Does Home Depot Sell Bidets | All You Need To Know

When you want to take your toilet experience a notch higher, a bidet converter kit is the best bet. If you are hoping to find one at Home Depot, rest assured you will. And to help our readers, we have compiled a mini guide.

Without any doubt, bidets turn your toilet experience super comfortable and also bring down the use of toilet paper. And what better place to shop for bidets or bidets converter kits than Home Depot? 

It offers a range of bidets suited to everyone’s needs and requirements. Also, the website is so well designed that with just a few clicks, you will be able to see the entire collection and make your pick. 

Let’s quickly dive in and check out what Home Depot has to offer!

Types Of Bidets Available On Home Depot

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  1. Bidet Toilets

The first variety of bidets that you will find on visiting the Home Depot website is the bidet toilets. They are super efficient and are permanent fixtures that are placed right by your existing toilet. However, a lot of people do not prefer to go for this option as it takes up quite some floor space in the bathroom. 

There are many people who feel that bidet toilets are not very sanitary. But contrary to this myth, in reality, bidet toilets are more sanitary than using toilet paper or traditional toilets. At Home Depot, you will find a number of bidet toilet models, some featuring skirted designs, while there are others that offer warm wash and compact designs.

  1. Bidet Attachments

It’s true that not everyone has massive bathroom spaces to accommodate a bidet toilet. For such homeowners, Home Depot offers bidet attachments. These are handheld sprayers attached to your toilet and closely resemble the sprayers in your kitchen. To install a bidet, you should first turn off the water supply, remove your existing toilet seat, position the bidet attachment and then reinstall the toilet seat over it.

The options that you will find on Home Depot offer a range of useful features such as warm water wash, feminine wash, antimicrobial qualities, and so on. You can also select a product on the basis of what is included in the package. Try to look for ones that come with the much-needed hardware. Try going for the complete kit, as that will solve all your problems.

However, let’s move on to ​​bidet attachment vs seat to understand if you should rather invest in the latter. 

  1. Bidet Toilet Seats

Unlike the previous options, bidet toilet seats are pretty self-sufficient. Home Depot has a great collection of bidet seats that will attach easily to your existing toilet bowl. These seats are so effective in keeping your rear clean that you can completely replace the toilet seat. 

To make life easier for the users, Home Depot offers bidet seats with a number of interesting features. In order to make your toilet experience comfortable, you can look out for the warm air dryer, adjustable water pressure and heated seat features. 

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With that, we have reached the end of this informative guide. 

We often get the question, “are bidet cold?” When you are careful while purchasing one, it does not need to be. You should go through the entire collection of bidets in Home Depot to choose one with a heated seat or other necessary heating features. For instance, a Bio Bidet is a popular choice for its heated seat and easy installation

At Home Depot, you will surely find a bidet of your liking. You just need to conduct your research well and know which one to buy. Other high-quality brands include Toto, Brondell, and Kohler, among others. 

Until next time, happy shopping! 

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