16 of the Best Bauhaus Watches That Simply Do Not Age

Watches are one of those accessories that add to your overall look while being functional at the same time. In fact, they have become a favorite accessory to many people as time passed. Even today, there are millions of people who enjoy having a collection of timepieces and flaunting them.

Any watch enthusiast worth his salt would have heard of Bauhaus-style watches. They’re simple, and elegant and come with a dash of the retro element. Bringing back the short-lived German art movement from the early 20th century to life again, these Bauhaus watches took the industry by storm. Right from classy designs to clean geometrical patterns, everything about them practically screams poise and opulence. Such is their beauty blended with a tinge of minimalism.

Bauhaus school of design has not just motivated watchmakers, but also many other people that make mobiles, tablets, and other electric contraptions. Even Steve Jobs couldn’t be immune to the charm and elegance of this tasteful form of architecture and industrial design. Well, if you aren’t intrigued by it yet, then stay with us as we make a list of thirteen best Bauhaus inspired watches that you can get your hands on today.

Best Bauhaus Watches | Bauhaus Style

  1. Nomos Tangente Datum

130 tangente 38 datum 3d front

In 1990, after Germany’s reunification, the craft of watchmaking moved to a small town in Saxony called Glashütte. It was during that time that Nomos came into existence, with their classy watches that turned many heads with their elegant and minimalistic designs. Out of a handful of watches that they debuted with, Tangente stole all the limelight.

At first look, Tangente reminds you of a few Bauhaus-influenced timepieces by Stowa and Lange, well-known watchmakers before the war. This is probably because they might have paid homage to these companies with their design – especially the dials acquired from Webel and Baral dial makers. So it is safe to say that Tangente is not entirely an original piece, but the tempered blue hands on the silver-plated dial are nothing short of classy.

NOMOS Glashütte is a company world-renowned for legendary craftsmanship that hits way above its price tag, their in-house movements are also renowned for extraordinary precision, feats that paired with legendary Bauhaus design principles skyrocket this company and their watch on the top of our list.

  • Sleek look with minimal design
  • Manually wound alpha caliber built in-house
  • Legendary craftsmanship
  • One of the most expensive watches in our list
  1. Stowa Antea Klassik 390

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Lange &Söhne and Stowa are celebrated as the earliest manufacturers of Bauhaus-style watches in the 1930s. The latter came up with their first Antea design in the year 1937. Later in 2004, the timeless original was reissued to cater to the needs of the modern-day man.

Best bauhaus watches

Stowa Klassik Antea 390 watches offer the ETA 2428-2 that’s a classic Swiss automatic movement. The “-2” actually indicates the generation. It provides you about +3 seconds in a day, with a 25 jewels movement, this is a movement that cannot be found in ordinary watches and through the sapphire-crystal back one can see this masterpiece.

The pull/push crown with the Stowa logo offers you three positions on it. The first is a smooth, self-winding movement, second is to adjust the date which you can see through the date window on the dial. The final position allows you to adjust the blue hands of the watch, this offers a bit of resistance so that you could go right in and set the time by the millimeter.

What’s unique about Antea Klassik 390 is that it comes in a multitude of sizes, ranging from 35.5mm to a larger 41mm. The watch comes in a stainless steel case and has a water resistance of 5ATM. It gives you two choices of winding – manual and automatic.

  • Elegant design
  • Winding choices
  • Straps could be better

3. Naos Automatik 

Powered by the ever-reliable Japanese MIYOTA automatic mechanism, the Naos Automatik Black is the new automatic successor of its classic Naos Black line. 

True watch-lovers who feel an adrenaline rush when they observe the mechanical movement of a watch will appreciate the Sapphire crystal glass back design of this one. You can gaze at its mesmerizing beauty and envision the hard work gone behind its making. 

S02 na03 pr07 naosa

While most users love the calf leather black straps against the 316L stainless silver frame, you have the option to change its straps within seconds. The anti-reflective glass front is not only a stunner but also allows you to view the watch face in bright light conditions. 

With up to 5 ATM water resistance, you don’t need to worry about sweat and water damaging this gorgeous piece of art on your wrist. The brand has always prided itself in designing some of the most timeless watches that look classy and are affordable, so everyone can enjoy one of their pieces. 

