13 Acrylic Plexiglass Furniture Pieces to Emphasize the Feeling of Space

Acrylic Plexiglass for furniture pieces has been, hands down, a miraculous invention of the present age. 

Combining the best of both worlds, Plexiglass brings you the spectacular elegance of glass along with the formidability of resilient, artificial microfiber that can easily carry a whole lot of weight without crumbling up into shards like glass.

But, one of the greatest benefits of Plexiglass is that it can beautifully magnify the dimensions of any room, making it appear much bigger and adding a stunning depth to it.

It goes without saying that nowadays, interior designers are hot for Plexiglass furniture since it has so much to offer. But, with a little know-how, you too could flare up the beauty of your room without even needing professional help all that much!

Because right now we’re bringing you a great list of some of the most beautiful acrylic Plexiglass furniture you can get your hands on right now! Simply stay tuned for the rest of the read to know more!

Best Acrylic Plexiglass Furniture Pieces

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  1. Plymor Clear Acrylic Rectangular Display Riser

Plymor has been changing the game when it comes to producing exclusive Plexiglass furniture pieces for modern, innovative home decor. And, this clear acrylic rectangular display riser from the brand is a fair example of the exceptional quality and design that the company ensures for each of its loyal customers.

Plymor Clear Acrylic Rectangular Display Riser, 8 inch Height x 12...
  • SIZE: 8 x 12 x 8 inches (height x width x depth)
  • MATERIAL: Made from high quality clear acrylic.


What we liked the most about this display riser is its overall design and finish. The edges are effortlessly finished using superior technology. It is made of premium quality clear acrylic. We didn’t find any stains or impurities that usually develop due to the presence of impurities.

The piece ideally goes with any sort of room decor. 

It can beautifully display any sort of collectible, artifacts, sports memorabilia or heavier figurines.

The display-rise compact enough to be put anywhere, including museums or retail stores apart from home or office use.


One of the things that we really admire about the brand is that it guarantees a defect and damage-free shipping for all of its items. You will get you item wrapped in a protective packaging that saves the item from external shocks during travels. Plymor is a registered trademark of Collecting Warehouses, LLC which ensures the complete product-satisfaction for each of its customers.

The clear and clean designs give a magnifying effect to the space even if the dimensions of it are small.

  • Beautifully rounded edges blend in seamlessly with the room decor
  • High-quality acrylic glass holds up durably under the weight of the objects
  • Clean designs put a magnifying and minimalist appeal to the place
  • The brand ensures top-quality, defect-free products under all circumstances
  • Comes with an expensive price-tag
  1. GreenForest Acrylic Dining Side Chairs

Apart from providing a classic range of top-grade regular furniture solution for your home, GreenForest also offers a spectacular collection of acrylic dining furniture sets. The elegant designs of the acrylic dining side chairs look stunning in every kind of home decor, making a marvelous style statement!

GreenForest Acrylic Ghost Chairs Clear Dining Chairs with Crystal...
  • Versatile Acrylic Ghost Dining Chairs: Come in...
  • Plastic Transparent Clear Dining Side Chairs:...


We love the casual and versatile design of the chairs. This adds a clean and minimal touch to the overall space in the room, especially in congested places.

The chairs are made of durable polycarbonate which holds considerably well under significant weight and pressure. However, the best thing about chairs is they are pretty lightweight even when they are so sturdily built. This allows you to carry them easily from one space to another.

The transparency of the chair allows them to blend in easily with the rest of the decor. 

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These chairs could also be used for outdoor purposes. These chairs can resist heat up to a certain extent, and the metal legs are coated with a protective wood-colored coating that resists rust and corrosion.

But, the thing that we liked the most about the chairs is the ergonomically designed curved seat which provides excellent support for the back.

The chairs can easily be set up using the 4 screws, and they come with a formidable X-shape support that keeps them from wobbling.

  • The chairs are designed beautifully to suit any form of interior decor
  • These could be used outdoors as well thanks to their heat-resistant capabilities
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction enables you to carry them comfortably
  • Comes with an amazing back-support “cushion” design for maximum comfort
  • The bolts tend to become a bit loose over time
  1. FixtureDisplays Acrylic Plexiglass Lucite Z Chair

So there are beautiful things, and then there are absolutely stunning designs which are celebrated for their uniqueness of shape and form. And this Lucite Z chair from FixtureDisplays undeniably falls in the latter category and goes on to become one of the sexiest pieces of furniture we have ever laid eyes on! And there’s a good reason why we love it so much!

