market. The 12.5-foot reach makes it suitable for standard-height ceilings. Its aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body makes the Telesteps 1600E a robust and reliable product.

We were impressed with its user-friendly one-touch release mechanism for smooth functioning. Also, the ladder can be extended to its full height when raised by 5 rungs from either the top or the bottom rung. We could extend the ladder with both hands and feet without any obstruction. 

Along with a strong body, Telesteps 1600E has ensured optimum user safety by employing silicone-pivoted feet and elliptical tubes for better grip and strength. The topmost rung has a thick rubber coating for protecting the surface against which the ladder is rested. Thus, this automatic telescoping ladder takes care of both the user and the surface.

The 12.5-foot reach may not be that useful for accessing higher ceilings. In addition, the aluminum telescoping ladder alloyed body, though strong, is not as lightweight as we would’ve liked it to be. Compared to the Werner MT-22, the 1600E may not be easy to carry around.

Material: Aluminum | Weight: 23 lbs | Max Height: 16′ Operation: Fully Automatic | Max Cap: 250 lbs

3. Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Telescoping Multi-Use Ladder – Best for Safety & Mobility

A notable name in the multi-purpose category of telescoping ladders is the 22-foot Velocity Ladder by Little Giant. The versatility, strong aluminum build, and convenient utility of this product have certainly accounted for its high customer ratings. Undoubtedly, this telescoping ladder is one of the most cost-effective tools in its category.

The combination of flexible utility and safety mechanisms is what appealed to us the most. This multi-use ladder, which can be extended up to a height of 19 feet, gets easily converted into an A-frame extension, a 90-degree ladder, or even a portable staircase. Every version of this telescoping ladder stands the test of efficiency and stability.

Apart from a very satisfactory 300-pound carrying capacity, we were glad to find this multi-use ladder equipped with some of the more advanced security mechanisms. For instance, the dual-pin hinge provides extra support to the unit, especially when you reach out for the difficult-to-access spaces in the house. 

If you are concerned about the mobility of this multi-use ladder, considering the multitude of features, then drop them right now! This 22-foot multi-use ladder comes with a set of tip-and-glide wheels for hassle-free movement. 

Much like the Good Life Folding Multi-Purpose Telescopic Ladder, this one too lacked a pinch closure system. For all the modern security mechanisms in place, missing out on this basic safety gear is indeed disappointing.

Material: Aluminum | Weight: 39 lbs | Max Height: 22′ Operation: Manual | Max Cap: 300 lbs

4. Luisladder 10.5 Feet Ladder

Yet another praise-worthy product from the Luisladder brand, the 10.5-foot telescoping ladder is a leading combination of strength, safety, and transportation. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, this extension ladder can be carried around and stored without breaking a sweat.

One look at its construction and we could vouch for the A-line construction of these telescoping ladders. The broader base and narrower top means that we did not have to worry about its positioning against the wall. In addition, the superior-grade aluminum alloy makes it one of the most sturdy frames.

This telescoping ladder extends to its maximum height of 10.5 feet incrementally, or in other words, the steps extend one by one. Such an effective mechanism gives the user total control to decide and attain the desired height. Its spring-loaded lock function means that the rungs do not hurt your fingers while extending the steps.

The stable straightening pedals of the Luisladder telescoping ladder have a skid-resistant rubber-tipped foot for improved stoutness on almost any surface. Such secure mechanisms do full justice to its 330-pound carrying capacity.

Although the spring-loaded lock protects your fingers while extending the steps, it does not have a pinch closure technology to prevent injury while retracting. Closing the ladder requires more attention.

Material: Aluminum | Weight: 9.9 lbs | Max Height: n/a Operation: Automatic | Max Cap: 330 lbs

5. WolfWise Aluminum Telescopic Extension Multi-Purpose Ladder

The WolfWise Aluminum Telescopic ladder is a classic tool from the WolfWise house, famous for its outdoor utility. Extremely affordable, this multi-purpose ladder not only retracts to a small size, but this aluminum telescoping extension also has a lightweight design for easy storage in limited spaces.

Straight up, the aerospace-engineered aluminum alloy renders a heavy-duty look and feel to this multi-purpose ladder. However, the study design does not harm the ladder’s portability. Also, the unique corrosion-resistant material makes it durable for the wear-and-tear of outdoor chores.

