11 Best Stud Finders Right Now | Buyer’s Guide

The best stud finder could make or break a DIY project! It could prevent a disaster from happening, and that’s what makes it so important. 

Now, we all want to decorate our walls with beautiful frames and wall shelves. But at times, there might be obstacles in the walls that could prevent you from drilling in. If you do not know about these obstacles and live wires and still drill, you might damage the wall or cause injury. 

A good stud finder will help you find frames behind the walls to drill into for heavy frames and shelves. 

That’s why, we have curated a list of the top 13 stud finders in the market right now. This will save you from the dilemma of choosing one from the thousands of choices in the market. Also, please take a look at our detailed buyer’s guide, which will help you understand the essential features that should be kept in mind when buying one.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in! 

Best Stud Finders 

We’ve rounded up 11 of the best stud finders available, so you can pick the one that best fits your needs. Here’s the list of the 11 best stud finders for your next home improvement project.

1. Tavool Store 4-in-1 Electronic Stud Sensor – Best for Live Wire Detection

If you fear drilling straight into a live wire, the Tavool Store 4-in-1 Electronic Stud Sensor might save the day. This is a brilliant gadget that will let you determine the correct location of any obstruction so that you can avoid drilling in the wrong places. You can also find sturdy studs that will help support heavy wall frames.

First of all, let’s discuss its brilliant capacity to detect metal, live wires, and studs of different types. Its 4-in-1 process plus deep scan mode will help you find any AC wires or beams which may be deeply embedded. The stud mode can detect wooden boards, joists, and beams up to a depth of 1.2 inches inside drywall. 

On the other hand, its metal mode can detect copper, aluminum pipes, and rebars placed deep in the wall up to 1.57 inches. The deep mode will allow you to find any AC wire and electrical wires up to 1.77 inches. If the wire is 85 – 240 volts, it can be detected even at a depth of 2.36 inches. 

Moving on, a large LCD screen and a loud alarm will warn you of the obstruction. This screen will show you the direction in which an obstacle has been located, while the intensity of its sound will tell you how close it is.

The product worked just fine, and we were able to detect every stud while trying to set up the TV unit. But the only issue is that they do not supply the battery. You will need to buy it separately; however, you can order it along with the product, which should save you some time. 

Number of Functions: 4 | Sensor Type: Electromagnetic | Maximum Scanning Depth: 1.5 inches | LCD Display: Yes | Calibration Required: No

2. CH Hanson 03040 – Best Battery-Free Option

While this may not be a fancy option to pick, it will surely meet your needs. If you were looking for a simple gadget with no battery or electricity needed, then the CH Hanson 03040 is a great choice. It uses the power of magnets to locate screws, and it is perceived to be entirely accurate.

Known to be the old-school version of present-day stud finders, this one is popular for its simple usage. But do not let its simplicity fool you, as it contains a powerful magnet that will help locate screws and nails or any metal beam behind a wall. 

It comes with a very soft handle so that you can grip it easily. The grip proves to be of great help because it can take some time to detect screws and nails in the wall. This is true, especially if you have no idea where they could be.

Also, this product is known to be very durable. It will last you for years and can survive rough use easily. Since no battery or electricity is needed, it is less complicated and would not need to be taken care of. Just keep it in your toolbox, and it should keep working fine!

The only issue is that it cannot locate metal that is embedded very deep. Although the magnet is very strong, thick drywalls can be a hindrance. But this should not be an issue if you want to add a pin or a bracket to the wall, as anything near the surface can be detected easily. 

Number of Functions: 1 | Sensor Type: Magnetic | Maximum Scanning Depth: 1 inch | LCD Display: No | Calibration Required: Yes

3. VIVREAL 4-in-1 Electric Wood Detector – Best for Enhanced Performance

One of our top recommendations known for its enhanced performance is the VIVREAL 4-in-1 Electric Wood Detector. It can detect metal, wood, and wires and will help every DIY enthusiast out there. Read on to know about its extensive features.

We will begin by describing the 4 modes that make this product stand out. First, there is the deep mode that will allow you to locate wooden and metal studs up to a depth of 38 mm. Then there is the stud scan mode that will enable you to locate boards up to 19 mm deep. 

