50 Most Essential Architect Supplies to Consider Today

Architects around the world have quite a difficult time when it comes to getting quality architect supplies for all their projects, Long story short, the quality of a designing tool is what can make or break the accurate calculations and measurements required to create a perfect model.

Although it is not very difficult to get your hands on the required architectural supplies easily, it is a real challenge to find the ones that are of decent quality that allow you all the ease of use along with superior performance.

To help you find just the right tools for all your architectural requirements, here’s an extensive guide on some of the essential architectural supplies that you should consider buying right away!

1. Moleskine Classic Notebook

If you are an architect or a designer of any sort, then this classic notebook from Moleskine is just what you need to hone your creativity and perfect your skills. Apart from that, this is an excellent tool for jotting down quick notes and keeping reminders for meetings and assignments, A classic notebook is an essential tool in the drafting equipment of an architect.

The beautiful, high-quality Moleskine cover of the notebook with its premium-grade ivory pages is ideal for all kinds of inked prints, including fountain pens and rollers.

The notebook also comes in stunning shades of red, green, blue, and brown apart from the classic black. It is a highly recommended accessory for all professionals which could be easily carried on travels and in meetings or conferences, a drafting tool not to overlook.

The notebook is designed especially for writing, sketching, and journaling.

2. Alvin Architect’s Scale

Alvin is known as one of the most trusted brands of drafting tools and art supplies since 1950, The 98ARC/12” architect’s scale by Alvin is one tool that every architect should keep handy in drafting supplies.

Made of superior-grade black anodized aluminum, this scale comes with clearly printed white graduations that provide maximum visibility, ease of reading, and perfect accuracy while measuring objects.

The scale has a concave base that keeps your drawings from smearing all over the place. The hollow core and tapered edges of the scale provide all the comfort of grip, unlike other scales that may annoyingly slip away when you try to pick them off a surface.

3.  Handheld Laser Distance Meter

The UNI-T LD60 by UNI-TREND is an exceedingly efficient measuring tool for measuring the dimensions of the room and other structures. This handheld laser distance-measuring meter could measure up to 196 ft. It supports all unit selections of meters, inches, and feet and includes the indirect measurement by Pythagorean Theorem.

The laser device provides the highest degree of accuracy for all measurements of distance, area, volume, and width within the measuring range.

The large LCD of the gadget comes with a backlight and multi-line display that help you measure hard-to-reach or poorly lit areas.

This essential tool also comes with a data storing and recalling function, which can store up to 30 separate measurements and calculations, displaying them whenever needed. You can also erase them whenever you want.

4. Metal Architect Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp

This swing arm LED desk lamp is a charming light source that is perfect for all kinds of desk work. The revolutionary design of the object not only looks beautiful and compliments all sorts of decor scenarios, but it is ergonomic as well as functional enough to provide the user with maximum ease of use.

It consists of 144 pieces of high-quality LED bulbs, and Ra High CRI LED, which is easy on the eyes and protects them from harsh lights.

The swivel head goes around a full 360 degrees, and the lamp itself offers 6 brightness and 4 lighting modes that go a long way to save power and provide just the required amount of light for various purposes.

5. Liner Pens

Penwork is a crucial part of every architect’s work that involves a lot of fine-tipped pens and specific lining inkers for the architect’s design board. Fine-tipped liner pens are greatly required for accurate measurement works and marking within limited spaces on the paperwork.

A classic brand of liner pens for architects is the Staedtler Pigment Bonus Liner Sketch set which comes with 6 finely tipped lining pens with highly pigmented ink.

These pens offer smooth, rich, and crisp prints on the sheets. These dry super-quick and don’t transfer to any part of the paper, proper liner is of paramount importance in the drafting equipment of an architect.

The long metal tip has great ease of use and maneuverability while writing or sketching and the polypropylene barrel of the pens ensures the longevity of the product.

6. Drawing Storage Tube

The Nozlen Document Poster Tube is an incredibly functional storage unit for all your important docs, prints, maps, and layouts. The drawing storage tube is made of immensely rigid and sturdy plastic that takes due care of all your documents, keeping them from bending or creasing during travels.

The formidable plastic casing also ensures complete water-proofing for all your belongings so that they don’t sustain water damage. Moreover, the tube is also light-resistant keeps your documents from fading from exposure to sunlight, an essential tool for an architecture student.

