Top Blueprint Tubes: 9 Best Drawing Storage Tubes for Creative Minds

Are you great with designing and drafting your ideas on paper? Do you have to move around a lot with your art at times, are drawing storage tubes part of your everyday life?

If yes, then you know that your work needs protection wherever you go.

Time and again, we buy a storage object for our important rolled documents just to see our precious work develop blemishes and start fading with time.

For regular papers we have file folders to take care of them, but what about large delicate documents?

You know the answer already!

This where the best drawing storage tubes come into the picture. Storage tubes help safeguard all your large important documents from aging for a long, long time. Professionals and students can use them to store and move documents like blueprints, drawings, maps, drafts, and so on.

Best Drawing Storage Tubes

What’s the issue with finding the right drawing tubes?

If you think that you need a much safer place for your rolled documents or if you’re tired of seeing them crumbling and torn after a while, then it’s time you get yourself a great drawing storage tube.  

However, storage tubes come in a lot of different brands, colors, quality, and sizes. We care about the quality and durability of storage tubes so if you’re looking for a good-quality tube to keep your projects, we will recommend the best ones you will find.

Below we have listed 9 of the best drawing storage tubes for creative minds. We guarantee that these storage tubes will take care of all your work and you do not have to worry, even when you have to carry them around.

Take a look at them!

  1. One Leaf – Professional Art Holder and Blueprint Document Tube

This art and blueprint holder is professionally designed and is made up of fully polished grain leather with a smooth touch of suede lining over it. It is a handcrafted tube.

It has an adjustable and removable shoulder strap.

The size of the tube is 55cm long and 6.5cm wide.

It is tightly stitched to ensure durability and maximum protection of files. The lid covering is made to be belted firmly. The body is strong and can handle pressure.


The first feature that people would notice is the look of the tube. It’s impressive and it has got a bold appearance.

What makes this tube special is that it is handcrafted which means all the stitchings are detailed.

The tube also comes with two handles. You can use the detachable back strap whenever you don’t want to use the carrying handle. It makes carrying it around easy. The belt can also be adjusted according to your wish.  

It’s also pretty light to take with you anywhere so it won’t add unnecessary weight while you’re on the go.

The tube is tightly sealed with firm stitches to prevent your documents from fading in the long run.

Because it is made from grain leather, the surface will remain in perfect condition for a long time. Unlike tubes that are coated with cheap leather, this holder’s surface will not peel off easily.

  1. Walnut Studiolo Handsewn Carrying Case Leather Tube

We have another handcrafted leather storage tube. This tube is by Walnut Studiolo which handcrafts all storage tubes. It comes in three different colors: black, dark brown, and honey.

The tube is made entirely from strong  American vegetable-tanned leather and can be used to store large documents. It provides an interior space that is 81.3cm long and 7.6cm in diameter with an adjustable strap.

The lid of this tube can be belted firmly so that it protects your files and documents.


The interior of the tube is not colored. The manufacturers have made sure that nothing will damage or spoil the documents you store inside of it. Also, the tube is sewn tightly so that no moisture or dust can get inside.

The texture, the colors, and the fact that it is handmade make this tube unique when compared to other normal storage tubes.

All the extra metal bits used on the tube are protected with a coat of nickel so that they won’t rust easily. Hence, it is assured that your files remain undamaged.

The tube has a large storage space so you don’t need to carry an extra tube or any other storing objects in case you have to take a lot of your documents with you.

If you are looking for a storage tube that is large and professionally designed, the Walnut Storage Tube is perfect for you.

It is also sturdy and strong so you can rely on it to not cramp up your papers when you have to take it for long trips. You do not have to worry about the condition of the tube as it is made from the same type of leather that horse saddles are made from.

  1. DEWEL Expandable Storage Tube

The DEWEL storage tube is expandable in ten different heights. Its length can go from 24 inches minimum to 40 inches maximum with a diameter of 3.15 inches.

It is made from very rigid plastic and it comes in the color black.

This tube is built to handle pressure. It also has an adjustable strap.


The best feature about this storage tube is that it can be expanded according to the different sizes of your documents. Unlike other tubes that come in a fixed size, this tube allows you to adjust its size as you wish.

Though the storage tube is expandable, it is easy to operate. It also prevents your documents from curling up or getting damaged. It is built to last for a very long time.

Because the storage tube is made of plastic, that makes it water-resistant. This is perfect when you have to travel. It is also tightly sealed so even when water touches the tube, you can rest assured that no water can get through to your important documents.

There is also no need for you to worry about discoloration because your artworks will stay fresh as they are.

  1. Nozlen Jumbo Document Storage Tube

Like the DEWEL tube, the Nozlen storage tube is also expandable except that it is bigger, and it weighs 2.6 pounds. It is made from hard plastic material that makes it hefty, indestructible, and durable. It is available in the color black.

The storage space expands from 31.5 inches to 53 inches with 5.5 inches external diameter. It provides a shoulder strap and a handle.


This huge storage tube has a large storage space. It is ideal if there are a lot of documents to keep inside it. This is perfect because you will not require a lot of storing objects. You can store all the important files in one tube.

The tube is guaranteed to serve you for a long time without facing major damages. If you purchase this storage tube, you will get a lifetime warranty.

Not only can the storage tube hold large blueprints and artworks, but it also can be used to store other things that you want to protect from damage.

  1. Square Document/Poster Storage Tube

Here we have got another one of the expandable tubes. It’s made from strong plastic. This particular tube is square-shaped and is available in deep blue color.

Its length can increase from 24.3 inches up to 40 inches.

The lid on the tube contains a space where you can store a card for easy identification. It also has a safety secured lock that is easy to use.


