Humanscale Liberty Review | THE Task Office Chair ?

Have you been searching the web for good-quality office chairs lately? Then you must’ve come across the Humanscale Liberty Task Office Chair by now. 

After all, it’s one of the leading models on the market for conference and task chairs right now. But, of course, that isn’t sufficient for deciding whether it’s the best option for you. There will be many factors at play, including its negatives, when you choose to buy a suitable office chair for yourself. 

But we can assure you that the various beneficial features on offer make up for the few faults of this model, as we’ve used it for a couple of months now. So, to help you out, we’ve decided create this Humanscale Liberty review based on our experience to date, we’ve used the chair extensively for two months now and we do have a couple of things to tell that might interest you.

With all said and done, let’s get going!

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Humanscale | The Brand

Humanscale is a leading manufacturer of a variety of convenient and comfortable office furniture. Based in New York, the company believes in achieving more with less through its unique designs. What forms the core of its designs is the best possible combination of simplicity, functionality, sustainability, and longevity.  

The brand also attaches prime importance to the resources and materials used to make each model, ensuring that the users have a great experience. And you’ll be glad to know that thousands of people across the United States have praised its models for their all-round performance. 

Another feather to its cap is that it has won more than 200 prestigious awards for many designs, some of which have been featured in several museums showcasing objects with modern designs. Long story short, the brand makes every effort to ensure full support and convenient movement for the user in all postures.  

Humanscale Liberty Review

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Coming to the model that we’ll be reviewing today, the Humanscale Liberty Task Office Chair, there are quite a few factors to take into account. And we’ll be looking at each of these briefly in the next few sections. 

  1. Features and Specifications

At the start, let’s talk about the backrest of this chair as we found this to be the most significant feature. 

This chair has the backrest mounted on a hinge that’s level with the user’s lumbar spine. On pushing the top portion of this backrest, its bottom part pushes back automatically so that it fills your back down to the sacral region. 

This combines with the three-part mesh on the chair to create a unique feeling of the back being cradled uniformly. However, the support level provided is not the same at all portions, as 60-70% of the support is concentrated in the lumbosacral region. We loved this feature as it actually works to keep the lumbar curve healthy during use. 

Adding to the efficiency of the backrest is a counterweight mechanism that helps it tilt back while you recline. Hence, the resistance is proportional to the user’s weight, ensuring that you don’t require too much pressure to recline each time. 

Humanscale liberty review

This implies you don’t have to bother about adjusting any tension springs or setting any recline locks as in many other models out there. The motion of the backrest automatically adjusts to the changing needs of your spine to give you the perfect support each time. Note that the extent of recline it offers is 18°, while the backrest tilt is 8°. 

Speaking of the specifications of the chair, it measures 26.5 inches wide, while the base and height measure 25 inches and 38.5-43.3 inches, respectively. 

And that’s not all; Humanscale offers two-wheel options for this chair, viz. soft casters and standard casters. Note that both types measure 2.75 inches in diameter. But while the former is designed for use on harder surfaces, the latter is suitable for carpeted floors. 

All in all, the various beneficial features of this model make it suitable for most office-goers. It even lets you control the seat height and depth as per your preferences. 

Humanscale liberty review 4

  1. Design and Build

Any furniture in a modern workplace should sport a minimalist look that goes well with any space. And the Liberty Task Office Chair fits the bill perfectly as it’s the ideal combination of simplicity, elegance, and performance that you can find on the market. 

It comes with contemporary aesthetics and curved design, and doesn’t have any paddles or levers projecting from the seat, which gives it a clean look.

Another advantage of this minimalist style is the presence of fewer parts than traditional office chairs, which makes it much easier to use. Furthermore, the armrests attached to the back provide constant support and are designed ergonomically to facilitate ultimate convenience. 

Even the build quality of this chair is commendable as it’s constructed with high-quality components and made indigenously. Firstly, the backrest frame, base, and seat pan are made using injection mold plastics. 

On the other hand, the remaining structure is composed of high-quality die-cast aluminum fused with a coating of plastic. This combination of superior aluminum and plastic makes the chair super strong and keeps its weight within a moderate range.  

Last but not least, the brand takes care to design the chair in an environment-friendly manner. It makes the model lightweight, which implies lesser raw materials are utilized in its construction. Moreover, the chair is recyclable almost in its entirety and is built using a few recycled components as well. 

Humanscale liberty review 5

  1. Comfort Level

Unlike the ill-fitting ordinary office chairs that make users uncomfortable during work, this Humanscale model ensures ultimate comfort throughout. The non-stretch, tri-panel mesh construction on the backrest creates contours that fit the body appropriately. 

Plus, the seat cushions are designed to match anybody’s contours and are sufficiently large to let you use the entire seat. Another notable feature of the seat is its non-restrictive design as it gives immense freedom to move while working. Thus, you aren’t held in a particular place as with other office chairs on the market.  

Speaking of the padding used, it’s available in both gel or standard foam variants, so you can always choose the option that you find more comfortable. The standard foam padding is about 2-inch thick and retains its shape quite well, thereby providing the ideal support that any user will love. 

As for the gel variant, it also gives you the desired comfort, but we’d suggest getting a gel seat only if you’ve used chairs with such paddings earlier. 

  1. Pricing

The Liberty Office Task Chair allows users to customize certain features, and the cost of the model varies based on these options. For instance, if you choose the basic version, that is, with no black frame, trim, armrests, and Lotus upholstery on the seat, the model will cost the least. 

The most popular version is the one with a silver frame with trim, Duron armrests, black or monofilament strip mesh, hard casters, and a standard foam seat. Note that the pricing of this version is slightly higher due to the few modifications in mesh variety and the armrests. 

Humanscale liberty review 6

  1. Return Policy and Warranty

Coming to the return policy for this chair, it will depend on the store from where you’re purchasing the model. Humanscale sells its models both on its own and using authorized dealers. 

In case you buy the chair directly from the manufacturer, then all sales will be final, which implies you won’t be able to return the chair. But a few dealers do offer a return policy for which they frame their own rules. 

However, Humanscale is among the few furniture brands which offer the best warranties. It promises to cover any issues you face with the model free of cost up to 15 years of purchase. Only the fabric, arm pads, and foam come with a 5-year warranty. So, you can rest assured that your chair won’t be rendered useless in case of any accidental damage.

  • Makes reclining easy and comfortable
  • Keeps lumbar curve healthy
  • Offers two-wheel options
  • Cushions match all body contours
  • Brand doesn’t offer a return policy

Humanscale liberty review 2


Now that we’ve discussed the features and other essential aspects of this chair, do you find it suitable for your needs? You can share your observations or queries with us in the comments section below. We’ll be glad to help you out further. 

In our opinion, this chair is the ideal option if you’re searching for an easy-to-use and comfortable model that’s also budget-friendly. Furthermore, if you’re a business owner looking for some high-end conference chairs, this model will be spot on.  

The advanced backrest and comfortable padding of this chair are the major factors that place it at an advantage over other models.

With this, we’ll call it a day. But stay tuned as we’ll be back soon with more interesting content. Till then, happy shopping!

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