59 Cool Rock,Concrete & Brick Patio Ideas to Realize Now

Patios are the gateway to your house. Being one of the spaces in your house to relax and be yourself. On that line, brightening up your patio is something that can add a different sort of charm to your home. One of the best methods we’ve found is to go for a mineral solution, either rock, concrete or brick. While the entire brick idea seems like a lot of trouble to get into, it provides a worthwhile chance to add to your house and provide a stylish yet, rustic feel that speaks of coziness and warmth; rock may go a step forward in terms of rustic and naturalness while the concrete can be an easy option that will not sacrifice aesthetic values.

So, here is the curated list of great mineral patio ideas to lift the look of your house.

Rock, Concrete & Brick Patio Ideas 

  1. Pinstripe circles

A small design innovation that can add a lot to your patio space is the pinstripe wheel. Made out of small bricks lined in a circular wheel, this adds a centering effect to any decoration or furniture you might put in the center.

Add some multi-colored bricks to border off the various parts of the concentric circles, and you have a brand new design to focus on every time you step out.

1 1

  1. Staggered look

Bricks with a slightly staggered arrangement add depth to your patio. They look wonderful with classic red bricks. The staggered look is a simple design that’s very easy to pull off, and it adds to every single patio.

Add some light chairs with minimal decoration and your outdoor space will immediately be lifted.

Staggered look brick patio

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  1. Checkered bricks

The multicolored checkered brick patio pattern is something that has been around forever. Not only is it an extremely fun splashy look for any patio, but, with some additions of borders, it can act as a separate space in itself.

Checkered patterns of bricks can be added to any other styles to lift them to the next level.

One kings lane floors tile checker

Photo by Christopher Simon Sykes/The Interior Archive

  1. Circular and running bond

Once you create a look with concentric circles, bordering them is important. One of the most fun ways to shape up your patio is to use wider bricks of some other color to run into a barrier.

A design that lifts space and looks extremely fun? Sign yourself up quickly for this.

Circular and running bond

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  1. Flagstones

One of the oldest styles to add to your garden space. Flagstones add a sort of chaotic pattern to your patio and can add a whole other dimension to your brick patio.

Flagstone bricks are wonderful when arranged randomly, giving a unique look to your patio.

Flagstones patio design

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  1. Pebble and flagstone 

Pebbles are wonderful additions to your patio. They make borders for your pools, your separate cooking areas, and other things.

Along with the red flagstone bricks, they add another dimension. The random placing, also adds something unique to the patio.

Pebble and flagstone bricks patio

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  1. Basket weave brick pattern

A basketweave is a simple brick arrangement where the bricks are arranged in ordered ways in squares. With an ordered way of arranging the bricks, you can create custom borders too, to add an extra dimension to the patio.

Basket weave brick pattern patio

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  1. Herringbone

Remember the old patterns that lined your home? The ones with the bricks are arranged at right angles to create lines that work together. Herringbone is a beautiful pattern of ordered style, that adds a sign of nostalgia as well, as a minimalist style to your patio.

Brick patio ideas

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  1. Interlocking

Interlocking styles of bricks are fairly popular in garden areas around the world. They’re easy designs to pull off, and they require very little special attention as well. Interlocking bricks also give you a chance to create custom arrangements that are unique to your house.

Interlocking styles of bricks

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  1. Diamond tiles

Bricks with sharp corners that give you a defined pattern to work with are an extremely good idea for brightening out a separate seating area in your brick patio. Use vibrant multi-colored patterns to separate the area, and you have a positively charming space for yourself.

Diamond tiles brick patio design

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Colored bricks

  1. Red bricks

One of the oldest looks in every patio, these are the classic bricks to lift the look of your patio.

Red brick patio design

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  1. Blue bricks

These are wonderful additions to your patio; they can add borders and provide depth to your patio. Combine it with Herringbone style to create veins, or use it to border out the whorled and pinstripe patterns.

Blue bricks patio design

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  1. Pink flagstones

One of the old designs that we associate with our childhood works perfectly even now. Pink flagstones are great additions to poolside patios and gardens because they make very ambient walk patterns for you to relax.

Pink flagstones patio design

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  1. Marbled bricks

One of the more modern styles to take on, the marbled brick look is more suited to patios that don’t interact with nature in a huge capacity. They are known to add depth as well as a seamless look to your patio.

Marbled bricks paio

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  1. Grey bricks

Non-textured grey cobblestones add an old-school castle-like look to your patio. They are ordered designs that are beautiful.

