19 Best Office Chairs for Creatives Everywhere


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Spending most of our time working does not only affect us mentally but physically too.

Staying physically fit is as important as having a healthy mind and since the office is not the ideal place to maintain our daily workout, having a good chair is one step to preventing future health issues.

In this guide, you’ll see 19 office chairs that we have carefully selected based on reviews, ratings and personal experiences.

There are many factors one must consider before buying a chair, some of them include price, comfort, durability, and design and for these reasons, we made sure to include only the best options on our list.

Best Office Chairs

So without further ado, let’s have a look!

1. Balt Butterfly Executive Chair 

Looking for a little extra comfort for your stressful job?

This Executive Chair brings to us exactly what most of us are much in need of, especially when it comes to finding a comfortable chair. The backrest is contoured with perfection in order to keep one’s body posture straight and accurate.


The pivots that support the armrests give it the freedom to be adjusted in height as well. And the design of the chair as mentioned before helps to bring about utmost comfort and ease to the customer.

On the other hand, its meshed back and headrest of the chair allow the free passage of air that helps keep the back cool and well supported.

Without this important feature, the Balt Butterfly Executive Chair would have been of the same quality as the other ordinary chairs.

The head support is a little curved and this, in turn, helps to align the head with the body posture of the user. It’s designed to keep the entire body straight, thus, preventing the customer from experiencing any discomfort.

It also provides great lumbar support and it’s regarded as one of the best ergonomic office chairs and can be relied upon for performance.

  • This comfortable chair can be purchased at a very affordable rate and gives the returns of the same in due course
  • The availability of tilt-lock mechanism in three different positions makes it extra adjustable
  • Unfortunately, the only color this chair is available would be black

2. Leaders Executive Office Chairs

This chair is effectively created by a duo-rest technology which means that it is made with two paddings at the back instead of one. It helps to ensure that there is a better form of support and liability that the customers will experience by using this chair.

DUOREST GOLD Ergonomic Leather Executive Office Chair with Twin...
  • 【DUAL-BACKREST】: Ergonomically designed...


We have to say the double back support is one of the most wanted and best-reviewed features of this chair. And the reason why it is so wanted in offices- to couple with the hours of hard work that you put in every day.

Its dual backrest setting ensures that the chair can fit a person of any size and height which makes this duality as another most important feature of this chair. Moreover, it comes with 6 legs which enhances its durability and lifespan. It’s designed to give our backs, neck, and head all-round support.

Besides, the durability of this chair ensures us to go through our work without stressing out, or worrying about future joint problems.

  • The most essential feature that this armchair sports is the dual back seater which can comfortably fit in any individual of varying heights and sizes
  • It has six wheelbases which means that it is sturdy enough to last for a very long time
  • The multiple adjustable features allow for better stability of the back, head, and neck
  • The armrest can only be shifted back and forth and not in any other direction which makes it a restrictive move

3. The Walker Adjustable Office Chair

This adjustable walker office chair is designed by Green Group. They have put in a lot of effort to make this chair perfect for those long hours of office work and desk jobs.

It has a 360 degrees swivel motion which gives it great adjustive properties and rotatability features. This is an essential feature for every office chair to have.


The chair is made of mesh technology which provides you with the best of comfort and style in one chair. This makes it easier to sit on it for hours at a stretch and work non-stop.

It features a curved design that ensures to help you maintain the right posture and keeps your back aligned with your neck which makes it a favorable position to sit in. All backrest, armrest, and headrest have necessary adjustable properties.

This supportive nexus is extremely important to get the blood flow going and effectively reduces stress levels so you can work at your desk for long hours.

  • The comfortable mesh material that this chair is made of makes it very comfortable to sit on and work
  • It is a five-wheeler chair, which provides massive support and balance without such features it’s durability will be compromised
  • Headrest can be a little too big for individuals with smaller heads

4. Viva Office Mesh Chair

The amount of time one spends on an office chair is said to be directly proportional to how well they excel in their work. Thus, comfort is a very important factor for this purpose and the Viva Office Mesh Chair brings us just that.


In need of a comfortable chair that takes care of your comfort and does not give you a chance to complain? We have found one of the most suitable products for this purpose.

The meshed backrest provided in this chair ensures that the customer is kept cool as well as comfortable when at work as the mesh helps to make the chair breathable.

Another highlighted feature is the flexibility of this chair that is pretty commendable. Because the height of the chair, as well as the armrests, can be adjusted.

The headrest can also be adjusted and one can work in whichever position they feel the most comfortable in. All in all, it is a fantastic product to opt for and leaves you with a value for money service and spares the burden of maintenance as well.