  • 2-year warranty
  • Rather affordable
  • Super durable glass case
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • The width of the date space is slightly narrow
  1. Junghans Max Bill

What’s so unique about Junghans is that a majority of their timepieces are created by Max Bill, who’s known to be one of Bauhaus’s protégés. Not only that, but he has also founded Ulm’s School of Design as Bauhaus’s successor.

One of the best collections that gained wide popularity for Max Bill – Junghans is their latest Max Bill collection. It is raved by the watch enthusiasts for being a proper continuation of their signature robin’s egg blue, a teardrop-shaped kitchen wall clock that was designed in the 1950s.

The collection is characterized by a dome-shaped dial, a thin bezel and a crystal that you might have noticed in Max Bill’s previous designs. But he sure did take some liberty with making some improvements like adding a lume to the dial. The watch comes with two dial options – black and white. It comes in a stainless steel case and has a water resistance of 5 ATM. But other than that, there are not a lot of new things to look out for.

  • Clean Typography
  • Domed Dial
  • Thin Bezel
  • Not a lot of new elements in the design
  1. Hamburg Automatik Silver

Named the Hamburg Automatik, this watch is designed keeping the north German port city in mind and reflects the world of seafaring that Hamburg is associated with. The case size of the watch is 42 mm, which makes it perfect for everyday use. Once worn, it adds to the practicality, style, and precision that is valued by all men. 

S02 hh10

Now, if you look closely, the watch features a 3-hand movement and an intricate design. You will also find a graphite or silver satin-finished dial which curves smoothly around the edges. Needless to say, it will give you an effortless yet sophisticated look. 

Moreover, the sapphire crystal glass on top is scratch-proof and is known to be very durable. It is 5 ATM waterproof and can withstand spills and splashes. 

  • Intricate design
  • Satin-finished dial
  • Case size of 42 mm
  • Numbers are written in tiny font
  1. Junkers Bauhaus 6050-5 Watch

At one glance, you can make out that this timepiece is inspired by the Bauhaus style. It has got all the German heritage designed right into it. The watch can be availed in two options – a quartz choice which is powered by the Swiss Rhonda and the automatic Swiss ETA movements, and an automated version that is more expensive.

The watch is 44mm in size and comes in a stainless steel case. It sports a Hesalite Crystal and has completely automated movement. The makers had deliberately given it a beige color to give it a vintage feel. This gives one the impression that the watch is used, rather than a brand-new remake of a classic model. As opposed to Junkers’ other designs, 6050-5 comes with indices and lumes, which help the model stand out from the rest.

Junkers bauhaus best bauhaus watches

  • Unique beige/off-white dial
  • Quartz and automated choices available
  • Some might not find the used-look very appealing.
  1. Ruhla 91234M 

S l640

Ruhla has been in the watchmaking race for quite long – even before the entire occupation of Russia. They also made watches and clocks for the Soviet Union after which they got into manufacturing a wide range of timepieces from aviation clocks to wristwatches. These were sold within the country and were sent abroad before the company became obsolete.

The brand is now revived and is back to manufacturing watches again. Their 91234M is an excellent choice if you want to go for a Bauhaus-inspired watch that doesn’t quite burn a hole in your pocket. The timepiece also comes with an additional sub-second hand which is quite a surprise.

91234M has a diameter of 42mm and comes in a case that’s made of stainless steel. The watch has 5ATM resistance and is powered by a Swiss technology quartz movement.  Not to forget the domed crystal and a couple of choices for the dial, which makes it an interesting design to consider.

  • Additional sub-second hand
  • Cheaper price range
  • Swiss technology quartz movement
  • Two choices of dial
  • A few users complained about the build
  1. Aristo Dessau 4H132  

No products found.

Unlike the other watches mentioned in the article up until now, Aristo Dessau took the creative liberty of giving the traditional Bauhaus watch an upgrade. The designers decided to get rid of all the watch basics and just stick with a date window and the numerals for the 5 hours. And all the while, they stayed true to the principles of Bauhaus designs.

4H132 comes in a stainless steel case like most of the watches and has a diameter of 34.5 mm. It has a standard 5ATM water resistance and relies on Swiss ETA automation for the movement.

