12 Best Desk Organizers Right Now | Buyer’s Guide

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the clutter on your desk, it’s probably time to get your hands all busy and start with a round of office organization. And one such item that helps you sort out the things at your workstation is a desk organizer.

Since the desk is a high-activity area, it can become a messy and chaotic spot in no time. This is why, the better the organization, the easier it gets to locate your things in times of need.

Now, we understand that finding a unit that suits your budget and requirements is going to be slightly tricky, mainly because of all the varied options available out there. So, to make things simpler for you, we’ve picked out some of the best desk organizers that are available.

So, let’s get started then, shall we?

Best Desk Organizers

Best desk organizer

Here’s a list of the 12 Best Desk Organizers Right Now that can help you declutter your desk and keep everything in its rightful place.

1. Safco Products 3254WH Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer – Best for Limited Storage Needs

Safco Products have left their mark on the desktop organizer market with a compact and practical product.

It is stylish enough to make a statement among all the other office accessories. And the compartments are thoughtfully designed to maintain every item at your workstation in order.

Safco Products Onyx Mesh 3 Sorter, 3 Tray Desktop Organizer 3254WH,...
  • EFFICIENT ORGANIZATION. Three 2" wide sorters make...
  • BUILT-TO-LAST. The durable, powder coat finish...


This desk organizer has a pretty impressive design and form. Also, the white frames that it features look awesome in our home office!

Although it doesn’t have large compartments for storing too many files, it’s suitable enough for the desk. We generally choose to keep only a few lightweight items on the rack because placing too many files can make it look cramped up.

On the left-hand side, it has three 2-inch wide vertical sections for placing the files in order. And the three trays on it safely keep all your letter-sized documents along with various other items, such as notes or loose sheets.

The construction of this desk organizer is such that it’s suitable only for placing files and other documents. There is no separate section for keeping any other item as such.

We are pretty satisfied with our purchase, considering the quality materials that have been used for making this product and the durable powder-coat finish. The unit can resist scratching or chipping, and the mesh design helps promote airflow, which reduces moisture buildup.

  • Tough, wire mesh construction
  • Attractive design
  • Ideal for keeping files and other legal documents
  • Does not have any vertical basket for office supplies

2. Safco Products 3266BL Onyx Mesh Desk Organizer – Best for Large Desks

The Safco 3266BL Mesh Desk Organizer keeps away all the miscellaneous items that had been cluttering your table. It’s constructed with durable powder-coated steel, and the frame is stable enough to hold all the office supplies in place. The design of the product is such that it maintains the visual presentation and practical efficiency in point. Let’s find out more about this product.

Safco Products 3266BL Onyx Mesh 5 Sorter, 3 Tray Desktop Organizer....
  • EFFICIENT ORGANIZATION. Five 2" wide sections make...
  • BUILT TO LAST. Durable, powder coat finish helps...


We wanted a spacious desk organizer that would be ideal for keeping our office files and other legal documents. This unit has a total of five vertical sections that are suitable for placing even the thick binders and folders that would have otherwise blocked the tablespace. It also comes with three additional file sorter trays that lie at the bottom for an easy reach.

The compartments are suitable for secure storage of folders or files for keeping the office organized. Each storage section is about 2-inches wide, which is appropriate for our needs. Because of the black mesh construction, it tends to blend in easily with the office surroundings. However, we have placed it on a large desk to ensure that it matches the size proportions.

We tried labeling the vertical slots according to the files that we have been storing, which makes it easier to sort through them. All in all, it has a sturdy construction, and the affordable price tag made it ideal for our limited budget. After all, we didn’t have to compromise on the quality or the storage space, which is a bonus.

  • Sleek modern construction
  • Rugged powder coat finish
  • Ample storage space
  • Might not be suitable for small desks

3. Safco Products 3261BL Onyx Mesh Desk Organizer – Best for Versatility

The 3261BL Onyx Desk Organizer is a brilliant example of a versatilely-designed work-top accessory. With a dark durable finish and clean, modern lines, it provides you sufficient space for managing all the desktop clutter conveniently. It also tends to complement any contemporary office desk.

