39 Types Of Chairs to Consider Today

Chairs and the type of chair play an important role in decorating your home. 

But their importance is often overlooked since they just blend in with the rest of the furniture. And that is exactly the point! 

You wouldn’t want an ugly piece of woodwork that would draw all the attention to itself, right? That’s why it’s important to make a wise choice while furniture shopping and choose the right type of chair!

We have chairs in almost all of our rooms, and it can be a huge task to get each one to complement the decor and setting. But our guide will give you a fair idea of all the major types that’ll fit nicely in different rooms of your home.

Let’s get started! 

Types of chairs to consider today

  • For Living Room

We’ll kickstart our list with ideas for living room chairs. This is the room where you spend a lot of time and host all your guests, so the pressure of designing it right is reasonably high. 

While recliners and armchairs are common, people generally forget about the variety of accent chairs that are available on the market. If you’re looking for something unique, scroll down to the accent chairs bit right away.

  1. Recliner


Let’s start right from the basics, with the chair that the users very much love: Recliners. Available in leather and fabric upholstery, this chair is the epitome of comfort and luxury. Do you know what the best part about recliners is? You can adjust the backseat on your whim and have a completely relaxing experience.

Thanks to the reclining feature, these chairs are the best for napping or lying back while watching a movie. If you have some medical condition that makes it difficult for you to get in or out of a chair, then recliners can surely ease it out for you.

  1. Armchair

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Armchairs are all about that extravagant vintage feeling. Keep it near your fireplace, maybe throw on some pillows and a blanket, and voila! The perfect setting to read or enjoy a hot chocolate.

If you want to buy an armchair, you’ll have to keep your budget slightly higher compared to the other options. It’s a given that all luxurious accent pieces demand a steeper price than the average. 

Furthermore, for those who aren’t that keen on the vintage aesthetic and want something modern, armchairs have contemporary variants. These chairs provide seating for only one individual, so keep your requirements in mind while making a purchase. 

  1. Loveseat

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Loveseats are intermediate between one-seater chairs and full-fledged couches. As the name suggests, these chairs are specially crafted for two people to sit together and enjoy the lovey-dovey feels. 

However, don’t let the name discourage you because you can get a loveseat even without a partner. It is available in size large – enough to accommodate two people while leaving a reasonable gap in the middle. 

Another advantage of buying this versatile seating is that you can enjoy the plushie comfort of a couch at the price of a chair. Moreover, they come in all designs and styles ranging from classic to modern, and you can choose the upholstery in any fabric.

  1. Contemporary Round Chair

We’ve talked enough about the traditional choices, so let’s move on to some contemporary and modernized designs. Having quite a few similarities with loveseats, contemporary round chairs are essentially single-person couches.

41wapvhmtrl. Sl500

Are you wondering what makes us say that? Well, it’s the oversized build that measures around 60 inches with a cushion depth of 30 inches. These chairs have dimensions and textures like those of couches and are perfect for relaxing or snuggling. 

While leather and suede are the most popular types, round chairs are available in several other fabrics and textures. These are typically found in neutral shades, but you can get yours custom-designed if you fancy a personalized color.

  1. Wingback Chair

Wingback chairs are renowned for their flair, fashion, and style. These accent pieces have large back support and high sides, with a wing-like appearance, and that’s where the name comes from. 

51g39cg5ass. Sl500

We’ll elaborate a little on those “wings” to give you a better picture. Those structures are siding panels, to be precise, that extend from the back of the chair to the front. So, it’s a given fact that wingback chairs will look ravishing in your living room, and that too at an affordable price.

Staying true to what we said about fashion, you can select the chair fabric in any pattern you like. Whether you have a boho-themed living room or an elegant one, you’ll likely find the right texture and pattern for both themes and everything in between. 

  1. Club Chair

Are you a lover of all things French? If yes, the chances of you adoring a club chair are high. Invented in France, the chair was known as “fauteuil comfortable” and had a spacious, shorter back, low-seated leather design.

41pn9gtlb5s. Sl500

The style has remained consistent ever since, and that is the whole essence of a club chair. Staying true to their name, these chairs have a nightclub vibe and will fit right in if you have a darkly lit living room. Other than that, club chairs are a fitting choice for movie rooms and basements as well.

