Do Blackout Curtains Keep Heat Out? | Things You Should Know

It’s difficult to work if you don’t have the best blackout curtains, especially with the noise and distractions outside. 

The last thing you would want is honking cars and shouting at kids disturbing you in the middle of an office meeting. Or glare from the sun and street lights, making it difficult to look at the laptop. 

An effective yet simple solution would be using blackout curtains, and in this guide, we will tell you why. We will discuss everything about this cost-effective solution for a better work-life balance that also improves the aesthetic appeal of rooms. 

What Are Blackout Curtains?

What are blackout curtains

Curtains aren’t merely a decorative item, and you shouldn’t overlook the practical purpose of drapes. Apart from being easy to install, replaceable, and stylish, the biggest advantage of blackout curtains is they are tightly woven. 

The low openness and high opacity of the curtains hardly leave any room between the threads, which reduces the amount of light that can filter through. That’s why blackout curtains block a large portion of the sunlight and prevent people outside from peering into the room. 

What Are The Benefits Of Blackout Curtains?

We have established that most blackout curtains block light but before we tell you whether they keep a room cooler, let’s look at their advantages. 

1. Convenience

Privacy makes blackout curtains popular, as they prevent nosy outsiders from looking into your house. Even more pleasing is that blackout shades block the sun’s harmful UV rays to keep your family safe during the hot summer months.

Just draw the curtains to enjoy a relaxing afternoon siesta or play your favorite movies to the amplified experience of the home theater. These curtains reduce interruptions, and you don’t have to bother about glare from the sun bouncing off the walls or screen.

2. Blocks Noise

Apart from blocking light, a blackout curtain can reduce outside noise, especially if you live by the main street. Drawing the curtains helps create a barrier so you can enjoy the tranquility of a quiet room.

This is handy for professionals who have a home office and want to keep distractions to a minimum. The best part is that people having difficulty sleeping at night will love the peaceful environment created by the curtains to guarantee sound sleep. 

You won’t be bothered by strange noises to get much-needed rest for the next day.

3. Reduces Fading

While UV rays prove harmful to humans, many people don’t know that overexposure also leads to fading. Too much sunlight can damage the various parts of furniture and cause the color to wear out. 

It may not seem like a big deal initially, but you will face a rude awakening having to spend hundreds of dollars frequently on redecorating. Thanks to the reduced UV exposure with these curtains, it becomes easier to uphold your property’s value for longer.

4. Helps Manage Energy Costs

The term blackout curtains create an image of dark curtains in our minds, but in reality, most people prefer white curtains. They look elegant, sophisticated, aesthetic, and, most importantly, offer a thermal advantage. This makes them ideal as window coverings since most homes lose 10-25% of thermal energy on average from their windows.

Why is this significant, you ask? Installing blackout curtains will increase thermal insulation and energy savings by 25-30%. During summer, the curtains reflect light and prevent heat from entering the room, while in winter, they trap the heat and don’t allow it to escape.

How Are They Different From Other Curtains?

We offered a subtle hint about how blackout curtains block heat to reduce heating and cooling costs but more on that later. In this section, we look at how they differ from thermal curtains to explain the importance of this home furniture. 

1. Thermal Curtains

As the name suggests, thermal curtains help insulate your home’s interiors, which makes them popular for window treatments. These curtains come with triple or double-weaved fabric that makes them heavy, further lined by an insulating layer. 

This layer acts as a barrier to keep the cold air out in winter and cool air inside in summer. Usually, brands use polyester, cotton, poly-blend fabric, or wool to make the curtains, while you can also find products with a soft polyester film vapor barrier for more insulation.

Even more pleasing is the durable batting for noise reduction that keeps out sounds from the street. You will especially like that the curtains are low-maintenance, and it doesn’t take much effort to wash or dry them.

2. Blackout Curtains

So, why blackout curtains? There’s a reason people want to know how to make blackout curtains at home, primarily because they keep out direct sunlight. Moreover, these curtains are thick and have the necessary insulating material to save energy.

But that doesn’t mean the room will be completely dark since the triple-weaved fabric allows natural light to pass through. Mostly, poly-blend fabrics or polyester are used to make curtains that aren’t as thin as other window coverings.

Are Blackout Curtains Black?

Despite their name, blackout curtains don’t necessarily have to be black to be effective. You will also find white blackout liners online that help reflect light and maintain the optimum temperature inside a room to reduce expenditure on energy bills. 

But a darker curtain blocks light more effectively, so you can choose from the multiple color options available online. That said, some triple-layered curtains of a lighter shade are equally effective in blocking out light. 

What Fabric Is Used For Blackout Curtains?

For obvious reasons, blackout curtains use heavy-duty fabric, and you can further install a black or white liner to keep out the light. The best brands use high-quality and thick materials for fabrics that completely block out the light, or you can opt for semi-transparent products. 

The go-to material for most companies is polyester because it’s durable despite being an affordable option. It’s also easy to clean, and you won’t have to worry about wrinkling, fading, or shrinking. 

You will find blackout curtains feature a combination of polyester, rayon, and cotton when the polyester isn’t present as a single weave. Some brands even use microfiber because it’s thin, durable, low-maintenance, and comes in triple weave stitching. 

Do Blackout Curtains Keep Heat Out?

Yes, blackout curtains help keep out the heat and light, which makes them a worthwhile investment. As the sun shines and the temperature increases outside, the heat from the sun’s rays is reflected by the curtains to keep the room cool. 

Also, the color of the curtains determines their effectiveness, so choose lighter shades for better heat control. White is especially common in homes that receive a lot of sunlight as the curtains don’t absorb the heat due to their higher opacity. 

Things are slightly different in winter when darker curtains are the obvious choice to prevent heat loss through the windows. Thus, blackout curtains increase the efficiency of the thermostat or air conditioner to help you better manage the energy bills. 

Do Blackout Curtains Keep Heat Out Frequently Asked Questions ?

Do blackout curtains work at night?

The effectiveness of blackout curtains at night is experienced by overnight workers or people who travel a lot. Having these curtains in the room makes it easier to transition from day to night so that you get sound sleep and can wake up well-rested. They improve sleep patterns while saving costs on the energy bill. 

Are blackout curtains heavy?

Blackout curtains are heavy due to their durable construction and multiple layers that help block out the light. But they will never weigh more than 4 pounds, although it would be wise for you to know how to measure for blackout curtains. Because even minor changes in weight can affect how the curtain looks and the pressure it applies on the rod. 

How can you wash blackout curtains?

The trick to cleaning blackout curtains without ruining the fabric is spot cleaning them with laundry soap. Gently wet the desired spot and remove dirt by pouring soap mixed with warm water before scrubbing with a clean cloth. Then rinse it instantly and avoid using harmful substances like chemicals or bleach. This is especially true for dark curtains that have multiple panels. 

Do blackout curtains keep heat out conclusion

Do Blackout Curtains Keep Heat Out Conclusion

It’s not easy to ignore the convenience a blackout curtain offers to keep your room nice and cozy. 

While your friends might be thinking about investing in a powerful AC or thermostat for comfort, do the easy thing and buy one of these curtains. They will reflect heat and light when needed, and you can reinforce the fabric with a blackout liner for the best results. 

Simply draw the curtains to relax in peace after a long day! 

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