And this is what we have to say about it!

Safco Products 3261BL Onyx Mesh Corner Organizer - Durable Steel Mesh...
  • Unique design allows 2 ways to organize, flip up...
  • Aids In Office Supplies Organization And File...


This desk organizer has a great construction and other convenient features, that makes it suitable for any formal or informal setting. We finalized on this unit because it offers ample  storage space that we generally require for keeping the essential office supplies.

It didn’t require any assembly, coming with a small footprint, which makes it suitable for tables of almost all sizes. The most convenient factor about this design is that we can have it set up either horizontally or vertically. If placed vertically, it fits comfortably in any 90-degree corner. The organizer has four shelves along with a vertical file section that is placed on either side.

Now, if we choose to have it placed horizontally, there will be two letter-sized file sections at the bottom and in the back section. It also comes with four compact vertical parts that can be used for keeping books, CD’s or cards, etc. And, lastly, we can say that the stainless mesh construction and its durable finish do return significant value for the money you pay for it.

  • Has a versatile design; can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Features a total of 6 shelves
  • Durable construction
  • Somewhat small for storing big files

4. Safco Products 3262BL Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer – Best for Small Accessories

A desktop organizer is an essential piece of furniture which helps enhance the aesthetic appeal of a study or a home-office. It stores all the miscellaneous clutter without taking up much space on the desk. And this one from Safco, in our opinion, makes a picture-perfect desktop accompaniment, bringing along several useful features in a minimalist profile.

Safco Products 3262BL Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer with Drawer, Black
  • Drawer organization or desktop supplies organizer
  • Multiple compartments


This organizer features a solid, modern profile that goes with any kind of backdrop in the room, making a very elegant statement. The stainless steel construction ensures that the structure is stable enough, and the durable powder coat finish keeps it looking new for years on end.

When it comes to maintenance, a little dusting works sufficiently to contribute to its longevity. The structure looks great on any tabletop and makes it easy for you to find all the necessary things.

It has a total of six sections for keeping the regular office supplies like pens, staplers, markers, pens, note pads, and similar items. Additionally, there is another section that lies on the back end, which is big enough for keeping long scales and other such items. This was also a very affordable product, that made it an easy choice for us to opt for.

  • Durable construction and finish
  • Suitable for small accessories
  • Easy to access
  • Not suitable for storing notebooks or folders

5. Safco Products 3167BL Steel Desk Combination Organizer Rack – Best for Durability

When durability is a priority, a steel desk organizer is a great option. The structure and utility of this Safco desk-organizer is on point, owing to the decent amount of space it offers for storing files and other binders. And if you’re picky about the style quotient, then you can rest assured that this unit is going to be a suitable choice in every way.

Safco Products 3167BL Steel Desk Combination Organizer Rack with 3...
  • Combines three horizontal and three vertical...
  • Decorative end panels


We wanted a desk organizer that would suit the decor-theme in our workspace, and, impressively enough, it certainly did a good job of it! It has a steel construction, so we don’t have any questions about the durability aspect. But, you do have to keep the insides of the unit free from moisture at all times to prevent rusting or any such damage.

Additionally, the durable powder-coat finish on the unit is fingerprint-resistant. So, even if you use the rack many a time during the day for accessing the files, there won’t be any stains on the body. As far as the structure is concerned, there isn’t any issue with the build, which is sturdy enough to support considerable pressure.

It’s a highly-functional desktop organizer that comes with three vertical and three horizontal sections for handling books, paperwork, file folders, binders, etc. But we do think that a small vertical pocket for keeping stationery would have been a more convenient option.

The organizer also comes with rubber feet that protect the work surface from scratches or dents.

