What is the Papasan Chair- Types and Design Ideas Today

Nothing defines comfort like relaxing in a chair that reminds you of an embrace. Furniture pieces with such a touch of personalization often appeal easily to people. Papasan chair is one such timeless and classic piece of furniture. It is also known as a dish chair, a moon chair, or a bowl chair.

What is the Papasan Chair?

The Papasan chair works like a baseball glove that makes you feel snug and secure. These chairs, originally Asian, became popular in America during World War II, and have been a trendy icon ever since. The design is simple: A round shaped seat, like a bowl, cushioned with a large plush pillow.

There are quite a few types available in the build of a Papasan chair. Combined with trendy designs and ideas, they make an attractive seating arrangement in any room with any kind of décor. So if you are planning to buy yourself a set of them, do browse through these types and designer ideas !


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Types of Papasan Chairs 

The standard Papasan chair is a model of the basic type. It has an upright frame and a base, topped with a fabric for cushioning. The upright frame is slightly reclined, for extra adjustment to your relaxing posture. The round bowl shape of the chair provides a casual coziness for anyone who curls up in the seat.

Although Papasan chairs seem to be simple, they are also made in two other variations. Check them out:

1. The Mamasan Chair 

A Papasan chair is only able to provide a comfortable seat to a single person. It lacks the space and weight-holding capacity for more than one person. So what if you want to sit cuddled up with someone, or share a seat with your kid while you read to them?

The Mamasan chair is the best option for that! Also known as the “Double Papasan Chair”, it elongates the circular bowl design of a regular Papasan chair into an oval deep seat, spacious enough to accommodate two people. The frame is crafted similar to a Papasan chair, and combined with a longer cushion. You can use the Mamasan chair as a daybed too.

2. The Papasan Swivel Rocker

Merge the comfort of a Papasan chair with the rhythm of a Rocking chair. While the basic Papasan is perfectly circular, the Swivel Rocker is vertically upright with the same frame and cushion combination. The swivel attached to the base helps recline and rock the chair as you sit in it. It is a chair you can ‘live in’!

The frames of the Papasan chairs are traditionally constructed out of rattan, a vine-like climbing palm native to Southeast Asian countries. They might otherwise also be crafted out of sturdy organic materials like wicker or wood.

The cushion used is akin to a futon, made out of velveteen fabric stuffed with cotton fluff. These cushions can also be made out of faux fur or fleece, and are simple enough to be stitched by you. Thus, experimentation with the upholstery is always an option.

The standard Papasan chairs are quite large in size. However, there are smaller versions in the basic model, crafted especially for kids and pets. You can match your set of Papasan and Mamasan chairs with a similar ottoman with matching cushions. The trend of Papasan furniture has also caught up with matching rattan-made coffee tables and side tables too.


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Papasan Chair Design Ideas

The simple Papasan chair design also has a lot of scope for modifications and innovation. Be it ethnic or contemporary, it is sure to blend well with your décor and surroundings. You can keep one in your house, your office, or even your garden patio, and it will never look out place. Check out some of the brilliant designs and choose one that suits your needs the most:

1. Papasan Chair with Printed Cushions

Papasan chair frames made out of rattan can be quite monotonous about color. You do not often get bright frame colors to match your interior décor, unless the frame is made out of metal. Instead of having to make do with a few earthy colors, why not add prints and patterns to your seating place?

This Papasan chair set has matched itself to the interior color with colored cushions. The frame has the same organic color scheme, but blending it with printed cushions and peppy colors has enhanced the look of the room. You can also combine a single color cushion with small printed pillows as shown in the picture.

Papasan 1

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2. Mamasan Reading Nook

Mamasan chairs can be very comfortable as daybeds due to their extra space. If you want to build yourself a reading nook, a Mamasan chair is the most comfortable option to choose. The space provided by it is large and can allow you to read for hours without any discomfort.

You can drape a large old tapestry over your seat, like the one shown in the picture. It will certainly provide some privacy and seclusion from disturbances around you. You can decorate it with small hanging charms or fairy lights, and an accompanying side table to keep your books on.