Grey bricks patio

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  1. Textured bricks

Textured bricks are the easiest way to add some depth to your patio look. They are also easier to walk on and can be used in a variety of ways.

Textured bricks patio

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  1. Oranges and bright colors

Bright colors are wonderful additions to any patio. They can act as borders or as a sign of something else. You can use them in multiple whorled patterns or in pinstripe wheels to lift the lookup.

Orange brick patio

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  1. Textured cobblestones

One of the oldest designs that are still chic and relevant is the paved cobblestone pattern. Especially when mixed with some grass, this style gives off a rustic, homely feel that is a wonderful addition to the design.

Texture coblestone

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  1. Fish Scales

When you arrange your dark and light-colored bricks in an alternative way, they give the distinct look of fish scales. If you’re looking for something unique for your patio, this is the look you should go for.

Fish scales patio arangement

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  1. Multi-colored pebbles

One of the great ways to introduce some grass into your patio is to use multi-colored pebbles as pauses between them. The pebbles add an extra dimension, and the grass adds something different to your style.

Colorful pebble patio and path

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More Patio Design Ideas

  1. Cellular paving 

Using cobblestones with pauses of grass is a great way to lift your patio. The modern-rustic balance is second to none. The cellular paving can be married to more bricks and a little bit of grass to give a minimalist feel.

Or if you’re looking for a more subdued look, use the grass sparingly and place the bricks tightly together. The sparse look can add to your patio.

Cellular patio ideas

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  1. Stone Masonry

One of the older polished stone looks, using the black bricks that add a separate castle-like look to your house is one of the best decisions you’ll make.


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  1. Brick steps

Wide brick steps arranged in a circular pattern are one of the ways you can use the whorled pattern. Add a splash of color, and you’ll have almost instant depth in your patio.

Herringbone curb appeal patiovia pinterest

  1. Pebble inlay with bricks

Pebbles in between bricks are one of the ways to lift a dull patio. It’s an easy design to pull off and adds a very well-polished dimension to the entire patio.


Source Unknown

  1. Radially arranged bricks

Circular patterns are some of our favorites. Radially arranged bricks give a different look to your patio, especially if you can add some element to the middle, and start building out from there. One of the easier looks that people go for is a plant in the middle and radiating out from there.

Radially arranged bricks

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  1. Wide patios

Using the herringbone patterns to create a wide space in your beautiful brick patio gives you space to air out your furniture and also gives your guests a wonderful space for entertainment.

Herringbone curb appeal patio design

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  1. Hexagon patterning

Hexagonal bricks are a callback to the old days and provide a very simple look to your patio without any stress. Use brighter colors, and you get a stylish look as well.

Hexagonal patio tiles ideas

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  1. Squares and circles

A pinstripe wheel running in the center and seamlessly blending into a square border is one of those looks that can be used to position the centerpieces of your patio. Whether that is a plant or a piece of furniture, the look lifts your patio in no time.

Circle brick patio radial brick

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  1. Triangular bricks

Triangular bricks can be used in a multitude of ways. They can be used to make circular designs and to round off corners without much problem. The triangle bricks are a great addition to any patio that’s looking for an instant lift-up.


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  1. Cellular and pebble inlay with flagstone bricks

One of the easiest ways to give the look of a museum to your patio is to use flagstones as the center of your piece. Adding the grasses in between with pebbles is just one of the best ways to lift your entire patio.


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  1. Grey slate flagstones

The whole flagstones with a grey slate that is smooth are something that can add an extra dimension of a rustic look to your patio. It’s an easy look to pull off and is pretty magnificent.

Grey slate flagstones patio

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Outdoor Features to Add to Your Brick Patio

  1. Fireplace

One of the traditional ways to add to any outdoor space is to use full-scale stone fireplaces. They can be made in several types, from old-school polished fireplaces to rustic cobble-stoned pieces.


  1. Lounge

Adding wood to stone is one of those basic design tricks that can add a whole new dimension to your patio. A minibar area with wooden stools and a long table is something that can lift your patio in no time.

Brick patio ideas retreat

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  1. Full-scale kitchen

A steel kitchenware setup can be a wonderful addition to any patio and can add up to any patio in no time.

Full kitchen patio

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  1. Grill

Outdoor barbeques are a way to meet your friends and to chill out. The grills with their black padding go extremely well with bright red brick patios. The grills add a rustic look and make you look better.

  1. White chairs

If you’re going for stone masonry with polished cobblestones or grey slate flagstones, white furniture is one of the best things to add to your patio. The white chairs also add a depth that looks classic and wonderful.