The metal scan mode will help detect metal, including rebar up to a depth of 60 mm. Then there is the detection of live wires and AC wires up to 51 mm. All of this together makes it a very efficient device. 

Moreover, to assist you in understanding the location, the device has an LCD screen that is backlit. This will enable you to see in low light and make the job easier. Paired with it is a loud alarm, which will be activated as soon as something is located behind the wall. This makes the device more reliable, and you will remain informed at all times. 

While trying to locate the exact spot, we found that the center marks were mostly accurate. However, the edge marks would sometimes extend more than a quarter of an inch. This might be a little off, and you might need some time to figure out the exact point. 

Number of Functions: 4 | Sensor Type: Electromagnetic | Maximum Scanning Depth: 1.5 inches | LCD Display: Yes | Calibration Required: No

4. ProSensor 710 Franklin Sensors – Best for Multiple Stud Detection

If you are dealing with a wall with more than one stud, the ProSensor 710 Franklin Sensors will help you save time. This is equipped with advanced multi-sense technology and proves to be extremely efficient. We were impressed with how quickly we were able to do the job, thanks to this.

The feature that stands out for this product is multi-sense technology. If you have a wall in which there are multiple studs, locating them individually could be very time-consuming. To prevent this, the device will help you locate multiple studs at one time. It can locate them as deep as 1.5 inches with the deep scanning mode. However, you do not have to switch to this mode separately as it is always on. 

Not only that, but it can also find the width of any object behind a wall, and you can understand its dimensions of it easily. This will allow you to drill in at the exact center without any issues. 

Adding on, this device is equipped with LED indicator lights, which will illuminate whenever a hidden object is located. You can quickly figure out the location of the object with this.

We found that the sensor was not able to distinguish what the material of a stud was. It could be made out of metal or wood, but there is no indication for that. Now, this should not pose a problem as long as you know the location of the stud. 

Number of Functions: 1 | Sensor Type: Electromagnetic | Maximum Scanning Depth: 1.6 inches | LCD Display: Yes | Calibration Required: No

5. Tavool Store 5 in-1 Electronic Sensor – Best for Water Pipe Detection

If you fear drilling straight into a water pipe or a live wire, then the Tavool Store 5 in 1 Electronic Sensor is going to be an excellent option. This electronic option will go a long way in identifying studs providing you with a hassle-free experience. We were very happy with the accuracy that it showed.

Like some of its peers, this product also comes with 5 modes to toggle among. You can work with metal scans, AC scans, and stud scans of different depths. We were impressed to see that it could detect studs even at a depth of 51mm under the drywall. 

Further, it works perfectly with drywalls, and plaster walls, along with popcorn ceilings, and textured surfaces, to name a few. The device can locate metal and wooden objects using upgraded internal sensors. 

Moving on, you have got an LCD display that will show you the position of the stud. This also comes with a sound warning and will help in finding the edges and center of the studs. 

This LCD display will guide you to the object with arrows indicating the direction. Accompanying this is a beeping sound that makes things easier. This will grow louder as you come near the target, and that will allow you to get the precise location. 

The only drawback of this product is that it calibrates every time you are using it. This means that you lose 2-3 seconds each time, and that might slightly increase the total time taken. But it is a minor factor, and we will not be holding it against the product. 

Number of Functions: 5 | Sensor Type: Electromagnetic | Maximum Scanning Depth: 1.5 inches | LCD Display: Yes | Calibration Required: No

6. Franklin Sensors FS710PRO ProSensor 710+

Up next is a reliable gadget from the house of Franklin Sensors. The FS710PROProSensor 710+ is an excellent lightweight device that will easily fit into any toolbox that you have. It works pretty accurate and will come in attractive colors of yellow and black. Find out about its other features in the section below.

We were very happy to see that this product came with multiple-sensor technology. Using this, you can easily detect multiple metal pieces at one time. This will save you a lot of time and will give you a quick estimate as to how many studs there are on the wall. 

Secondly, this is extremely lightweight and very easy to use. Although the body is made of plastic, it is very sturdy, and you can work with it without any worries. We have been using it for 8 months now, and there is no sign of wear and tear at all. 

