50 Epic Desk Design Ideas for Your Office

Is your office furniture getting monotonous and boring?

Let’s face it – most of us do not pay a lot of attention to the ambiance and interiors of the office. After all, it is not a five-star hotel, mall, or restaurant! But if you think again, you will realize that it is perhaps just as important.

A fun and innovative office environment will go a long way in boosting the spirits of your employees. Take the new offices of some of the biggest companies into consideration, and you will see what we are talking about. Gone are the days when office furniture could not be unusual.

So we have shortlisted some of the best home office desk design ideas for you. If it is time to revamp the office, these recommendations will come in handy!

Desk Design Ideas for Your Office

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 50 of the best desk design ideas you must consider. These recommendations are not ranked, so make sure you go through all of them.

  1. Parson Tower Desk Plan

Ana White offers a clutter-free desk with a modern design. If you want to add an elegant desk in your office that lets you keep your supplies and files in an organized manner, this is the ideal option for you. We especially liked the adequate storage space of this desk design.

Parson tower desk plan

This plan includes dimensions, a cut list, a materials list, a tools list, building directions, as well as photographs of others who have used this plan.

  1. The Covet Desk

If you are tired of a pile of files on your desk, you should look at the Covet Desk. Shin Azumi designed this ergonomic and elegant desk. It is meant to give you ingenious storage space for files underneath the table. The X-frame on the sides lends a contemporary look to this desk.

Practical home office deck 1

The unique file storage space does not form an impediment while sitting and working at the desk. Its wooden finish and glass tabletop make it ideal for modern as well as traditional interiors.

  1. Extreme How-To Desk Plan

One of our personal favorites on the list, this Desk Plan from Extreme How-To is perfect for any office. It has enough room to keep a desktop or laptop as well as standard office supplies. We especially liked the detailed instructions with illustrations. And you can build it using readily available tools and materials.

Art 60365 p2060023brighter

If you were to buy a similar readymade desk from a store, you would have to spend way more than the estimated cost of building it (which is around $150).

  1. DIY Truss Desk Plan

Are you looking for a desk that will go well in an office as well as a guest house? The Super Crafts offers a DIY Truss Desk plan that will let you build a large and beautiful desk. You can choose to make cabinets on either side to go with the desk, as it does not offer storage space on its own.

Free woodworking plans diy desk

The plan consists of photos, instructions, and a supply list to ensure a quick and easy assembly.

  1. The Reindeer Desk

This is one of the most elegant and eye-catching desk design ideas you will find. Alex Kozynets drew inspiration from a deer to design this desk. The base of this desk is made of stylish elements that resemble a deer’s horns. It doesn’t get more unique than this!

Deer desk23

While this desk looks very delicate, we can assure you that it is sturdy enough to withstand regular office use. And its white finish gives it a smooth and classy look.

  1. Rona DIY Desk Plan

Rona offers a DIY plan for an attractive and functional home office desk. The thoughtful inclusion of a cabinet and drawers ensures enough storage space for several things. We especially liked how easy it is to build this desk. You can choose to make it using MDF or natural wood, depending on your budget and requirement.


The pack includes comprehensive lists of tools and materials needed, along with illustrations and instructions to ensure that any DIY’er can assemble it.

  1. Pottery Barn Style Farmhouse Desk

If you want to build a pottery barn style farmhouse desk, you should download the free desk plan from The Borrowed Abode. While the original desk costs $600, you should be able to build this replica for approximately one-fourth of the cost. It has a raw and elegant look that will complement nearly all types of office interiors.

Free printable diy plans farmhouse desk

The DIY plan consists of materials and cut list, color photos, and easy-to-follow instructions to ensure that you have a hassle-free assembly.

  1. DIY Desk with Concrete Desktop

Home Depot offers an exceptional DIY desk plan. How about a desk that has wooden legs and a concrete top? Doesn’t that sound unique and refreshing? With this plan, you can build that desk. It features a compact design so that you can place it almost anywhere in the office.