  1. Lounge chairs

Lounge chairs are easy additions to any patio. Use darker colors in your bricks, and you’ll be in a space to have an enjoyable sunset without worry in the world.

  1. Multi-layered patterns with a pool

Your free look will immediately be lifted with a patterned pool border. You can use a whorled pattern with darker bricks to lift your blue pool, and you’ll be a happier person at the end of the day.

  1. Old school taverns

If you have a wall overlooking your patio, you can use that as a center for your fireplace and radiate out with wooden furniture that would resemble an old-school tavern.

  1. Covered Patio

Adding a ceiling to your patio is one of the best ways to enjoy outdoor parties. You can add a grass border to add some authenticity to your design.

  1. Bricks with landscape

Bordering your brick patio with landscaped plants is one of the easiest ways to lift your beautiful brick patios. The landscape can be anything from green and purple shrubs and some grass.

  1. Cellular paving leading out to white furniture

Cellular paving is one of the easiest ways to create a welcoming space. Add old-school white lounge chairs, and you’ll be in a great space to relax.


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  1. Outdoor tables

A piece of polished ply is enough to make a slick dinner table for your brick patio. Add some bricks to create a stand for your table. If you use textured bricks, you’ll give the look of old-school chic, and you can hold as many parties as you want.

  1. Standard polished look

Stone masonry with some white pillars as breathing spaces is a wonderful way to lift any structure. Match the colors of the stone paving to your house, and you’ll be in a great space.

  1. Rustic lodge

Using circular furniture is one of those ideas that will never go out of date. A circular table with slightly curved wooden chairs to accompany them is a way to create a welcoming space for everyone.

  1. A red paved road for your garden

A simple way to lift a small patio is to use it to cultivate a garden. Add variants of grasses and herbs with shrubs and add a red brick road in the middle and you’ll feel like you’re in one of your favorite novels.

A red paved road for your garden

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  1. Gravel and flagstone with a disordered garden

Gravel and plants lend a look of disarray to your garden giving it an old-school look. Use decorative plants, and you’ll be in a space to enjoy yourself.

  1. Antique garden

If you have antique brass or iron furniture, they can be very beautiful additions to your patio. Add matching vibrant colors to the wall of your building, and it’ll take your design to the next level.  

  1. Fences and play

If you want to give a classic look that’s also a play on your usual look, add fences to your patio, especially in spaces where it meets your garden. Colored fences can add another dimension to your patio.

  1. Pizza Oven

A wood-burning pizza oven is one of the ways to lift your patio. The wood burner pizzas are delicious, and the look is a classic comfort.

Pizza oven patio

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  1. Gazebos

One of our favorite designs to lift your patios, a gazebo is a way to provide shade to your guests as well as give your dark-colored paved patio a lift

Gazebo patio ideas

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  1. Moss gardens

Mosses are a great way to shake up the usual cellular paving of the patios. You can add a moss garden with different shades of mosses and have an old-school look on your patio.

  1. Picnic spaces

Adding wooden furniture and some umbrellas instantly transforms a brick patio into a fun picnic space where you can relax and have a martini at your leisure.

  1. Courtyard patio

One of the easiest ways to lift your patio is to combine your herringbone patterning with dark-colored bricks with some moss inlay and trees surrounding the space.

  1. Darker furniture

For a more modern chic look, use your leather couches and add marbled flooring to the space to lift the patio’s feel. The white and black look is one of the most authentic classic looks you can go for in a patio design.

  1. A terrace

Using face bricks to border your patio is a way to give yourself a space to look out into your garden and to have small parties with family and friends. Textured bricks that you can see are a wonderful addition.  

  1. Renderings with vine

If you’re adding a wooden rooftop, one way to add to your patio space is to add vines along with it. This is will add a natural look that will further lift your home.

Vines covered patio

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  1. Flowers and trees as centerpieces

If you go for flowering trees and large trees as centerpieces, let them grow on your patio. They will not only contribute to the wonderful look but also provide a great place to relax.

Vines and flowers as centerpieces on a magical patio

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  1. New Orleans

The New Orleans style uses a shrub as the centerpiece and extends your patio area using red bricks. The red bricks are important and add character to the entire patio area.

  1. Mix n’ Match

Using different features shouldn’t ever stop you. Work with your designer and make your patio space your own. Mix the classic with the rustic and add cellular paving in between and you’ll have a charming space to relax in.

Splendid patio

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A patio can add extra space to your house and is an easy way to incorporate a garden or a party space into your house without cluttering the indoor space. The point is to check out more and more designs and try out your hands before you settle down on one design.

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