23 Best Gifts for 3D Artists Right Now

There’s no denying that choosing a gift for an artist is challenging. Even more so when it comes to 3D artists!

Most people believe that there is no better gift for an artist than art supplies or inspiration for their next piece. If you have been in a dilemma about what to give your artist friend for the next big occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a list of the best gifts for 3D artists. Trust us; they will be overjoyed at the opportunity to create more art. Who knows, they might even decide to make their next masterpiece inspired by you!

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the gift ideas!

Best Gifts for 3D Artists

1. New Apple iPad Pro

Granted, this isn’t the most budget-friendly item on our list. But hey, if you’re in the mood to splurge, why not go big?

The new Apple iPad Pro is an excellent tool for most people to get creative, but more so for 3D artists. This is because the Apple iPad Pro comes with several top-notch features that are just too complex for non-artist minds to really grasp. These features allow 3D artists to create blueprints of the models in the form of sketches.

Well, you can do that on a computer too, right? Yes, you can. But the M2 chip and 8-core graphics can beat even the best computer you have at home.

Moreover, the all-screen Liquid Retina XDR Display on this tool allows people to create, edit, and complete art in the most efficient way possible. They will enjoy the smoothest experience of bringing their ideas to life with this device in their hands.

2. Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet with HD Screen

Although many 3D artists still enjoy drawing on paper, the functionality of using a drawing tablet is unmatched in getting creative. This can be one of the most thoughtful gifts for the artist in your life, so let us tell you all about it.

The Wacom Cintiq tablet has a 21.5″ HD display, providing unbeatable clarity and precision to every drawing. Paired with the Wacom Pro Pen 2 technology, an artist will have a wholly natural yet unparalleled drawing experience.

The pen provides remarkable precision with each stroke on the tablet and comes with additional features. These include tilt recognition, 192 pressure levels, and low activation force. One of the hardest things to do on paper is to recreate the colors you see in your imagination with exact vibrancy.

Well, with Cintiq’s HD tablet display, colors look more vibrant than ever. Furthermore, there is no pressure to continually charge the pen (it charges off the screen, even while working).

3. Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

Since we already included the Apple iPad Pro in our list, it makes sense to talk about the Apple Pencil as well for digital art. The Apple Pencil is used with the Apple iPad Pro to create magical paint and artwork on the device. Of course, there are a few other ways to do it, but it won’t be as convenient as using the Apple Pencil.

If your loved one already owns an Apple iPad Pro, then this Apple Pencil can be a great addition to their work device. It can be used with the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd and 4th Generation) and the iPad Pro 11-inch (1st and 2nd Generation).

Moreover, it attaches magnetically to the device, so no worries about misplacing it. The Apple Pencil is exceptionally fluid and responsive, allowing artists to create their artwork without barriers. It pairs and charges wirelessly, never interrupting an artist in the middle of their session.

4. The DV Rebel’s Guide: An All-Digital Approach to Making Killer Action Movies on the Cheap

The stereotype is all too common – an artist who is brimming over with brilliant concepts and ideas but doesn’t have the budget to bring them to life. Well, do you personally know one of these artists? Then The DV Rebel’s Guide: An All-Digital Approach to Making Killer Action Movies on the Cheap is a marvelous gift for them.

As the name suggests, this book gives an artist all the tips, tricks, guides, and advice they need to get their budget film up and running. But just because it is running on a budget, it doesn’t have to look cheap or tacky.

In this book, they will discover the secrets to creating an authentic Hollywood-style film by utilizing appropriate tools. This book is a super helpful guide for those who know a bit of digital filmmaking without being overly technical or boring. Learn how to place and replace objects on a screen, creating a hyper-realistic visual of it for your audiences.

5. The Animator’s Survival Kit, Expanded Edition

Animation veteran Richard Williams talks at length in his books about everything you need to know about animation – from the basics, right down to getting your characters to emote appropriately and using the right tools to animate better.

This is one book that is a must-have for anyone even remotely interested in animation. However, most 3D artists would also enjoy the value and knowledge offered by it. The primary goal to achieve via these books is to understand your tools and your art better.

Of course, if your artist buddy already has an iPad stowed away for their digital creations and animation, you can also gift them the iPad or DVD version of this book. There is really no better gift than the gift of knowledge!

6. Moleskine Classic Notebook

If you think the best artists only use iPads and drawing tablets, you are mistaken. The fact remains that true artist always carries around a little sketchbook or notebook with them. Any artist knows that inspiration can strike anywhere, at any time.

