How To Choose Pendant Lights For Your Home

If you like to make a statement, you should consider installing pendant lights at home. Pendant lights or jewelry lights create a warm and comfortable atmosphere and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, that hang from the ceiling.

Add a beautiful decorative feature or interior lighting theme to your living room, kitchen, or any room using wall lights, ceiling lights, lamps, and other types of pendant lights.

In this post, you’ll learn how to choose the right type, size, and style of pendant lights. This way, you can make the right decision when installing one for your home.

How To Choose Pendant Lights 

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 Step One | Know the Different Types of Pendant Lights

Bring out the style and your personality by decorating your home with pendant lights, which make an aesthetic and practical solution to increase the curb appeal and value of your property. Modern lighting fixtures, like pendant lights, are constructed using high-quality colored materials, such as glass, timber, metal, and plastic.

To know the best placement or location for a particular design of your choice, it’s essential to know the different types of pendant lights. For instance, you can achieve a contemporary lighting design in your living room with metal multi-arm pendant lights, like shiny copper, industrial brass, and shiny chrome.

Here are the different types of pendant lights:

  • Multi-arm Pendant Lights. These pendant lights are similar to a chandelier. Multi-arm pendant lights are perfect for installing over rectangle or round tables.
  • Linear Pendant Lights. This style of pendant light is thin and long.
  • Shades Pendant Lights. A glass shade or bulb is exposed with one globe. You can group shade-style pendant lights to achieve a dramatic effect in your dining hall or living room.

 Step Two | Consider the Location and the Height of the Ceiling

Lighting is crucial in every home. One primary consideration before installing a pendant light is the height of the ceiling. Allow at least a 2.1-meter clearance if you want to install pendant lights in an open space so that your family and visitors can easily walk underneath. Clearance refers to how low your pendant lights or any lighting fixture can hang from the ceiling.

In addition to the height of the ceiling, here are other considerations before installing pendant lights:

  • The clearance required highly depends on the placement of the fixture, the desired space coverage the light can reach, and the height of a fixture or the hanging length, which is equally important as the size.
  • For bedrooms, open foyers, and living rooms keep at least 7 feet clearance from the pendant lights to the floor. For an 8-foot ceiling, you can achieve the general lighting requirements and clearance for the room by using a low-profile flush mount.
  • Hang pendant lights in a hallway or an open foyer at least 6 feet higher than the door.
  • Keep 8 feet of clearance between the bottom of the pendant light and the top of the tub in a bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, or if the height can’t accommodate this rule, it’s better to install a smaller pendant light or hang the fixture at least 3 feet away from the tub.

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 Step Three | Consider the Shape and Size of the Table

Multi-light pendant lights or linear lights work well with oval or long rectangular tables. For round or square tables, a chandelier or a single pendant light should be placed in the middle for a stunning look. A round canopy is more appealing with multi-light pendant lights for a more dramatic effect.

Here are important things you need to keep in mind when installing pendant lights in relation to the shape and size of the table:

  • If you like to install multiple pendant lights, consider installing pendant lights (smaller ones) lined across the table to make a statement.
  • Make sure the length or width is at least one foot shorter than the length of the table when placing a lighting fixture over a table or 6 inches smaller on each side.
  • The recommended clearance between the tabletop and the bottom of the pendant light is between 28 to 26 inches.

 Step Four | Choose the Right Size

To avoid disrupting the design of your living space, it’s crucial to choose the right size of the pendant light you’re planning to install. Attain a harmonious balance by choosing the average size, rather than choosing something that is too small or too big. The pendant lights should not look oddly small or overpowering.

 Step Five | Find Easy-to-Clean Pendant Lights

Pendant lights can be simple or can come with elaborate designs. If cleaning is a tedious task for you, choose the ones with easy-to-reach surfaces. Pendant lights need occasional cleaning to maintain their look. Use a soft cloth instead of a vacuum cleaner to avoid damaging the globe or metal.

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Make your home interior more appealing by installing pendant lights following the right clearance, placement or location, and size. Choosing the right pendant lights for your home creates an inviting, warm, and comfortable place for your family and visitors to enjoy an excellent time dining, telling stories, and other bonding moments.

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