19 Best Urbanism, Design, Architecture Podcasts to Follow

Listening to podcasts has emerged as a great way of imbibing knowledge in the field of your expertise.

As such, the fields of design and architecture are no exception to this new trend, with lots of interesting audio shows in the block.

In this article, we bring to you 19 such great Urbanism, Architecture, and Design podcasts that you can tune into. Irrespective of whether you are a student or a practicing professional, these podcasts are bound to inspire you.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Urbanism, Design, and Architecture Podcasts 

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  1. Archispeak

Archispeak is definitely among the most interesting architecture podcasts that you will find today. It brings to listeners the real-life experiences of architects Cormac Phalen, Evan Troxel, and Neal Pann.

Since 2012, they have been podcasting their real talk brand, covering everything from work/life balance to tools, mentoring, design, job hunting, and more. Their revelatory interviews, significant and unique insights, and probing questions have made the show one of the favorites among professionals and students alike.

  1. About Buildings And Cities

As the title suggests, the podcast talks to listeners about buildings, cities, and architecture of all ages. The show has British hosts George Gingell and Luke Jones taking listeners on an intriguing journey through the history of architecture.

Along with this, contemporary architecture is also touched upon from time to time. The conversational tone and the depth of the themes discussed make the podcast a rare one and immensely enjoyable.

  1. Design Matters With Debbie Millman

This podcast started in 2005 and has well-known designer Debbie Millman interviewing distinguished personalities from the design industry. It is now a part of the Design Observer Group and brings forth insightful interactions of Millman with creative directors, editors, illustrators, curators, writers, and designers.

Moreover, there are 200 episodes for listeners to explore, and as such you will surely find the ones that talk about your area of interest. The most interesting part of the podcast is how you can have an insight into the design field from the point of view of an insider.

  1. Vertical City

Aimed toward creating a foundation for a sustainable future in the urban world, this podcast is an exciting one to listen to. Top professionals from the fields of urban design, transportation, architecture, engineering, and sustainability are interviewed by the hosts.

As they discuss different ideologies and technologies for developing the concept of a vertical city, you can get an insight into potential solutions to the world’s greatest problems.

Urbanism podcast
  1. DnA Design and Architecture

In this show, host Frances Anderson discusses the latest developments in the architecture and design industry in Los Angeles and beyond. She also interviews critics, designers, architects, and other professionals from allied fields to put forward their perspectives.

The show also includes an insight into items used on Hollywood’s sets and popular costume designs in the industry. Overall, this podcast is an entertaining as well as insightful one to listen to.

  1. 99%Invisible

This weekly podcast hosted by Roman Mars explores the intricacies of design and architecture. With the show, listeners get to know about fascinating methods behind the creation of all sorts of daily usage items, ranging from pinball machines to flags.

Furthermore, it brings amazing historical reports and stories from around the world on themes such as bubble houses and knock-off cities in China. All this is told in just around 20 minutes, which is why this show becomes even more interesting.

  1. The Observatory

Brought forth by the Design Observer Group, this podcast features founders Jessica Helfland and Michael Beirut, as they talk about their favorite design discoveries. The intellectual duo integrates the world’s political events into their conversations focused on design.

In this way, listeners realize how design has made its way into each and every aspect of the cultural scene today. The show has been running since 2014 and is loved by design buffs from around the world.

  1. The Business of Architecture

For those who plan to lead a design firm in the future, or already own one, the Business of Architecture is the ideal podcast to listen to. Host Enoch Sears interviews a new designer or architect each week, and discusses business strategies for the successful practice of design.

Through this show, you can discover relevant issues relating to the industry. These include effective marketing for a design firm, questions to ask a potential client at the first meeting, and much more.

  1. The Architecture Happy Hour

With this show, hosts Larry and Laura bring to listeners useful tips for and discussions on topics relevant to the architecture industry. You can know everything about the field, ranging from how interns can give their careers a good start to choosing the right architect.

Notably, the episode that talked about becoming a mentor in architecture was loved and appreciated by a huge section of design enthusiasts. This show is a must-watch for all those who want to be adept with the latest information about the field.