Diy desk with concrete desktop

The desk plan is complete with color photos, a materials list, and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the assembly. The wooden legs feature sleek shelves that provide some storage space.

  1. Bob’s Computer Desk Plan

When it comes to free desk plans, Bob’s Plans is one of the best websites. And when it comes to office desks with tons of storage space, few others can compete with this next recommendation. It contains a large workspace, one lap drawer, and multiple side drawers for files and office supplies.

Bobs plans free desk plans 5af327be8023b90036ab3c5e

It is relatively straightforward to assemble. When you download this plan, you get a materials list, several illustrations, and detailed instructions.

  1. Sawhorse Trestle Desk Plan

Ana White offers a free desk plan that is inspired by the Sawhorse Trestle Desk from Restoration Hardware. Instead of buying it at a much higher price, why not build it for a fraction of the retail price? With a compact storage space on each side, this desk will give you the option to keep your office supplies and files organized.

3154812346 1342200951

The plan consists of a comprehensive materials and tools list, step-by-step instructions, a cut list, user photos, and illustrative diagrams.

  1. The Villa Rose Desk

Francois Azambourg designed the stunning Villa Rose Desk. It features a toughened glass top with tapered edges resting upon two black-stained trestles made of solid oak. We especially liked the drawer/chest that comes in a varnished solid American walnut finish.

Unlike some of our other recommendations, it does not include ample storage space. We recommend this desk for home offices.

  1. DIY Piping Table

A table made of pipes? You read that right! This DIY Piping Table is one of the most creative and unique desk ideas you will find on this list. It uses industrial piping for the legs and a butcher block for the top.

Diy piping and butcher block table via house by hoff1

House of Hoff offers this table plan for free. It includes a detailed supply list, color photos, and building instructions to help you assemble it quickly and easily.

  1. The Max Ingrand Desk

It is hard to believe that the next design was created by Max Ingrand way back in 1966 for the Peugeot headquarters in Paris. This desk is made of a single, continuous form that makes the seat as well as the table. The elegant curves of this design help it stay relevant and modern even today!

Tumblr mjhmddykgp1rpfe9vo2 500

We especially liked the stainless steel finish that lends an industrial and chic look to this desk.

  1. X-Frame Desk

If you are looking to build a small desk without spending much, consider the X-Frame Desk plan from Shades of Blue Interiors. Measuring three feet long, this desk is the perfect size for a small space in the office. We especially liked the full-sized top drawer and the small bookshelf at the bottom.


The X-frame is one of the trending furniture designs today, and this desk will look excellent in nearly all office interiors. And did we mention that it will cost less than fifty bucks to build it!

  1. The Luna Desk

Want a desk that looks like it is from the future? You should take inspiration from the bold design of the Luna Desk. You can find this design on the Uffix website. We especially liked its concept and unique outlook on how a desk should be.

Photogallery 158

If you are getting a desk that is inspired by the Luna desk, you might want to place it in the center of a room to enhance its beauty.

  1. DIY Three Compartment Desk

For the women reading this, how about a desk that has an in-built vanity? If you love makeup, you should consider incorporating the idea of this excellent DIY Three Compartment Desk. It opens up in three compartments to reveal mirrors underneath the tabletop. Also, you can store makeup essentials in those compartments.


The desk measures 4 feet long, 18 inches deep, and 29 inches tall – making it perfect for small spaces.

  1. The Life Desk

Yanko Design offers the Life Desk, which was designed by Haishan Deng using the physics concept of “Triangle of Life.” The inspiration behind it came from the danger of hiding under a desk in the event of an earthquake.

Life desk

Its main structure is made of nylon board and high-quality steel, while the sides are made of round-molded, molten steel. It is durable enough to protect you from earthquakes.

  1. Farmhouse X Office Desk

Want an office desk that has a farmhouse feel? Handmade Haven offers a free DIY plan that will allow you to build a farmhouse-style desk. It features two shelves and enough room for a big chair. The plan includes a cut list, materials list, detailed photos, and building instructions.

Farmhouse x office desk

This desk measures 65 inches long, 28 inches deep, and 32 inches tall – so it is not meant for a small space.