  • The chair is made available to us at a very affordable and nominal price, therefore, it has value for money
  • All casters and base of this chair are featured and made up of nylon to support a burden of almost 250 pounds
  • The headrest might be a disadvantage for people who are short in height

5. Ergohuman by Eurotech

This super armchair is constructed with 8 different forms of tilt-shift controls which means that your back, neck, and head will have the optimum rest and support that it needs.

The armchair is inclusive of the lumbar pivot technology which provides your back with the support and comfort it needs.

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest, Black Mesh & Chrome...
  • Made of Chrome/polypropylene base with nylon...
  • Product dimensions – 29" D x 26.5" W x 46”-52"...


The lumbar pivot technology allows for better flexibility and mobility which cannot be provided with chairs lacking this technology. It is extremely beneficial for the support that your back and neck need.

With 8 equipped adjustable technologies, one can fix the back angle, height, tilt tension control, and synchro-tilt adjustment or even the seat depth and the arm height. In addition to this, the headrest provided is adjustable by its height and position.

Pneumatic cylinders are present in the chair which makes the adjustability of the height a slow and steady process instead of a harsh one.

  • The 8 level adjustability technology provides you with the smoothest experience you can have with the chair
  • All these features can be procured at an affordable range
  • The 8 level customization features can be a little tricky for the readers to comprehend and use

6. Mid-Back Mesh Chair by Flash Furniture

If a stylish, as well as a comfortable chair is what you have in mind, then acquire one now immediately as Flash Furniture has made such a chair available.

The mid-back mesh chair is well made and done so with special consideration for those crossing the six feet height barrier. You can rest easy because this chair can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Ergonomic Task Office Chair...
  • If you're seeking exceptional seating comfort for...
  • SAFETY & COMFORT: [_Our chair conforms to...


This chair helps a ton in the proper positioning and adjustment of the shape of your body that it takes while being seated. The five, strong wheels fitted on to the chair helps it glide the customer’s body and move the chair with ease.

It also features a mesh backrest that helps in the free flow of wind through the backrest and in turn helps keep you cool and comfortable. These ergonomically designed features that have been adjusted are well contained in this contoured mesh.

The height of the chair, as well as the armrests, can be adjusted quite easily.

Once again, the price gods have been generous and made a quality product such as this available at a very affordable rate. Thus, giving the power of acquiring in the hands of the customers itself.

  • The wheeling and mesh facility adds to the value and comfort of the chair, making it an excellent buy
  • Comes at a very attractive price
  • Easily adjustable headrest and armrests
  • The product or chair’s durability can be decided with proper maintenance

7. Ergonomic Leather Chair by GM Seating

This chair has a unique tilt technology coupled with seat adjustability and headless adjustable feature. The height and width of the chair can also be adjusted accordingly, which blends in with your posture, giving you better flexibility and working experience.

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Chrome...
  • Genuine Top Grain Leather
  • Seat Slide Adjustable, Tilt Tension


We love the multiple adjustable properties that this chair entails. Current users have said that it helps maintain the posture of the body. It is as if the chair is specifically designed for your body shape.

This feature is possible because of the special adjustable properties that it comes with, making it a flexible alternative to any other chair that you may own.

It’s completely built on Ergo technology, providing you with the finest experience that you can have while you are on the chair.

The leather, with which this chair is constructed, is extremely soft and gives out a plush look to the entire setting. Therefore, this exclusive modern chair will blend in with any kind of office setting.

  • Has extremely adjustable properties that are beneficial for comfort and experience
  • Multiple shifts and tilt technologies provide great support to the body
  • The lumbar system provides your spine with the support it needs to get through all the hours of work and stress
  • This chair is slightly on the pricey side because of the several features it comes in, but it is worth the investment

8. Alera Elusion Swivel Chair

This chair has been featured on our list, owing to the demand as well as being a favorite of many customers.

The Alera Elusion Swivel Chair has worked wonders among customers and they have flocked to get their hands on this comfortable, and price-efficient ergonomic office chair.

No products found.


This chair has the advantage of a fabric mesh at the back that makes the chair breathable and prevents the user from sweating. On the contrary, it allows them to be cool, comfortable, and at ease.

Problems like lower back pains that result from sitting for long hours on our office chairs are no longer a concern as with the help of this chair, the posture of the customer stays upright and the back pain issue is prevented completely.

The seat of the chair is made up of a beautiful cushion that is edged like a waterfall. Plus, the premium upholstery used to arm the chair minimizes the pressure applied by one on their legs.

In addition to the low price, it also comes with the technology to tilt the chair and adjust the height and width of the armrest. This makes it a must-get product, though the durability once again could be questioned similar to some other products.