Lastly, we understand that you’ll likely assume the chairs to be expensive, given their French association, but that’s not true. Club chairs come at reasonable and pocket-friendly prices, and the leather upholstery lasts for years.

  1. Bergère Chair 

With a deep, wide seat and an exposed wood structure, the Bergère chair is another French innovation on our list. But it differs a great deal from a club chair since it is a traditional accent piece.

However, you need to be sure about what you’re looking for in your chair. If beauty and aesthetics are of primary importance, then a Bergère chair is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you prioritize comfort and ease, we’re afraid this one might not be the best for you. 

The chair has a royal touch and is nothing less than a piece of art, so it’s only natural that you’ll have to spare some extra bucks to get a hold of it. You must have seen this piece in high-end hotels and luxurious suites, and that’s more than enough to give you a rough idea. 

  1. English Rolled Armchair

Things go out of style in the blink of an eye, and no trend sticks around for long, but the English Rolled armchair is one of those few pieces that stays evergreen. This design became popular in the nineteenth century and has stayed that way ever since. 

41bvi7yv1ql. Sl500

The chair has low signature arms with a deep and sinuous profile, allowing you to sit comfortably in the accommodating seat. The low arms are perfect for resting your head or arm support while reading. 

Whether it’s an eclectic and modern apartment or a vintage-inspired formal house, these seats will be at home in both settings. The icing on the cake is, you can also buy the sleeper option with an additional stool for supporting your legs. 

  1. Barrel Chair

A barrel chair, as the name suggests, resembles half of a barrel in shape. It has a semi-circular back that curves around the edges to form armrests or wings on both sides. We mean to say that the back support and the armrests are one single piece instead of three separate ones connected. 

51ysw5ow17l. Sl500

Like the English Rolled armchair, this one has also been around for a considerably long period. The design was popularized in the mid-twentieth century and is still in buzz owing to its refined and sleek aesthetic. 

Recliners and Armchairs fall into the bulkier category of chairs, and Bergères have slimmer feet and take up less space. But if you want something that lies between these extremes, then a Barrel chair is your best bet. 

  1. Ottoman Chair

Are comfort and relaxation a high priority for you? Do you often feel like something’s missing while lounging on your chair? Well, something is missing. When we stretch back and loosen our backbone on the chair, our first instinct is to look for some leg support.

41yhi0z4kql. Sl500

And Ottoman, famously known as a lounge chair, does exactly that. It comes with a footstool to rest your feet on so that you can conveniently sit back and relax. 

Not only are these stools excellent for unwinding, but they also serve as coffee tables with extra storage space. The cushioned top can come off, revealing a wooden base that can be smoothly used as an accent table. 

  1. Chesterfield Chair

You might be familiar with the Chesterfield sofas, but Chesterfield chairs aren’t known by many. Both are assumed to be the same and are more or less similar, the key difference being the chair is for individual seating.

51smgxynowl. Sl500

The chair type has a distinct furniture style with recognizable features, most notable being the tufted upholstery (most commonly leather or velvet) and higher armrests. 

Another interesting fact for the lovers of Sigmund Freud and Queen Victoria, Chesterfield chairs were their favorite. If you are a literature enthusiast, this chair will be a grand addition to your academic aesthetic. 

  1. Slipper Chairs

“Slipper Chair” is an interesting name, right? It makes you wonder what exactly is the deal. Much to your curiosity, we’ll address everything about slipper chairs; just keep reading.

41c0joawkvl. Sl500

When these chairs emerged in the eighteenth century, they were used in women’s dressing rooms, mainly while dressing up or putting on slippers. And that’s where they derive their names from. How pretentious and extravagant is that? 

One important point worth noting is that a slipper chair doesn’t have wings or armrests. So, it isn’t restricting and allows a wide range of movement when you’re sitting. But on the downside, you don’t get the comfort of arm support.

  • Dining Chairs 

The majority of chairs in homes are kept in the dining area, and consequently, we will cover the maximum options and designs of chairs in this section. 

Families sit together and eat in the dining area, so it’s vital that everyone sits comfortably and has a good time. Along with chairs, some people like keeping stools to have their meals on the countertops or kitchen islands. Therefore, we’ll also talk about them in detail. 

Let’s proceed, shall we?

