The 11 Best Table Lamps to Illuminate Your Home

The Soilsiu Bedside Table Lamp is one of the best table lamps overall, providing ample light without consuming too much power. That said, the choice of the best table lamp may vary based on the user’s aesthetics and personal preferences.

A table lamp can be the deciding factor in making your working or living space appear complete.

There are plenty of variations to choose from that can fit all kinds of combinations that one can imagine. These variations come in the form of design, color, style, manufacturing material, and more. Naturally, choosing the right one can be difficult.

Let’s look at the 11 best bedside table lamps available on the market and the factors that can help you choose the right one from them.

Top 11 Table Lamps

1. Soilsiu Bedside Table Lamp – Best Lampshade Overall

The Soilsiu Bedside Table Lamp is an affordable solid wood lamp that can serve as a reading lamp, a desk lamp, and a parlor-side lamp. 

It comes with three lighting options, namely daylight, warm glow, and mixed light, allowing you a few options to set the mood of a room. I found the mixed light setting to be effective for indoor set decoration, which may help enhance the interior design elements of a room.

This lamp comes with a rectangular lampshade made with fabric, and it features a wood, nickel, or brass base for a minimalist design. The beige and black color combination of the lampshade and the wood base variant gives it a visually distinct appearance. 

Additionally, the lamp is powered by a 120V LED bulb that fits into the lampshade well. All of its light settings are bright and provide ample luminescence to illuminate a space. That said, its on/off switch is located on the cord, which can be out of reach based on its positioning.

And lastly, the Soilsiu portable lamp is covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee, along with a three-month warranty covered by the manufacturer.

Style: Minimalist | Special Feature: Color-changing bulb | Color Options: Beige and black/burlywood/gold/silver | Materials: Wood/nickel/brass, linen

2. Lynnoland Industrial Table Lamp SetMost Long-Lasting Lamps

Coming in a set of two, the Lynnoland Industrial Table lamp set is designed to be used as a pair of bedside nightstand desk lamps. Included in the packaging are two energy-saving T45 LED bulbs that support dimming settings and can last for a long time. 

The Lynnoland LED lamp set has several brightness settings that vary from 0 to 100%, giving you complete control over the lighting through a rotating switch. It enables you to use it for reading, meditation, or ambient lights for movie nights at any time of the day.

Visually, the design is fairly simplistic, featuring bubble glass shades for the industrial look. The bubble glass shades do not restrict light at all, which may be an issue if you are sensitive to bright lights.

Both lamps in this set feature a USB port that can charge up to two other devices simultaneously. I was able to charge up my phone fully over the course of a night, as the bedside light facilitates charging even when turned off.

And finally, the Lynnoland lamps are covered by a 60-month warranty, which includes manufacturing defects and damages.

Style: Minimalist | Special Feature: Dimmable, rust-resistant | Color Options: Black/brushed nickel/oil-rubbed bronze, gold | Materials: Metal, glass

3. Aooshine Lampshade – Best Bulb Settings

The Aooshine Lamp is a tall bedside lamp that features three brightness levels, along with multiple color modes. It comes with a free dimmable LED bulb that enables these features.

This bedside lamp features warm light, warm white, and cool white color modes, the temperatures of which are 2,700K, 3,500K, and 5,000K respectively. These modes allow you to create different ambient lighting setups, making it usable in various situations.

The Aooshine lamp features a rectangular beige lampshade, which is supported by a black base. Its lampshade may prove to be a bit fragile, however. Underneath the lampshade is a chain that serves as the on/off switch, which is within reach of the bed when used in the bedroom.

Its base has USB C+A ports that support fast charging, which can be used even when the lamp is turned off. Once connected, it only took a couple of hours for my phone and headset to charge as I read through a book. 

The lamp is about 14.7 inches tall, thanks to the metallic shaft that connects the base to the lampshade. This affords it more coverage as a source of light, making it somewhat flexible as a desk lamp.

Style: Contemporary, retro | Special Feature: Three color modes | Color Options: Beige, black and various other color options | Materials: Metal, textile

4. Bosceos Table Lamp Set – Easiest To Assemble

Coming in a set of two, the Bosceos set has a modern desk lamp design backed with multiple ways of using it. The lamps feature an AC outlet and two USB ports to connect and charge your electronic devices.

This lamp set has a black rust-resistant metallic base that supports a gray fabric lampshade. The base is sturdy and doesn’t allow the lamp to move, so you can be assured that brushing past it won’t knock the lamps over. Below the lampshade, you can find a chain to be used as the on/off switch, which moves easily and freely.

The lamp is compatible with E26 LED bulbs, allowing you to use any compatible bulbs per your preference. That said, the bedside lamp doesn’t include one, which may be a point of contention. 