To add to the benefits, this can locate the edges easily. With a built-in bubble level and a ruler, it should not be very difficult to work with. It will also help you find metal beams and hoists.

To be honest, we are perfectionists who prefer that the exact location is found. Now the indication lights are placed almost ½ inch apart, and hence there is a big margin for errors. You might not hit the exact center of the stud because of this. You will have to shift the device for ½ inch on either side for the next indicator light to light up.

Number of Functions: 1 | Sensor Type: Electromagnetic | Maximum Scanning Depth: 1.6 inches | LCD Display: Yes | Calibration Required: No

7. FOLAI 5 in 1 Electronic Stud Positioner

Now that we are nearing the middle of this list, it is time to introduce the FOLAI 5 in 1 Electronic Stud Positioner. It is designed with the most advanced sensor technology, and you will have an error-free experience with it. Being a DIY enthusiast, this proved to be very helpful.

The display is something to appreciate here because it shows which corner of the object that its arrows are pointing at. It will also beep when you near the center, and that will help you estimate its exact size of it. 

Further, this has a large LCD display with a sound to warn you whenever a stud is spotted. The LCD makes it easier to see the exact spot and ensures fast detection. 

Coming to the objects that it can sense, we found that we were able to trace almost everything through the walls and floor. You can find metal pipes, fire lines, wooden frames, studs, steel bars, and other supportive beams that might be present behind walls. This device will allow you to track them 60 mm into the surface. 

Overall, we found this to be pretty satisfactory, and it provides to be of great help while installing cabinets, storage, and setting up the TV.

We have been using this for some time, and there have been no flaws with the product. However, we recently got a wall plastered, and it does not seem to work well with it. It is indicating that there are studs in the wall while there are none. This proved to be slightly annoying. 

Number of Functions: 5 | Sensor Type: Electromagnetic | Maximum Scanning Depth: 1.5 inches | LCD Display: Yes | Calibration Required: No

8. Jurgen K 5 in 1 Multi-functional Detector

The next product is known for its reliability and its consistency. The Jurgen K 5-in-1 Multi-functional Detector will tell you accurately where the center and edges of a stud are. And that will make hanging frames and drilling holes in the wall an error-free process. It is a must-have tool in your bag if you are into home decoration.

This unit has 3 stud scan modes. The DeepScan mode will allow you to scan through double layers of drywall without any issues. That means you can check up to 38 mm deep. This is a highly sensitive mode that will scan through extra layers of paneling or wallboards. 

Also, here is an important tip for you that might help in the long run. To ensure better accuracy, you can begin with the 0.5 or 1-inch Stud Scan mode. Once the center has been found, then you can go on to using this device’s metal scan mode and understand the type of material.

Adding on, it can detect live and unyielding electrical wiring when needed. The machine will scan up to 2 inches deep to find live wires and will immediately warn you of their presence. 

Further, with an anti-slip grip, you should have nothing to worry about. Work with ease and let the machine help you put up your favorite decorations on the wall.

We will recommend that you pay attention to the instruction manual and spend some time understanding it. The details will help you in using the product without any hindrance. We had not read it initially and had a difficult time using it. But once the instructions were clear, it was easy to work with. 

Number of Functions: 5 | Sensor Type: Electromagnetic | Maximum Scanning Depth: 1.5 inches | LCD Display: Yes | Calibration Required: No

9. BLACK+DECKER Line Laser BDL190S

Why settle for 1 when you can have the benefits of 2 products? The BLACK+DECKER Line Laser BDL190S is an incredible option that can be used as a laser level and a stud finder. It will take care of all your measuring jobs and will make your toolbox lighter too.

This device works as 2 tools with patented auto-leveling technology, and a stud finder clubbed together. It levels automatically, making it very efficient and will provide you with precise results. This will also project horizontal level lines so that you can drill straight. 

Now coming to the stud detector, it can easily scan metal, wood, and live A/C wires. You will be able to get clear results and understand the kind of material in no time.  

Moving on, the LCD display will help you get all the readings. It is clearly visible, and you can see the digits while working. To top it all, it is classified as a class II laser, which is backed by a 2-year limited warranty. Black + Decker is known for its amazing customer service and will ensure that you get the benefits of the warranty. 