  • Its price point is really affordable to ensure that more people can acquire it
  • The adjustment facility offered in the armrest is of the most superior quality available, making the armrest the most desirable feature
  • The durability of this product cannot be relied upon as it requires maintenance and proper care

9. Serta Mid-Back Office Chair

This Serta Mid-Black Office chair is one of a kind, giving you the best quality comfort that you deserve on a daily basis. It is constructed with posh ergo-layered cushions, making it feel like you are sitting on a couch instead of an office chair.

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair Motion Technology Adjustable...
  • DIMENSIONS: 30.5" D | Seat Width: 23" | Maximum...
  • BACK IN MOTION TECHNOLOGY: Tilts the seat forward...


The tilt-shift technology that this armchair sports is adjustable and can be fixed into any position that our spine is in.

There is a button on the plush armrest with which we can adjust the height of the armchair. We only need to follow the instructions to have a pleasant experience.

Its armrest, too, is designed with cushions that are extremely environment-friendly as it is economical. This chair is equipped with BIM Active Lumbar Pivot which protects the lumbar region and provides our body with its natural flexibility.

Moreover, the BIM Lumbar pivot helps keep the body at a neutral angle so that the spine is in the right position and the body flexibility is maintained throughout. This neutral position is extremely effective for the fluids on the vertebrae to remain intact and prevents any future complications.

  • Tilt technology offers extreme adjustability and flexibility
  • Inbuilt leather cushions provide balance to your spine and a good level of comfort
  • The exposed region is made using environmental-friendly leather
  • The adjustable armrest is a little too high for people below the height of 5’4

10. Herman Miller Sayl Chair

A modern chair on offer here for the users who are looking for an extra comfortable and fancy chair for their office as well as home use. The Herman Miller Sayl Chair is designed to maintain the posture and shape of the body whilst keeping the fabric in its place.

Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair: Tilt Limiter - Stationary Seat Depth -...
  • Sayl is a task chair that enables an unprecedented...
  • Breathable unframed back keeps you cool while you...


The chair is designed with the image of the Golden Gate bridge present in London, thus, accommodating and ensuring comfort for everyone .

This chair, as one can see, is equipped with the best-engineered skills. The ArcSpan and Y-tower are the two biggest features of this product.

One remarkable feature is that of the fabric stretching and supporting the backbone image designed backrest. This is another feature that is to look out for and be enjoyed.

Moreover, we can say that this chair is the very first product of this brand and comes at an extremely reasonable price thus making it affordable to the majority of the public. Overall, it is a good product though lacks the durability as its longevity is questionable and cannot be depended upon.

  • The company offers an attractive warranty up to twelve years which is a very encouraging feature for all users
  • It is extremely affordable and elegant from every angle
  • It lacks all the modern technology applied on most chairs these days and the durability is poor, making rust a probability

11. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Introducing the most flexibly built chair which allows you to have the most amazing experience as its user. This chair comes with some incredible adjustive properties where you can adjust the width as well as the height of the chair according to the body posture.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair, Black, -
  • Buzz2 fabric is 100% polyester
  • Wheels for carpet flooring


The LiveBack technology that this chair comes with is a commendable feature that’s hard to find in every other chair.

It has been said to help the consumers in relieving them from acute back pain, which they may have acquired from the usage of an earlier poor quality chair.

There are only a few specific positions that every human being sits in. These positions are narrowed down into a few, for designing this chair, which can be used by every other individual.

With the back of the chair adjusting to these changes, it does not have any specific time interval to change these positions. Instead, it just goes along with the rhythm and posture of your body trying to adjust to the chair.

Its gliding technology is a big YES because of its adjustable properties, which goes in sync with the postures your body takes like slouching, straight or relaxed.

This chair has helped us in reducing an ample amount of pressure from the vulnerable points in our bodies, like the head, neck, and spine.

  • Its gliding technology provides with the best possible adjustable properties to suit different body postures
  • LiveBack technology supports different positions that your body can take
  • Most of its parts are recyclable which makes it a 99% environment-friendly investment
  • All adjusting properties make it a little difficult for people to comprehend

12. Haworth Zody Chair

In a safe search for a proven and certified product? Look no more because the safest product is here. The Haworth Zody Chair is a product that has been approved for use and received a certificate from the American Physiotherapy Centre.

Haworth Zody High Performance Office Chair with Ergonomic Adjustments...
  • WORLDWIDE APPEAL: Light in scale and thin in...
  • SET YOUR OWN COMFORT: Our patented asymmetrical...