  1. GSAPP Conversations

These podcasts are produced by Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation and Planning (GSAPP). Through this show, listeners can have a better insight into the practice of contemporary architecture. Interestingly, the episodes are hosted by new people each day, who are faculty members and students of the university.

Till now, the hosts have interviewed distinguished professionals in the field such as Sir Peter Cook, Mabel Wilson, and Christian Kerez. On the whole, these podcasts are immensely useful for aspiring as well as established architects.

  1. Black Spectacles ARE Live Podcast

For any architect who is aiming to crack the Architect Registration Exam(ARE ) to become a licensed professional, this podcast is an ideal one. This show is hosted by the founder of Architect and Black Spectacles Marc Teer and architect Mike Newman.

It has the hosts discussing various specific NCARB and is topics, something really beneficial for the aspirants. Also, the show includes interviews with well-known architects and recordings of live broadcasts and Q&A sessions.

  1. Entrepreneur Architect

As the name suggests, Entrepreneur Architect aims to help architects owning small firms in improving their businesses. Launched in 2012 by architect Marc R. LePage, this podcast is a great online educational resource for all such firm owners who want to make it big in the field.

 In the show, Marc talks about the way to achieve success in the business, the life of architects, assuming leadership roles, and much more.

  1. Young Architect Podcast

This is another great show to listen to for the gen-next architects who want to crack the Architect Exam. Through the podcast, architect Michael Riscica provides all the help he can to the ‘young architects’ for clearing these exams.

Michael started this podcast after he blogged and wrote extensively on such topics. As such he also makes the show a platform for bringing forth opinions of leaders in the field and others whom he found inspiring.

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  1. AIA Podnet

Running since 2006, this podcast by the American Institute of Architects is a greatly valuable resource for newcomers as well as established architects. From the show, you can learn about the issues across the world which are impacting the field of architecture.

 It features professionals discussing all sorts of topics like architectural history, sustainability, running a firm, preservation of structures, and many more. Notably, you can also catch episodes where top architects talk about their careers.

  1. After the Jump

In this show, popular design blogger Grace Bonney holds discussions with designers, artists, and makers on their methods and the challenges they face in the business. The show features big names in the industry such as interior designer Thom Filica as well as budding creators and entrepreneurs in the field.

Interestingly, After the Jump recently broadcasted its 100th episode. On the whole, it is ideal for any design enthusiast or professional who is in search of a truly exciting show.

  1. There Goes the Neighbourhood

A burning topic in urbanization, gentrification is an urban development process in which neighborhoods develop at a rapid pace in a short time period. Themed on this topic, the podcast brings interviews of victims as well as victors and advocates of this process in Brooklyn.

The show doesn’t project views supporting either side but rather finds a middle ground. This is done by putting forward the real concerns posed by the phenomenon and the various nuances and complexities associated with it.

  1. The Curbed Appeal

The podcast has editors of the urban design blog Curbed holding panel discussions and interviewing guests on the relatively light-hearted side of design. Interestingly, hosts Asad Syrkett and Zoe Rosenberg talk to many guests from outside the field of design.

 But at the same time, they also manage to assemble a diverse range of professionals in the show. On the whole, it would be great for anyone who wishes to listen to fun-filled discussions on design.

  1. Modernist Radio

Hosted by the son of an architect and radio personality George Smart and comedian Fran King, this podcast dives deep into modernism. It brings listeners lively discussions with distinguished guests on the nitty-gritty of this universally favorite architectural style.

The interviewees include architecture critics, historians advocating modernism, modernist realtors, and many others. Notably, a wide variety of topics are dealt with in the show, which enhances its appeal to the listeners.

  1. Section D

This exciting podcast brings listeners reports on architecture, craft, and flagship design outlets from different corners of the world. You get to discover the latest trends in the design, fashion, and architecture fields in a fun-filled and exciting manner, thanks to high-quality reporting.

Also, the coverage of the podcast is pretty extensive. The episodes range from one-on-one sessions with Santiago Calatrava to an examination of the ‘white elephants’ in architecture.


With this, we come to the end of our list of podcasts, and we hope it has been helpful to you.

The fields of architecture and design are progressing at a rapid pace. To be adept at all such advancements, these podcasts act as excellent mediums both for professionals as well as aspirants.

So, go on and subscribe to any of these podcasts. Till next time!

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