While it works well, the product does weigh 16 ounces, and it is bulky. Now it will save space in your toolbox, considering it works as 2 devices in 1. But if you have to work for a long with it, then you might be facing hand fatigue. 

Number of Functions: 1 | Sensor Type: Laser | Maximum Scanning Depth: N/A | LCD Display: Yes | Calibration Required: Yes

10. Preciva Wall Scanner Sensor 8-in-1

We are finally nearing the end of this list, and it is time to introduce the Preciva Wall Scanner Sensor 4-in-1. It comes with 4 scanning modes and will let you detect with precision and accuracy. So, finally, you get to hang those new frames and wall shelves up without professional support.

Like most of its peers, this product also has 6 scanning modes. This involves the stud scan, metal scan, deep scan, and AC wire scan modes, which together make it very efficient. You will be able to read the detection results on the LCD screen on top. This graphic displays the signal strength and the scanning mode that you have chosen. 

It will also show how much battery is left. The screen is backlit, and hence you can work with it in the dark too. This was a great feature and it enabled me to work post-sunset without disturbing anybody. 

Moreover, this device functions with a 9-volt battery, and that comes with the pack. You will be getting a user manual and a battery making sure that you can immediately start working. We even loved the good packaging. The brand has truly taken care while doing it.

Now there is nothing much to complain about this item. We would have just preferred a button to turn the sound off. Since we often work at night, the sound could wake people around. Hence, we wished that it would have been better with a sound-off button. 

Number of Functions: 8 | Sensor Type: Electromagnetic | Maximum Scanning Depth: 1.5 inches | LCD Display: Yes | Calibration Required: No

11. CRAFTSMAN Stud Finder (CMHT77633)

Does your area face a lot of rainfall? The CRAFTSMAN Stud Finder (CMHT77633) is a product to use with a water-resistant body that will protect it from all kinds of water damage. This might be very beneficial if you are working next to kids or pets.

To begin with, this product works with walls that have wallpaper or fabric covering them. You can scan up to 3/4th inch through drywalls, and that will help you find all the hidden studs. Paired with edge and center detection technology, you will be able to find the right spot very quickly. 

Adding on, it has a shock-resistant body, which will make the product durable. Hence, even if you drop the product or it is exposed to rough use, it will survive and work well. 

Coming to the expenses, this product is available at a very low price and will not burn a hole in your pockets. We got one before installing heavy speakers, and it worked very well. You will not need to hire a professional for the job, and that will let you save further.

We found the sound indicator to be faulty as it kept beeping at almost everything. Now, this could be irritating for some, but if you can look past it, then there are no other issues to complain about. Everything else works just fine, but we wished that there was a way to stop the sound. 

Number of Functions: 1 | Sensor Type: Magnetic | Maximum Scanning Depth: 1.5 inches | LCD Display: No | Calibration Required: Yes

Best Stud Finders Comparison Table

Product Number of Functions Sensor Type Maximum Scanning Depth LCD Display Calibration Required
Tavool Store 4-in-1 Electronic Stud Sensor 4 Electromagnetic 1.5 inches Yes No
CH Hanson 03040 1 Magnetic 1 inch No Yes
VIVREAL 4-in-1 Electric Wood Detector 4 Electromagnetic 1.5 inches Yes No
ProSensor 710 Franklin Sensors 1 Electromagnetic 1.6 inches Yes No
Tavool Store 5 in 1 Electronic Sensor 5 Electromagnetic 1.5 inches Yes No
Franklin Sensors FS710PROProSensor 710+ 1 Electromagnetic 1.6 inches Yes No
FOLAI 5 in 1 Electronic Stud Positioner 5 Electromagnetic 1.5 inches Yes No
Jurgen K 5 in 1 Multi-functional Detector 5 Electromagnetic 1.5 inches Yes No
BLACK+DECKER Line Laser BDL190S 1 Laser N/A Yes Yes
Preciva Wall Scanner Sensor 8-in-1 8 Electromagnetic 1.5 inches Yes No
CRAFTSMAN Stud Finder (CMHT77633) 1 Magnetic 1.5 inches No Yes

Buying Guide For The Best Stud Finder

Now that you know about the top 13 stud finders in the market, it might still be difficult to make a choice. While they all have their list of benefits, you will have to decide what features you are looking for. Below, I have listed the essential factors that need to be kept in mind before making a decision. 