An excellent gifting option for your 3D artist buddy would be this Moleskine Classic Notebook. First things first, we loved the array of colors offered by this brand. Scarlet red, sapphire blue, lemon green, and daisy pink are just some of the attractive options to choose from.

The notebook itself is gorgeous, containing 240 ruled pages. The papers are 70 gsm, acid-free, and have a thick, textured surface. It is the perfect companion to carry on a trip and whip out to write or draw in – as and when inspiration strikes.

We also liked the fact that it came with an elastic closure band, enabling artists to have their privacy.

7. Caliart 100 Colors Artist Alcohol Markers

A set of 100 colored markers brings the same kind of joy to an artist as a cake would to a child. Yes, it’s really true! Digital artists love more than anything to be able to create colorful, vivid art. Since we have already mentioned an excellent notebook on our list, this item naturally comes to mind.

The Caliart 100 colors Artist Alcohol Markers come in 99 astonishing shades and 1 blending marker. This marker is the best tool for a smooth transition between two or more colors – making any paper art look as smooth as digital art.

This set of markers has dual tips, so one side is a thin, 0. 7mm (for precision lining or highlighting), and the broader, 1-7mm chisel tip for shading and coloring.

The set comes in a handy, zipper form-fitting carrying case to make portability easier. Furthermore, the color-coded pen caps allow you to recognize each marker without removing them from its case.

9. Ampper Clip On Security Mirror

Creating art requires a great deal of focus and concentration. Every artist knows the despair behind being heavily concentrated on their work, only to find a peeping Tom looking over their shoulder. This can be a huge privacy concern for many.

To eliminate this concern, why not give the Ampper Clip On Security Mirror to your artist friend? This product consists of a rectangular, rimless HD mirror with a large 6.69″ x 2.95″ view. This can be conveniently clipped onto any computer monitor to view what’s going on behind them.

It enables them to look behind them without actually having to turn around. Think of it as a rear-view mirror for your computer! The heavy-duty metal clip-on stand comes with sponge pads, ensuring your computer monitors don’t endure scratches. Easy to clip on and remove – use this absolutely anywhere without limitations.

9. Philips Hue White and Color LED Smart Button Starter Kit

You cannot create masterpieces without the right ambiance. Many 3D digital artists often rent studios, where they create ambient lighting and mood music, enabling their creative juices to flow. But what if you could give them the opportunity to do this at home?

With the Philips Hue White and Color LED Smart Button Starter Kit, you can. This starter kit syncs seamlessly with their smart home lights. With just the press of a button, they can change any room’s lighting to match their moods.

Do you feel like creating something passionate and fiery? Press the button for red mood lighting. How about calm, picturesque scenery? Switch to blue and green mood lights. Once you sync up with your mobile app, you can efficiently control your smart lights with just your phone.

Endless possibility with just the click of a button – gift your artist buddy the Smart Button Starter Kit.

10. Unique Loom Solo Chocolate Brown Area Rug

Have you ever watched your artistic friend just lie on the floor for hours, creating sketches, 3D models, and drawing on their iPads? Well, it certainly is quite an experience.

For most 3D artists, spending time on their floors is part of the job description. For the next special occasion, gift your loved one a chocolate brown area rug for their art room. This beautiful, soft-textured rug is more than just a place to sit or lie down on. It is a unique form of expression.

Made of 100% Polypropylene and high-quality materials, this chocolate brown area rug is an excellent addition to any room. It is super comfortable to lie down on, creating artwork for hours without feeling the discomfort of a hard floor. Moreover, the material is effortless to clean and maintain.

11. Touch Control Mini Table Lamp

Have you ever watched an artist stumble out of bed in mid-sleep, only to take out their notebook to jot down an idea? It happens more often than you think, even in the case of digital creations. It’s not surprising to see artists often lying awake for hours in bed, with a small bedside lamp, reading books on art, or sketching on their devices.

If you know someone who does this, the Touch Control Mini Table Lamp can be a great gift for them. As the name suggests, you can wake up the lamp simply with a touch – eliminating the struggle of finding the tiny switch to turn it off or not.

Moreover, the lamp can be dimmed into three levels. The material of the lamp’s covering casts a wonderful, atmospheric shadow on the walls of a darkened room. It gives off the ambiance of being in the middle of a woody forest, surrounded by nature and solitude.

12. Inspirational Wall Art

A true artist never shies away from appreciating others’ art. If the art has a clear message that is not only motivational but also immensely creative, it’s a bonus.