FixtureDisplays Returned Unit Beautiful Acrylic Plexiglass Lucite Z...
  • Returned Unit! This beautifully hand crafted...
  • The see thru look adds style to your environment...


This acrylic Plexiglass lucite chair is undeniably stunner. But more than that, it also goes the extra mile to bring in a fantastic edge to entirely transform an otherwise boring interior design. 

The ¾” clear Plexiglass body of the chair can sustain a considerable amount of weight, and since it measures around 40 inches in height, you can rest assured that it will provide all the comfort for back support that you’d ever need, for that matter.


This versatile design of the chair coupled with the durable built-material makes it an ideal addition for all sorts of places including exhibits, churches, libraries, or boutique shops, apart from home and office.

However, the one thing that we think could have been better was the overall depth of the seat. The seating space is not too deep, and there could be a constant fear of sliding right off, for that matter.

But, price-wise, we don’t have much to complain about.

  • Extremely beautiful eye-catching design makes for a marvelous interior-decor statement
  • Durable acrylic Plexiglass body can easily hold a substantial amount of weight
  • Pretty affordable for the design and quality it offers
  • Provides ample back-support owing to considerably tall back-rest of the chair
  • The seat isn’t that deep and can be a bit uncomfortable
  1. Likenow Furniture Acrylic Folding Rectangular Luxury Tray Table

Likenow Furniture is a brand that’s known to offer some of the most conveniently designed Plexiglass furniture for everyday household use. This folding rectangular tray-table from the bran presents a functional design, suitable for all sorts of spaces.

Apart from being a utilitarian product that serves several vital purposes, the tray is a great addition to any home owing to its elegant appearance.

LIKENOW Furniture Acrylic Rectangular Tray Table with 2-Tier...
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:20 x 24 x 18 inches.
  • HIGH QUALITY: 100% clear acrylic,assembly...


What impressed us about this product was how well it performed for such a compact design. The tray has a simple, uncomplicated design that contributes to its overall functionality. The tray could be used for a large number of purposes. It is exceedingly space-efficient and could be stored anywhere in the house and could be wheeled about easily through smaller spaces.

One of the things that we really liked about the product is that it is strong enough to hold a lot of items as well as durable enough to be used for outdoor purposes.

The tray table comes with two separable trays of substantial dimensions that provides ample space for you to keep a lot of things.


However, you will need to assemble the entire thing, which could be a hassle. However, it does come with a manual which you can refer to while setting it up.

We love the overall design of the product, which complements all kinds of interior decor. It duly enhances the feeling of space, working beautifully for smaller areas.

  • Handmade with high-quality clear acrylic
  • An exceedingly functional design makes it a decent, multipurpose storage alternative on wheels
  • Looks beautiful sort of decor
  • Could be used outdoors
  • Assembling the parts could be tricky
  1. Plymor Acrylic Square Display Risers

The acrylic display risers from Plymor are a beautiful way to add that extra edge to your display space. These come in three different sizes ranging from small to medium, that make for a very modern, minimalist decor element in your home.

Plymor Clear Acrylic Square Display Riser, 8" H x 8" W x 8" D (1/8"...
  • SIZE: 8 x 8 x 8 inches (height x width x depth)
  • MATERIAL: Made from high quality clear acrylic.


We must admit that we absolutely loved these risers for the superior quality built construction and overall design. These are made from premium grade clear acrylic using superior grade technology that ensures a classic overall finish to the products. The Plexiglass body of the risers contain no air bubbles or stains that you may at times find in inferior grade acrylic products.

These display risers look beautiful with their transparent and somewhat reflective bodies that enhance the feeling of space in limited areas.


These risers of three different sizes could be placed individually in different parts of the room or together in a specific order to make a unique statement.

And as we have no doubt about the durability of Plymor, you can rest assured that it will hold up a substantial amount of weight for all sorts of objects.

Apart from homes and offices, these risers could be used anywhere, including other public spaces, stores, or exhibits.

  • Beautiful designs magnify the feeling of dimension and space
  • Highly durable, superior quality clear acrylic body conveniently holds up a lot of things
  • Works wonderfully to bring in a clean look in limited areas
  • Versatile design and finish make it an ideal addition to any sort of space
  • Comes with Plymor’s guarantee
  • Could be a tad bit heavy
  1. Ryan Rove Stillman 3-Piece Corner L-Shaped Computer Desk In Silver

And for all those who are looking to add a brilliantly minimalist look to their workspace, we duly suggest that they look no further than this fantastic 3-Piece Corner L-Shaped computer desk done in all Plexiglass and metal by acclaimed architect and designer, Ryan Rove Stillman.