  1. Side Chair

On the top of our dining chair list, we have Side Chairs, the most commonly found type in all American homes. These are neither too light nor too hefty and have just the right dimensions to go with a dining table.

61lpj8gujol. Sl500

While using armchairs or any other bulky design, you must have experienced some difficulty fitting them around the dining table. It’s relatively simple to place them at the ends, but adjusting them in the middle is a huge task. That’s why Side Chairs are far better options than the former.

Additionally, they come in beautiful designs at a reasonable price. So, you can say Side Chairs are the safest option if you don’t feel like experimenting with your decor.

  1. Ghost Chair

We all know how difficult it can be at times to find the perfect furniture pieces for ultra-modern or minimalist home decor. To simplify that dilemma for you, we suggest going for a Ghost chair.

No, there’s nothing supernatural about this chair design; it’s named so because it has a body made of white transparent material (clear plastic). They are versatile and can be used for a dressing table or vanity, just as much as they are suitable for dining use.

Moreover, they are available in a range of heights and designs, with or without armrests, and you can pick one according to your preference. If the complete plastic structure doesn’t appeal to you, then you can choose one with wood or metal accents on the legs. 

  1. Wishbone Chair

410m+nxqedl. Sl500

Let’s do a one-eighty-degree turn from the ultra-modern ghost chair and go back to a twentieth-century look with Wishbone chairs. Mostly made of wicker or cushioned seats with a wooden frame, these chairs are traditional and rustic.

Interestingly, the intermediate support on the backside of the chair splits like a turkey wishbone, which is the characteristic feature of these chairs. The design has proven to be extremely comfortable and supportive for the spine, and customers love it. 

Users say that the curved design back with the middle wishbone-like structure is perfect for resting their backs when they sit. Although you won’t do that much while eating, it’s still good to have the option. 

  1. Parsons Chair 

Deriving its name from the Parsons School of Design in Paris, the Parson chair was first constructed in 1930 following a simple prototype. The chairs used to be extravagant and ornamental in those days, so these were designed as a modest alternative.

51874jgmhal. Sl500

Parsons chair has an overall modern appeal with its simplicity and clean lines. As a result, you’ll love having it in your dining room, especially if you have a neutral color scheme.

Do you know that the original design was meant to be completely slipcovered? But due to certain reasons, that idea wasn’t executed, and now these chairs are kept in the light and modern category with exposed feet. 

  1. Rustic Chair

As the name suggests, rustic chairs are old-fashioned and evoke a pastoral sense with their roughly hewn edges, natural unpolished wood, and playful design. This design sets a bold and natural statement and won’t fit with everybody’s interior decor. 

41lq n2jd3l. Sl500

To add to the playfulness, the cushioned upholstery comes in vibrant colors and patterns. For dining rooms with bohemian or cottage core themes, rustic chairs look right at home. 

  1. Armchair 

You must be thinking we already covered this in the living room section, and you’re right. But armchairs aren’t strictly restricted to living rooms and can very well be used in dining rooms because of their versatility.

316ym53cqms. Sl500

Armchairs are multi-purpose pieces of seating and adjust very well around dining tables, especially in the middle spaces. The armrests are always something to be grateful for as they allow you to rest your arms conveniently.

  1. Wood Chair

Next up, we have wood chairs that are completely made out of timber.

For a crisp, direct, and minimal look, wooden chairs normally come with a molded wood seat instead of upholstery. This feature might appeal to a few of you or might be a complete turnoff; after all, the chairs do lack a touch of comfort. 

41bwwkl4wnl. Sl500

Even though wood chairs have been a staple in dining areas for a long time, many don’t like the complete absence of upholstery or cushioned seating. However, people do appreciate them for their sturdiness, so getting a wooden frame with a little upholstery is a competent intermediate.

  1. Upholstered Chair 

The amount of upholstery depends on the basic structure and material of the chair and varies from one model to another. As discussed earlier, a few wooden chairs don’t have any upholstery while Club and Chesterfield are completely upholstered.

In reality, upholstery plays an influential role in determining the girth, weight, and comfort of a chair. Upholstered chairs are generally bulkier than plain ones and are more relaxing and luxurious too. 

51p8mlzxosl. Sl500

The cushioning can be done using any fabric, and the chairs are available in a large variety ranging from tough fabrics like leather and suede to soft ones like velvet. Although you don’t want to overdo upholstery in dining chairs, it will only make it difficult to push them back below the table after use. 

