6 Best Mid Century Modern Office Chair | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Looking to replace your office chair with something more stylish?

Mid-century modern office chairs can be an excellent option, offering an attractive appeal and a high level of comfort. These chairs take inspiration from the design ideas prevalent between the 1930s and 1970s, becoming incredibly popular after the war. 

The mid century design is minimalistic, combining bold colors and patterns with organic materials. Due to so many varied designs, several mid century office chairs are available these days, which makes it quite challenging to find the product most suitable for your needs.

That’s why we’ve written this in-depth guide with detailed reviews of the best options on the market. Furthermore, we’ve even included a buyer’s guide to make selecting the right product easier. 

Top Mid Century Modern Office Chairs

1. Soho Soft Pad Management Chair

Soho House is one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of furniture and interior fixtures, including lighting, tableware, and more. The Soft Pad Management Chair is another excellent product, offering a premium quality build with easy height adjustment and a two-year warranty.  

Ready to take your productivity to the next level? The Soho Soft Pad Management Chair comes with a durable leatherette seat with a classic silhouette design, offering an attractive appearance with excellent comfort. 

Besides the appealing design, this mid-century office chair has a commercial-grade construction which ensures long-lasting durability. So much so that Laura Davidson Direct, a premier manufacturer and reviewer of office furniture has rated this product as the number one office chair.

Talking about comfort, the seating area has two upholstered foam cushions on the back and one on the seat. Thanks to these thick cushions,  you won’t experience any back soreness with this office chair even after spending countless hours working.   

We could not find any significant downside to this excellent product, except for the fact that the chair does not have armrest adjustments. However, the armrests are positioned at a comfortable level so this issue is a minor one as it does not affect the overall quality of the chair.

2. Mid-Century Modern Tufted Velvet Task Chair

Next up on the list is another mid-century office chair that can be a suitable fit for any office or professional working space. The Tufted Velvet Task Chair has a solid, high-quality construction and is available in a wide selection of colors. Hence, it offers the perfect combination of style and comfort.

We found several things to like about this fantastic office chair, so let us start with the build first. The Tufted Velvet Task Chair has a solid manufactured wood frame that provides excellent support. And for comfort, this office chair comes upholstered with premium velvet fabric as well as a tufted back.

Additionally, you’ll be delighted to know that the chair is available in sixteen different colors, ranging from traditional black and gray to vivid hues such as pink and yellow. You can easily find one that compliments your office decor, while the velvet fabric makes the cleaning process easy so that it doesn’t fade.

Assembling this office chair is also straightforward and does not take much time. The manual has detailed instructions on how to go about the process. If you need any more assistance, the brand has an excellent customer service system to resolve any issues that might crop up. 

The Tufted Velvet Task Chair is one of the best options and offers several useful features, including a solid, durable build. However, we would have liked the manufacturer to provide more padding to the seat for long-term comfort. With regular use, the seating area can get depressed quickly.

3. Glitzhome

Glitzhome is a brand that specializes in the manufacture of home furniture, decor, lighting, and accessories. Unsurprisingly, the 1009202149 model is an exceptional mid-century office chair that is perfect for both home and office use. It has a sleek design and a sturdy build, making it ideal for any workspace.

Glitzhome, while being one of the newer furniture manufacturers, has built up a remarkable reputation in a short span due to its range of impressive products. The 1009202149 is an excellent example of this, offering an exquisite design with its leatherette seat and back. 

Its breathable leatherette design covers the sponge cushion and is available in a range of different colors for accentuating your workspace. Then, there is the adjustable angle backrest and adjustable angle seat cushion, essential ergonomic features that make this office chair perfect for personalized comfort. Additionally, the 360-degree smooth rolling casters make moving the chair from one spot to another a breeze.

You will also be delighted to know that the manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to ensuring the highest safety standards. The load-bearing rods are safety-certified and can easily bear up to 275 pounds of weight. 

If you are looking for an attractive yet sturdy mid-century office chair, the Glitzhome 1009202149 is an excellent choice. Just keep in mind that the assembly process can be quite complicated and requires a significant amount of effort on your part. 

4. Armen

Armen is a furniture brand that focuses on designing premium quality products for contemporary lifestyles. The LCDAOFCHBL is an excellent mid-century office chair from the brand that blends with any modern design and offers unparalleled comfort. This chair is suitable for all spaces, including the office, living room, and others. 

To start with the design of this office chair. The Armen LCDAOFCHBL comes with high-quality upholstery, with a smooth but thick back and cushion seat. It has an open-concept design that allows breathable seating while ensuring comfort even during long hours. 

A very sturdy construction complements this excellent design. It has a durable chrome and steel structure that allows it to easily bear up to 250 pounds of weight. The frame has a solid wood walnut finish that adds to the appeal of the chair.

We also liked the medium cushioned open back that will keep your back supported and aligned. With this chair, gone are the days when back pain was a common issue due to long hours spent at the work table.  

The Armen LCDAOFCHBL is an excellent mid century office chair with great aesthetics and premium-quality construction. However, like most chairs in the category, it is most suitable for shorter people due to its small back.

5. Modway

As we near the end of our list, it is time to introduce to you the Modway EEI-273-TER. This mid-century executive chair has been designed with comfort and style in mind. It is perfect for modern office space and can also be used in the study or living room. 

If you want to make a statement with furniture, then the Modway EEI-273-TER is the best option for this purpose. The chrome aluminum frame is excellent for ensuring durability while the tapered legs add a touch of style. Similarly, the chair is available in vivid colors that can help liven up your home or office.