The option of an alternate headrest is a product given along with this chair for the customers extra comfort to be used in a reclining position.

Much like other products, this chair is also equipped with most adjustable parts such as- height, armrest adjustments, as well as the tension of the chair.

The unique symmetrical system of the chair is a new support feature that is designed to support the back of the chair and provide comfort to the customer. It also helps in reducing the pain present on the lower back of the customer and neck as well.

Moreover, the pelvic pad equipped on to the chair helps prevent diseases like slip discs and other such ailments. To sum it up, the chair is a must buy and a very safe option to opt for and one can be satisfied after acquiring it.

  • The featured pelvic pad helps in proper positioning or alignment of the spine to relieve back or neck issues
  • Its adjustment is so flexible that makes it mobile enough to blend into a surrounding
  • The high mobility of the armrest does not help as it can displace certain parts; if not handled correctly

13. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Here is a chair with inbuilt soft cushions on the head area so that posture is maintained throughout a day’s operation. It’s designed to reduce the chances of back pain.

The protective cushion at the back of your head provides you with the neck comfort that other stiff armchairs do not provide.


Unlike every other conventional office chair, this is made especially with mesh technology that gives it a unique and enthralling design.

This Aeron chair is crafted by Bill Stumpf and is the perfect example of a scientifically-advanced comfort chair. It follows the biomorphic doctrine of the body’s posture which should be maintained at all times.

Moreover, if the natural posture of the body is not maintained, it might lead to serious injuries. The chair fits into our body like a glove and provides us with all the comfort and concentration we need to get our work done, be it at the office or house.

It comes with a 12-year warranty, which means that all damages are repairable for 12 years without you having to spend any money on purchasing a new chair.

However, there may be a glitch in the size charts of the chair so we tried to avoid purchasing according to that. Instead, reading the reviews and finding out what suits our requirements was the best idea.

  • It follows the biomorphic structure of the body to significantly reduce stress levels
  • Features inbuilt cushions in the head to maintain good posture
  • All these features come at an affordable range
  • There is a chance of glitch in the size charts of the chair

14. Steelcase Gesture Chair

If you’re looking for a multipurpose chair, you should consider checking out this unit. The Steelcase Gesture chair is a product that provides freedom to the numerous positions and postures the body takes.

Steelcase Gesture Chair, Graphite
  • Connect fabric is 100% polyester
  • Wheels for carpet flooring


The unique technology accommodated in today’s ergonomic chairs is LiveBack technology that duplicates the movements of the back and neck.

This chair embraces the exact feature to enable complete freedom in movements without worrying about the effect of the chair on the back. This also helps us adjust and relax while at work so we can focus more on efficiency.

The height of the chair, as well as the positions of the armrest,  can be adjusted while the latter gets automatically adjusted with the positioning of your body and its movement.

It is made available at an affordable price and can accommodate all shapes and sizes of people, thus, making it a market favorite and attractive offer for any user.

We very much recommend this chair, which can come of great use to us as customers. In addition to its numerous features, it also enjoys medical acceptance and certificates from top boards.

  • The chair offers a height adjustment feature
  • Its armrest can move a whole 360 degrees
  • It comes at a high price which is a major point to ponder

15. Herman Miller Embody Chair

This Herman Miller Embody chair is designed by Bill Stumpf and is the perfect rest for your back.

It has a unique in-built design called the exoskeleton, which basically implies that it is like a skeleton outside your body that takes the shape of your body as you sink down on it. This feature has made this model a bestseller among many other office chairs.

Herman Miller Embody Chair – Rhythm, Charcoal
  • Designed to enhance health, improve focus, and...
  • Features: fully adjustable arms, titanium base and...


In this fast-paced environment, we forget to take a step back and pamper ourselves and give our bodies it’s desired amount of rest. This chair is specifically designed for our back, which cushions it like a mattress once we sit on it.

With regular use of this chair, it is said to increase the blood flow in the body, allowing blood to circulate properly.

That is a very essential feature, especially if you’re concerned about your physical well-being. Furthermore, blood circulation enhances our mental health as well, helping us concentrate better and sit for long hours without worrying about the lower back.

This ergonomic chair fits like a glove as we sit and work. It also aligns with the back perfectly so as to eliminate any pressure, hence, preventing future complications.

  • The chair is specially designed with an exoskeleton to provide complete back support
  • It is 95% recyclable which makes it an environment-friendly option
  • Helps in the circulation of blood throughout the body and prevents cramps
  • It is highly expensive when compared to the other units

16. Knoll ReGeneration

Another trendy chair on offer here, you have the freedom of adjusting it as per your willingness and comfort level.

