9 Best Cheap Men’s Watches that Look Expensive & Timeless

Purchasing a watch is a subjective matter. There are many aspects of design to it that boil down to personal preference like any other piece of accessory.

But if you are in the market looking for a watch that looks premium, expensive, and timeless without breaking your wallet, then we have just the right thing for you.

As you would expect, most of these watches are either design-wise part of the Bauhaus movement and its timeless design or have been greatly inspired by it; after all, few things describe the word “timeless” better than a Bauhaus watch.

These best cheap men’s watches will go fantastically with your expensive or class wardrobe without anyone ever questioning their quality and beauty of them.

Even though these watches are inexpensive, we have made sure that there’s no compromise on the quality of the materials and their durability.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Cheap Men’s Watches that Look Expensive

  1. FEICE Unisex Bauhaus Watch

FEICE brings this beautiful watch with a classy minimalist Bauhaus design. Not only it has the looks but it’s also built with quality materials. Along with that, it has some neat features which make it an even more tempting offer.

That’s why in our opinion, for a price of about $150, this watch is an absolute steal.

FEICE Men’s Watches Bauhaus Automatic Watch Mechanical Wristwatch...
  • 🕐 Bauhaus Watch - The watch is both suitable...
  • 🕑 Sapphire Crystal Mirror - Sapphire crystal...


It has a genuine leather wristband that comes in black and brown shades. From our experience, it’s very comfortable to wear and seems durable. But if you want something even more enduring, go for its metal wristband variant.

The dial is white, with blue hands, and is the same in every variant. With the long stretched font and minimal marking, the dial looks plain and elegant.

The back has clear glass which is so attractive that it surprised us to see it at this price point. It gives the watch a unique look that is also timeless.

The glass on the dial is extremely durable and scratch resistant. It doesn’t reflect at all and there’s no refraction either. It is also water resistant and has a 2-year warranty.

It has a neat feature where it winds up itself with the movement of the wrist, practically rendering that you’ll never have to wind it if you wear it every day.

  • Elegant and simple design with good quality material overall and an attractive clear back 
  • Durable hardware with scratch and water resistance, and a 2-year warranty 
  • It winds up itself with the motion of the wrist, so, you’ll never have to wind it manually 
  • None
  1. FEICE Automatic Mechanical Bauhaus Watch

With a hike in the price of about $50 from our previous entry, FEICE offers basically the same watch with an elegant and simple Bauhaus design. But for the price, you get even better quality and features and if you have a slightly bigger budget, then we’d recommend this over our last entry.

FEICE Men's Automatic Watch Mechanical Watch Stainless Steel Leather...
  • ⌚ Bauhaus Dress Watch - Men’s classic dress...
  • ⌚ Feice 2.5D Domed Mirror - Adopted double...


It has a lot more variants. One of them has a black dial with metal bands. There is, of course, a white-dial variant of metal wristbands as well as our previous entry. All of the variants have a clear back design as well.

The dial is clean and simple. It has the minimal Bauhaus signature but it has one extra dial showing the energy reserve of the watch.

It even has a sub-dial for seconds and a date window. Even with these sub-dials the interface isn’t crowded. According to us, they managed to achieve this by not using numerals.

The glass is very durable, both scratch-resistant and wear-resistant and there’s no annoying reflection from our experience.

It also has the same automatic wind-up technology as our first entry but you’ll need to manually wind it for the first time. Make sure that the energy sub-dial doesn’t exceed 35.

It is water resistant and has a 2-year warranty.

  • Minimal Bauhaus design with a great variety of options to choose from and an extra energy dial 
  • Water, scratch and wear resistance with a 2-year warranty. It also has an automatic wind-up technology  
  • Genuine leather straps which are comfortable and durable. It also has a metal wristband variant 
  • None
  1. JUNKERS – Men’s Watches – Junkers Bauhaus – Ref. 6060-5

JUNKERS bring this amazing offering in their Ref. 6060-5 Bauhaus watch which is even more premium than our last two entries. There is a significant price hike from our last entry as it retails in the ballpark of $500.

But with that, you get impeccable quality and a premium feel that is unparalleled at this price range.


Ref. 6060-5 has an absolutely gorgeous design. From the beautiful leather straps to the aesthetically minimal dial, it’s a heart-stealer.

It has a calfskin leather strap which feels amazing and it has good stitching. It looks as if it is hand-stitched and upon only further inspection, you would notice that it’s indeed been stitched using machinery.