  1. Sensor Types

We found that there are 2 major types of sensors, electric and magnetic ones. Magnetic sensors are the simpler versions that have been around for ages now. These have no batteries or cords and hence will run for a long. 

However, this one will not be able to give you the exact location and details, and you will have to take it around a wall to find the spot. It could be more time-consuming than a battery-operated one.

A battery-operated model could be your cup of tea if you are looking for an advanced option. It might cost you a bit more, but it will let you find the accurate location faster. 

  1. Grip And Overall Design

Stud finders should be compact and lightweight so that they fit into your palm easily. They also need to have a good and comfortable grip allowing you to work without facing hand fatigue later. A bulky product that is difficult to handle will reduce your chances of finding the accurate spot. 

  1. Finding The Centre

It is important to find the center of a stud or obstacle in a wall so that you can estimate its size of it. This is especially important in the case of electric sensors. Check the description well to see if it can detect the center. This will also help in finding out the exact position of the object. 

  1. Display And Alarm 

While magnet options do not have a display, most electrical stud finders come with one. A large display makes it easier to see the placement of the studs. It will allow you to mark the center, and arrows might guide you to the exact spot. Now this will vary with the model and the brand. Some will also have a backlit screen making it easier to see in the dark.

Further, you need to check if there is an audible notification option. These prove to be beneficial while spotting objects.

Can stud finders be used on ceilings?

Stud finders can be used on ceilings to locate joists, but the user must ensure that the tool is calibrated for use in the ceiling mode.

What is the difference between a stud finder and a wall scanner?

A stud finder is a tool used to locate studs, while a wall scanner is a more advanced tool that can also detect pipes, wires, and other objects behind the wall.

How do I use a stud finder?

To use a stud finder, first, select the right mode, then hold the tool against the wall and move it horizontally until it detects a stud. Mark the location with a pencil and repeat the process to find the other studs.

Can stud finders be used on plaster walls?

Stud finders can be used on plaster walls, but the accuracy may vary depending on the thickness and composition of the plaster.

Can stud finders detect wires?

Some stud finders have the ability to detect live wires behind walls. However, not all stud finders have this feature, and it is essential to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions before use.

Are stud finders accurate?

The accuracy of stud finders varies depending on the type and quality of the tool. Magnetic stud finders can be less accurate than electronic or ultrasound-based stud finders. However, with proper calibration and usage, stud finders can be very accurate.


After thoroughly testing and reviewing eleven popular stud finder options, we were delighted to discover that they lived up to their promises, assisting us in finding studs safely, quickly, and efficiently for various tasks.

Many of these stud finders are versatile and user-friendly, making them ideal not only for experienced professionals but also for DIY enthusiasts who need to hang a picture, mount a TV, or install shelves.

Out of these 11 stud finders, here are the top five expert recommendations:

  • For those looking to avoid accidentally drilling into live wires, the Tavool Store 4-in-1 Electronic Stud Sensor is an ideal option. Its 4-in-1 process and deep scan mode help deliver accuracy and peace of mind.
  • If you prefer a no-fuss, battery-free solution, the CH Hanson 03040 is a good option. Its strong magnetic sensor is incredibly accurate for locating screws and nails, provided they’re not too deep.
  • For an enhanced performance and multi-purpose utility, the VIVREAL 4-in-1 Electric Wood Detector is the right choice. Its four modes for detecting metal, wood, and wires make it a standout option for any DIY enthusiast.
  • Time-saving and efficient, the ProSensor 710 Franklin Sensors help identify multiple studs within a wall simultaneously, and its multi-sense technology ensures accuracy.
  • Lastly, for those concerned about drilling into water pipes or live wires, the Tavool Store 5-in-1 Electronic Sensor provides accuracy and consistency in detecting studs and other obstacles.

In conclusion, our extensive exploration of these stud finders has been both enlightening and rewarding. It has become clear that the top five recommended products offer real value and functionality to DIYers and professionals alike, making it easy to work on projects with confidence and precision.

Regardless of your specific needs, investing in any of these exceptional devices will make a marked difference in your projects and tasks.

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