The Knoll ReGeneration chair has won the best design award after it was released into the market in 2012. It has received valuable mentions and recognition among the most valuable designed products present in the market.


The meshed back of the chair adds to the design as well as the comfort of the same as it allows the chair to breathe and let the breeze pass through. This helps keep us feeling comfortable and at ease. Plus, the chair adjusts easily to our posture and provides the right support to our body at all times.

Knoll is a well-recognized and trusted company in the market of chairs. Because it ensures to design products with characteristics such as durability and good quality.

The whooping warranty offered along with this product is a very encouraging feature for the majority of customers as it’s a period of twelve years.

Moreover, the meshed black version is a much-in-demand product that provides extra comfort and functionality. Its low-price point is an added feature that makes it more affordable to customers in search of a good office chair in the market.

The drawback that comes with this product is that the order needs to be placed directly with Knoll itself, making the process a bit cumbersome to some customers.

  • It has an encouraging warranty of twelve years making it a suitable product to invest in
  • Quality and durability are ensured – thanks to awards since its release date
  • Orders need to be placed directly with Knoll itself

17. HAG Capisco Puls

Capisco is an invention in itself because of its varied adjustability features that support a range of sitting positions. It comes with a range of adjustable properties that can provide your back with proper support for long hours.

HAG Capisco Chair Puls 8010 Silver Lacquered Frame - Grey Seat
  • Seat height 200 mm gas lift 45,5 - 62 cm
  • Height of back piece 47 cm


The satisfaction derived from this seater is immeasurable and we couldn’t easily find such a product while we were in the lookout for a quality chair. There are multiple options, which we can choose from that will suit our position best.

It is true that standing desks do need comfortable seating arrangements to work through all those difficult and long hours at work. It is only feasible that these desks come with several kinds of seats to pair it with.

This Portland-based company supplies these seats for the modern workspace. It implies that the chairs are designed specifically for the modern office, which most of us are acquainted with these days.

The backrest provides a great posture control and neutral stance which our back should sport while working for hours at our desks.

  • It provides you with several options to choose from
  • You can choose the seat that is easily adjustable from a plethora of options
  • It is slightly more on the expensive side

18. Vertagear Triigger 275

Any gamers around? The Vetagear Triigger 275 is made with we guys specifically in mind. It is an amazing choice for our comfort while doing what we do best. This chair provides immense support and is completely adjustable in tune in to our comfort.

No products found.


The Vertagear Triigger 275 is the perfect chair for gamers. Because the height of the seat, armrests, lumbar support and backrest are all adjustable in support of your comfort.

Its support and customization options allow you to be comfortable and cool for a long time. The mesh backrest is a joy that allows the passing of air and helps the chair breathe. This feature, in turn, keeps our body comfortable and allow us to continue gaming.

One of the cons associated with this product is definitely its price point as it is priced slightly above the market rate. And it’s difficult to maneuver about from place to place.

However, at a higher price, we’re getting a more advanced version so it’s worth the investment. It comes along with an aluminum frame and leather accents of the calfskin pattern.

It is a joy to sit on this chair and its durability supports its cost. Made specifically with the gaming community in mind, this is a very useful and high selling product. A must get for all gamers in the house.

  • This chair is made specifically with the gaming community’s wants in consideration
  • Different parts of the chair along with the backrest are completely adjustable and help in giving support and comfort
  • Pricing is slightly above the market rate

19. Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair

Here is a chair that is built in an aluminum frame, which avoids any kind of breakage that can occur due to some damage or accidents. It is also made of MCL leather, an old form of leather, not as flexible as the material in other chairs. But it is durable and scratch-proof with a touch of mid-century designs.


If you need a more mid-century look to the office chair at your home, the Eames Aluminium Group Chair has you covered. It lacks behind the other chairs in the list because of its ancient style and usability, but it’s a tough durable chair because of the material it is made up of.

And the best part, the chair effectively rocks the mid-century look of minimalism. It can be easily used at home for work purposes. Moreover, it will give a very antique look to the entire scene if that is your choice of theme.

The chair is comfortable enough to work on for hours at a stretch, without causing any back pain. Plus, the aluminum material is very durable and helps the chair to last for a few years.

  • Brings back the mid-century look to your home with this chair
  • The aluminum frame and the leather composition makes it a durable product
  • It does not have as many adjustable properties as the other chairs on this list


Since no one wants to lead a stationary life that can endanger itself in the long run, it is important to keep ourselves healthy and comfortable. This is also our primary reason why we bring the best office chairs to act as saviors for a large number of people out there. If you think it’s about time you get one too, why wait any longer?

So with that, we will wrap it up and hope to see you again next time!

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