Papasan 2

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3. Cozy Bedroom Corner

How about setting up a nook of cozy solitude in your bedroom? You can fit a large Papasan chair or a Mamasan chair in the corner of your bedroom and cover it up with a drapery of old fabric and curtains. You can also put some lights around to help you read.

Moreover, you can use it to sit and watch television, work on your laptop, or read a book while having some wine. It seems like a perfect spot for people who enjoy sitting alone, enjoying the solitude. Placing it next to the fireplace will make the spot even more comfortable during cold winters.

Papasan 3

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4. Kids’ Reading Chair

Parents wonder how to inculcate a habit of reading in their children. One of the most helpful techniques to interest your kids in a literary world is to create an atmosphere they can get lost into. Create a fantastical and magical place where the child can read uninterrupted, with your Papasan chair.

The Papasan chair in the picture uses a child-sized model. It is covered up with thin fabric, shutting it out from the world – prefect for focusing. The fairy lights and fake vines add the magical charm that is sure to attract your kids. They will be looking forward to their reading sessions every day.

Papasan 4

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5. Floral Papasan Chair

While most Papasan chairs have a typical round shaped frame, this model takes it notch further. The chair is circular, but it has flower petals to make up the reclining surface. You can fit a cushion on the seating portion, or use a usual Papasan cushion on it. It will definitely look unique and distinctive from other Papasan chairs.

Papasan 5

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6. Woven Papasan Swing Set

Traditional furniture piece combined with bohemian designs have been a brilliant trendsetter. Like this woven swing set made from the Papasan frame. This bohemian DIY swing will look pretty neat in a room of tropical kind of décor. You may set it up against the backdrop of a garden, or in a patio surrounded by potted plants.

The bright colors of the yarn just make the simple frame look special.  Just looking at the color scheme fills you up with pure joy! Plop a few cushions on the frame, or a white Papasan chair cushion, and see the adorable play of colors.

Papasan 6

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7. The Mamasan Swing

We saw how a Papasan swing set could be made using colored yarn. A patio seems incomplete without a swing, especially when there are kids around. This Mamasan chair swing seems like a very easy upcycle project.

Mamasan chairs can easily accommodate two adults. However, you must be wondering whether it be able to do the same when it is hanging from the beams of your patio? With a thick rope and proper fixtures, it will. Thus, even adults will able to have fun swinging in the porch on a warm summer evening.

Papasan 7

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8. The Cradle

Another innovative chair inspired by the simplicity of the Papasan chairs. It is the brainchild of Richard Clarkson and his team of designers. It is made with the intention of creating a safe space, a comfortable and relaxing environment for anyone who uses the chair.

The frame is a wooden hemisphere, which rocks back and forth according to the movement of the accommodated person. The space inside the hemisphere is spacious, and the affixed cushion is large enough to let a person sleep.

Papasan 8

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9. The Sunflower Chair

Everybody loves to have a personal spot, where you can just retire for the day and read books uninterrupted. The seating should be comfortable enough to allow relaxation, yet upright to keep your attentive. The Papasan chair works wonders for your obsession with reading.

Designers He Mu and Zhang Qian, inspired from the Papasan chair, designed this Sunflower Chair. The entire frame is metallic and slotted, to fit all your books in one spot. Thus if you are an avid reader and do not have enough space to get a shelf, get the Sunflower Chair instead!

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10. Garza Marfa Chair

Although the Papasan chair is traditional furniture, it has a lot of scope inspiring the contemporary interior décor. Jamey Garza’s beautiful modern twist to the Papasan chair is a masterpiece of sophistication. Behold, the Garza Marfa Round Leather Chair!

The design is so unique, yet so similar to that of Papasan chairs. The perfectly round shaped frame, the deep recliner seat for better posture, and the splayed legs of metal resemble the very design of the Papasan chairs. The stretched colorful leather adds to the metallic charm of the chair.

Papasan 10

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How did you like the idea of using Papasan and Mamasan chairs in your décor? A simple and sophisticated choice as such is sure to bring a natural and beautiful charm to your house. The comfort that you will get from Papasan and Mamasan chairs will be a cherry on the top.

Did the designs you liked inspire you? Do you think they will suit your décor? Let us know your experience!

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