The tube also comes with an extra-long shoulder strap which makes for comfortable wear for the user even if the tube is fully extended.

7. Tracing Paper

When it comes to architecture and any form of designing, tracing paper is the one thing that rules the desk scene, the drawing equipment, and the essential tool in the studio. Not only is it required to correctly reproduce specific diagrams from a certain reference point onto the main designing area, but it is also needed to place the measurements correctly onto the working sheets.

Only architects know how often we sketch, sketch, and sketch again on tracing paper, and how often it leads the mind to the solution through trial and error, no drafting equipment matches the tracing paper in progress toward a solution, especially for architecture students.

The one that we have over here is a lightweight, white, tracing paper roll by the brand Alvin. It is a premium-grade tracing paper that performs exceptionally well when it comes to tracing minute details on your sketch work. This tracing paper offers high transparency for ensuring maximum readability and ease of use for all architects and designers, one of the most essential architect supplies.

8. X-Acto Knife Set

Compression knives are essential tools for model-making and cutting out various stuff for architectural projects.

The X-Acto knife set offers a range of angular compression knives with precision blades that perform exceedingly well for various arts and crafts projects. These knives can be cut through various materials and could be used by architects and designers for all of their model-making and structuring work.

The set also offers different kinds of blades for a wide range of purposes. But, the best part about these is that the knives come with an easy-to-change blade system that allows the user to swap the blades whenever they want to.

The nylon soft compression case that the knives come in provides the use of storage and portability for the tools.

9. Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Self-healing mats are usually required in architecture for cutting objects with accurate measures and making models. The material of these mats heals up automatically when it clumps back together, repairing the gashes on its surface.

This right here is the Deluxe Cutting Mat by Crafty World that provides a smooth cutting surface with calibrated clear grid lines of ½ measurements and marked angles that guide proper cutting procedures.

The material of this mat reseals itself after every cut and is extremely durable, ensuring long-lasting performance. The mat is thick and offers both sides for use.

The versatility and functionality of the mat’s design make it an ideal addition for all arts and crafts projects for literally all age groups.

10. Feet Inch Fraction Calculator

The measurement of all things is what matters the most to an architect since it forms the foundation of all their designs. However, calculations, for the most part, can get exceedingly tedious, complex, and a massively time-consuming process too soon.

This Feet Fraction Calculator is one such device that saves an enormous amount of time that is otherwise spent on calculating the fractional dimensions of structures.

The greatest advantage that it provides is that it can be worked up for all formats of building dimensions.

The device features custom fractions which dispense the need of manually inputting the units of fractions into the system for the user.

11. LED Light Box

For those who run super busy with their architectural projects, attending conferences and meetings all over the globe, should have a proper LED tracing lightbox, which helps them to work easily on the go, it is not an essential tool but one that can save a lot of time.

This super-thin LED Light Box by ME456 is all you need to keep coming up with spectacular and constructive ideas even without the comfort of your working space.

It is a brilliantly designed drafting table that is super convenient and immensely easy to carry. The device offers adjustable brightness levels along with a “dimmable touch technology” that keeps your eyes protected from harsh lights.

The flicker-free LED lights offer the ideal environment for all sorts of design projects and penmanship. The gadget also comes with a printing scale for providing accurate measurements during work, while non-essential, one might call this proper drafting equipment.

12. Engineer’s Scale

The engineer’s scale is very different from that of the architect’s scale, but it does have its fair share of use in architectural projects when it comes to measurements.

This Engineer’s scale right here from Alumicolor is made of color-anodized aluminum and offers a smooth, stain-resistant surface that performs stunningly well to provide you with highly accurate results. The scale comes with printed graduations and a 12-inch hollow core which ensures complete ease of use and maneuverability without losing track of the measurements.

The scale further comes in a hard plastic case that protects it from external blunt forces.

13. Adjustable Triangle

Measuring and drafting angles is a crucial part of every architecture’s job. And it’s far from being an easy one.

But with this Tri Scale Adjustable Triangle by Alvin, you would be able to draft and chart any sort of angle of whatever structure it is that you are working on.

The device comes with a thumbscrew lock mechanism that keeps the adjusted angle locked securely in its place at the preferred rise, slope, or angle.