And lastly, the lamp is fairly easy to assemble and can be put together in a matter of minutes.

Style: Modern | Special Feature: Rust-resistant metal | Color Options: Black, gray, blue, flaxen, white, pink | Materials: Metal, fabric

5. Nintiue Industrial Touch Control Table Lamp SetBest Premium Table Lamp

The Nintiue set of industrial lamps features two 3-way dimmable lamps that can be used in a variety of ways. This set of lamps comes with two free ST64 dimmable LED bulbs that provide soft and natural light.

Its design includes a metallic base that supports a clear glass lampshade for a look that invokes the silhouette of a sconce. Both the metallic holding poles and the lampshades are fairly sturdy, giving the lamps a degree of longevity.

The Nintiue Industrial Touch Control lamps offer three brightness options with low, medium, and high settings. These features can be activated using a touch control panel, in addition to turning the lamp on or off or adjusting the colors.

Additionally, these lamps come with two charging ports and an AC outlet on the base. At any point, you can freely charge three electronic devices, even if the lamps are not on. And the lamps come with a 5.3-foot-long power cord, allowing you to place them anywhere in the room without worrying about outlet access.

With that being said, the lamps can be a bit on the expensive side for the features they provide.

Style: Minimalist | Special Feature: 3-way lamp | Color Options: Black/brushed nickel/gold | Materials: Metal, glass

6. Seaside Village Side Table LampBest For Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking for a low-power-consuming lamp, the Seaside Village Side Table Lamp may be an option to consider. It’s a bedside lamp with a cylindrical linen shade that can be used in various scenarios. You can use it in places like bedside tables, living rooms, bedrooms, dining tables, and more.

The lamp powers a 9W, 3000K LED Edison bulb, which comes included in the packaging. This bulb produces the equivalent of a 75-100W incandescent light bulb, consuming less energy and producing less heat in the process. Additionally, the bulb can be dimmed, making it useful as an office or reading lamp.

Design-wise, the Seaside Village bedside lamp has a black base with a beige linen shade. The base is fairly sturdy and prevents the lampshade from toppling so long as nothing touches it. This is because of the length of the metallic shaft that supports the lampshade, making it a little less stable than what would be ideal.

Style: Modern, minimalist | Special Feature: Stepless dimmable | Color Options: Brown/silver | Materials: Metal, linen

7. Brightever Table Lamp SetBest Operation Controls

The Brightever set of two table lamps comes with two 3-way dimmable bedside lamps, meant to be used in bedrooms, living rooms, or offices. These lamps also come with dual USB charging ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Featuring a trapezoid lampshade, the Brightever lamp set has a visually interesting design. The lampshade is supported by a metallic frame, which is connected to a sturdy base. To make it as slip-resistant as possible, the lamp comes with a non-slip mat design.

The lamps have three brightness levels in the form of low, medium, and high settings. Additionally, they can be operated by tapping the metallic parts, making it easy to change the settings with just a touch.

It comes with two bright LED bulbs included in the packaging, which can be installed quickly. These bulbs can only provide soft light, which tops off at 2700K, but they are highly energy efficient in exchange.

Style: Modern/farmhouse/rustic | Special Feature: Touch controls | Color Options: Black, cream | Materials: Metal, fabric

8. GGOYING Bedside Table LampBest Build Quality

The GGOYING Bedside Table features a rectangular and tall lampshade, along with a black base. It also includes a chain to turn the lamp on and off easily, which operates smoothly.

This lamp has a sturdy build that won’t damage or fall over easily. Its base is solid, and the fabric shade is made using high-quality materials.

Included in the box is a 9W A19 bulb that provides plenty of light without consuming much energy. The light it produces is equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb, which can help reduce the electricity bill. Additionally, the bulb causes no flickers or buzzing, which makes it safer for the user’s eyes as well.

That said, the included bulb can become quite hot over prolonged usage, so you may want to be careful while using it.

This lamp has two USB ports that can fast-charge two devices at once, be it mobile phones or tablets. It functions even if the lamp isn’t turned on, which can be great if you want to charge a device overnight.

Style: Contemporary | Special Feature: No bulb noises or flickers | Color Options: Black/beige/pink/green/white/blue | Materials: Metal, fabric

9. FOLKSMATE Bedside Table Lamp SetMost Ergonomic Lamp Design

The FOLKSMATE Bedside Table Lamps are a set of two lamps that feature a unique visual design. 

With a cylindrical fabric lampshade and a metallic frame base, the table lamp may complement the aesthetics of a living room or bedroom. Both of the lamps in this set are quite small that occupy very little space because of the metallic frame base. 

The FOLKSMATE table lamps can be operated using a switch placed on the cord. This may or may not be desirable, based on how far you place the little lamp from the socket. Additionally, it supports E26 light bulbs with a maximum capacity of 60 Watts, but the bulbs are not included with the lamp set.