  • High-grade quality
  • Durable construction
  • Includes rubber feet
  • Slightly expensive

6. Rubbermaid Hanging Desk Drawer Organizer 

This Rubbermaid drawer organizer is a great option if you’re on a limited budget. And although it doesn’t have much space for storing bigger files, it serves well to keep all your desk-accessories well-organized and right at hand. Unlike the costlier organizers that are made of steel, this is a more lightweight product.

SHARPIE Rubbermaid Hanging Desk Drawer Organizer, Plastic, Black...
  • Suspends from hanging file rails.
  • Shallow front sections hold tiny items; large back...


Working on a desk that is cramped up with too many accessories can get a little distracting, especially when you have a lot of clients coming over for new projects. This is why it was important for us to find a desk organizer that is functional, yet space-efficient. For an organizer that’s designed mainly for holding accessories, this comes at a reasonable price tag.

We could store many small files on the long vertical sections that are located at the back of the unit. Towards the front end, there are four sections that can hold supplies such as pens, staplers, tape, sticky notes, and other similar products. And the best part is that you can easily access these at will.

Since the desk is a tad smaller for holding this organizer, we decided to suspend it from the hanging file rails, which is another way for you to have this unit around. This drawer is made of plastic, so we didn’t have to face any issue related to maintenance.

As long as you don’t overload the shelves or drop the drawer from a height, you can rest easy about its durability, which is significantly up to the mark!

  • Reasonable price tag
  • Can be suspended from hanging file rails
  • Shallow pockets provide good storage space
  • Some users have complained about the use of cheap plastic

7. Rolodex Mesh Collection Desk Organizer

This Rolodex desk organizer has received an extensive amount of positive reviews, and it’s the perfect addition to any cluttered office table. It’s equipped with several sections that have been designed with a stylish metal mesh for storing the items with ease and convenience. And it’s priced reasonably when compared to other similar items.

Rolodex Mesh Collection Desk Organizer, Black (22171)
  • This desk tray organizer maximizes desktop space,...
  • Mesh collection desk accessories have a simple and...


We wanted a compact desk organizer that would help us maximize the desktop space while keeping the supplies out of the way. It blends in perfectly with the professional setting. The elegant and simple industrial design of this desk organizer is such that it focuses mainly on its function.

Rolodex has equipped this product with a sturdy metal construction, along with a durable black coating. This protects the steel wire meshing so that the organizer doesn’t get damaged or scratched easily.

It features two separate compartments for storing pens, colored pencils, scales, etc. And we have also conveniently placed around two or three notepads that measure about 3-by-3-inches. It’s not only functional but it also showcases excellent durability and a classic design.

Plus, it also comes with a small pocket on the left side for storing envelopes and small files. Overall, this makes for an ideal choice, especially when we need to organize the accessories on the desk.

  • Simple and practical design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Extremely affordable price range
  • Limited storage space

8. Best Desk-Organizing Mat

If you want to protect your new desk from scratches and nicks or cover the surface of an old one, a desk mat is going to be an easy solution. This mat keeps the table organized at your home, workplace, or school; and, it also provides a soft and flat writing surface, which is a bonus.


The main reason that we opted for this computer desk pad is because of the degree of convenience it offers in organizing a work-top. Not only does it help in tidying up the workstation but it also makes it look more presentable. This protective layer is rectangular, and it’s made of polyester, which gives it a smooth finish.

It features a small pocket on one corner that can be used for keeping notes, pictures, and similar items. We also had the option to either select the right-hander or left-hander pocket types. Also, the smooth surface of this mat is a good alternative to mousepads. It serves a two-in-one purpose, which means that we can keep the keyboard as well as the mouse on this mat.

There is a pair of small hoops on the left-hand corner, which we generally use for keeping our earphones, pens, or phone charger cord. Even though we have been using this unit for quite some time now, the color hasn’t faded at all. It comes in three different shades, such as light grey, dark grey, and black. Overall, it’s worth the price tag considering its quality and longevity.