This functional drafting tool comes with a hot-stamped graduation that helps you with your rises, slopes, and degrees. The inking edge of the triangle makes it easier for you to get accurate measurements all the time. The clear acrylic body makes it easy for you to see your measurements and calibrations.

14. Technical Mechanical Pencil

Pencils are the absolute go-to objects in architectural projects, paramount drafting equipment. These are used extensively for marking out different objects, taking notes, preparing the final sketches, and adding details to them.

The Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil is one such classic pencil that makes writing, sketching, and drawing not only easy but pleasurable things to do.

The precision 2mm lead of the pencil allows the user to add the tiniest of details to their work or calibrate their measurement to a fault.

The pencil is made and imported from Germany and coupled with the brand name, it leaves little room for anyone to doubt the supremacy of its quality and performance.

15. Easy Cutter

The act of cutting things in perfect measurements in architectural projects is a pretty challenging aspect of the whole thing since you can seldom put back a piece that has already been cut out. This necessitates for the designer to be sure about the measurements of whatever they are cutting away.

And to make sure that you get those perfect cuts all the time, we want you to check out this Midwest Products Hobby and Craft Easy Cutter right away!

It is the perfect cutter for all your model-making sessions which involve cutting wood strips accurately and quickly.

It is easy to use and cuts wood up to ½ inch thick. The device comes with an integrated protractor, marking 45, 60, 90 and 120 degrees.

16. Small Mitre Box Kit

The small miter box kit from Excel Blades is a hand-powered tabletop miter saw that is made of premium aluminum and steel. This makes the product extremely durable and resistant to rust or corrosion.

This aluminum construction miter box comes with both 45-degree and 90-degree cutting angles that provide you with precise angular cutting scopes.

The razor saw set comes with a robust K5 hobby knife handle with a 5” steel pull saw blade with 46 teeth per inch that slices cleanly through different materials smoothly enough to leave no mess behind. All in all, this is a great addition, to every art and craft project for all.

17. Rotary Action Lead Pointer

A lead pointer is an essential requirement for all desks which sees a lot of pencil work being done regularly. Lead pointers and sharpeners keep your technical mechanical pencils nicely sharpened with a piercing point for all your design projects and detail work.

The Staedtler 502 BK A6 Mars Rotary Action Lead Pointer is an amazingly designed pencil sharpener for 2mm leads that comes with a dust wiper as well.

The metal sharpener on this one has an auto-sharpening stop that controls the point of the lead and keeps it from chipping off due to excessive sharpening. It also comes with a measurement device that adjusts the sharpening cone to suit different pencil types.

18. Metal Rulers

When it comes to old-school staples for measurements for any sort of arts and crafts project, we can never miss out on reaching for our metal rulers.

This metal ruler kit from eBoot includes one 12-inch (300 mm) ruler and a 6-inch (150mm) ruler with it. These come with metric and imperial graduation along with a conversion table on the back of each ruler.

The sturdy stainless steel body of the rulers ensures incredible product longevity. The edges of the rulers are around 0.9 mm thick which avoids the risk of cuts.

The rulers help you achieve clear lines for the convenience of measurements and accurate calibrations each time you use them.

19. 3M Super 77 Spray Glue

The 3M Super 77 Spray Glue is a professional-grade binding solution for any arts and crafts purposes. It is a multi-purpose spray glue that provides a long-lasting bond between lightweight materials.

It is super efficient for attaching a range of different materials such as paper, foils, carpeting, painted or unpainted metals, or wood.

One of the best things about the adhesive is that it contains less than 25% VOC, which makes it eco-friendly. It also helps contribute to LEED credits.

It is a great adhesive spray to have at hand when you are making models of projects or attaching presentation boards that are too delicate to be soldered together.

20. Gel Super Glue

And since we are on the subject of adhesives that are suitable for architectural purposes, let’s talk about one of the strongest ones for the purpose! And that would be the Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue.

This is one of the adhesives that can bond with almost all kinds of household materials such as plastic, metal, ceramic, rubber, wood, leather, and so much more. This could be easily used on vertical surfaces and those bonds that are subjected to daily wear and tear.

The rubber-toughened formula of the glue is strategically designed to resist shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperatures without faltering. It dries up clear, and there’s no need to clamp.