  1. Le Orchidee Desk

Get ready to be awestruck because the Le Orchidee Desk will likely make you gasp in disbelief! It looks nothing like any standard office desk. Marc Fish designed this masterpiece. The desk surface appears to be an artistic piece of curved wood until you take a closer look. It has a pull-out desk and drawers that blend perfectly into the design.

Marc fish l orchidee1

The Le Orchidee Desk if one of its kind and will transform any office setting into a place of beauty!

  1. DIY Stand Up Desk

Have you experienced neck and back pain from sitting at the office desk for a long time? Unfortunately, that is a problem that all of us have faced. That’s why you should try using this DIY Stand-Up Desk from Our Farmhouse Project. It uses industrial pipes for the legs and a wooden top.


We recommend that you adjust the length of its legs according to your height. Assembling this desk should not cost more than $150.

  1. The Duplex Workspace Desk

Isn’t it irritating when you have to slog to meet a deadline, but your colleagues keep diverting your attention? If only you had a desk that offered some privacy! Sophie Kirkpatrick has the perfect solution to that problem – the Duplex Workspace Desk.

It features a hood that you can pull up to shut off your neighbors and focus on the task at hand. Once you have completed your work, you can pull the hood down.

  1. The Kkanapetko Desk

One of the most refreshing and most ergonomically designed desks on this list, the Kkanapetko Desk deserves a lot of praise! It can quickly transform from a small single-person desk to a two or even three-person workstation. Krassi Dimitrov designed this desk with versatility as a prime focus.


There are three drawers on each side of the desk, along with a drawer to keep the printer or scanner.

  1. The Wave Desk

The next recommendation we have for you is as unique as any other on this list, if not more. The Wave Desk was designed by Robert Brou using his out-of-the-box ‘slice’ technique. It features a large poplar top with a sliced wood tower on each side.

Wave 270510 01

Each tower has a file storage space and a drawer. One of the drawers is smaller than the other and has a pull-out work surface above it. Moreover, it has stereo speakers and an extendable cable for when you want a break from work!

  1. The Track Desk

Designer Mark Holmes came up with the concept of the Track Desk. It is a contemporary design based on an open-framed structure that can easily support various shelves and folded steel doors. The desk has a playful and casual vibe but offers adequate work area as well as storage space.

Track desk by mark holmes 2

If you are looking to mix things up in the office with a unique desk, the Track Desk fits the bill perfectly.

  1. The Casual Desk

Perhaps one of the most straightforward design ideas on this list, the Casual Desk is ridiculously easy to build and extremely affordable. All you need is some 2x4s. Moreover, it will cost less than 25 bucks to make this – it does not get cheaper than this!

Casual desk

It features a simple design (nothing fancy here). But its sturdy build and adequate workspace make it an excellent desk for home offices. It measures 5 feet long, 21 inches deep, and 30 inches high.

  1. The Airia Desk

The Airia Desk is the perfect blend of functionality and beauty. Cutter Hutton and Ayako Takase designed it. We especially liked its unique and elegant combination of aluminum with wood. With its thoughtful cork-lined drawers and compact build, the Airia desk makes for a perfect addition to a small space.

Ig prd ovw airia desk and media cabinet 02

The white finish of the aluminum components contrasts against the wooden surface on the tabletop to give a modern vibe.

  1. The Treasury Table

Lucie Koldova designed the Treasury Table for Process. While it looks like any standard table, it has many secret compartments to accommodate everything you may want to keep in an office desk. The drawers are of various sizes, ranging from A5 to A2. You can also find some compartments, especially for writing utensils.

Treasury table 2

The table is made of MDF and has a matte glass on top. You will not run out of storage space with this table!

  1. The OneLess Desk

Heckler Design first released the OneLess desk over a decade ago. And it has been one of the most popular desk design ideas ever since. For anybody who wants to save space with ergonomic desks that come with a dedicated keyboard tray, it is a perfect choice!