With an incredibly clean design and durable construction, this computer desk makes a suave and very “meta” statement to an otherwise boring corner of the house.


We simply admire the overall design of this computer desk that combines a very modern yet classically elegant look to bring you a dynamic layout. 

The polished and beveled computer desk is fitted with a high-quality tempered safety glass that makes it ideal to be used as a corner desk.

The L-shaped steel-frame of the table is given a silver powder-coat finish that makes it incredibly strong and durable for conveniently support the size and weight of your computer. The acrylic glass is 6 mm thick, which can hold up a lot in weight. 


The table also comes with a separate slot for the keyboard.

We love the space-efficient L-shaped design that fits versatilely anywhere in the house.

This 3-piece computer table includes a standard CPU stand that holds all kinds of CPU designs. One of the things we noticed is that the desk with an X-frame with a metal tubing which ensures a pretty stable base for the structure.

However, the only thing that we had an issue with is the screws that seem to be a bit flimsy.

  • Charming, versatile design compliments all sorts of interior decor
  • The silver powder-coat finish makes the metal structure immensely durable
  • Tempered safety glass holds up a substantial amount of weight
  • Comes with a convenient, space-saving design
  • Screws seem to a bit weak and flimsy
  1. 2xhome Plastic Chair

The Single Belle Ghost Chair from 2xhome is all you’ll ever need to up the glam quotient of your home. Made of clear polycarbonate, this chair stands to be more resilient and formidable than cheaper glass acrylic furniture.

 And with the kind of price tag it comes with, this is an undeniable win-win deal in every way!

2xhome Clear Mid Century Modern Molded Shell Designer Plastic Rocking...
  • Multiple colors available - Some assembly required
  • Clear Plastic Rocking Chair - Wooden Rockers -...


The Belle Ghost Chair is a stunningly beautiful clear polycarbonate chair which is designed to be way more durable than most other commercial-grade acrylic constructions.

The single mold injection for the construction of the chair ensures high formidability of the chair.

We love the fact that the chair comes fully assembled. This saves a lot of time and effort on the users part.

It is also pretty easy to clean the chair. It holds absolutely no sort of stains to it.

But, the greatest benefit to this chair is that it can be easily used outdoors, owing to the UV-resistant nature of its polycarbonate body. It will not chip, crack or warp under warmer conditions and could be added to any outdoor event for that matter.

The chair also comes with pre-installed floor protectors, which in our opinion, is an amazingly useful feature. This protects your delicate floor at all times even if you drag your chair across the surface and helps to keep the legs from getting damaged in the process.

  • Charming and elegant design looks brilliant in all sorts of decor scenario
  • Highly durable and UV-resistant polycarbonate body makes it ideal for outdoor use as well
  • Comes fully assembled with pre-installed floor protectors
  • Could be stacked and is very easy to clean
  • Not much height on the back support
  1. Acrylic Coffee Table by FENGHUA

This acrylic coffee table by the brand Fenghua is a marvelously beautiful Plexiglass display furniture the design for which has been inspired by the calming, rhythmic flow of the waterfall.

The stunning combination of a very contemporary and modern design paired up with the natural sigma of an aquatic design brings in a spectacular overall layout for your living space.


We love how absolutely versatile this coffee table is with its clean-edges and minimalistic lines. It is actually formed of a single piece of tempered glass, rounded up so delicately to form the legs that it looks simply amazing against any sort of wall decor.

The minimalist take on the overall design is done to perfection, and it could be masterfully achieved owing to the high resilience of the acrylic microfibers. 

The table is immensely durable and could even be used to display heavier items such as music systems, gaming consoles, figurines, collectibles, etc., apart from books and the usual coffee-table stationary.

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One of the biggest advantages of the table is that even though it is substantially durable, it is actually pretty lightweight when it comes to moving it from one place to another. This makes it easy for you to change the location of the table in your house with minimum efforts and hassles.

It is also very easy to clean, given its singular-piece design.

However, the one issue with this table is that its delicate surface scratches up a lot. This marrs the beauty of its appearance. But, other than this, everything is pretty much in place with this one!

