The Culla Belly Co-Sleeper Will Keep Your Little Loved One Close


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A newborn triggers one of the most extraordinary time-frame of our lives, parenthood, we are excited and frightened to death, we start to assemble our own family, knowledge, tradition and our family name is passed on to the little creature, the child is the future and we have the extraordinary opportunity of nurturing him.

Native instincts, built-in, are a great component in parenthood yet in contemporaneity, the vast majority would argue that instincts are not enough, one ought to learn from experienced mothers and fathers, he or she ought to consult books on the subject, we ought to prepare as much as possible, when the D-day comes, we receive the ultimate, most honorable responsibility, child care, child nurturing.

A very complicated element with which parents need to cope rapidly is the sleeping pattern of the newborn and the setting in which the child will be nestled. Infants sleep a great deal throughout day and night, out of 24 hours they sleep at least 16-17 hours of sleep but the hard to get used to component is that their sleeping sessions are two to for hours and therefore they have rather unusual times to be awake. At first, what appears to be really random chaos affects parents and children alike a great deal as the newborn needs changing, calming and feeding 2-3 times a night. Putting the baby back to sleep is not easy either.

In sleep, the child can move around, get in odd positions and the risk of suffocation is high, especially in first weeks, regular cribs sadly do no minimize this risk nor do they enhance it but happily, a duet of Italian designers, Andrea Garuti and Manuela Busetti reinterpreted the crib in a smaller form-factor that can be attached to your parents bed. The small crib alternative is opened towards the bed thus putting the parents withing reach, increasing the child safety and the overall comfort of the entire family.

The Culla Belly Co-Sleeper Will Keep Your Little Loved One Close

The Culla Belly Co- Sleeper it is entitled, it brings your newborn close, offering you the comfort of staying still, resting on your back, being there for him, cuddling, feeding, nurturing the little one. The baby cannot roll over, its petite body stays in full comfort near his mother or father.

Available in seven colors and wrapped in an eye-candy diamond pattern the Co-Sleeper definitely surprises. Red, blue, green, orange, light blue and cream are color options for the Culla Belly Sleeper that retails at the reasonable price of €390.

The Culla Belly Co-Sleeper Will Keep Your Little Loved One Close

At first glance the crib truly is surprisingly easy to use, practical and safe. What do you think about new product? Is it something that you would consider as a future parent? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !


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