  1. Wicker Chair

Made with pliant and tough plant material, wicker chairs are beautiful furniture to have in your dining area. Wicker is essentially a weaving technique in which fibers (natural or synthetic) are intricately woven, resembling a straw basket. 

The rich texture of the chairs is a delight to look at while happily eating your food. However, it might feel a little uncomfortable for seating for longer periods, so make sure that you have some upholstery in the seat.

  1. Metal Chair

61pvzefuhhl. Sl500

Just like the wooden ones, chairs also come in metallic frames. But whether you want a completely metallic chair (frame and seat included) or you want the seats to be cushioned is your choice. 

Metallic frames are elegant and smooth, giving an overall clean look to your diner area. Our only complaint is that they clank quite a lot, and those without cushioned seating can be uneasy to sit on. 

  1. Plastic Chair

Again in the lines of metallic and wooden chairs, you can go for models available entirely in plastic. The only difference is cushioning, or seat upholstery is rarely found in these designs, and sitting on plastic can be cumbersome on hot days. You know how it gets when you’re all sweaty, and the seat becomes sticky, right?

Back in the day, plastic chairs were considered to be low-end, but that’s not the case anymore. Eminently detailed and unique designs are now available in plastic, boasting different hues that appear to be resinous in texture. Lastly, these chairs also resemble Ghost chairs in many aspects, so you can weigh out both options before buying. 

  1. Coastal Chair 

We’re almost done with dining chairs, except for a few options that aren’t so common in houses. Therefore, stay tuned and read carefully; you might stumble upon the chair you were looking for all along.

51skkqboncl. Sl500

Coastal chairs are like wicker chairs in terms of the weaving pattern, but the former uses mainly fabric and natural fibers, whereas the latter uses tougher and synthetic fibers. These chairs create a beach-like feeling wherever they are placed and are fantastic options for diners if you want that seaside vibe. 

  1. Contemporary Chair

41nl ws4pnl. Sl500

Contemporary is an umbrella term that houses several different designs of chairs that are modern and have come up recently. The types like Club chairs, Bergère chairs, Slipper chairs, etc., have been around for a century, but contemporary styles are those that have emerged in the last few decades.

These chairs are typically minimalistic, lightweight, and come in edgy shapes. Unlike traditional seats that focus on ornamentation, contemporary chairs are more practical, utilitarian, and easy to use. 

  1. Shaker Chair

There’s a very slim chance that you already know about Shaker chairs, as these aren’t that famous in the decor business. That doesn’t imply that they aren’t used much; it’s just that people don’t usually know about their names.

41nhbjj+i l. Sl500

Shaker chairs are those that have a ladder-back design and can be hung up on a nook when not in use. In addition to having a simple design and flat angles, they are all-around space savers, and you should try them if you have limited room in your dining area.

We’ll also add that shakers are practical to use and are a fitting example of contemporary chairs. Their supportive and unique backs that resemble a ladder are seriously underrated.

  1. Windsor Chair 

According to the antique magazine, 50% of the wooden chairs all across the world are either Windsors or some descendant of this style. If you are interested in knowing the history of these notable chairs, check out the linked article.

Windsor chairs are unique because their seats are crafted from a single piece of wood and shaped beautifully to cradle you completely while sitting. They have a spindled back support in which rows of spindles are curvilinearly aligned and join the upper crest. 

51en4aniqsl. Sl500

Moreover, this sitting piece is adaptable and can be placed on the patio or in the garden apart from the usual dining room use. However, the prices are indeed quite high given the effort that goes into carving the wood, so go for it if you don’t have budget constraints. 

  1. Barstool

You can use bar stools around your kitchen island or high-top table for a chic and modern look. Since these surfaces are slightly higher than normal tables, barstools are suitable options as certain models provide height-adjusting features.

41qbwahas l. Sl500

Before selecting a stool, you should look for a few qualities to make its utility better for you. Some models do not have an adjustable anchor and stay at a fixed height. Therefore, you’ll have to keep the leveling of your counter in mind while buying. 

Lastly, not all barstools are stools in real terms and have a little support for resting your back, and are cozier while sitting. You can also consider restaurant chairs to find an intermediate that has the height of a stool but the comfort of a chair. 