  • Looks absolutely marvelous
  • Very minimalistic and versatile design works well in every kind of space
  • The highly durable acrylic body can sustain a lot in weight
  • Scratches up easily
  1. POLY & BARK Clear Mag Coffee Table

This polycarbonate clear mag coffee table from POLY & BARK is a fantastic option for limited spaces. Much like the Fenghua coffee table that we have reviewed for your previously, this one too is sculpted from a single polycarbonate sheet.

The self-referential style and design of the coffee-table make for a chic and sweet statement and could be used to magnify the dimensions of an otherwise congested area.

No products found.


This clear coffee mag table is made of a single sheet of polycarbonate material and is ⅜ inches thick. This is a highly durable singular piece of polycarbonate that is way stronger than cheap, commercial-grade fiberglass.

This makes it perfect for outdoor use as well since it will not chip and crack in warmer temperatures.

We love how the overall silhouette of the coffee table blends beautifully with any sort of home decor accentuating the dimensions and style of the place rather than a lot of loose objects.

This way, the look of the table brings in an element of balance amidst a lot that might be going around in the space.

The table features a somewhat bent design with two upward-curved legs which can also double as extra storage space. This ups the score on the product’s functionality along with style and quality.

However, we wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  • Highly durable poly-carbonate body
  • Resistant to heat
  • Marvelously versatile design enhances the free spaces in the room
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides extra space
  • Highly expensive
  1. Acrylic Folding Tray Table by Designstyles

This acrylic folding tray table from Designstyles is a quick and singular solution to all your serving woes at house-parties and events. 

Made with premium-grade acrylic, this is yet a pretty lightweight, multifunctional and foldable serving tray which could be used in any tiny room to serve food and drinks quite easily.

Designstyles Acrylic Folding Tray Table – Modern Chic Accent Desk -...
  • Acrylic Table for Versatile Use - Elevate Your...
  • Folding Table with Portability - Experience the...


It goes without saying that the foldability and portability of the tray are the most attractive selling points of the product. The lightweight built-construction of the tray makes it convenient for you to carry it around quite easily.

The tray is made of premium grade acrylic that makes it resistant to heat. Hence, you could easily place your hot plates and cups or food and beverages without worrying about the glass cracking under warm temperatures.


We love how easy it is to fold and stow away whenever and wherever need be. The design of the tray is versatile enough for you to use it anywhere: kitchen, bar, living room, outdoor events… you name it!

It can easily hold up a lot of objects, including heavier glass accessories, glasses, bottles, carafe, etc.

The tray is also pretty easy to clean and requires you to just wipe away the mess using just cloth or paper. It doesn’t stain, scratch, or sustain liquid damages.

  • The beautiful acrylic foldable tray allows you to serve food and drinks with style and comfort
  • Incredibly space-efficient and easy to clean
  • The highly durable and heat-resistant acrylic body doesn’t sustain temperature or liquid damages
  • Could be used in anywhere
  • The base could wobble a bit 
  1. Thick Clear Acrylic Shower Table or Bench by Southeastflorida

This clear acrylic shower bench from Southeastflorida is made of premium-grade USA raw acrylic sheet material. It is a beautiful acrylic shower bench which provides all the support you’ll ever need in your shower space. 

It is a great addition and helps for all age groups, especially for the kids and the elderly for a comfortable, safe, and satisfying shower experience.


One of the first things that we noticed while testing this was its brilliant edge shine that makes it a simply stunning addition for your bathroom. The USA raw acrylic sheet material measures ¾ in thickness that makes for an extremely durable piece of furniture.

The comfortable limit in weight for this bench with no detectable deflection is around 200 pounds.


It provides great support and comfort to all while showering and is particularly beneficial for those who want to sit down while bathing, such as the elderly. You could even bathe your kids, sitting them on this bench, or use it for your shower requirements.

However, the one thing that we weren’t really pleased with is the fact that the surface of this bench scratches up a fair bit. It isn’t stain resistant which just ruins the otherwise facade of the object.

  • Looks beautiful in every kind of bathroom space
  • Immensely durable
  • Can hold up a lot of weight
  • Ideal for all age groups
  • Scratches up easily
  1. MyGift 2-Tier Clear Wall-Mounted Display Shelves

This 2-tier acrylic wall-mounted display shelves from MyGift is just what you need to set the bar high for your interior decor scenario. These acrylic shelves look absolutely charming anywhere and against all kinds of wall decor.

And the best part about this is the brilliantly affordable price tag that they come with!


The 2-tier clear wall shelves, in our opinion, is a pretty functional way of keeping things organized and displaying them in a beautiful way. Made of quality acrylic, these shelves could be used anywhere, including bathrooms, garages, storerooms, etc.

