Vari Electric Standing Desk Review

With admirable built quality, easy assembly, and great cable management options, the Vari Electric Standing Desk is an ideal choice to elevate your workspace. There are several sizes and designs to choose from, so you won’t have trouble finding the right fit.

Standing desks are not the first pick among home office desk options, but the Vari Electric Standing Desk might convince you to switch.

Vari is a company specializing in workspace desks, and their Electric Standing Desk is no exception in terms of quality. Apart from its effortless setup, this electric desk is quite sturdy and offers fantastic support. Let’s dive into the review of this office desk and why it is a popular choice among most Americans. 

Vari Electric Standing Desk Review

Vari Electric Standing Desk- 60x30 Varidesk Adjustable Height Stand Up...
  • Effortless Assembly: With a pre-installed frame...
  • Sturdier Design: Elevate your workspace with...

Pricing: On The Steeper End

The Vari electric standing desk comes in various sizes and finishes, specifically three types of configurations to fulfill the needs and requirements of your study room or workspace. The electric standing desk measuring 48 x 30 inches costs $595, which is the smallest size. 

The medium-sized Vari electric standing desk of 60 x 30 inches costs $695, whereas the largest standing desk (72 x 30 inches) costs $795. All the options mentioned are available in dark wood, white, black, butcher block, and reclaimed wood. 

While testing the 60 x 30-inch sized variant, which happens to be the company’s most favored version, I found out that it can support up to 200 pounds. 

Vari sells a detachable cable management tray, which attaches to the back of the standing desk. This helps keep all the power cords and bricks away from the main setup. Vari also sells accessories like a power hub, power strips, and a desk lamp with a charging pad that is wireless. 

Vari’s smallest desk model weighs around 115 lbs (52kg), whereas the largest model weighs just over 136 lbs (61kg).

Vari does offer free shipping to the United States, so you won’t have to spend extra money for shipping and delivery. However, if you have budget constraints, this desk might not be viable since it is relatively more expensive than other electric standing desks. 

Design: Sleek And Sturdy

Unlike its traditional counterpart, the Vari Standing Desk has two legs connected to a frame made of metal, which is then attached to the top of the desk. 

The T-style frames the desk comprises are extremely sturdy and contain motors that allow effortless adjustment from standing to sitting positions. Every leg houses a wire which can be plugged into the control box that is typically moved into the metal frame while being set up. The control panel fixed to the forefront of the electric desk can be on either side, the left or the right, based on your needs. 

Despite a large number of wires and cords, cable management tends to be an uncomplicated task with Vari Electric Standing Desk.

Moving on, unlike other standing desk manufacturers, Vari offers five types of finishes only. It contains a laminated, durable finish desk surface. A small storage at the back of the Vari desk, sized 26 inches (68cm), makes it effortless to store cables. 

If you’re worried about someone else messing with your desk settings, you can set the lower and upper limits of the desk manually, thus locking the panel. You can even set the unit of measurement to your preferences, from centimeters to inches or vice versa. 

I appreciate the two hooks the company provided with the desk where I could hang a pair of headphones, a purse, etc. Additionally, the company provided a coaster made with silicone so you can keep the coffee rings away from the brand-new table. 

Setup: Effortless And Comparatively Brief

It is quite evident that the Vari desk puts a significant amount of effort into the process of assembling the Standing Desk. Of all the things I have assembled at home, this desk was the most effortless. The desk assembles with only eight screws; four to attach the legs to the top and an additional four to attach the feet, a control panel, and a control unit. 

After opening the standing desk, place the first two stands into the hollow space on both sides of the frame and secure them using the screws provided. Then, place the control box in the right spot and plug the right cords from individual desk legs. 

The control panel has to be fixed on either side of the desk, left or right. After attaching, you can plug the control panel in and use two bolts to join it to the desk frames. Once the feet and legs are fully secured, the desk can be flipped upright. Vari recommends having two people flip the table to ensure safety. 

If you’ve bought the cable tray, which I recommend you do, it can be attached behind the desk by placing the tray brackets on the holes that are pre-drilled. You can then make use of screws to fix the brackets. 

Unlike other standing desks with permanent cable management attachments, Vari’s Cable Management device can move back and forth. This allows seamless connectivity with any device through a socket and eliminates poor cable management overall.

The company states that the assembly process will only take around five minutes. However, it took me around 15 minutes for the whole thing to be assembled, though it was half the time it took to assemble even the best standing desk. 

Performance: Consistent But Slightly Shaky At Certain Heights

The performance of the Vari Standing Desk is quite consistent, and I would use the desk as a centerpiece for any model home-office setup. The wood finish has the right amount of texture, which was smooth to the touch but had a slightly protruding grain, giving the standing desk an interesting feel. 

The chamfered edges added quite a bit of style and class to the table and elevated the look of my space. With the adjustable standing desk heights, finding the right height for standing or sitting is quite easy.  

After prolonged use, I noticed the electric motors within the legs of the desk do not make any noise and move quietly enough. So, you can lower or raise your desk without bothering the people near you. Though the desk movement was very smooth and sturdy, the desk at the maximum height felt slightly shaky. However, it was not so prominent that I feared the desk would fall over. 

Product name: Vari Electric Standing Desk | Product dimensions: 48 x 30 inches (small size), 60 x 30 inches (medium size), 72 x 30 inches (large size) | Material: Wood |Min/max height: 25 – 50.5 inches | Weight: 68lbs, 115lbs, 136 lbs | Finish type: Laminate finish | Mounting type: Tabletop

Vari Electric Standing Desk FAQs

  • Why Are Standing Desks Better Than Sitting Desks?
    Though a recent study from the Harvard Medical School shows that a standing desk is unlikely to promote any weight loss, there are other reasons why standing desks are beneficial. Research shows that after a meal, blood sugar levels tend to return to normal faster on days when a person spends more time standing. Standing also significantly reduces the risk of any shoulder or back pain. Sitting, on the other hand, can be the cause of various issues such as:
    • Obesity
    • Diabetes
    • Cardiovascular Diseases
    • Severe shoulder, neck, and back pain
    However, one must refrain from jump
  • Who Is The Varidesk Electric Standing Desk For?

    If you want a comfortable, productive, and customizable work environment, I suggest investing in the Vari Electric Standing Desk. It is ideal for a large number of people and professionals.

    From business owners who prefer having high-quality products to students who need a desk with enough desk space, Vari’s Electric Desk caters to all.

  • Vari Electric Standing Desk Verdict

    In conclusion, the Vari Electric Standing Desk is not only one of the best-looking standing desks on the market but also among the easiest ones to assemble. The other accessories that come with the standing desk are pretty functional. 

    Though it can be quite expensive, its adaptable nature makes it a good investment for people who require a good quality standing desk. Plus, Vari Electric Standing Desk can be a useful product for your workspace and can be beneficial for your health in the long run as well. For more such reviews, don’t forget to check out my Flexispot EC1 Standing Desk Review. See you next time!

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