6 Best Cheap Men’s Watches that Look Expensive & Timeless

Purchasing a watch is a subjective matter. There are many aspects of design that boil down to personal preference like any other piece of accessory.

But if you are in the market looking for a watch that looks premium, expensive, and timeless without breaking your wallet, then we have just the right thing for you.

As you would expect, most of these watches are either design-wise part of the Bauhaus movement and its timeless design or have been greatly inspired by it; after all, few things describe the word “timeless” better than a Bauhaus watch.

These best cheap men’s watches will go fantastically with your expensive or class wardrobe without anyone ever questioning their quality and beauty of.

Even though these watches are inexpensive, we have made sure that there’s no compromise on the quality of the materials and their durability.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Cheap Men’s Watches That Look Expensive

1. FEICE Unisex Bauhaus Watch

FEICE brings this beautiful watch with a classy minimalist Bauhaus design. Not only it has the looks but it’s also built with quality materials. Along with that, it has some neat features which make it an even more tempting offer.

That’s why in our opinion, for a price of about $150, this watch is an absolute steal.


It has a genuine leather wristband that comes in black and brown shades. From our experience, it’s very comfortable to wear and seems durable. But if you want something even more enduring, go for its metal wristband variant.

The dial is white, with blue hands, and is the same in every variant. With the long stretched font and minimal marking, the dial looks plain and elegant.

The back has clear glass which is so attractive that it surprised us to see it at this price point. It gives the watch a unique look that is also timeless.

The glass on the dial is extremely durable and scratch-resistant. It doesn’t reflect at all and there’s no refraction either. It is also water resistant and has a 2-year warranty.

It has a neat feature where it winds up itself with the movement of the wrist, practically rendering that you’ll never have to wind it if you wear it every day.

Display Features: Seconds Sub Dial | Casing: 38 mm | Crystal Type: Sapphire Crystal Mirror | Bracelet Type: Leather | Water Resistance: 30 m | Movement Type: Automatic | Warranty: 2-Year

2. FEICE Automatic Mechanical Bauhaus Watch

With a hike in the price of about $50 from our previous entry, FEICE offers basically the same watch with an elegant and simple Bauhaus design. But for the price, you get even better quality and features and if you have a slightly bigger budget, then we’d recommend this over our last entry.


It has a lot more variants. One of them has a black dial with metal bands. There is, of course, a white-dial variant of metal wristbands as well as our previous entry. All of the variants have a clear back design as well.

The dial is clean and simple. It has the minimal Bauhaus signature but it has one extra dial showing the energy reserve of the watch.

It even has a sub-dial for seconds and a date window. Even with these sub-dials the interface isn’t crowded. According to us, they managed to achieve this by not using numerals.

The glass is very durable, both scratch-resistant and wear-resistant and there’s no annoying reflection from our experience.

It also has the same automatic wind-up technology as our first entry but you’ll need to manually wind it for the first time. Make sure that the energy sub-dial doesn’t exceed 35.

It is water resistant and has a 2-year warranty.

Display Features: Date Window and Seconds Sub Dial | Casing: 41 mm | Crystal Type: 2.5D Arc Hyperbolic Mirror | Bracelet Type: Leather| Water Resistance: 30 m | Movement Type: Automatic | Warranty: 2-Year

3. Junghans Men’s ‘Max Bill’ Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather 041/4465.00

Junghans brings this absolutely gorgeous all-black watch at a price point that seems unreal. From the design to the quality of the materials, everything seems so elegant and beautiful that we couldn’t ask for more. This black beauty is an absolute please.


What stole our hearts was the dial. There is no numeral on this black dial. Just clean and simple lines. The hands go really well with this design. They are sleek, long, and silvery.

There are no sub-dials or anything. There’s only one window for the date. To be honest, there are not a lot of features that may bum people out, given it still costs about $500.

But that won’t bother you a bit as soon as you get to put it on your wrist. It’s beautiful. The aesthetically minimal profile with the shiny black dial really stole our hearts.

It is a Quartz Movement watch and it’s extremely well-built. It is durable and feels premium and it has water resistance up to 100ft. in water.