  • Swiss ETA Automation
  • Freshness in the look
  • Size can be a little small if you’re used to wearing larger dials
  1. Uniform Wares 251 

One of the most basic watches on today’s list, Uniform Wares 251 is often touted as a modernist dress timepiece made in the Swiss. The whole range of watches comes with little or no branding, which Uniform Wares managed to achieve by using sterile dials.

You might find the whole watch plain – be it the design or the straps, but it has everything needed to be deemed functional. It comes in 37mm and uses Swizz quartz technology for movement. The watch also sports a stainless steel case and has a 5ATM water resistance level like the rest.

  • Simple design
  • Swiss quartz technology
  • Stainless steel case
  • Some people might not find the design very appealing to the eye
  1. PanzeraBreur 44 Arctic Mesh  

Panzera is an Australian watch brand that boasts its ‘modern vintage’ timepieces. The whole idea behind that is to come up with contemporary interpretations of designs that are said to be modern classics.

The Breur 44 Arctic Mesh comes at an incredible 44mm diameter, which works great if your hands are big, or if you love large-dialed watches. The watch has an automatic movement that is powered by the Japanese Miyota technology. Then, of course, the device is water resistant up to 50 meters of depth and has a crystal mineral that’s hardened. It also comes with a colorful display back and straps.

  • Japanese Miyota Movement
  • Colorful Strap and display back
  • Contemporary interpretations of modern classics
  • The dial can be large if your hands are small
  1. Zeno 3767Q 

The Swiss watchmakers have also followed the Germans and created Bauhaus-inspired timepieces. It was only a matter of time before Zeno, a 19th-century watch manufacturer got back to the market after a much-needed refurbishing.

Zeno 3767Q is quite an affordable option, given its robust features, which include a stainless steel case, Swiss quartz movement, a 40mm dial, and can resist water up to 3ATM. Sure it is a little large, but it perfectly suits the preferences of contemporary watch enthusiasts.

  • Stainless steel case
  • Affordable option
  • Larger dial
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • 3ATM water resistance
  1. Braun BN0021

Arguably the cheapest option in today’s list, Braun’s BN0021 serves as an alternative to all those Bauhaus-inspired watches that cost you a bomb. You might have been familiar with Braun being a manufacturer of electric shavers and household appliances. But they have been trying to make a name for themselves even in the watchmaking space.

BN0021 comes with a simple 38mm black dial which has numbers 1 to 12 engraved in plain old fashion. The designers used yellow for the second hand to give it pleasing aesthetics without drawing too much attention. The watch makes use of Quartz movement, comes in a steel case, and can handle water up to 5ATM.

  • Affordable
  • Simple design
  • Some people might find the overall look of the watch too plain
  1. Skagen Super Slim Chrome & Black Watch 

Skagen Men's SKW6052 Ancher Stainless Steel Watch with Mesh Band
  • Stainless steel watch featuring logoed dial with...
  • 45.3 mm stainless steel case with mineral dial...

A Danish brand now owned by Fossil, Skagen has always stuck to the ethics of Bauhaus designing principles. Their Super Slim Chrome & Black Watch is minimal and elegant while being completely functional.

The watch comes with a silver dial of 39mm and thin black hands. The numerals on the dial are replaced by 12 simple markings standing for the hours and smaller markings for the minutes. Its thinness also caught the attention of many enthusiasts who praise its design for being ‘very wearable.’

  • Affordable
  • Slim
  • Minimal and elegant
  • Some might find the thinness of the watch unfit for daily wear
  1. Kent Wang Bauhaus Watch 

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Like Uniform Wares, even Kent Wang’s watches come with no branding or logos on its dial. Just a simple design inspired by the Bauhaus style. It comes with a black dial with white lines or vice versa and is 42mm in size. There’s also a date window along with blue-steeled hands to give it an attractive look. The watch also features a sapphire crystal and has an automatic movement inspired by the Chinese BWAF technology.

  • Choice of dials
  • Date windows
  • Steeled blue hands
  • Automatic movement
  • 42mm could be large for certain people
  1. Sternglas Junis

The Junis 34 line of watches from Sternglas has one of the best cases builds and designs that you can ask for in a small and timeless form factor, with a diameter of 34mm and an 8.8mm thickness, these watches have a lug-to-lug measure of 44mm.

That is simply a splendid proportion. 

