How Much Is Dual Monitor Stand? | All You Need To Know

Dual monitor stands usually cost between a few bucks and hundreds of dollars, depending on their technological features. The different factors, such as mounting options, adjustability, VESA compatibility, and others, influence the price of a dual monitor arm. 

A dual monitor stand supports your laptop or computer monitor and raises it to an ergonomic height to ensure superior comfort and productivity. 

Since a monitor stand offers excellent flexibility, you can adjust your screen precisely by raising, tilting, or rotating it. However, the cost of a monitor stand can go up to hundreds of dollars based on its features. So today, we’ll discuss some of the pricing factors of a dual monitor arm or stand. 

What Are The Different Mounting Options Of Dual Monitor Arms?

What are the different mounting options of dual monitor arms

1. Freestanding

Freestanding monitor arms come with a wide base, and the monitor desk mount design makes it easier to place dual monitors on your standing desk without needing any screw holes. The broad base offers stability to dual monitor arms or the single mounting assembly, which you can adjust to your ideal height. You can raise or lower the monitor arms based on your requirements. 

Even though setting up freestanding monitor arms is the easiest, these models can be unstable or wobbly. They can easily fall off your standing desk even at the slightest movement because nothing is attaching the dual monitor stand to the desk. 

2. Wall Mounts

Wall-mounted monitor arms or stands can be directly attached to the wall behind your working desk without sacrificing stability. These wall-mount models are much more stable than the freestanding variants and offer lesser risks of falling off if you set them up properly.

However, on the downside, installation can be a bit troublesome with these wall-mounted stands because you need to drill holes in the wall to set them up. Arranging the cables can also be troublesome if your monitor stand lacks clutter-free cable management features. Furthermore, wall-mount models offer less flexibility because you can’t move the working desk without removing the mount. 

3. Clamp-Style Mounts

Clamp-mounted monitor arms are attached to the edge of your desk by drilling a hole in its side. Clamp mounts are pretty stable if your desk is sufficiently thick without having a bevel or a lip. Moreover, these models are highly adjustable, and you can raise, tilt, or rotate them however you want without moving the monitor mount. 

4. Grommet Mounts

Grommet mounts are similar to clamp-style mounts because both these monitor arms are attached to your working desk. However, grommet-mounted models require drilling a hole in the desk surface instead of the side, like clamp mounts. 

Not to mention, grommet-mounted monitor stands are extremely sturdy and offer superb stability. They are also pretty flexible and can help to save a lot of desk space, thanks to their neat and minimalistic design. Grommet mounts are usually the most popular monitor stand models among users. 

What Factors Determine The Costs Of Dual Monitor Stands?

1. Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of monitor arms is essential in determining their costs. Depending on their weight capacity, they’ll be able to hold your monitors. Always compare the weight of your monitors to a stand’s weight capacity to choose the right stand. 

For instance, heavier monitors larger than 70 inches usually require sturdy and heavy monitor arms that can support their weights without falling off. In contrast, you can go for a monitor stand having a lightweight design for setting up smaller screens. 

2. Adjustability

The monitor stand models having a vertical adjustment usually cost more because you can tilt, swivel, or rotate each monitor screen independently based on your requirements. Stands with independent arms offer better adjustability, so you can freely position the monitor screens at an ideal height, viewing distance, and viewing angle to keep them at your eye level. 

Look for a desk stand for your monitors offering a 90° or a 360° rotation in any direction for seamless adjustability. Even though models with such a wide range of motion can be expensive, the setup will make it easier for you to work on your computer for long hours without suffering back pain or headaches. 

In this context, a monitor arm with gas pistons is easier to adjust, but it costs more and tends to wear down faster. On the other hand, stands having compression springs are much cheaper and more durable but don’t move smoothly while adjusting. 

3. VESA Compatibility

The cost of your monitor stand will also vary based on its VESA compatibility. VESA is a technical standard measuring the distance between the mounting holes on your monitor screens to which the monitor brackets are attached. The hole dimensions of a VESA-compliant monitor usually range between 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm. 

Considering the VESA compatibility factor, you might ask – are dual monitor stands universal? In most cases, monitors, like Dell Ultrasharp, come with VESA mounts. So, if your monitors have VESA mounts, make sure to buy a monitor stand that’s VESA compliant. 

In contrast, computers such as Apple Mac do not come with VESA monitor mounts. In that case, you need to buy an adapter separately to attach or install two monitors to the stand to set up your workstation. Remember: buying the adapter will cost you more. 

4. Mounting Options

The mounting style of a monitor arm will determine how you install the monitors on your existing desk setup. Grommet and clamp mounts are usually the most popular models to install single or dual monitors on your desktop. These models have a clutter-free design and can help clear much desktop space compared to freestanding models. 

Moreover, considering their mounting options can be helpful if you’re torn between buying a dual monitor stand vs two single monitor stands. For instance, clamp mounts work well with a dual or single monitor arm. They are much more flexible, and you can easily move them from one desk to another. 

5. Sturdy Design

You need a monitor stand or arm having a sturdy and heavy design so that it doesn’t topple off the desk, especially if it’s a freestanding model. Although the sturdy design might make a stand a bit more expensive than any basic monitor stand, it can be a good financial investment in the long run. 

Dual monitor screen and laptop computer at modern office indoors, startup company software develop technology. How much is dual monitor stand final thoughts.

How Much Is Dual Monitor Stand Final Thoughts

After going through our guide, you must’ve realized the cost of a dual monitor stand varies greatly depending on its design and other technological features. The most important price determinants usually include mounting options, VESA compatibility, and adjustability. 

That said, you need to consider other factors, such as cable management, clean design, sturdy construction, and ease of installation while choosing the right stand. No matter the model you select, always consider your available budget and work requirements before making any final purchase decision. Go through the product specifications carefully to pick the most suitable model. 

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