The side-squeeze design of the bottle controls the flow of adhesive, making sure to dispense only the required amount whenever needed.

21. Dusting Brush

Dusting an architectural workstation is just as important as it is to maintain the other parts of the house. Keeping your workstation and tools neat, tidy, and free of dust at all times will help prolong the longevity of the objects and keep your workstation sparkling and organized.

And people do need a proper dusting brush to make that happen. This one here is a fabulous horsehair brush by Westcott. It is a professional dusting brush that could be used for dusting several items, for that matter.

The 2-inch long and fine horse hair bristles of this ergonomically designed brush gently pick up all particles and traces of dust to leave your place clean and free of germs.

22. Mini L-Squares

The Mini L-Squares and Triangles are pretty efficient in providing accurate calculations of any dimension that you use these squares on. These are made of .022” thick stainless steel that holds up against daily wear and tear and harsh environments. This also makes these tools significantly resistant to stains and corrosive reactions. The mini L-squares provide clear lines that help you measure the dimensions accurately.

The L-squares come with 3/32” measuring intervals with the metric equivalents depicted on the back of the tools.

Overall, these are a pair of greatly functional tools that make it significantly easier for architects to calculate the dimensions of objects quickly and accurately.

23. 3D Printer

This 3D Printer from FlashForge is an exceedingly useful device that delivers a power-packed performance when it comes to printing your objects in 3-dimensional layouts.

The slide-in plate lets you draw them out easily from the printer and then remove the finished 3D print effortlessly. It also minimizes the damages or offsets to the build plate.

The gadget comes with an intelligent assisted leveling system which allows accurate and easier calibrations, for matter.

One of the best things about this printer is that it remains super-quiet during printing and designing with the sound of operation remaining as low as 50 decibels.

The device uses the 2nd Wi-Fi connection with a more stable wireless file transmission.

You can find more printers for architects right here.

24. Electric Eraser

When it comes to architectural use, erasers hold more power than you think they do. Any work that involves drawing and sketching or even putting down a lot of calculations and measurements generally requires a lot of rectification in several places. And all of those pencil work requires an eraser, while an electric eraser is not an essential tool, multiple types of erasers are very important drafting supplies.

This one for Ohuhu is an electrical eraser that comes with a one-button operation that gets the eraser to pulsate and go around in a circular movement removing all marks within the blink of an eye.

It dismisses the need to rub the eraser hard against the surface which might damage the paper. The battery-powered device itself allows you to replace and remove the eraser whenever needed. It comes with a 20-eraser refill.

25. Clear Ruler With Metal Edge

Coming back to the subject of rulers for architects, this 12-inch Metal Edge Acrylic Ruler from Creative Impressions is all you need to achieve flawlessly accurate measurements all the time.

The transparent grid design enables the user to obtain parallel and precise measurements.

The metal edge of the ruler makes it an ideal tool to be used with a craft knife. The overall quality of the knife is pretty formidable and holds up against the toughest blows. It can substantially resist daily wear and tear and perform just as well as new.

The “center-find measurements” make it easy and quick for the user to make centering projects.

A convenient keyhole punched into the tool makes it easy for you to simply hang up the ruler anywhere.

26. Laser Cutter and Engraver

The laser cutter and engraver from OrionMotorTech is a marvelous laser engraver tool that can be used on a wide range of materials. It comes equipped with an upgraded panel that allows users to easily observe the current volume owing to the upgraded rotary adjusting knobs.

The red dot pointer on the device can quickly indicate engraving spots and guide the path of the machine.

The gadget comes with a clamp feature for irregular objects and a level board for the same to improve your user experience.

The in-built or pre-installed cooling fan in the device allows for decent ventilation performance within the system, keeping it from overheating. It also reduces the noise of operation and makes for easier operation and greater portability.

27. Architectural Graphics Standard

The Architectural Graphics Standard has been hailed as the “Architect’s Bible” since the year 1932. It is a comprehensive guide meant for all architects, designers, and building contractors.

The book provides an extensive view of the fundamentals of architecture paired up with visual representations of how different materials, products, systems, and assemblies work in cohesion to form a structure.

