12 Best Standing Desks | Reviews + Guide

The best standing desk for any home office setup is the Flexispot EC1 Essential Standing Desk, which caters to all needs. That said, each standing desk targets a different niche, and the right choice depends largely on the user's preferences.

Spending several hours in the same seated position next to home office desks while working is not only uncomfortable but also detrimental to health. 

But with motorized standing desks, an active working habit was made the norm in the home office environment, keeping workers’ postures in check. The trouble is, the market is rife with electric height adjustable standing desk companies, making it quite confusing to know which is the best.

To alleviate any confusions you may have about choosing the best standing desk, check out my top recommendations.

12 Best Standing Desks For A Home Office Setup

Here is the list of the 12 best standing desks to help you boost your productivity and comfort levels while you work.

1. Best Standing Desk Overall: FLEXISPOT EC1 Essential Standing Desk 

FLEXISPOT Standing Desk 48 x 30 Inches Height Adjustable Electric Sit...
  • WHOLE-PIECE Cozy & Ergonomic Workspace: Spacious...
  • Electric Height Adjustable Lift System:The motor...

If you’re new to electric standing desks, the Flexispot EC1 is our top pick due to its design variety and well-functioning adjustment mechanism. It’s a standing desk with several customization options, including the size and choice of material. And if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on a standing desk, the Flexispot EC1 may be the standing desk for you.

One of the two most important components of a standing desk is the desktop, made out of high-quality solid wood in the EC1. The desktop sits atop an industrial-grade steel frame, hiding away the electronic components, unlike many standing desks. For those with a taste for visual flair, you have the option of a desktop made from bamboo, fiber, solid wood, and whiteboard. 

The second is the electric height adjustment mechanism that performs smoothly in the EC1. When operated using the provided keypad, the Flexispot EC1 raised and lowered quickly and silently to the maximum height and minimum height with no issues. It can go as high as 47.7 inches or as low as 28 inches, covering a standard height range.

Something that may be a point of contention for some is that the moving parts are not housed in a casing and are exposed. As a result, the EC1 may run into operational issues in the long run.

Tabletop Surface Area: 48 x 30 inches | Minimum And Maximum Heights: 28 inches to 47.7 inches | Load Capacity: 154 lbs

2. Best Standing Desk With A Low Price Tag: FEZiBO Electric Standing Desk

FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk, 60 x 24 Inches Height Adjustable Stand...
  • Electric Height Adjustable Lifting System: FEZIBO...
  • Stable Construction And Solid Material: Our Home...

The FEZiBo Electric Standing Desk is yet another workstation that is light on your wallet and comes with a variety of customization options. It comes in six size variants, giving you ample options to choose from, depending on how large you want your home office setup to be.

This sit stand desk comes with a two-piece desktop that sits on a single-stage frame. While the construction material used for this workstation is decent, at standing heights, the desk may become unstable. I found myself being quite cautious around the setup when raised to the maximum height because of its wobbliness. So, I suggest using the desk in medium-height settings.

As for the height adjustment mechanism, the FEZiBO standing desk comes equipped with an electric lift system that is supported by sturdy steel. This mechanism can customize your desired heights in three presets using a memory keypad, from 27.16 inches to 46.06 inches. During my tests, the height-raising motor displayed no visible malfunctions and worked as intended.

Furthermore, the standing desk is equipped with a few quality-of-life features, such as a collision detection sensor and headphone desk hooks to accessorize your workstation.

You can find the FEZiBo customizable standing desk in five varied frame colors, namely rustic brown, white, black, espresso, and light rustic brown. As a result of the two-piece desktop, a noticeable seam runs down the middle, which can mar the minimalist design of this standing desk.

Tabletop Surface Area: 63 x 24 inches | Minimum And Maximum Heights: 27.16 to 46.06 inches | Load Capacity: 155 lbs

3. Best Lift Motor: VIVO Electric Standing Workstation 

VIVO Electric Height Adjustable 60 x 24 inch Memory Stand Up Desk,...
  • Create Instant Active Standing - Go from sitting...
  • Solid One-Piece 59” Top - This spacious 59” x...

The VIVO Electric Workstation is a minimalist standing desk with a functional design and the operation of a typical standing desk. It’s an electric height adjustable standing desk that finds its place in the medium pricing range, and is priced slightly higher than the aforementioned Flexispot EC1.