  • Available in three different colors
  • Made with quality materials
  • Features a sophisticated design
  • The side pocket is relatively small

9. Monitor Stand with Built-in Storage

If you’re looking for a desk organizer that has versatile features, then you should check out this product. This isn’t a regular organizing hack, but rather, it’s a monitor stand that comes with built-in storage compartments. You can keep your belongings well-organized in it and the stand will also provide a stable base for your computer, desktop, or laptop.


We wanted a desk organizer that could be used in multiple ways. This unit has conveniently matched our search criterion, with drawers that feature felt bottoms for protecting the desktop. Best of all, the height of the storage box is such that the desktop screen could be kept in an effective position. The storage compartments are also big enough for keeping A4 size papers.

It has a casual design with intricate details and reclaimed finish that effortlessly complement all types of home or office decor. The drawers are about 11.3-inches wide, which is sufficient for storing documents and other work supplies. It also comes with a finished back that allows for flexible placement of the unit in any area.

We can store several items because it has a weight capacity of 50 lbs. The quality of this product is on point; it has been manufactured with quality engineered wood that is resistant to cracking or warping. By looking at the storage unit itself, we can say that it has been designed for long-term durability, and it provides the right amount of stability to hold the monitor in place.

  • Made with engineered wood
  • Works as a monitor stand and built-in storage
  • Covered with 1-year manufacturers warranty
  • All might not prefer wood construction

10. Best Desk Organizer Set for Outdoorsy Types

Are stunning mountain-ranges your one true love? Then, you’ll definitely appreciate the look and feel of this unit. Because, this nature-inspired desk organizer here is going to turn all heads towards it in no time at all! This handmade organizer is designed with a rugged finish that gives it a unique appearance.


We have had desk organizers over the past few years that have been shuffled between home and office settings. Finding a unit that has a beautiful natural vibe was pretty challenging. But we must say that this desk organizer is gorgeous, not only for its design but also for the classy wooden finish.

The product stands out mainly for its brilliant craftsmanship, and it’s made with birchwood that has been sourced from the US itself. It has two compartments that are given the shape of a mountainscape. And, it features a row of evergreens that are lined up towards the front section, which conveniently holds writing accessories, takeout menus, documents, and other art supplies.

We totally admire this beautiful desk organizer in ever way. And, in our opinion, having an item that brings positive thoughts to our mind, really serves as a source of motivation to work efficiently at all times. All in all, this is a value-added product, and it’s constructed in a way that will last for a long time.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Nature-inspired design
  • Suitable for storing different office supplies
  • Not ideal for storing large documents

11. Safco Products- 3252BL Onyx Mesh Desk Organizer

For the buyers who have been looking for a uniquely designed, and highly durable mesh desk organizer, this unit makes for an ideal choice. With large compartments and a durable mesh design, this organizer helps manage your work-station efficiently by providing you with sufficient storage options for all your essentials.

Safco Products 3252BL Onyx Mesh Desktop Organizer with 3 Drawers,...
  • Three drawers store office supplies
  • One vertical file section


The best aspect of this unit is its overall design and construction that works really well to organize most office desks. Having tested this product out well, we can say that we are pretty satisfied with the quality.

It comes with ample storage space that makes it easier to keep the desk looking tidy at all times. This unit has a total of seven sections that are suitable for different sized items.

There is a single vertical section on the left-hand corner on this organizer which is meant for keeping files or folders. And, for the letter-size documents, it features a horizontal tray that is placed towards the rear end.

Moreover, we can easily organize smaller items like folded papers and sticky notes in the three accessible drawers that are placed below the horizontal tray.

The different compartments can be easily managed, and since it’s an open storage, it is really convenient to get the required files whenever needed. Thus, we don’t have to set aside any time to look for any documents, which further allows us to put our focus on the work at hand.

Finally, we would like to point out its steel mesh construction with a black durable powder finish that will beautifully complement all decors, no matter where you put it.