These lamps are designed to be safe and durable, having been made with a metal frame cut-out base and painted with a powder coating. And since it has very few moving parts, the assembly remains quite simple as well.

Style: Minimalist | Special Feature: Metallic frame | Color Options: Black/beige/ivory/blue/gray | Materials: Metal, linen fabric

10. OYedis Dimmable Table LampBest Visual Design

The OYedis 3-Way Dimmable Table Lamp is a product that is designed with aesthetics in mind. It features a cylindrical lampshade that rests atop a small metallic frame, which is supported by a metallic base.

This lamp comes with an AC outlet and two charging ports to facilitate electronic device charging. The AC outlet has an output of up to 120 Volts, along with a 5V/2A USB port as well.

One of the distinctive quirks of this lamp is its 3-way dimmable touch control, which has you use the metal base as a controller. You can tap anywhere on the base to access all of its features, such as the brightness settings or power controls.

Additionally, the single lamp comes with a free E26 LED bulb that is equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb. The included bulb provides sufficient light, and combined with the beige lampshade, it can perform as an accent light for your living space.

It’s worth noting that the lampshade may get damaged if mishandled, so it’s important to pay attention while assembling. A pleated shade is an undesirable outcome, after all.

Style: Modern | Special Feature: Touch controls | Color Options: Black/electroplated bronze | Materials: Metal, linen

11. AIDENOEY Lantern Table Lamp SetBest Vintage Lamps

In the premium price range, you may consider looking at the AIDENOEY Lantern Table Lamp Set. The set includes two lantern-style lamps that are quite large and occupy plenty of space.

These lamps have a vintage design featuring a wooden base and a cylindrical lampshade, which can complement themed room decor. You can place it in the bedroom, living room, library shelf, or office, where it can provide plenty of luminescence.

You can fit two bulbs in each lamp, with one functioning as the primary light and the other being the night light. The night light fixture uses an LED bulb, which is included in the packaging. At its price point, the lamp set could have benefitted from a complementary set of primary lights.

The AIDENOEY lamp set has a 4-way switch that controls all the lights individually or simultaneously, based on your choice. It allows you plenty of control over how you want to illuminate your space, making it quite handy.

On the base, you can find two USB charging ports, along with one AC power outlet. These function even when the lamp is turned off, enabling you to use them as a charging station.

Style: Vintage | Special Feature: Dimmable | Color Options: Bronze, beige | Materials: Resin, linen

Best Table Lamp Comparison Table

Table Lamp Style Special Feature Color Options Materials
Soilsiu Bedside Table Lamp Minimalist Color-changing bulb Beige and black/burlywood/gold/silver Wood/nickel/brass, linen
Lynnoland Industrial Table Lamp Set Minimalist Dimmable, rust-resistant Black/brushed nickel/oil-rubbed bronze, gold Metal, glass
Aooshine Bedside Table Lamp Contemporary, retro Three color modes Beige, black and various other color options Metal, textile
Bosceos Table Lamp Set Modern Rust-resistant metal Black, gray, blue, flaxen, white, pink Metal, fabric
Nintiue Industrial Touch Control Table Lamp Set Minimalist 3-way lamp Black/brushed nickel/gold Metal, glass
Seaside Village Side Table Lamp Modern, minimalist Stepless dimmable Brown/silver Metal, linen
Brightever Table Lamp Set Modern/farmhouse/rustic Touch controls Black, cream Metal, fabric
GGOYING Bedside Table Lamp Contemporary No bulb noises or flickers Black/beige/pink/green/white/blue Metal, fabric
FOLKSMATE Bedside Table Lamp Set Minimalist Metallic frame Black/beige/ivory/blue/gray Metal, linen fabric
OYedis Dimmable Table Lamp Modern Touch controls Black/electroplated bronze Metal, linen

Buying Guide For The Best Table Lamp

At this point, it must be clear to you that table lamps come in all shapes and sizes. The number of variations may seem daunting at first, but it’s no cause for concern. After all, the more you have to choose from, the more designs you can experiment with.

There are several factors to consider when picking a new table lamp for decorating or illuminating a space. Let’s take a look at these factors to help you understand what makes for a good table lamp.

1. Lamp Weight

The lamp weight is an important aspect of choosing a particular model for illuminating a space. Heavier lamps are better for areas that see more movement than usual, as they will be less likely to topple over from a stray hit. 

In such areas, heavy lamps with a wide diameter and more stable base are the most desired kind. Bases made with materials like brass, marble, or ceramic are also preferable.

But if the area doesn’t have much traffic at all, tall and light lamps will function perfectly fine. They can be moved quite easily as well, so you can simply relocate them if you suspect a higher degree of motion around them.