The strap comes in two standard black and brown variants. There is no metal wristband variant here.

The font and illustrations on the dial are minimal and clean. Even with subdials to show seconds and energy reserve and a date window, the dial looks clean and timeless.

You can also marvel at its fine German engineering at the back of the dial because it is clear. It also winds up automatically.

Overall, the watch feels as if it’s been meticulously designed by craftsmen, and is durable and handsome as well.

  • Magnificent design and built, the calfskin leather feels premium and the clear back design is gorgeous 
  • The dial has a clean look while also having sub-dials for energy reserve and seconds, and also a date window 
  • Comes with automatic winding, which means it winds up itself using wrist movement after manually winding it for the first time 
  • None
  1. JUNKERS – Men’s Watches – Junkers Bauhaus – Ref. 6046-5

Apart from the neat features of JUNKERS watches, they also have a look and feel that is unmatched at the price they offer. If you are in the market just for the timeless look and feel and couldn’t care less for the features, then Ref. 6046-5 is the one for you.


For a huge cut of cost from the previous entry (retails at about $250), these JUNKERS watch retains the simple Bauhaus design and the impeccable quality of materials.

This one also has a calfskin genuine leather wrist strap which feels premium and looks absolutely classic. The stitching is beautifully done as well.

It only comes in the brown leather strap variant. There is no black leather or metal variant of it.

The white dial is clean and minimal – even more than our last entry. It retains the same font and illustration type but it lacks the sub-dials for energy reserve and seconds.

Anyway, it doesn’t need the energy reserve scale or the automatic wind-up feature, because this one is not mechanical. It’s a Quartz movement watch.

We personally prefer this watch more than our previous entry because it’s absolutely minimal and looks really elegant – even more than our last entry – and it comes at a cheaper price.

  • Elegant and minimal design coupled with impeccable quality 
  • Gorgeously crafted brown leather strap which looks absolutely timeless 
  • Quartz movement instead of a mechanical system 
  • None
  1. JUNKERS – Men’s Watches – Junkers Bauhaus – Ref. 6086-5

Great quality and a handsome look are also present in this beauty by JUNKERS. But there’ more to it. Along with Quartz movement, this watch is also a chronograph. At a budget price range of about $320, this watch is nothing but an absolute steal for any wristwatch enthusiast.

JUNKERS - Men's Watches - Junkers Bauhaus - Ref. 6086-5
  • Hesalite Crystal
  • Diameter: 40 mm, Thicknes: 10 mm


It comes with a brown calfskin genuine leather wristband. Marvelous stitching, handsome looks, and a premium feel are to be expected.

The Bauhaus white dial is minimal and clean and retains the same font and illustration choices as our other JUNKERS entries.

Since it is a chronograph it has 3 sub-dials for accurate time measurements. Along with that, it has luminous hands and dots for usability even in low-light situations. It also has a date window.

The watch feels durable and it is water resistant up to 3 atm of pressure. There’s no doubt about its quality, with its Swiss made Ronda 5040.D quartz chronograph movement.

We strongly recommend this watch if you are in the market for a chronograph, and a timeless and elegant appeal.

  • Chronograph watch with extremely precise Quartz Movement 
  • Minimal design with a timeless look, it is a handsome watch through and through 
  • Extremely durable with water resistance up to 3 atm of pressure 
  • None
  1. Junkers Bauhaus Automatic Watch with Power Reserve and 24hr Subdial 6060-2

If you are looking for something that is not beige and brown, then this might be interesting to you. JUNKERS 6060-2 is an all-black watch that retains the unparalleled classy look and a timeless feeling for just about $500. Durable, elegant and black!


We can’t express how delighted we were to find all the JUNKERS goodness in a black package.

It has the same Bauhaus minimal design and impeccable quality. It also has a clear back.

The black calfskin leather wrist strap is an absolute beauty. And it also has the amazing stitching that the previous JUNKERS entries have.

The simple and gorgeous dial comes with the same clean font and illustration but this time it’s white on black instead of being the other way around.

It has a sub-dial for energy reserve and to show what hour of the day it is. And it also has a date window.

It is a mechanical watch with automatic-self-wind technology similar to Ref. 6060-5. Actually, it is just a black version of that.