An essential handbook to understand how to build designs, it discusses some of the key features of architecture such as the key architectural designs and production processes, thorough coverage of all sorts of architectural materials, and comprehensive appendices filled with important facts and data.

Previously on Architecture Lab we have featured the 50 best books for architects, cast a glance!

28. Cut Resistant Gloves

Well, it is kind of sad that minor accidents that involve cutting, gashing, or simply nicking are a part of all arts and crafts projects.

However, the fair and most viable solution to this is a pair of gloves that resists the onslaughts of sharp blades and keep your hands safe all of the time during work, such as these Cut cut-resistant gloves from NoCry.

The material of these gloves offers the highest level of durability which is said to be 4 times than that of leather.

It is lightweight and provides complete protection against the sharp blade, awarded with the EN388 level 5 cut resistance. It is also 100% food-safe and machine-washable.

29. iPad Pro

Hailed as one of the most miraculous inventions of the present times, the Apple iPad Pro opens a limitless arena of creative ventures and significant scope for multitasking.

And, in our opinion, for architects and designers, the iPad Pro brings in just what they could require to take their creativity to the next level: the utter convenience of doing so. It is not part of the essential architect supplies for sure but for seasoned architects, it’s certainly a nice presentation and sketch tool.

The device comes with an A9X chip with 64-bit architecture and an M9 coprocessor that simplifies the overall process of designing. The 8MP iSight Camera with Panorama up to 43 MP and a 12.9-inch Retina Display, the device gives you the ultimate satisfaction of experimenting with designs and structures as well as creating unique pieces of your own.

30. Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

When at work, most of us would want absolute peace so that we can fully concentrate on what we are trying to get done. These noise-canceling headphones from Bose are the perfect solution for all work or study environments that necessitate the measures to maintain absolute silence under all circumstances.

These are ideal for pairing up with an iPod device. Although it does cancel out all kinds of sounds around you, the aware mode on the device alerts you of what you should notice at the touch of a button. It also allows you to effortlessly switch between music and calls without your interfering with your concentration.

31. 12-inch Paper Trimmer

Trimming paper is an integral part of all architectural projects. You can’t probably think of designing anything without sizing up some paper, for that matter.

This 12-inch paper trimmer is a one-stop solution for all your paper-cutting problems. The sharp guillotine system comes with an alignment grid and a precision dual-scale ruler that’s marked with inches and centimeters to provide you with accurate measurements each time you use it.

The device features a guard rail that keeps your fingers away from the blade. Also, the blade latch hook on the object keeps the trimmer arm locked in place when not in use.

The paper trimmer is quite simple to use and can cut up to ten sheets of paper at a time!

32. 48” Metal Ruler

Designing and model-making in architectural projects involve a lot of measuring, sizing, and cutting of materials. Architects are often required to cut large sheets of materials for setting up a particular structure. The not-so-good part about these projects is that they might result in nasty cuts, gashes, or nicks for the artist.

The ruler from Securcut is made of aluminum which makes it a lightweight object with a robust stainless steel edge. The curved guard keeps your fingers safe from blades. The super anti-slip grip makes for a secure and reliable hold while cutting. The size of the knife makes it ideal for you to use for larger projects.

33. Measuring Tape

A measuring tape to an architect is what a stethoscope to a doctor is. You cannot possibly think of scaling up structures on-site without having a measuring tape to rely on.

This one right here from Stanley comes with all the features that you could want your measuring tape to have.

The magnetic hook of the tape comes with an auto-lock mechanism that holds your adjusted measurement securely in place so that you don’t lose your marked measurements. It also comes with multi-color fractional inch marking and a bright yellow contrasting color for maximum visibility.

34. 43-inch Paper Trimmer

And since we are talking about paper trimmers, let’s give you an idea about how jumbo paper trimmers look and work. Well, they look pretty much like what the Dahle 796 Trimmer Stan with Paper Catch looks like.

It is a trimmer for large-scale drawings which ensures optimum cutting height and leverage for your documents. The machine is made of premium-grade steel which makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. The space-efficient design of the gadget makes it easy for all to store it away efficiently, even in narrow spaces.

The vinyl paper-catch ensures a mess-free work-station and maximum convenience of trimming papers.

35. French Curve Set

Designing objects is one of the most challenging tasks for an architect to do. A perfect combination of creativity and perfect measurements is a challenging feat to achieve, and it can be grueling to add minute and intricate details to your project.