Featuring a surface area of 59 x 23.6 inches, the desktop is made out of solid one-piece wood with a laminated finish. The engineered wood has a robust feel, supported further by lightweight steel lifting columns and feet that contribute to a heavy workstation. In my experience, it was difficult to move the standing desk around, especially with a fully set up workstation.

The height adjustment mechanism used in the VIVO workstation utilizes a single-stage electric lift that operates using a push-button controller. Included with the controller is the option of programming it with three settings of your choice for quickly switching to a preferred sitting and standing position. 

Throughout my time testing the VIVO desk, I found the motor to be quiet and quick, featuring a height range of 29 to 48 inches. It’s worth noting that the frame complements the height adjustment mechanism with telescopic legs that keep the operation smooth.

And lastly, the desk includes a few additional features to complement your work environments, such as heat and collision protection systems. The leveling feet that attach to the base of the steel frame provide additional stability, making it suited for heavier workstation setups.

Tabletop Surface Area: 59 x 23.6 inches | Minimum And Maximum Heights: 29 to 48 inches | Load Capacity: 176 lbs

4. Best Visual Design: Vari Electric Standing Desk 

Vari Electric Standing Desk- 60x30 Varidesk Adjustable Height Stand Up...
  • Effortless Assembly: With a pre-installed frame...
  • Sturdier Design: Elevate your workspace with...

In the premium standing desk segment, the Vari Electric Standing Desk is an option to consider. As expected from its price, the Vari desk comes with a suite of options that aim to reduce the hassles of managing a standing desk.

As is standard in many electric height adjustable standing desks, the desktop of the Vari electric standing desk is made from seamless solid wood. The wood doesn’t budge at all while working, no matter the height setting, making the work experience quite comfortable. It feels durable and stable enough to be an everyday home office workstation.

For its aesthetic flair, the desk is available in five shades: reclaimed wood, black, butcher block, dark wood, and white. The laminated finish and chamfered edges give the tabletop a sleek and modern feel. 

Furthermore, the Vari electric sit stand desk utilizes a smooth and quiet lift mechanism that responds to the controller pad quickly. Its keypad includes four programmable sitting and standing height settings, accompanied by an LED display, to simplify the adjustment process. The desk can be raised from 25 inches to 50-½ inches, a wider height range than most of its competitors.

While testing, I found that the Vari electric desk remains stable in all height settings, which makes it possible to work without worrying about toppling it over. Even at the maximum height setting of 50 ½ inches, the desk showed no signs of wobble or instability. The continuous height adjustment feature is another feature that further provides options to work as you see fit.

Tabletop Surface Area: 60 x 30 inches | Minimum And Maximum Heights: 25 to 50.5 inches | Load Capacity: 200 lbs

5. Best Budget Alternative: Furmax Electric Standing Desk

Furmax Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Large 55 x 24 Inches...
  • 【Health Office Style】Sitting for long periods...
  • 【Memory Electric Lift】Compared with the...

If you’re hesitant to spend a lot of money on your first standing desk, this is an affordable desk to consider. The Furmax Electric Standing Desk is in a similar price range to the EC1 standing desk, and hence, it is about as functional as the Flexispot desk.

The Furmax desks use laminate and hardwood tops that feature rounded corners for added aesthetic appeal. It’s worth mentioning that the desktop is made from two separate pieces that do leave a visible seam on the top.

As for the desk frame, the Furmax electric workstation is made from lightweight steel that is supportive enough at lower settings. The legs are made with a box frame structure, along with T-shaped feet for added stability. Coupled with a thin tabletop, it may become unstable as you raise the desk further, making it quite wobbly at maximum height settings.

For its lift mechanism, the Furmax desk includes a durable motor that operates using a programmable keypad. It is capable of covering a standard range of height settings, from 28.7 inches being the lowest and 48.1 inches being the highest.

The manufacturer claims that the motor can function for nearly two years of daily use or more than 10,000 lift cycles. And as far as I could discern from my testing, the claim may hold true if the desk is used for a long time.

And lastly, the Furmax electric standing desk is available in seven finishes, offering several color combinations to choose from.

Tabletop Surface Area: 55 x 24 inches | Minimum And Maximum Heights: 28.7 to 48.1 inches | Load Capacity: 145 lbs

6. Best Light Home Office Desk: Farexon Electric Standing Desk

farexon Electric Standing Desk Adjustable Height, 48x 24 Inches Sit...