The shelves look absolutely stunning owing to their transparent designs. One of the things they do is reflect the natural light off the walls, magnifying the overall dimensions of the space.

The material of these shelves is immensely durable. You can easily keep a lot of things on them.


However, we don’t think that it would be wise to put a lot of heavier things on these racks for that matter. It works well for objects that are but relatively lighter in weight compared to figurines, statues or other heavier collectibles.

Also, these aren’t stain or scratch-proof. These can also chip if subjected to a lot of pressure. These shelves are more of a utility product for keeping essentials than for displaying a lot of other collectibles or memorabilia.

  • Clear designs look beautiful
  • Magnifies the dimensions of space by reflecting natural light
  • Could be used anywhere
  • Can be used to hold up a lot of essential items
  • These aren’t stain or chip-proof
  • These also scratch up a lot  
  1. Modway Casper Modern Acrylic Stacking Kitchen and Dining Room Armchair

The clear acrylic armchairs from Modway Casper are undeniably some of the most beautiful ones in the Plexiglass department that you can find out there on the market right now.

Made of premium acrylic material, these armchairs offer you all the comfort you need in your kitchen and dining area. And the very best thing about them is the incredibly affordable price tag that it comes with!

Modway Casper Modern Acrylic Stacking Kitchen and Dining Room Chair in...
  • MODERN CHAIR - Reinvent your surroundings with the...
  • A MOST VERSATILE CHAIR - Often used at the vanity...


These armchairs are indeed some of the best ones that we have tried so far when it comes to quality. The chairs are made of superior grade acrylic, which can easily hold up a substantial amount of weight.

This makes it really comfortable for everyone to sit around and enjoy their time in the kitchen.

The chairs are also resistant to heat which makes them ideal for use outside. These won’t chip or crack in warmer temperatures or due to any sort of liquid damage. Hence, these could be the perfect things of comfort for outdoor gatherings or picnics.


One of the things that we love about these armchairs is that they come with a specially contoured back-support that provides optimum comfort for all.

Apart from looking absolutely beautiful, these chairs also come with non-marking foot caps that protect your delicate floors from nasty scratches.

However, the only thing that irked us only a tiny bit is the size of these chairs, which is but a tad bit smaller than the regular plastic armchairs you may find elsewhere.

  • Looks brilliant in all kinds of kitchen or dining areas
  • Durable and heat-resistant and hence could be used outside
  • Can be easily cleaned and stacked
  • Pretty affordable for the quality it offers
  • Comes with protective foot-caps to protect the floors
  • A bit smaller in size than regular chairs

Plexiglass Furniture Buyers’ Guide 

  1. Cost

The first thing that you have to consider while buying Plexiglass furniture is the cost. Plexiglass or acrylic glass furniture can cost substantially higher than most cost-effective, lesser expensive materials such as polymer or cheaper and artificial woods.

And no matter what the dimensions of the piece of furniture that you buy, you have to assess the cost of the design and brand-name that you’re gonna opt for. 

  1. Size

Plexiglass furniture can contribute substantially to the decor scenario of your place even if they are a lot smaller in size. The reflective and magnifying capabilities of Plexiglass can create an illusion of a bigger space by emphasizing the overall dimensions of the room.

But to get just the correct Plexiglass furniture, you’d first have to assess how much space is actually available to you. Otherwise, the whole purpose of buying Plexiglass could backfire.

  1. Functionality

Make sure whatever you buy serves its purpose well. At times we might be tempted to buy something simply because it looks good. However, if that doesn’t work to provide you with the benefit that it should, then it’s gonna be nothing but a huge waste of money.

And although you would have to think little about design and style when it comes to Plexiglass, you’d have to consider if that’s gonna be functional for you or not.

  1. Durability

Plexiglass furniture is usually pretty strong, and more so than most other commercial-grade materials. However, like all other things out there, the quality and durability of different brands of Plexiglass will differ.

Cheaper, commercial-grade acrylic glass is prone to give away to damage way sooner than most other better Plexiglass grades. But, the costs and specifications will vary considerably with the quality of Plexiglass, for that matter.

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And with that, we come to the end of this extensive guide on some of the best Plexiglass furniture pieces you could avail right now to add a beautiful depth and dimension to your place.

We sincerely hope that you liked what you read and that it had been of use to you.

We’ll be back with more such stuff soon!

Till then next time!  

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