And to help you with just this, we are gonna suggest this beautiful set of French curves stencils by the brand, Alvin that will help you achieve stunning designs within a matter of seconds!

These are made with durable polystyrene plastic that holds up strong under rough or hasty handling of the product.

The curves come with a double-beveled inking edge and a smoke-gray tinted body that ensures clear, perfect lines for all kinds of projects.

36. Drawing Set

A proper drawing set is an essential part of an architect’s design kit. Not only are they required frequently for making drawings at the studio, but they’re also required on the go at school or presentations, the drafting equipment of an architect is often fully customized but it starts from a basic drawing set like this one.

37. Retractable Knife

Retractable knives are not only required significantly in architectural and crafts projects, but they are of paramount importance in architectural models.

The retractable knife set from Darice offers superior performance in cutting a fair bit of materials. The super-sharp blades of the knives are made of high-quality stainless steel that resists the onslaughts of rust and corrosion.

The sturdy plastic case protects the blades from external damage that may cause them to lose their edge. The protective case also makes the tool safe for you to handle without running the risk of getting injured.

The knife could be used to cut anything from foam board to cardboard. It retracts smoothly back into its case and is pretty easy to use.

38. Circles Template

Circles drafting templates are an incredibly essential tool for architects. Not only are these required extensively in designing and model-making but they are also required for measuring purposes in many cases.

The circles drafting templates from Acme United offer all that you require from a standard architectural drafting template. It offers decimal and fractional measurements for accurate results while drafting and designing.

The template comes with 45 standard circle diameters ranging from 1/16” to 2 ¼”. The template also has center lines which makes the overall procedure even easier to do with accurate measurements.

39. Drafting Board

An architectural drafting board is the seat of all creativity and action in an architect’s or designer’s studio.

This drafting board from Alvin right here has been one of the highly recommended ones for architecture used by professionals themselves.

It comes fully assembled and loaded with functional features that include an aluminum straightedge, a melamine surface top, and an acrylic blade that helps you create accurate drafts and sketches. Immensely high on durability, the board has a crystal clear acrylic blade equipped with an inking edge underneath for super sharp and accurate measurements while sketching.

The brake mechanism, foldable metal legs, and rubber grips firmly and securely hold the board in place and keep it from wobbling. It can also be adjusted by fixing the top-mounted adjustment knobs given on it.

40. Graph Papers

Graph papers are one thing that perhaps we have all used at different points of time for very different purposes. Graph papers are used for a wide range of projects that include everything from scientific gigs and geological estimations to architectural designing.

These loose leaves of reinforced filler graph paper from Five Star bring a durable quality of graph paper material that stays securely in place in your binder. The patented triangular holes and enduring reinforcement tape keep the leaves from getting torn from the rings and let you turn the pages more easily.

The 20-pound premium quality pages resist blots from inks keeping it from bleeding through and offer a high-quality writing surface for your projects.

41. Electric Foam Cutter

An electric foam cutting machine could be a handy addition to your model-making kit and provide easy modeling benefits for just the purpose. These kinds of machines could be used by young designers and aspiring architects at school who might be experimenting with different forms of architectural materials.

The electrical foam cutter from Gochange provides ease of use while modeling styrofoam structures. It reaches 200 degrees in almost 10 seconds and can be used for art projects anywhere.

42. T-Square

A must-have for any architect, the T-Square is an essential tool for drafting. This one here is from Acme United Corporations, and it comes with standard inch and metric calibrations for providing precise measurements during drafting.

The clear plastic body and transparent blades provide maximum visibility to see clearly through to the underlying note. These allow you to draw sharp and clear columns or to check the layout of your work paper, a proper drafting tool that you can rely on.

The transparent blades of the tool also allow you to ink easily without erring anywhere on your worksheet.

It also comes with a hanging keyhole that lets you put it up anywhere you want.

43. Stainless Steel Erasing Shield

With this stainless steel erasing sheet from Alvin, you get to erase what you want from your architectural projects without damaging the rest of the design on the layout. The pressure erasures allow exact and controlled erasing for that matter.

The tool is made of superior quality .005-inch flexible stainless steel which makes it pretty durable and rust-proof for everyday use. The further comes with a high-quality anti-tarnish finish which keeps it from staining or corroding and contributes to its overall strength.