2. Lamp Size

An oversized lamp can completely shift the visual balance of your living space, whereas an undersized lamp may not draw enough attention to itself.

As a general rule of thumb, a lamp ought to be 1-½ times the table or furnishing height. Furthermore, its shade should remain within the edges of the tabletop to add to the aesthetics of your living space.

You may use measurements of your table to decide which table lamp suits the space the best. Larger tables, for instance, can use a table lamp that ranges between mid and large sizes. A small console, table, and sideboard may benefit from a smaller table lamp, which can further clear up which model to choose.

Of course, this also depends on the visual language of the space and how symmetrical or fashionably asymmetrical you would like the arrangement to be.

3. Lamp Height

The height of the lamp is important to consider since it determines how much light it allows through at any area in the room. It’s particularly crucial to consider the eye level in relation to the height of the lampshade.

Ideally, the bottom of the lampshade should be at eye level, as it keeps your eyes safe from any exposed glares while sitting. The levels of illumination will help you interact with others and read comfortably without experiencing eye strain.

4. Lamp Types

You can choose from a few different types of lamps, which include the following:

A. Reading Lamps

Reading lamps are designed for one purpose: to facilitate enough light that allows you to read without your eyes straining. These lamps are often adaptable and feature a dimmer switch that can serve your daytime or late-night reading habits comfortably.

Moreover, bedside reading lamps are flexible enough to direct the light toward your book without requiring additional adjustments.

B. Desk Lamps

The most basic table lamp type, the humble desk lamp serves a singular function: to provide task lighting. Home office, architects’, and artists’ setups often use a task lamp to help you work on documentation or type on a keyboard without backlights.

Desk lamps feature high levels of adjustability in the form of lamp head extensions, rotations, and an adjustable shade. Adjustable task lamps may also come with tilting shades that can direct light away from a particular spot, making them highly adaptable.

C. Accent Lamps

If your space needs accent lighting, accent lamps can perform the task for you. These provide an ambient glow to your room while accentuating parts of the timeless design elements of the room. You can use these to add texture to the room.

What are the different types of lighting provided by a lamp?

There are four distinct factors that play into this, which include ambient lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting, and task lighting. Let’s discuss each of these briefly.

A. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting refers to the overall illumination that is separate from the primary light source, similar to ambient music in broad strokes. Typically, an ambient light is diffuse or soft, and can be dimmed for use during the day or night.
A table lamp can be a great source of ambient lighting in these areas, as they can bounce light off the walls and ceiling.

B. Accent Lighting

The purpose of accent lighting is to accentuate a particular feature in your space by using specific types of lights. Table lamps can achieve this through lampshades and light tones, allowing you to highlight a specific object in the space. Additionally, you can use accent lighting to shift the mood in a room through cooler or warmer lighting tones.

C. Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is meant to enhance the overall aesthetics of a room, with table lamps often functioning as one of the focal points. This lighting style allows you to direct the viewer’s eyes across the room in a particular manner, much like a painting composition.
Table lamps meant for decor are not particularly bright, so it would be best not to rely on them for general illumination.

D. Task Lighting

Task lightings are lamps or bulbs that are dedicated to illuminating a specific part. Desk lamps are a great example of a task lighting setup, as they throw light solely over the workspace.

What are the different types of lampshades for lamps?

You can find all kinds of lampshades on the market based on the shape and material. Each shade type functions differently, allowing you to choose between aesthetics and pure utility.

The types of lampshades you can find based on their shape are empire shapes, geometric shapes, oval shapes, coolie shapes, bell shapes, and drum shapes.

And you may choose a lampshade based on the following manufacturing materials: cotton, glass, silk, or linen.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a bulb for a lamp?

Choosing the right bulb depends on your specific needs, which can be further defined through a few deciding factors. These factors include lumen, a.k.a. brightness, wattage, color temperature, color rendering index, and rated life.

How much power does an LED table lamp consume?

The power consumed by an LED table lamp depends largely on the bulb you’re using. Some of the more energy-efficient smart bulbs consume as little as 10 watts while providing lights that can rival high-powered incandescent ones.

On average, an electric light bulb in a lamp may consume up to 20 watts, depending on the bulb size and type.


Table lamps can be a great addition to your home, be it as a light source or to complement the aesthetics of a room. And since they can fulfill a wide variety of roles, choosing between them can be quite difficult.

Drawing from my experience, I found the Soilsiu Bedside Table Lamp to be the best lamp of them all. The product can be visually interesting as an interior design element and offers plenty of light at an affordable rate, which may suit many roles.

That said, other options like the Lynnoland and Bosceos lamps are not far behind. Choosing between these products is a matter of personal preference and needs, after all.

So, at the end of the day, the sole arbiter of this choice is you.

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