With a maximum height of 12.5 feet and a carrying capacity of 330 pounds, this multi-purpose ladder is an affordable option, especially for first-time users. Despite having a long enough extension, the WolfWise Telescopic ladder retracts to a mere 37.4-inch height within seconds – thanks to its one-button retraction feature. 

In the absence of a pinch closure system, this smart close system does a commendable job. While retracting, each step comes back smoothly and slowly, thereby minimizing the risk of injury. In addition, this system is ably assisted by a click sound to confirm the locking of individual steps.

We had to work hard to unlock the rungs locked at the top of the ladder. Besides, a visual locking indicator could have been the ideal partner to its sound counterpart, thus improving safety.

Material: Aluminum | Weight: 24.69 | Max Height: 12.5′ Operation: Automatic | Max Cap: 330 lbs

6. Xtend & Climb 770P Ladder

Xtend & Climb 770P is the quintessential household telescoping ladder for everyday tasks. Built with aerospace-engineered alloy, this durable and safe-to-use ladder becomes a compact-sized tool of just 32 inches when retracted. Affordable, sturdy, and user-friendly, the 770P can be used by anyone anywhere.

The average house does not have a sufficient storage area for extra tools like a telescoping ladder. With a portable weight and height, the 770P solves this problem. It can easily fit in the most cramped rooms and spaces without being substantially damaged.

The highlight of this household-friendly telescoping ladder is its various safety mechanisms. Firstly, the steps can be extended and locked by the foot to reach a favorable height. In addition, the ladder’s legs have non-slip end caps for stability. Even at the modest price, the Xtended & Climb 770P does not lack a green/red lock indicator to confirm the locking and unlocking of steps, respectively. 

For optimum convenience, a special angel thumb release facilitates proper hand positioning for a hassle-free operating experience. Also, an integrated carrying handle helps you reach the tightest spots at a height.

The angle of the ladder’s steps has a weird angle – something that can be a hurdle for climbing, especially since it has to be laid against the wall. Besides, we were significantly concerned about the quality of the locks in the long run.

Material: Aluminum | Weight: 27 lbs | Max Height: 12.5′ Operation: Manual | Max Cap: 225 lbs

7. Yvan 12 feet Aluminum Extension Ladder

Our penultimate product of the day is the Yvan 12-foot telescoping ladder with a well-built premium-grade aluminum alloy body. The oxidized surface of this telescoping ladder is meant to prevent the equipment from corrosion-related damage. Its 12 feet’ extendable height makes it a preferable choice for multiple tasks.

The number of user-friendly and safety features did get us a bit overwhelmed, but in no way was it a constraint to its smooth operating experience. We hardly had any problem figuring out the utility of the ladder’s varied functions. 

The ladder has been carefully designed keeping safety in mind. Equipped with an intelligent locking mechanism that takes care of individual steps, this telescoping ladder enables the user to adjust its height as per the need. Additionally, the one-button retraction is a worthy substitute for the no-pinch closure system. With a slow retracting speed, your hands are less prone to encounter an injury. 

Apart from being affordable, the Yvan 12-foot telescoping ladder also cuts down the maintenance cost. For this purpose, the rugged aluminum body has adequate plastic parts braced with nylon for enhanced longevity and service life. Further, the plastic-nylon combination also works to support the loading capacity.

Though the lightweight design makes the Yvan telescoping ladder easy to travel with, its large size may not be compatible with the confined storage spaces in the house. Long story short, it may be a tad bit challenging to store it in a small space.

Material: Aluminum | Weight: 24.6 lbs | Max Height: 12.5′ Operation: Automatic | Max Cap: 250 lbs

Best Telescoping Ladders Comparison Table

Product Material Weight Max Height Operation Max Cap
Werner MT-22 Aluminum 42 lbs 20′ Manual 300 lbs
Telesteps 1600E Telescoping Aluminum 23 lbs 16′ Fully Automatic 250 lbs
Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Aluminum 39 lbs 22′ Manual 300 lbs
Luisladder 10.5 Feet Ladder Aluminum 9.9 lbs n/a Automatic 330 lbs
WolfWise Aluminum 24.69 lbs 12.5′ Automatic 330 lbs
Xtend & Climb 770P Ladder Aluminum 27 lbs 12.5′ Manual 225 lbs
Yvan Aluminum 24.6 lbs 12.5′ Automatic 250 lbs

Buying Guide for the Best Telescoping Multi-use Ladders

Technological advancements have touched every sphere of our lives, and extendable ladders are no exception to this truth.