The 26 precision apertures on the tool make it easy for you to erase any part without letting the eraser get into the wrong areas.

44. Drafting Dots

If you are an architect who has to be frequently engaged in drafting works, then you might know the struggles of having to keep your drafting sheets in place while working on them. The slipping of drafting sheets while working on it is the single most annoying thing that all drafters face from time to time without knowing what to do about it!

So, here’s a set of efficient drafting dots for you from PRO ART that might save you the hassles and struggles of slipping drafting sheets. All you have to do is put the dots on the corners of the sheet, and they won’t slip from under. Each roll offers 500 dots, and they come with extra strong adhesive than most other tapes meant for the purpose.

45. Professional Drafting Dry Cleaning Pads

Dry cleaning pads for drafting are required to keep the areas of your working sheet free of mess. Since it can get really difficult to rid your design sheets of dirt and dust particles, the dry cleaning pads ensure that that paper is taken care of without having to get your designs ruined.

These pads hold the gum eraser shavings easily and keep them away from your tools and shapes.

All you gotta do to clean your drawings is sprinkle a light film of the particles onto the drafting surface and then rub it with the pad. It could be used for cleaning scales and triangles and is an ideal agent for pre-cleaning.

46. Scale Figures

There are a hundred different ways in which you can add a realistic touch to your architectural projects. And adding life-like scale figures is still going to be the most convincing of them all.

The white scale figures from BQLZR offer you a range of fully dressed characters that represent different ethnicities and professions from both genders for you to choose from. These are “ready-to-paint” models that come in both standing or seated positions. All you have to do is paint them accordingly and simply put them where they are required to present a well-organized and realistic model of your idea.

47. Modeling Clay

An essential requirement for all sorts of model-making is modeling clay. This is one thing no architect can do without.

The Sargent Art Plastilina Modeling clay offers nothing short of high-quality results for all your model-making ventures. This is a mineral-based non-hardening clay that will never harden or dry out in any circumstances. Unlike other cheap and commercial-grade clay, the Plastilina clay is non-toxic and conforms to ASTM D 4236. This makes it safe and suitable to be used by all age groups. It could be used for a range of different projects apart from architectural ones, for that matter.

48. Architect Lamp

This classic architect lamp comes with an innovative lip or light glide panel side-emitting technique that keeps your eyes from getting damaged from light flicker and the extreme glare of harsh light.

The memory function of the light source comes with 4 lighting modes and 6 dimming levels that let you create the ideal work ambiance. The rotating base of the light along with a double-hinged arm and swivel LED panel enables you to illuminate practically anything from any angle on your worktop.

The 144 LED lights in the device consume 80% less energy than conventional bulbs, lasting for over 50,000 hours overall to make your creativity a success each time you light the device up!

49. Drafting Chair

By now, we have pretty much talked about everything that an architect needs at his workstation to create magnificent structural designs and layouts. But we haven’t talked about the chair they need to do what they do best, comfortably!

The drafting chair from Modway comes with one-touch height adjustments, 360-degree swivel, and veer-control that lets you have all the control while sitting in it.

The ergonomic support which includes a breathable mesh back, a lower lumbar jack support, and a padded waterfall mesh seat, offers maximum and optimal comfort for the user, as it is designed with sleeping longer hours of sitting scenarios in mind!

One of the coolest things about this is that the armrest can rotate upwards to provide you comfort even when you have to raise your hands for sketching or drawing.

50. Adobe Photoshop

Reserving the best for the last, we have none other than Adobe Photoshop itself on our list of the 50 most essential architectural supplies. Take your creative capacities to new heights with the power of Photoshop which lets you edit, add, and create spectacular layouts and designs within the blink of an eye!

The editing desktop is focused on editing with Lightroom Classic, and the additional features such as a book, print, another map, and web modules for publishing workflows simplify your architectural procedures to a substantial extent.

Adobe includes file-based catalog management coupled with 20 GB storage which helps you keep all your creative designs safe and ready at hand to be used.

So this was it for our enormous guide on some of the essential objects that architects should have at hand to make their creations a success.

We hope you liked what you read.

And here’s wishing you all good fortune on your future projects!

Till next time!

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