  • Outdoor Chairs

Now that we’re done with all the leading types of dining chairs let’s move on to other areas of the house. Where else do you need chairs? Of course, it’s the patio, backyard, pool area, and garden. 

Unlike indoor chairs, outdoor chairs need to be more immune to adverse weather conditions. So, you need to invest in designs engineered to be kept outside of the house and last for a long time. 

Let’s discuss them one by one!

  1. Chaise Lounge Chair 

Do you enjoy bathing in the sun when it’s bright outside, getting that seductive tan? While mats are good for that purpose, you can take your relaxing experience up by a notch by getting the Chaise Lounge chair.

This chair is tailor-made just for lounging and letting everything go and therefore is the perfect one to be kept by the poolside. With a leaning back and an extending body to accommodate your legs, the chair allows you to prop up and have a comfortable nap.

  1. Folding Chair

Next up, we have a special one for the social butterflies and party hosts who love to throw parties and have guests over for dinner. Foldable chairs are excellent to use for such purposes.

31p3ljq j+l. Sl500

The best way to have a barbeque night is by setting up the eating table in the garden under the starry sky. And for that, you need to have enough seating to accommodate all your guests comfortably. 

Foldable chairs are composed of plastic and metal in varying ratios and are cost-effective. Hence, they can be your go-to choice if you need to buy chairs in bulk. 

  1. Wicker Chair

513luxt86jl. Sl500

We already talked about Wicker chairs in detail while discussing the living room options; that’s why without delving too much into the technicalities, we’ll simply let you know that this design is a favorite choice for outdoor seating as well.

  1. Hammock Chair 

If the kid inside you asks for a hammock, but the adult in you knows that an outdoor chair will be a more practical option, then we have some good news for you. Thanks to the hammock chairs, you can get the best of both worlds. 

Excellent to be kept in gardens, hammock chairs are a dream come true for those who love to sit in their courtyards to unwind comfortably. You also don’t need to fret about rain because these chairs come equipped with waterproof cushions.

Furthermore, Hammock chairs are super light on the wallet and don’t need much maintenance. They are light and easy to store, so if you feel that the weather is about to be brutal, you can carry them to your garage very easily. 

  1. Camping Chair

Who said chairs need to stay at home all the time? When you go out on camping trips, don’t you feel the need to take a camping chair with you? 

61vgpb5dryl. Sl500

These foldable chairs are made of polyester and can be folded up compactly to fit in small places. You can easily pack up and carry them in your vehicle while traveling and swiftly fold them out whenever you need to. 

  1. Wassily chair

Also known as Model B3 chairs, Wassily chairs are structurally exposed and simplistic chairs that weren’t much appreciated at the time of their invention. A designer named Breuer designed these chairs in the 1920s, and only a select few could admire the beauty in his creation.

41bt7bflmql. Sl500

In modern times, Wassily chairs are the hot pick, especially for outdoor seating. They are simple yet elegant and do not look unnecessarily heavy. 

  • Office Chairs

Next in the row, we have office chairs for your study rooms and office spaces. Keep reading to find out more about them.

  1. Desk Chair

Desk chairs are meant to be used at study tables and workstations and are designed to give all-around comfort while you get your productive juices running and work extensively. 

31qpymsglol. Sl500

Proper posture can go a long way if you need to be at your desk for the better part of the day, and these chairs make sure that you follow that. They also have swiveling features, and you can adjust their height according to the height of your study table.

  1. Reading Chair

Reading chairs aren’t as high-tech as desk chairs, but they are made by paying special attention to readers’ needs. And by that, we don’t mean they’ll brew a hot cup of coffee for you while you read, but they will surely provide you with the much-needed armrest and comfort.

51aepovbats. Sl500

  • Children’s Chairs

Lastly, let’s have a quick look at the kiddie chairs exclusively designed for children in your home.

  1. Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are those that move to and fro to lull your little ones into a deep sleep after a long day. But don’t picture those wooden and old-fashioned chairs, as the modern ones are much more advanced and comfy.

51koq+fkvml. Sl500

  1. Glider Chair 

These chairs are similar to rocking chairs, the main difference being in the motion. The movement in a Glider chair is back and forth instead of actual rocking, meaning the sitter’s head doesn’t tilt up and down. 