The ever-increasing popularity of telescoping ladders-thanks to their convenient use is just about to tempt you into buying one! But a large number of options available, along with the plethora of features that distinguish the telescoping ladders from one another can leave you all confused.

To help you make the right purchasing decision, we have come up with several points that should be on your mind while selecting the right product from the rack.

Read on as we list the most important aspects to be considered before spending those hard-earned bucks.

Material of the Ladder

Most of the lightweight telescoping ladders are either made from pure aluminum or are built with professional-grade aluminum alloy. However, aluminum is a conductor of electricity. Therefore, we suggest you opt for a non-aluminum body if you are planning to work near high-voltage sources.

Height of the Ladder

Most telescoping ladders come with the luxury of an adjustable height setting. This feature comes especially handy for first-time users who may not have a clear idea about the exact height of the ladder. If you know the exact height to which the ladder is to be extended, we suggest going for a telescoping ladder that does not have too many height settings, which is generally less pricey.

Weight of the Ladder

A lot of users prefer the lightweight telescoping ladders instead of the traditional, bulky models available earlier. Even today, some of the most versatile ladders may have a heavy-weight design. If portability is not that big of an issue, we recommend going for a heavier model that can be transformed into two or more ladders.

Portability of the Ladder

The portable options are more suitable for users who do not want to invest in separate telescoping ladders for different purposes. We suggest investing in a lightweight and wheel-equipped ladder if you plan on using it for both personal and professional use.

Maintenance of the Ladder

A lot of telescoping ladders employ quite a few additional features that help them withstand the adversities of everyday, heavy-duty tasks. A corrosion-resistant surface is a good example of one such part. If you consider the telescoping ladders to be a one-time investment and don’t want to spend too much time and money on ladder maintenance we recommend opting for a ladder that has special features to prolong its service life.

Automatic Vs. Manual Ladders

That every telescoping ladder tries to provide a safe user experience goes without saying. Some models have a slightly higher number of safety mechanisms, while others may be restricted to two or three such mechanisms. Whatever the number, user safety should be the topmost concern for every brand and model.

With the invention of automatic telescoping ladders, the extension and retraction procedures do not require minute user attention. In contrast, a lot of models may have a sturdy frame for flexible use but might employ manual extension and retraction functions.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort in ensuring the locking and unlocking of the ladder steps, we would suggest purchasing an automatic ladder for better safety. On the other hand, the manual ladders are better for those users who don’t mind paying closer attention to secure the rungs in place.

Price of the Ladder

A more expensive price tag does not necessarily mean a more efficient ladder. Likewise, a lower price does not translate into an inferior quality ladder. However, both these factors are bound to have some exceptions.

There is no shortage of affordable and versatile telescoping ladders that are adept at performing a range of chores. However, you may also choose a slightly premium-priced product for the same number of features.

How should I store my telescoping ladder?

Telescoping ladders should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. The ladder should be extended and locked into place before storage, and the locking mechanism should be checked before each use.

What can I use a telescoping ladder for?

Telescoping Ladders can be used for a variety of tasks, including painting, cleaning, and reaching hard-to-reach areas.

What are the safety features of a telescoping ladder?

Telescoping Ladders are designed with safety in mind. They are designed with non-slip feet and have a locking mechanism to keep the sections from sliding when in use. Additionally, they come with a safety harness for added security.


After thoroughly examining and assessing various telescoping ladders in the market, we have discovered multiple options that cater to different requirements and preferences.

With durable construction, portability, extended heights, and reliable safety features, these ladders have proven to be perfect for different tasks and users.

Out of the 7 telescopic ladders, here are the top three expert recommendations:

  1. Werner MT-22 aluminum telescoping ladder is an ideal option for those looking for a reliable, versatile, and value-for-money ladder that caters to various needs.
  2. Telesteps 1600E Telescoping Extension Ladder is a good option for professionals and homeowners alike, with its user-friendly one-touch release mechanism and strong build.
  3. Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Telescoping Multi-Use Ladder is an ideal option for those seeking a versatile, cost-effective ladder with advanced security mechanisms and ease of transport.

In conclusion, each of these telescoping ladders has unique features and qualities that make them stand out from the rest. Make an informed decision by considering factors such as durability, ease of use, portability, safety features, and versatility. Choose the one that matches your specific requirements, whether for work or home use, to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

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