Display Features: Date Window | Casing: 38 mm | Crystal Type: N/A | Bracelet Type: Calfskin| Water Resistance: 30 m | Movement Type: Quartz | Warranty: N/A

4. Timex Men’s Dress Analog 33mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Let’s talk about a fantastic offering from Timex—the Men’s Dress Analog 33mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch.

Displaying a subtle elegance and classic rectangular design reminiscent of pricier brands, this watch is apt to make a substantial impression without actually impacting your wallet.

This Timex watch truly stood out to us with its uncluttered dial, sophisticated lines, and bonus—a genuine diamond staking its spot at the 12 o’clock position.

With its polished finish and slender case, it emanates a premium aura that can hold its own at upper-crust events. Plus, despite the erroneous listing of a 26mm lug size, the fitted 24mm bracelet is more than enough for most wearers.

A point of contention is the discrepancy in some listings regarding the lug size. This can lead to confusion for buyers seeking to switch out the bracelet. However, the original band should be generally satisfying to most.

Display Features: None | Casing: 26 mm | Crystal Type: Mineral glass crystal | Bracelet Type: Stainless Steel | Water Resistance: 30 m | Movement Type: Quartz | Warranty: N/A

5. Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Automatic Watch

In the spotlight next is the Invicta Men’s Pro Diver collection. This sub-£100 watch is proof that you can pull off a Rolex Submariner look without exhausting your wallet.

Invicta Pro Diver ticks all the boxes one would expect from a budget-friendly dive watch, besting several competitors at this price point. Its Seiko automatic movement and iconic diver design are reminiscent of Rolex itself.

The water resistance feature tops the list of our likes as well. With the enormous success and popularity of this model, it’s certainly got something right.

A minor point of contention for some may be the side engraving, but it hardly takes away from the superior offering that Invicta brings to the table.

Display Features: Date Window | Casing: 40 mm | Crystal Type: Mineral glass crystal | Bracelet Type: Stainless Steel | Water Resistance: 200 m | Movement Type: Automatic | Warranty: 3-Year

6. NIXON Time Teller A045 100m Water Resistant Watch

Last but certainly not least is the NIXON Time Teller A045. This model is a breath of fresh air in the world of fashion watches that typically lack the charm they portray online.

What caught our attention was the watch’s versatile and somewhat retro styling, reminiscent of old Rolex oyster models. Although the specs may not be revolutionary, it has a touch of unexpected detail—a pleasant surprise.

Its perfect 37mm diameter and lean 9mm depth, along with a surprising 100m of water resistance, make it just the fashion watch we’d recommend at its modest $100 price range.

Although the dial leans on the plain side, this doesn’t derail the watch’s overall appeal. Still, those seeking a more intricate dial may feel a bit let down.

Display Features: None | Casing: 37 mm | Crystal Type: N/A | Bracelet Type: Stainless Steel | Water Resistance: 100 m | Movement Type: Quartz | Warranty: N/A

Best Cheap Men’s Watches Comparison Table

Product Display Features Casing Crystal Type Bracelet Type Water Resistance Movement Type Warranty
Feice FM201 Seconds Sub Dial 38 mm Sapphire Crystal Mirror Leather 30 m Automatic 2-Year
Feice FM212 Date Window and Seconds Sub Dial 41 mm 2.5D Arc Hyperbolic Mirror Leather 30 m Automatic 2-Year
Junghans Men’s ‘Max Bill’ Date Window 38 mm N/A Calfskin 30 m Quartz N/A
Timex None 26 mm Mineral glass crystal Stainless Steel 30 m Quartz N/A
Invicta Date Window 40 mm Mineral glass crystal Stainless Steel 200 m Automatic 3-Year
Nixon None 37 mm N/A Stainless Steel 100 m Quartz N/A


So, that’ll be all for this article. We have listed down (what we think are) the best watches which are inexpensive but also look timeless and premium.

We have listed a variety of bands and dial types at a range of prices so that you can choose the one that suits your aesthetic the best.

With that, we hope this article was helpful to you, and thank you for reading it. 

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