This Inspirational Wall Art depicts a fragile, innocent kitten looking down at its own reflection in a pool of water. What it sees reflected back is not its own true image but that of a courageous, fierce tiger. This is a message of ‘energy follows thought.’

It inspires the viewer to think of themselves as the ferocious tiger, even if they might still be a little kitten. The ink used to create this fantastic piece of canvas art is waterproof and fade-proof, ensuring the art pieces last for decades.

The black, white, and gray tones in this piece are exceptional and add to its aesthetic value. Any artist would be lucky to hang such an inspirational work of art in their living room, bedroom, or studio.

13. Female Human Body Musculoskeletal Anatomical Model

In order to create realistic animation, portraits, human figurines, or other digital art, it is essential to have an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy. It’s not just by studying faces and bodies that an artist learns this. In fact, they need to study the bones, muscles, and joints as well.

This Female Human Body Musculoskeletal Anatomical Model is an 11-inch resin sculpture. The detailing used for creating the muscular portion of the statue is spectacular. It allows the artist to really study anatomy while recreating the same in their 3D models.

The sculpture is painted in white, allowing the artist to really study it without getting distracted by bright colors. Moreover, it is lightweight and portable, enabling them to carry it anywhere.

Created with the reference of a live athlete model, this anatomically correct figurine is an excellent reference for creating 3D sculptures.

14. Creature Cups, Fox Ceramic Cup

Part of creating a masterpiece is having enough time to relax and de-stress. For most people, a cup of tea, coffee, or their favorite beverage counts as a relaxer, or sometimes even a pick-me-up.

Honestly, a person can never have enough cute cups in their lives. The Creature Cups is a series of unbelievably adorable cups with a little ceramic animal sculpture at the bottom. As the drinker drinks their beverage, the animal begins to show itself slowly – ears first, then the head, eyes, and face.

It’s quite a cute surprise which most people enjoy. This Creature Cup features a fox – wide-eyed, big-eared, looking up at the drinker. The cup itself is bright orange and looks attractive. It can be used to drink out of or even to keep pens, pencils, or any other tools an artist may require.

15. Disney Pixar Toy Story Blast-Off Buzz Lightyear Figure

You’re never too old for Disney, right? Well, at least we think so!

Give your art aficionado a Buzz Lightyear figure, which can be a constant companion on their desk. We think it could even work as a great form of inspiration for all those 3D artists out there. The best part about this little figure is that it features lights and sounds.

Well, it may sound a bit childish, but trust us, it’s delightful. A gentle squeeze of his legs will cause his chest to light up and wings to pop out – ready for flight. Buzz even talks to you – with over 20 witty phrases and authentic facial expressions.

When inspiration fails to strike, Buzz can provide an artist with just the right kind of distraction and creativity they need. It’s advertised as a toy, but we genuinely feel it is much more than that. It’s a friend.

16. Star Wars: A New Hope Movie Poster

Is your artist buddy a fan of the classic movie – Star Wars, A New Hope? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck. Instead of spending your time in failed attempts looking for the perfect gift, how about this Star Wars: A New Hope movie poster?

This poster is 24-inch x 36-inch and perfect for putting up in a bedroom or a studio. In fact, it can be quite inspiring for the artist in them. Give your friend the constant reminder of the “Force” being with them – the Force to continue creating.

The colors on the poster are vivid and popping with crispness and clarity. It is a delight to have this hanging in your room, especially if you are a big fan.

17. LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Raider

Combine your love for LEGO and Star Wars with this amazing collectible. The unique AT-ST Raider model building kit features 4 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure characters and is an ideal gift for every Star Wars nerd.

Inside the kit, you will find The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, and 2 Klatooinian Raiders, plus 3 blaster rifles and a blaster. What we like about this kit is the fact that you get to build it yourself. There is nothing more inspiring for a 3D artist than to be given a chance to build 3D figurines from scratch.

A great stress buster as well as an inspirational force, this gift is excellent for your 3D artist friends. There are a total of 540 pieces in this LEGO kit and will allow anyone (child or adult) to spend hours of fun time building it.

Moreover, building it from scratch is an excellent practice for anyone who is interested in 3D models. This ‘toy’ can be an immense contribution to their workspace.

18. TriProC Original Coasters Set Creative Cactus Shaped Design

This is, by far, one of the most innovative gifts we have seen. It is an amazing gift for absolutely anyone, more so for 3D artists who love to build things with their own hands and see ideas coming to life.