It is safe to say that the OneLess desk revolutionized furniture design to an extent. You can stack multiple desks under each other when not in use.

  1. The WD Desk

If you are looking for an elegant, sleek desk design that is simple yet appealing, the WD Desk will not disappoint! Designed by Elena Rurua, the WD desk has a stylish swirl pattern on one side. It was presented in two colors by the designer – black and white.

Modern office desk 2

We especially liked the small built-in platform underneath the tabletop, allowing for storage of files or office supplies.

  1. Office Corner Desk

One of the most common uses of a corner space in an office is a desk. Is this the third or fourth design idea by Ana White to be on this list? We have lost count! But we had to include this excellent corner desk plan. It is straightforward and allows you to customize the corners in your office.

Knockoffwood cornerdesktop 3

You can choose to build an open shelf base or a base with drawers, as per your requirement. The plan consists of color photos, shopping lists, step-by-step instructions, and diagrams.

  1. The Lane Desk

The Lane Desk was designed by Jehs and Laub, based on functionality and clarity. It appears to be made seamlessly from a single piece of wood and comes with a drawer unit. The modular drawer unit offers a lot of storage space and acts as a support for the main desk.

Lane 11

We especially liked the contrast of color and design between the main desk structure and the drawer unit.

  1. The Omega Desk

The Omega Desk by Atomare is one of the most appealing and creative designs on this list. It is made using a single-piece approach, and there is no drawer or storage compartment. But the desk is shaped in such a way that you get two open areas beneath the surface to store office supplies and files.

307 omega chair and table 1

It comes in a beautiful combination of white and orange colors.

  1. The Briefcase Desk

A desk made from recycled briefcases? This brilliant concept catches anybody’s attention from the get-go! Leather briefcases were recycled to form drawers of various sizes for this desk. The briefcases that make up this desk feature different colors.

Recyclart desk leather2

Overall, this desk has a unique artistic feel to it. Six drawers offer more than enough storage space for office supplies and files.

  1. The Aura Desk

The Aura Desk features a very contemporary and elegant design for an office space. Alexander Petrov designed this masterpiece. It features a single piece of a bend surface that goes to the floor to support three drawers on the left side.

Ed38db384255. 55f48cc69b3f9

We especially liked the pale yellow finish of the desk, which complements the steel grey front.

  1. The Novanta Desk

The Novanta Desk is the brainchild of designer Luke Riggall. It is a perfect desk for anybody who is looking for a standard office desk with high functionality and ergonomic design. Pure elements and straight lines inspired the design.


We especially liked the thoughtful inclusion of an iPod dock, drawing utensils drawer, speakers, and a cable storage space in the back.

  1. The Kinzo Air Table

Kinzo Architecture designed the Kinzo Air Table using futuristic shapes and lines. It is available in three variants – Oak, Walnut, and Smoked Oak. You will feel like you have a minimalist space ship in front of you because of its unique, angular design. Its pure white color adds tons of class!

Kinzo kinzo air table 56gb

It comes with a hole for cables and peripherals!

  1. The Studio Desk

For those of you who prefer a minimalist design over an out-of-the-box design, we have the Studio Desk. There is a sleek storage space on the surface of the tabletop to store the cables and peripherals and keep them hidden from view.


This desk was made using faux leather and mahogany wood so that you can expect a touch of elegance from it!

  1. The WA Desk

Knoll International offers a versatile desk designed by Marc Krusin and Piero Lissoni. “WA” translates to harmony, which exemplifies this design perfectly! It is available in five colors – carbon, light grey, grey-beige, white, and off-white.

Wa 014 tables softparts cropped

You can combine several pieces of WA furniture with a simple clip as the underside of each surface has a perimeter slot.

  1. The Level Desk

Gabriel Teixidó designed the Level Desk. It features a robust, uniquely masculine design with thin edges and dynamic feel. You can choose from two models – the “T” type in a brown finish and the “L” type in black finish.

Level table7

We recommend this desk for spacious office cabins. You get adequate storage space and a large surface area with this desk.