So, if you loved Ref. 6060-5 but wanted a black strap instead, this is the one for you! It has the same impeccable design and quality in its craftsmanship but with the beauty of black.

  • Minimal and elegant design in a gorgeous black package 
  • Automatically winds up with the movement of the wrist. So, you never have to worry about it 
  • Marvelous quality of the materials used, from the strap to the glass on the dial, everything is durable and beautiful 
  • None
  1. JUNKERS – Men’s Watches – Junkers Bauhaus – Ref. 6046-2

If you loved the simplicity of Ref. 6046-5 but wanted a variant that was not the standard beige and brown, then this is the one for you. Ref. 6046-2 is the black variant of Ref. 6046-5 with all its goodness. With its impeccable quality and minimal aesthetics, there’s nothing not to love about this black beauty.

JUNKERS 60462 Men's Quartz Battery Watch with Black Dial Analogue...
  • Protective Hardened Crystal Window Lens
  • Round Stainless Steel Case


It retails somewhere around $250, similar to 6046-5. And it has the same simple Bauhaus design and quality in its making.

The black calfskin leather strap feels sturdy and as good as the brown variant. The stitching is fine as well, and it seems to be timeless both in its look and its durability.

The dial has the same simple design. Minimal like 6046-2. And since it’s Quartz movement as well, it also doesn’t have the energy sub-dial. And it doesn’t have the sub-dial for seconds either.

We loved our experience with 6046-5. So, to see that we can get the same simplicity and elegant design in an all-black format, we were absolutely thrilled.

We’d recommend this watch to anyone and everyone, but if you loved 6046-5 but wanted a black variant, we can’t recommend this to you enough.

  • Absolutely lovely design, minimal and elegant in an all-black package 
  • Amazing calfskin straps which are comfortable and look gorgeous 
  • Quartz movement based 
  • None
  1. Junkers 6086M-5 Junkers Bauhaus Series Chronograph Mens Watch

If you loved the JUNKERS 6086-5 but still wanted something more unique, then 6086M-5 might be the one you should get. It has the same feature set as 6086-5 but it comes with a stainless steel strap with a beige dial and it is gorgeous!


It has a handsome stainless steel Milanese strap. It feels evenly weighted and the lock works smoothly.

The beige dial is similar to what we have seen in 6086-5. This watch is also a chronograph, so it has all the extra sub-dials for precise timing.

It also has a stopwatch and two side buttons to aid its functioning. It’s a Quartz movement-based watch and it also has a Swiss-made Ronda 5030-D quartz system.

The design of it, hence, is obviously impeccable like 6086-5. What it does offer is variance. The metal strap variant of 6086-5, 6086M-5, will be heaven-sent for folks who fell in love with it but wanted a metal strap instead.

  • Gorgeous Milanese metal strap that is evenly weighted and feels premium  
  • Comes with Ronda 5030-D quartz movement system 
  • Chronograph watch with precise time measurements and a stopwatch 
  • None
  1. Junghans Men’s ‘Max Bill’ Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather 041/4465.00

Junghans brings this absolutely gorgeous all-black watch at a price point that seems unreal. From the design to the quality of the materials, everything seems so elegant and beautiful that we couldn’t ask for more. This black beauty is an absolute please.


Let’s talk about design. The leather straps are of good quality, though not as good at JUNKERS’ calfskin leather. The stitching also is well done.

What stole our hearts was the dial. There is no numeral on this black dial. Just clean and simple lines. The hands go really well with this design. They are sleek, long, and silvery.

There is no sub-dials or anything. There’s only one window for the date. To be honest, there are not a lot of features that may bum people out, given it still costs about $500.

But that won’t bother you a bit as soon as you get to put it on your wrist. It’s beautiful. The aesthetically minimal profile with the shiny black dial really stole our hearts.

It is a Quartz Movement watch and it’s extremely well-built. It is durable and feels premium and it has water resistance up to 100ft. in water.

  • Gorgeous all-black design with minimal aesthetics. It’s plain and elegant 
  • Great quality material, and the strap feels comfortable and genuine. The glass has little to no reflections  
  • Extremely durable and it has a water resistance upto 100 ft in depth 
  • None


So, that’ll be all for this article. We have listed down (what we think are) the best watches which are inexpensive but also look timeless and premium.

We have listed a variety of bands and dial types at a range of prices so that you could choose the one that suits your aesthetic the best.

With that, we hope this article was helpful to you, and thank you for reading it. 

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