The coaster set has a cactus-like structure and design. Instead of the traditional coasters, these can fit into each other, like puzzle pieces. They form a vertical structure that closely resembles a cactus.

With a beautiful deep green color and anti-skid skin, these coasters are excellent for everyday use. It allows you to protect your desk from ‘drink rings’ with an innovative solution. The coasters are made of high-quality EVA, which causes any liquid spills to dry quickly.

Cleaning the coasters is effortless – simply wipe them down with a damp cloth or wash them. Any sort of spills and stains are easily wipeable.

19. Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker

Creating a masterpiece takes time and patience. More often than not, it takes immense dedication and hours of sleepless nights. What better way to keep yourself up and energized than with your favorite comfort drink – coffee?

Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker is a fantastic gift for all those caffeine-addicted artists. This coffee maker can make 12 cups of hot, delicious coffee with efficiency and convenience. It weighs just 3.6 pounds and is portable, giving them the luxury of carrying it to their office, studio, and kitchen.

Cleaning and maintaining this machine is an effortless affair – simply lift the filter basket and clean it. Moreover, the features are simple, modern, and efficient. For all those impatient coffee lovers, this machine allows you to grab a cup and start pouring – pausing a current cycle before it finishes brewing. Although it is quite a non-traditional gift, nonetheless, it’s a great option for anyone.

20. Mid-Century Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Most art is first created in the mind and then made into reality. For the next big occasion, consider this Mid-Century Lounge Chair and Ottoman.

The lounge chair has an extremely modern appeal – with woodwork and leather. It fits beautifully into any space, adding an aesthetic appeal to it. In terms of comfort, the lounge chair has a 15° tilt and wide armrests, allowing you to really sit back and enjoy sketching on it.

Made with high-density steel and superior leather and wood, the lounge chair can support 330 lbs of weight with ease. There is adequate space to sit comfortably with a book, sketchpad, iPad, and even a steaming cup of coffee.

Worried about the coffee spills? Well, the material is super easy to clean. The ottoman provides additional comfort to those who want to kick their feet up and relax. Made in a bold, black shade, the wooden underside really adds a brilliant accent to any room.

21. LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

Let’s face it; we can’t get enough of Star Wars! It makes total sense too. Star Wars is a classic movie that anyone would want to revisit time and again.

For a 3D artist, this LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon Expert Building Kit and Starship Model is an excellent gift. It comes with a mind-boggling 7,541 pieces, so it requires a great deal of patience to build.

In fact, it’s a perfect gift for those who enjoy building things slowly and with care. The end result? A 33-inch long and 8-inch high starship with Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and C-3PO and even Older Han Solo, Rey, and Finn!

Really, can you imagine the hours of excitement it would take to make this starship come to life?

22. Mkono Plant Stand

Feeling like indulging your plant pet? How about a Mid-Century Wooden Flower Pot Holder? Choose from Natural, Brown, or Dark Brown colors according to the rest of your room decor.

This plant holder has a minimalistic design and adds a rustic appeal to your interior decor. It is perfect for a 10 to 12-inch flower pot. As it is super easy to assemble, it serves as an excellent gift for anyone who has a plant in their home or office.

Made of heavy-duty natural handcrafted beech wood, this plant holder is sturdy and durable. There are 4-floor pads included, which can be placed under the legs of this holder. These floor pads are anti-slip and ensure that your floors or table don’t endure scratches.

23. 3D World Magazine: For 3D artists and animators

A perfect gift for a budding 3D artist, the 3D World Magazine: For 3D Artists and Animators is a Kindle edition of a popular magazine for animators. This subscription comes with a 28-day risk-free trial period, after which you can choose to renew your subscription.

The magazine is brilliant – with unique articles, tutorials, interviews, and valuable content for any 3D artist. Moreover, since it is a Kindle edition, you can save the magazine and revisit it anytime. There are no dull advertisements, just quality content.

This could be an excellent gifting option for a 3D artist. With awe-inspiring articles and industry-related content, this magazine is a must-have for art and animation enthusiasts. Although the subscription is not inexpensive, the valuable content makes it worth the cost.


With that, we have finally come to the end of our gift ideas. There are almost two dozen gift ideas here for 3D artists, each one more creative than the other.

An artist values innovation, and these gifts are bound to inspire, motivate, and bring a few laughs around the table. When it comes to some of the most inspiring gift ideas, we really recommend the New Apple iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet with HD Screen.

That being said, the Caliart 100 Colors Artist Alcohol Markers is a budget-friendly and thoughtful gift, in our opinion.

Until next time!

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