As with the Furmax desk, the Farexon electric standing desk is in a low-end price group of the segment. It is a standing desk with basic functionality and ample surface area to accommodate a light home office setup.

The Farexon desk I reviewed had a desktop with a surface area of 48 x 24 inches. Unlike some of its competitors, the standing desk is made from no less than four separate pieces but it rarely becomes a hindrance. The surface is quite smooth and the seams are only barely noticeable. 

Something that may be a point of contention with the tabletop is its lack of rounded edges, a feature that is often overlooked in desks. Overall, the desktop is robust and covers more than enough room for an average home office setup.

The desktop is supported by a sturdy double-beam metal that enables it to carry up to 178 lbs. This enables you to keep a few books alongside your setup as needed. Moreover, the sturdy frame, working in tandem with the leveling feet, makes it a stable standing desk. 

The Farexon electric desk comes with a smart controller-operated motor that can raise the table from 27.2 inches to 45.3 inches. Although the motor isn’t as quiet as some of the other standing desks on the list, the sound it makes is still quite low. For the most part, the table displays no wobbliness during the lifting process, save for when it is raised to the maximum height.

Tabletop Surface Area: 48 x 24 inches | Minimum And Maximum Heights: 27.2 to 45.3 inches | Load Capacity: 178 lbs

7. Best Premium Desk: Seville Classics Airlift Electric Adjustable Desk

Seville Classics Airlift Electric Height Adjustable Desk with Tempered...
  • LUXURIOUS GLASS & WOOD Face 47.5" X 24" TOP -...
  • TEMPERED GLASS TABLE TOP - Work in style on a...

If you are looking for a smart standing table for your home office, the Seville Classics electric desk is an option to consider. It comes packed in a single box and assembles quickly, making it so you don’t have to spend much time putting the desk together.

Unlike most of its competitors, the Seville Airlift has a desktop made from tempered glass that is caressed in a wooden face. The sturdy glass can support the weight of a home office setup with no issues, while the wooden border gives the desk a modern look. Adding to its functionality, the desk comes with a large drawer as well.

Moreover, both the glass and the wooden face have a function beyond aesthetic appeal. The glass can be used as a board for dry-erase markers in case you ever need to take notes. On the other hand, the wooden border houses two USB charging ports and a touch-sensitive height controller. That said, the glass top may be a bit troublesome if you like to use just your computer mouse and no mousepad.

Lastly, its lift mechanism is operated with a touch-operated controller with three programmable buttons illuminated with a blue LED light. The motor itself operates quietly and quickly, responding to the touch-sensitive buttons with little to no delay. It covers a standard height range, ranging from 28 inches at its lowest to 46.5 inches at its maximum height. 

Tabletop Surface Area: 47.5 x 24 inches | Minimum And Maximum Heights: 28 to 46.5 inches | Load Capacity: 176 lbs

8. Best Medium-Range Desk: Rolanstar Standing Desk

Rolanstar Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 47 Inches Electric Stand Up...
  • 【Start Using A Standing Desk】 Height...
  • 【Exquisite Features&Functional Design】The...

The Rolanstar desk is a standard standing desk in the medium price range, sitting squarely in the middle of all the other standing desks. And as a result, it contains elements of every desk above and below its price range.

Starting at the tabletop, the Rolanstar desk features a raised shelf above a wider base to keep your computer monitor sufficiently elevated. This can help reduce the chances of neck and shoulder aches after long periods of work.

The top is made from a particle board sturdy enough to handle dual monitor arms, which sit on a sturdy metal frame. Beneath the desk is a small keyboard tray that is only barely large enough for a keyboard and a mouse. I found it a little unfortunate that a mousepad couldn’t fit into the drawer.

Its lift mechanism is operated with a simple touch-sensitive controller with two programmable settings. Once the touch-operated buttons are pressed, the Rolanstar desk adjusts its height at a modest rate with barely detectable noises. The desk covers heights ranging from 29.5 inches to 48 inches, which is a little higher than most desks at its lowest setting.

Much like the Seville Airlift, the Rolanstar features two USB charging ports that can charge up a smartphone as you work. The desk also contains a housing underneath the top to hide away any cables that may otherwise prove to be an eyesore.