Thumbnail 3

And even though the dial diameter is on the smaller side, don’t think it’s going to be an issue with larger wrists. The versatile appeal is what sets it apart from a majority of its competitors. And, along with the high-standard finish and simply brilliant strap options, this watch series has progressively grown in popularity ever since its conception. 

  • Proportions & size
  • Affordable & customizable
  • Sapphire Glass
  • None
  1. Braun BN0211  

Braun Mens Slim 3-Hand Analogue Quartz Watch, Black Dial and Black...
  • Braun mens multi-award winning slim 3-hand...
  • 38mm matt black plated stainless steel case with...

The BN0211 by Braun is one of the earliest models designed by home appliance manufacturers when they dabbled in the watchmaking space. The designers of the watch take pride in its minimalist white dial with an upbeat yellow-colored second hand. This gives the whole watch a quirky overall look and inevitably reminds you of Braun’s signature AW10 timepiece and their older hallmark wall clocks.

  • Interesting look
  • Sleek and minimal
  • Stainless steel case
  • The dial might be too small for large hands

Best Bauhaus Brand Watches

  1. Stowa

Walter Storz founded Stowa in the year 1927 in Hornberg, Black Forest. The brand launched its first Bauhaus in the year 1937 which is considered to be one of the milestones in German chronometry.

Some of the earliest Bauhaus designs from Stowa were the robust gold Rectangular Bauhaus designs with Roman numerals and the Arabic ones that are coveted and rare, precious collectors’ models.

It wasn’t until the year 2000 that Stowa grandly turned towards contemporary layouts, redesigning the traditional, existing patterns with a subtly modern approach regarding size, shape, and versions.

The stunningly unique Antea line from Stowa essentially takes inspiration from numerous traditional models from the brand, that were partially set in real gold in varying shapes of squares and rounds. This was way back in the mid-thirties when Stowa had just started to make its legendary Bauhaus designs.

These designs were greatly inspired by the Lange watch models that were released in the same year as of the Stowa Bauhaus ones.

The dials of these Lange watches were manufactured in Pforzheim by Weber & Baral, who were the largest dial manufacturers in the world.

This was one of the major influences for the Stowa Bauhaus watches which turned towards Weber & Baral for its dials as well.

Jorg Schauer reissued the original 1937 watch from the brand in the year 2004 and manufactured the first Antea Classic that had straight-edged designs and different case sizes. These came with a manual wind or automatic movement.

The signature aspects of this collection were the silver-plated dial, the polished stainless steel case, and the thermal-treated blue-steel watch hands.

Finally, in the year 2015, Jorg Schauer collaborated with the globally renowned designer Hartmut Esslinger to redesign the Antea that we recognize today. It is essentially a fusion of the essence of the traditional, authentic Bauhaus in its layout with the modern elements of superior chronometry. This is what makes it unique and one of the best Bauhaus designs the world has ever seen!

  1. Nomos

Nomos Glashutte is one brand that’s almost considered synonymous to the definition of The Bauhaus school of art created by Walter Gropius in Weimar. It was founded in January in the year 1990 by Roland Schwertner, just two months after the great fall of the Berlin Wall.

The original Bauhaus designs for their collection were provided by Susanne Gunther who took inspiration from the Bauhaus purist style that produced absolutely authentic, stunning Bauhaus designs for the brand.

Nomos designs are essentially known for their clean layouts that are accentuated by a free play of modern minimalist elements.

Nomos Glashutte remains to be a member of the Deutscher Werkbund. It is a German association that is a predecessor of the Bauhaus movement, which emphasizes the importance of functional Bauhaus design in its approach to industrial production.

Taking the heritage and history of the brand into account, one can say that no discourse regarding the Bauhaus style of watch-making can ever be complete without the mention of Nomos Glashutte. This brand has undeniably played a leading role in the revival of the classic Bauhaus in the industry.

The brand gained global recognition for its sleek, minimalist looks which were especially witnessed in the ethereally beautiful “Tangente” line from Nomos.

The patented features of this range include a three-case- “tripartite” stainless steel, measuring a standard 35 mm in diameter with a 6.2 mm thickness that’s perfect for every size. The silver-plated, galvanized dial is further set with a sterling sapphire crystal casing and the stunning temperature-treated blue hands dazzle when they catch the light at certain angles.