  1. Off-The-Wall Desk

One of the best ways to ensure minimum usage of space is to have a desk that is fixed to the wall, taking away the legs or cabinet underneath the tabletop. MASH Studios designed the Off-The-Wall desk in line with this concept.

519ohnfp%2bml. Sl110

We especially liked the three open drawers underneath the table surface and the sliding part that can hide one of those drawers at a time.

  1. The Xcetera Desk

Basten Leijh designed the Xcetera Desk for Bieijh Concepts & Design. We especially liked the fact that this stylish desk is made from recycled wood and steel components. There is a striking, big “X” on each end of the desk.

All the corners and edges of this desk are rounded. It has a minimalist design and does not contain any drawers or storage compartments.

  1. The Baobab Desk

If you want to add a dash of color and style to your office, look no further than the Baobab Desk. Philippe Starck designed this pretty desk for Vitra. It features a unique shape, made from a single piece of polyethylene case with polyurethane foam coating.

Philippe starck baobab desk bls

You can choose from some vibrant colors like light grey, light yellow, aqua, red, and lime green.

  1. The Drawer Bag Desk

What if you could take your drawer out and carry it home? There would be no need to quickly pack things you need to work from home over the weekend. Designer Jung-Ah Kim has implemented this idea to come up with the concept of the Drawer Bag Desk.

Drawer bag2

Each of the three drawers in this desk acts as a briefcase, making it a perfect design idea for people who are always in a hurry!

  1. The Hexa Desk

Can Yalman designed the Hexa Desk for Nurus using a futuristic approach to an office desk. The idea started with the combination of a super-strong structure with a super-light material. Hexa is made of carbon framework in a hexagonal form.

The tabletop has a clear demarcation that divides it into two parts, one for the person sitting on each side of the desk.

  1. The Alice Desk

Lucas Saule designed the Alice desk as a piece of unique and sleek office furniture, but it will work just as well for any home office. It does not require ample space and has a unique rotation feature that allows it to move into several working positions.

Alice unique furniture01

We especially liked the inclusion of a chair in its design. With the Alice desk, taking a break during work will feel like a breeze!

  1. The Messy Desk

Are you tired of having a messy desk in the office? Maybe it is time to switch to the Messy desk! It is designed uniquely to ensure that all your office supplies are organized while appearing to be in a mess.

Messy desk intentional design

We especially liked the offbeat storage compartments of this desk, which allow you to keep your stationery, files, and other office supplies in all kinds of innovative ways!

  1. The I-Con Desk

The I-Con Desk from Arco features a solid wood table top and aluminum legs. You can choose from Oak and American walnut. You may opt to get the additional cabinet with three drawers as it does not offer significant storage space.

2377266071 9114007b7a o

There is a small and sleek drawer on the right end of the desk.

  1. The K Workstation

The K Workstation is an ingenious home office design that will save a lot of space. MisoSoup created this design from a single strip of curved wood. This wooden piece fixes on the wall to form shelves and continues downwards to form a desk.

K workstation1

It is made from bamboo, which adds a ton of elegance and longevity. You can easily fit it in a small space. We especially liked the pull-out drawer.

  1. The Kidney Shaped Desk

Do not judge a book by its cover! As weird as it may sound, the kidney-shaped desk designed by John Wiggers makes for an elegant addition to any office space. It has three legs and three drawers.


The excellent curvilinear design of this desk gives it a unique and classy look. It won the 2005 Adex Platinum Award for its design.

  1. The Slim Desk

To end this comprehensive list of recommendations, we have handpicked the Slim Desk designed by Manuelsaez. Instead of having bulky drawers or cabinets, this innovative design features a retractable surface with storage space.

Slimdesk 1

We liked the inclusion of USB ports and a power strip, neatly hidden in one of its hollow legs.


It makes sense to have some innovative furniture in an office environment. Work is a serious affair, but who days the ambiance cannot be fun and creative? We have incorporated all kinds of desk design ideas on this comprehensive list, varying in terms of size, materials, storage space, and more.

We hope you found the ideal desk design idea for your office!

Till next time!

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