Tabletop Surface Area: 47.2 x 21.65 inches | Minimum And Maximum Heights: 29.5 to 48 inches | Load Capacity: 176 lbs

9. Best Lift System: OUTFINE Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk

OUTFINE Heavy Duty Dual Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk Electric...
  • Dual Motor System - The OUTFINE height adjustable...
  • Height Memory Function - The height memory...

The OUTFINE standing desk features a dual-motor lift system, as the name suggests. This standing desk is priced higher than even the Serville Airlift desk, making it one of the more expensive desks that I reviewed.

When it comes to the build and feel of the OUTFINE desk, it’s very much the opposite of the design philosophy of the Serville Airlift. While the latter positions itself as a smart desk, the OUTFINE table goes for sturdiness with a solid thick desktop and dual motors. Equipped with a few accessories like headphone hooks and a cup holder, the OUTFINE desk is one that may fit in an office.

Unlike most desks on this list, the OUTFINE desk is made purely out of high-grade iron with bevel edges. This makes for a table that is quite steady, although it comes at the cost of maneuverability. Moving it around without help is quite difficult, as I found out while testing its capabilities.

The control console has three programmable buttons that can be used to operate the lift mechanism. Now, they are not touch-sensitive like the previous two desks, but the buttons are quite responsive, and the motor reflects that. The dual motor setup is, as expected, strong and lifts the desk up without making much noise.

Lastly, the desk has an anti-collision measure to stop the motor as soon as the top hits a foreign object. It’s something of a safety net that improves the overall user experience of the desk.

Tabletop Surface Area: 63 x 24 inches | Minimum And Maximum Heights: 27.6 to 47.3 inches | Load Capacity: 180 lbs

10. Best Sturdy Desk: YESHOMY Electric Standing Desk

YESHOMY Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk 55 inch Computer...
  • Motorized Height Adjustable: The standing desk has...
  • Large working space: The height adjustable desk...

Next comes the Yeshomy electric sit stand desk, which is at a similar price point to the more budget-friendly options of the segment. It’s a sturdy electric standing desk that matches its competitors in terms of functionality.

The tabletop of the Yeshomy desk is made from a single seamless solid piece of wood that rests on a metallic frame. It’s a sturdy desktop with a hefty feel to it, adding to the stability of the desk. Moreover, the desk has rounded edges, giving it a sleek and modern look.

It comes with a strong metal frame that supports the tabletop well and can carry enough weight to accommodate multiple monitors and books simultaneously. Despite its sturdiness, the frame doesn’t weigh much, making the desk quite lightweight and easy to move around.

When it comes to the lift mechanism, the Yeshomy desk has a steel lift system that operates without making any noticeable sounds. The motor can be operated using a keypad with four memory presets of standing positions, allowing you to choose your preferred desk height from 28.75 to 48 inches.

As for the tertiary features, the Yeshomy desk comes with a headphone hook, a table hole for speakers, and leveling legs for stability. The desk arrives packaged with all the tools needed for assembly, though the assembly process itself may be a little complex. It took me a while to put the table together, but I managed to make it work in the end.

Tabletop Surface Area: 55.11 x 23.62 inches | Minimum And Maximum Heights: 28.75 to 48 inches | Load Capacity: 180 lbs

11. Best Carry Capacity: UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk

UPLIFT Desk Walnut Laminate (72 x 30 inch) Standing Desk 2-Leg V2...
  • Electric Height Adjustable Desk: Height range with...
  • Strong, Fast, Smart, Durable, & Safe: 355 lb...

Speaking of the premium price range, the UPLIFT V2 standing desk surpasses the Fully Jarvis desk completely with its pricing. As a result, the desk performs quite similarly to the other standing desk in the premium range that I mentioned earlier.

The desktop is made from a thick walnut laminate that simulates the look and feel of natural wood without cutting down trees. UPLIFT V2 achieved this by fusing melamine laminate thermally over an MDF core and creating a PVC edge. The result is a sustainable and durable desktop with a premium look and feel.

This tabletop rests atop the UPLIFT V2 frame designed to improve safety and stability. The reinforced metal skeleton houses most of the electrical components within, leaving no cables or unsightly elements exposed. It comes in no less than four finishes to pair with the walnut laminate desktop: white, gray, black, and metallic.