This is the most loved and celebrated model from the brand. And on its 100th anniversary, Glashutte launched a limited issue of “Tangente Special Edition,” honoring and paying homage to the tradition of Bauhaus. These 9 versions of the watch are available in three sizes ranging from 33mm to 38mm that are limited to the representative number of 100 pieces each.  

  1. Sternglass

At 21, Dustin Fontaine decided to start his own watch company which was established in 2016 taking all of his time, hard work, and resources as its foundation.

The first model was an exceptionally crafted Bauhaus with clean lines, straight-edged, minimalist designs, and features. But, after a point of time, reports of the glass splintering came up. The company then decided to switch to sapphire glass which was unmatched in durability, quality, and hardness. All the Quartz models have classic Swiss movements manufactured by Ronda.

The company launched its first automatic Sternglass watch in January 2022, which was a major success in every way.

The entire range of the Sternglass watches was launched and showcased in October 2022. This consists of the following models:

Junis 34 Quartz. This has a case diameter of 34 mm and is a smaller version of the 38 mm. This makes it a stunning watch for feminine wrists.

Junis 38 Quartz. This one’s a classic Bauhaus of standard dimensions that works with a case diameter of 38mm, making it a perfect Sternglass watch for either gender.

Zirkel Automatic. The Zerkel is a unique Bauhaus from the brand that has been specially designed by focusing only on the barest essentials that accentuate superbly, fine-tuned details. The 40mm dial is perfect for any wrist type.

Topograph Automatic. This one’s a stunning 42mm diameter watch that exudes a dynamic, masculine appeal accentuating the functional precision of the model.

Naos Quartz. The Naos Quartz is one of the most celebrated Bauhaus designs from the brand that has a “subtle” diameter measuring 38 mm enhancing the beauty of a brilliantly domed sapphire glass!

Naos Automatik. The more recently launched Naos Automatik model from Sternglass is spectacular yet essentially simplistic Bauhaus design from Sternglass that has a “star-shaped arrangement” of its indices. This is hands down one of the most beautiful models from the brand that has honored the classical Bauhaus layout in spirit and its structure in every way!

Keeping everything in perspective, it could be well concluded that Sternglass has contributed significantly to the modern Bauhaus designs by becoming a successful producer of affordable and highly durable brand for Bauhaus watches.

  1. Braun

Braun’s designs have always been essentially Bauhaus in form and structure. Be it for the minimalist designs of the radios that were launched in the 1930s to the globally famous electric epilators that are being used since 1950.

However, it wasn’t until 1977 that under the administration of Dieter Rams, Braun launched its first wristwatch line ever. By this time Rams had already set out on creating a layout that follows a critical Bauhaus pattern on a steady set of guiding principles. He envisioned that which reflects the Bauhaus ethos, with an angle of sustainability fused with it.

With such a mindset and aim, the brand has created some of the most eclectic Bauhaus designs of the modern age that pays the utmost respect to the traditional layouts of Walter Gropius, the founder of The Bauhaus school of Art and the originator of the term itself.

The head designer of Braun had once remarked, “Simplicity is the key to excellence.” The brand has since then striven to uphold the value of this thought by ensuring nothing short of perfection in Bauhaus designs, strictly following the Bauhaus code in the making of each of its chronometers.

The watches from its collection specifically feature the three-hand calendar quartz movement and a polished stainless steel case measuring 40mm in diameter.

The lightweight design doesn’t bear down upon your wrist, while, at the same time, the highly durable mineral crystal dial makes it entirely chip-resistant.

Some of the materials for the watches even offer variants like those of mesh and ceramic, making the collection even more unique and exciting than most other models from other brands.

It could be, thus, said that Braun had significantly contributed to the Bauhaus movement by creating this glamorous collection of beautiful and, most importantly, affordable watches that appeals to a broader mass.


These are various Bauhaus-inspired watches that are quite popular among watch enthusiasts today. In case you’re planning to buy one, give these a thorough look and do a little bit of research of your own before you make the final decision.

If we were to narrow it down to brands, Nomos and Stowa would be a clear picks. If we were to choose just one brand, Nomos has the edge as it creates its own state-of-the-art mechanism in-house.

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