Apart from this, this executive chair has ribbed sling seating that provides greater lumbar support while working, preventing back pain and fatigue. Using the one-touch pneumatic height adjustment feature, you can even adjust the height as required. 

One of the features that set the EEI-273-TER apart from the competition is that it comes with five dual-wheel casters, whereas most others have two. These casters make moving the chair from one spot to another effortless. 

While reviewing the Modway EEI-273-TER, we discovered that the arms are quite wobbly and difficult to secure. You may need to use additional accessories to secure them, besides the ones included with the chair. 

6. Duhome Velvet Desk Chair With Wheels

For the final product on our list, we bring you the Duhome Velvet Desk Chair. This office chair is made of premium materials that offer greater durability and a premium appearance. The combination of traditional and classical styles makes it suitable for a wide variety of settings. 

We came across the Duhome Velvet Desk Chair while searching for an office chair with a bucket seat design. This mid-century modern chair comes with high-raised sides and is made with premium quality materials for extra support and stability.

It is one of the most attractive options in the segment, with a gold base that blends organic colors naturally. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for all sorts of spaces, including the office, living room, or bedroom.

Moreover, the seat is covered with high-quality velvet material and has a thick padded cushion, providing greater comfort while working. At the same time, the material is also breathable and will keep you cool during long hours at work.

For greater convenience, the Duhome seat also offers 360-degree rotation and has a control bar, which makes adjusting the height a simple process.  

The only issue that we were able to discover while testing this office chair was that the velvet fabric covering the seat was very thin. We would’ve liked this desk chair even more if the fabric was a bit thicker. If you’re not careful, it is very easy to tear it accidentally. 

Mid-Century Modern Office Chair Buying Guide

Now that you know about the best mid-century modern office chairs, you’re halfway to your goal. Besides knowing about the top options, you need to consider several essential factors before making a decision. 

In this section, we’ve created a detailed buyer’s guide that will make the job of selecting the right product easy for you. So, make sure to read through it before you head out to get that office chair.

1. Lumbar Support

The first and most crucial factor to keep in mind when buying an office chair is to look for one that offers excellent lumbar support. Lumbar support means support for the lower back, which is essential since lower back body strains are common among professionals.

Some seats even have flexible lumbar bolster that allows you to adjust the seat according to your lower back. Good lumbar support is crucial for preventing long-term health issues like sciatica. 

2. Tilt Control

Along with lumbar support, the angle of the back of the master office chair is another crucial factor to be considered. Getting an office chair that offers the ability to adjust the back can be quite advantageous. 

Look for a mid-century office chair that can be adjusted with tilt control so that the back is at a 100 or 110-degree angle with your body. Before making a purchase, look at how many levels of tilt control the executive chair offers.

3. Adjustability 

Modern office chairs allow adjusting the height and armrests easily. However, the greater the options for adjustability, the more comfortable you will be. Some office chairs offer up to 14 different adjustments.

Some of the crucial adjustments that should be available include lumbar support, pneumatic height adjustment, arm height and width, tension control, etc. Some of these adjustments can be made using a lever or a dial in the chair, while others may be controlled with a handheld pump. 

The height should be easily adjustable so that your thighs are level with your hips or slightly lower, reducing the possibility of strain. Make sure that the adjustments are easy to use and will remain functional over a long period.

4. Seat Dimensions

The office chair you intend to purchase should be large enough to accommodate your body comfortably. It means that the back and the base of the chair should be wide enough so that it does not feel constrained. On the other hand, office chairs are too wide, making it difficult to use the armrests for support. 

5. Chair Padding And Materials

The construction and upholstery of office chairs from different manufacturers vary widely, offering several types of choices. Different materials used in construction offer different advantages. For instance, mesh back chairs provide excellent ventilation and offer a breathable feel, while leather (real or faux) chairs create a luxurious appearance. 

Similarly, look at the armrest materials as well. Padded armrests provide maximum comfort for long hours.

However, when deciding on an option, keep your long-term comfort in consideration rather than the aesthetic appeal of the chair alone. Make sure that the stitching on the fabric can hold up well against wear and tear and last longer.

6. Wheel Base

Almost all office chairs come with a wheelbase for mobility, offering convenience for moving around your desk or consulting with others. If the area where you want to place the chair is carpeted, look for a chair with wheels suited for such surfaces.

A rolling wheelbase also prevents strain when reaching across the desk to retrieve out-of-reach items. Just be sure that the moving parts in the chair are durable enough for regular use. Wheels or casters that are easily damaged can not only be frustrating but can be a cause for accidents. 

7. Swivel Base

Good quality office chairs should also be able to swivel easily to provide easy access to different workspace areas. Arm fatigues are a common issue that occurs with chairs that do not swivel easily. Some swivel chairs also come with the option to lock the seat in place for stability. 

8. Armrest Options

An ideal mid-century modern office chair comes with adjustable armrests that help prevent discomfort. Adjustable armrests support the forearms and reduce strain in the neck and shoulders. Non-adjustable armrests may be positioned too high, creating tension in shoulder muscles, or too low, causing strain in wrists and forearms. 

That is why selecting an office chair with adjustable armrests can come in very handy. You can easily adjust the armrests to keep your wrists level with the keyboard.


With that, we’ve now come to the end of our detailed review-based guide on the best mid-century modern office chairs. We hope you found it enjoyable and informative and can select the most appropriate option. 

Before we go, we would like to share our favorites from the list with you. Our overall favorite is the Soft Pad Management Chair, which has a durable build, attractive and sleek design, and comes with an excellent warranty.

But for those looking for an easy-to-assemble option that is available in several colors, the Tufted Velvet Task Chair might be a better option.

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