The UPLIFT V2 standing desk has a lift mechanism similar to the OUTLINE table, featuring a powerful dual-motor system. This pairs with the inverted leg design of the frame that keeps the top stable as the motor lifts it. You can operate the motor with a keypad featuring four desk height adjustment settings.

If you’re fond of accessorizing your desk, the UPLIFT V2 standing desk comes with mounting points that can allow additional parts to latch onto it. And with the durable frame, you can even use these mounting points to suspend an under desk hammock if you so wish.

Tabletop Surface Area: 72 x 30 inches | Minimum And Maximum Heights: 24.3 to 49.9 inches | Load Capacity: 355 lbs

12. Best Desktop Design: ErGear Electric Standing Desk 

ErGear Electric Standing Desk with Double Drawers, 48x24 Inches...
  • Smooth Height Adjustment: Freely select adjustable...
  • Dual Drawers: Make the most of your space. This...

Lastly, I reviewed the ErGear electric standing desk which is in the medium price range, making it a competitor to the VIVO and Rolanstar desks. This electric standing desk features built-in storage above the tabletop in a shelf-like design, bringing a twist to the regular table design.

Its tabletop is made from a single solid piece of recycled wood that is reminiscent of the Rolanstar desk. The raised shelf, made from the same material, is capable of holding monitor arms on each level of the shelf, but nothing more. And the drawers underneath the shelf are large enough for a few books and accessories like mechanical pencils.

The lift mechanism in the ErGear desk uses a quiet uprated motor that can handle the load of most workstations. You can operate it using a keypad with three programmable height settings, ranging from 28.35 to 46.46 inches. This mechanism is supported by an alloy steel frame with leveling feet that remain stable no matter the height. 

As for the accessories, the ErGear electric standing desk comes with a cable management tray built into the tabletop. You can also use the dual storage hooks to hang your headphones or other peripherals.

Tabletop Surface Area: 48 x 24 inches | Minimum And Maximum Heights: 28.35 to 46.46 inches | Load Capacity: 176 lbs

Best Standing Desk Comparison Table

Product Tabletop Surface Area Minimum And Maximum Heights Load Capacity
FLEXISPOT EC1 Standing Desk 48 x 30 inches 28 inches to 47.7 inches 154 lbs
FEZiBO Standing Desk 63 x 24 inches 27.16 to 46.06 inches 155 lbs
VIVO Standing Workstation 59 x 23.6 inches 29 to 48 inches 176 lbs
Vari Standing Desk 60 x 30 inches 25 to 50.5 inches 200 lbs
Furmax Standing Desk 55 x 24 inches 28.7 to 48.1 inches 145 lbs
Farexon Standing Desk 48 x 24 inches 27.2 to 45.3 inches 178 lbs
Seville Classics Adjustable Desk 47.5 x 24 inches 28 to 46.5 inches 176 lbs
Rolanstar Standing Desk 47.2 x 21.65 inches 29.5 to 48 inches 176 lbs
OUTFINE Standing Desk 63 x 24 inches 27.6 to 47.3 inches 180 lbs
YESHOMY Standing Desk 55.11 x 23.62 inches 28.75 to 48 inches 180 lbs
UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk 72 x 30 inches 24.3 to 49.9 inches 355 lbs
ErGear Standing Desk 48 x 24 inches 28.35 to 46.46 inches 176 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are standing desks good for your health?

Yes, standing desks are good for your health. They help alleviate back pain, improve posture, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

What is the ideal height for a standing desk?

The ideal height for a standing desk is at elbow level, allowing your hands to rest on the desk’s surface comfortably.

How long can I stand at a standing desk?

It is recommended to start with 30-60 minutes of standing at a standing desk and gradually increase the duration. Prolonged standing can lead to other health problems such as joint pain and fatigue.

Can I use a standing desk with a chair?

Yes, you can use a standing desk with a chair. However, it is recommended to use a chair with an adjustable height that complements the standing desk.


Choosing the best standing desk in a segment filled to the brim with great options is not easy. After all, your home office workstation should be comfortable enough to work on all day without any issues.

That said, there can only be one winner, and I found it to be the Flexispot EC1. At its price point, it covers all the basics that a standing desk option ought to, with a few extras for consideration. 

However, each of the standing desks I reviewed has a place in someone’s home office, and they have different strengths that cater to different people. There’s a standing desk that will fit your niche- all you need to do is to be on the lookout for it!

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