How To Make Dual Monitor Stand Taller? | All You Need To Know

A dual monitor stand can be made taller by loosening or tightening the arm or sturdy C-clamp bolts and adjusting the arms. The process takes minutes, and if needed, there are easy DIY alternatives to implement. 

When you suspend your monitors on a dual monitor stand, there’s a good chance it’s not at an ideal height. Working with a computer that’s a little too high or too low can result in neck and back problems, which is less than ideal. 

What follows is a brief guide on making your dual monitor stand taller so tall people don’t have to deal with physical problems. These three steps along with monitor stands featuring proper ergonomics are all it takes to achieve a better working posture! 

How To Make Dual Monitor Stand Taller

How to make dual monitor stand taller

What is a dual monitor stand? Well, it’s a device that can make your dual monitors taller or shorter, depending on your height requirements. And here’s what you have to do to achieve that extra tall dual monitor setup.

1. Loosen The Bolt On The Monitor Arms’ Clamps

Your dual monitor stand likely has a wrench included in the box, which you can use to loosen the bolt on the clamps of most monitor arms. It’s important to note that you needn’t take the bolts out altogether, as you only need to adjust the height and not remove the arms.

2. Adjust The Position Of Your Dual Monitor Arms

Gently push the arms up to make the monitor arm taller until you’re satisfied with its height. You can optionally consider tightening the bolt temporarily and sitting down to determine if you can comfortably work with the height or not.

3. Tighten The Bolt

Once you’ve determined the right height for your Vivo dual monitor stand, tighten the bolt. Ensure that the monitor arm doesn’t move and that the two monitors align properly, and you’re done!

Other Ways To Adjust The Height Of Your Dual Monitor Stand

1. Desk Risers

If you can’t increase your monitor’s height any further, the next logical step would be to raise the height of your desk. A desk riser achieves precisely that, allowing you to change how high your desk is and adjust the height of your monitor stand. 

You can invest in a new desk riser or prop your desk up on wooden boxes or cinder blocks. Either option works, with the former giving you more room for height adjustment. Remember to be mindful of the overall weight capacity of your desk while using the latter.

2. Get Creative With Your Dual Monitor Arm

Consider clamping your monitor arms directly to a wooden monitor stand and increasing its height that way.. Alternatively, you can jury-rig an extra tall desk stand with metal parts, bolts, a motor, and a toolkit. 

A standing desk can also play a role similar to that of what is a dual monitor stand. It allows you to alternate between sitting and standing positions to prevent body stiffness.

How to make dual monitor stand taller conclusion

How To Make Dual Monitor Stand Taller Conclusion

A poorly adjusted desktop monitor stand is a recipe for a multitude of physical issues, such as body pains, stress, and more. Thankfully, you can make your dual monitors taller in minutes, helping you maintain an ergonomically healthy posture.

The number of simple DIY solutions to this problem is also notable, so you won’t have to spend much time or effort optimizing your desk space. There are limitless possibilities and the options are plentiful for you to choose the ones that suit your requirements the best. 

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