  • Compartments have enough space
  • Great build quality
  • Easy to hold and maintain
  • Relatively small for large bigger desks

12. AmazonBasics Mesh Desk Organizer

Most of us find ourselves struggling to find our stationery because they tend to get all over the place. But this desk organizer by AmazonBasics could actually be the ideal solution to such issues.

Paired up with a sleek, industrial design and a significantly functional layout, this organizer sure serves well as a genius workplace accessory! So, let’s find out whether it lives up to the expectations or not.

Amazon Basics Mesh Desk Organizer, Black
  • Office supply caddy made of black, metal wire mesh
  • Divided compartments keep pens, pencils, markers,...


We were looking for a bigger desk organizer, but the design and construction of this unit caught our eye in the very first instant. The solid black mesh construction coordinates effortlessly with the surrounding decor and almost all kinds of colored desks.

It has two compartments on either side that can easily hold your pens, pencils, scales, scissors, and other knick-knacks. In the middle section, it has three separate compartments for storing pens, paper clips, tape, and similar items. And, lastly, at the bottom, we generally keep our stack of sticky notes that come real handy.

The metal wire mesh construction is such that it can withstand the onslaughts of regular usage with ease. We make it a point to dust it occasionally while cleaning the compartments; this helps maintain the black finish. Overall, we believe it’s a pretty durable desk organizer, and the best part is the warranty period that extends to a full year, which makes it worth the money.

  • Easy access
  • Well-designed compartments
  • Efficient brand value
  • More expensive compared to other similar size organizers

Buying Guide For The Best Desk Organizer

Now that you’re aware of the best desk organizers available in the market, you must have come across a range of styles, sizes, and shapes. However, before purchasing a unit, there is a list of factors that you should consider while selecting a more reliable and durable desk organizer.

So, read on!


As you might already know, there are two components of design- form, and function. After all, the shape and style of the desk organizer determine its usage.

For instance, if you need an organizer that elevates the monitor and comes with an in-built drawer for keeping your supplies, this item will have a more horizontal design. While an organizer that is designed to hold loose papers generally has an upright configuration.


You need to ensure that the desk organizer is spacious enough to store all the essentials that should be kept on your table without having to struggle to fit them in. When you opt for the right size, you can keep your things safer and in a streamlined fashion. It’s also important to consider the size of your desk to ensure that you select one that complements the setting.

Number of compartments

Another factor in choosing an ideal desk organizer is the number of sections or compartments that are available. The frame should be well-built with the required number of compartments for keeping your things organized. It’s best to make a rough estimate of the things that you’re going to store because whichever unit you select should be able to hold your supplies.


The weight of the product plays an equally important role in choosing a quality desk organizer. You should make sure that the unit is stable enough for carrying the belongings without being ‘wobbly.’ It’s always advisable to check the construction and the materials that the product is made of

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of desk organizers?

There are several types of desk organizers, including drawer organizers, file holders, paper trays, pen holders, and multi-compartment organizers.

What should I consider when choosing a desk organizer?

When choosing a desk organizer, you should consider the design, size, number of compartments, and weight of the organizer.

How important is the weight of the desk organizer?

The weight of the desk organizer is important for stability. You should ensure that the unit is stable enough to carry your belongings without being wobbly. It’s also advisable to check the construction and the materials the product is made of.

What are some materials used to make desk organizers?

Desk organizers can be made of different materials such as plastic, metal, wood, and acrylic.

Organize desk with monitor


By now, you must have figured out that there is a range of desk organizers that can assist you in sorting out your desk. They usually come with a reasonable price tag and can effortlessly improve the overall setting. Most of the pieces also have attractive designs.

But before you finalize a unit, you should weigh out the pros and cons to ensure that you bag the best desk organizer. Now that we are at the end of our guide, we hope it has helped you find an organizer that suits all your desk requirements.

Till next time!

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