This storage tube is quite different in its looks from the rest of the other tubes because it is square-shaped and not cylindrical.

The shape of the tube is not only appealing, but it also serves a purpose of preventing your documents from slipping/falling off when you open the tube. With a cylindrical tube, there is a high chance that your files might slide off when you open the tube. This is not ideal if you’re standing somewhere, like in mud that your projects might get spoiled.

There is no need to worry about your papers getting wet because the tube is waterproof and the lid can be securely shut. In case you ever dropped your tube in water or it suddenly starts pouring, your files will still stay dry.

If you have got a number of these tubes that are identical, you can put a name card inside the little space on the lid. This will make identifying the right tube easy for you.

Unlike other tubes that have belts, this tube saves time when you open/close it. You don’t have to spend time fastening it as you do with straps.

  1. Juvale Plastic Storage Tube

The Juvale Plastic Tube is another expandable storage tube that is both secure and durable. It can stretch from 30.5 inches to 49 inches in length. The lid is very easy to open/shut.You can get this tube in a single color: black.

It’s ideal for all sorts of professions’ and hobbies’ documents. The tube’s strap is not detachable, but it can be adjusted according to desired lengths.


This tube has all the features of a flexible tube. It is expandable with an adjustable strap. It is also sturdy and resists both water and light.

This drawing storage tube allows you to twist, stretch, expand, and carry it wherever you want to.

Because it is both expandable and solid, you can use this tube to store not only documents but a different variety of materials. It can also be shut tightly which will safeguard all your important files from damage or bending.

  1. Alvin Storage/Transport Tube

Here is a tube that matches your creativity. It is appealing to any mind that is drawn to colors. This tube is unique and attractive. It is made from see-through plastic that has UV-protection.

One cap is sealed while you can take out documents from the other easily.

It is 25 inches tall with a 2.75 diameter. This tube has got an adjustable strap and it weighs about 10.4 ounces. And you can get this tube in different colors.


What sets this tube apart from the rest is that it has got a variety of colors. It is perfect for creative minds who are in love with colors. Unlike other tubes that come in a fixed color, the Alvin Storage Tube allows you to buy one of the color of your liking.

It is also a very light storage tube which makes it very convenient to take it with you wherever you go.

Since the blueprint storage tube is also waterproof and air-tight, you can store your documents without worrying that they will get dampen even if you’re outside in the pouring rain.

  1. US Art Supply Large Black Telescoping Tube

Made from hard plastic, this  telescoping drafting tube can withstand a beating. It also comes at a reasonable price.

With a large diameter of 5 inches, it also can stretch from 32 inches to 53 inches in length.

It is one of the tallest and strongest storage tubes on this list.

Has a shoulder strap that is much longer than most tubes. It also makes carrying comfortable. The cap is attached to the shoulder strap to ensure you do not lose it.


You can be sure that this blueprint storage tube can provide your documents with total protection from sun rays and water/moisture. This is when you do not have to worry about your documents getting wet or developing blemishes/blots.

This huge storage tube is firmly made to ensure you make the right investment. You won’t end up regretting it when you buy it. Take this anywhere and keep anything you want here. It has got a large storage space inside.

A much longer shoulder strap means you get to adjust it however you want to. It is also ideal to hang somewhere in the house. Since the lid is also attached to the strap, it won’t get lost easily.

It will last for a long time and will not be dysfunctional even as time passes by.

  1. X-Port Professional Blueprint-Carrying Tube

The X-Port Professional carrying tube here is made up of high-quality and strong denier polyester.

With an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, you can carry the tube however you want to. You can secure the tube using the zipper.

This poster tube or drawing tube measures 31” in length with a 6-inch diameter and offers a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap.

The outside polyester protects the internal paperboard. Hence, it is waterproof.


You can easily clean this drawing storage tube as it is stain-resistant.

It is made entirely from water-resistant polyester. It is unique because unlike other tubes that comes with a lid, this one has a zipper to close and protect your documents.

High durability; you don’t have to worry about wear and tear or damage because of overuse.

There is a plastic pouch at the side that is transparent. You can use this if you want to keep a name tag that will help easily identify the tube and its contents. It is good if you have multiple of the same storage tube.

It also has got a large storage space. Because it is made from highly rigid polyester, it can be used as a bag to keep all of your other things besides your documents, it can store your architectural plans, blueprints or your art canvas.

Drawing Storage Tube Buyers Guide

We understand how important your designs and documents are to you. This is the reason we want to share a few things that you might want to read before you get yourself a storage tube. The key points below will help you get the sheet storage tube, extendable poster tube or document poster tube that you will actually enjoy using, as your use case defines the need that you have for this piece of equipment.

  • Large Internal Storage Space

This will prevent you from carrying more than one storage tube. A single tube that has large internal storage space can accommodate most of the papers you may require.

  • Durable Drawing Tube

You need to get yourself a solid and durable storage tube as you might require to be out/ travel most of the time. Also, it is ideal for engineers and other professionals who need to be on busy work sites.

  • Expandable Drafting Tube

Unless all your documents are of the same size, choose a storage tube that you can adjust its length. You don’t need to get different sizes of tubes for different documents even though there are tubes that come in a fixed size too.

  • Waterproof and Tight

In order to be on the safe side, get yourself a storage tube that is waterproof and secured tightly so that you can take with you anywhere without worries.


These storage tubes are ideal for architects, students, artists, engineers, and so on to store their documents.

Drawing tubes, drafting tubes or blueprint tubes are also incredibly versatile, besides keeping important papers inside, you can use the tubes to store other things as well. They have enough storage space for you to store so they remain protected and secured.

They’re perfect storage objects!

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