  1. Gaming chair 

Since children are so engrossed in gaming these days, it’s a prudent choice to give them a gaming chair for sitting. The chair provides complete back and shoulder support and ensures that your kids maintain a good posture when they are playing for hours at a stretch. 

Types of chairs 1

Chair Types Buyer’s Guide

We’ve finally reached the end of the first half of our extensive guide; that is, we told you all about the different types of chairs currently available on the market. It seems like quite a lot, right? But is that enough? 

Knowing about the types is indeed essential, but wouldn’t it be easier to pick a chair if you knew about all the parameters worth considering when shopping? That’s why we’ve put together a buyer’s guide to help you while purchasing a chair.

Make a note of the following features, and you’ll be good to go:

  1. Place For The Chair

You need to know exactly where you’re going to put your chair and select the design accordingly. Some chairs like Wickers and Armchairs are versatile and can be kept in multiple settings. 

But others cater to a specific niche and can’t be used interchangeably. For instance, you cannot keep foldable chairs in your dining area, as they’ll take away the elegance of the room. Similarly, you can’t put an Ottoman or Chesterfield on your patio as they’ll get ruined in sunlight or humidity. 

That’s why it’s integral to know your purpose beforehand and do the furniture shopping accordingly. If you’re not sure where you’re going to use it, stick to safer options like wooden or metallic chairs.

  1. Style Of The Chair

Another important aspect to consider while choosing a chair is the style and design. And the catch here is, it needs to match the decor of your room too. You wouldn’t like to waste your money on a chair that doesn’t blend well with your color scheme or theme, right? So, you need to pick the one you find attractive, which goes with your interior as well. 

For vintage lovers, accent pieces like Bergères, Windsors, and English Rolled Armchairs are ideal. At the same time, those looking for something modern can go with Ghost chairs, Wingbacks, or Recliners.

  1. Durability and Strength

Style and aesthetics are important, but so are the durability and sturdiness of the chair. Check and double every piece of furniture that you buy because it is important to know if the product you’re buying will last for long or not.

It is understandable if you’re planning to buy something that is short-lived and comes at a pocket-friendly price. In that case, you don’t need to be too cautious, but when investing in expensive chairs, read up the customer reviews and do some background checks to be completely sure of their quality. 

  1. Upholstery

Do you need cushioning on your seat, or do you want it to be a plain structure devoid of any sort of upholstery? Well, that again depends on where you want to keep your chair.

Generally, chairs in the living room need to be upholstered to give a luxurious and elegant feel to the place. And not only the looks, but upholstered seats are also much more comfortable for sitting than the plain ones. Although you wouldn’t need cushioning when buying chairs for your garden or poolside. 

Another important thing, you can also choose which upholstery you want. Leather is generally the best and longest-lasting out of all. Velvet, linen, and cotton blends are also some competent options. 

  1. Size

Size matters the most when you live in a small apartment and have limited space. Take a nice look around your house and pay attention to the dimensions. Map out the exact position where you’ll keep your chair and buy according to the space you can spare.

Although Ottomans, Recliners, and Chesterfields are excellent living room chairs, they are also huge, and we suggest avoiding them in case you have limited room. In such instances, slim chairs like Barrels and Armchairs. 

Furthermore, when looking for dining chairs, make sure that you buy one that is lightweight and easy to move. Contemporary and Parson Chairs are perfect for the dining room.

  1. Budget 

Last but not least, it’s immensely important to stick to your budget and invest in a cost-effective chair. It’s not viable to pay several hundred bucks for something that wound;t stick around for long.

When it comes to budget, wooden chairs are simply the best. Why? Because they are affordable, low maintenance, and won’t damage or break for a long time. Plastic and Foldable chairs are the cheapest, and if you want something temporary, then you know the deal! 

And on that note, we’ve reached the end of all our chair ideas. Did you enjoy all that, or did the choices become overwhelming? 

Check out the linked blogs and articles if you want some additional details on the matter. However, there’s little need to read anything else if you’ve gone through all our sections. 

Chairs are important pieces of furniture and undoubtedly play a huge role in making or breaking the vibe of a room. Do come back to the buyer’s guide when you actually go ahead to make a purchase! 

Hopefully, our extensive guide on types of chairs filled with so many innovative ideas will help you pick the chair of your dreams.

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