23 Best Gifts for 3D Animators Right Now

What usually separates individuals is their imagination or their ability to think differently.

In that regard, there’s hardly a better place to let one’s imagination run free than in the world of animation. With technology taking decisive leaps, animation is one of the hottest professions in that market. No surprise then that you’re bound to know people who share a passion for the digital world.

So, what should you give such a person to celebrate their interests? To help you, we’ve listed down the 25 best gifts you can give to 3D animators to enable them to pursue their interests. You’ve got a lot to choose from, ranging from books to online video tutorials, all of which are designed to build the necessary skills.

Besides, some of these items are sure to expand the horizons while offering exclusive reports from famous names in the world of animation.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Best Gifts for 3D Animators

1. The Animator’s Survival Kit

The Animator’s Survival Kit offers the perfect insight into the world of animation, thanks to the brilliantly incisive views of Richard Williams. Let us tell you that Richard Williams is the Academy Award-winning animator of Roger Rabbit for those unacquainted with animated films. So, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s the ideal gift for aspiring animators.

It delves into the world of animation and forms a link between hand-drawn cartoons and Disney’s latest computer-generated graphics, exemplified by films like Toy Story. Moreover, it effectively details the qualities one needs to bring computer graphics to life. Irrespective of whether you’re an amateur or a professional looking to expand your knowledge, we assure you it serves the purpose.

The book’s significant aspect is that it talks about innovation but not at the cost of being irrational. To highlight the points, it comes with numerous sketches to drill home the critical facts while making it easy to understand.

2. The War of Art

First and foremost, animation depends a lot on inspiration, and in that regard, The War of Art is one of the most suitable gifts for digital art creators. It speaks to an individual’s passion and offers a cracking description of what it takes to succeed in the creative world.

Furthermore, it encourages people to overcome their doubts and anxieties, which is essential on the road to success. Reading the book will help people face their obstacles and work to find a solution. The author, Steven Pressfield, focuses on the internal issues one faces in handling the profession’s demands.

It’s a useful guide to learning how to deal with failure and discusses the situation as it is. Consequently, it’s ideal for all age groups and is also helpful for people of different professions. One can never receive too much motivation, and, therefore, you’ll be giving a thoughtful gift.

3. Drawn to Life Volumes 1 & 2

Straight off the bat, Drawn to Life Volumes 1 & 2 make a cool gift with detailed analysis from the author Walt Stanchfield. He was a long-time animator with Disney, and the book documents how future animators can cement their place in the digital art world.

It talks about important lessons and, most importantly, about the belief to keep trying. And when you look at the long line of famous animators who have worked under Walt Stanchfield, we assure you it’ll be money spent well on this book. Most significant in Volume 1 is the idea that bad drawings are the stepping stones towards ground-breaking work.

Besides, in Volume 2, one gets first-hand knowledge of what it takes to infuse life into the animated world, thanks to cracking illustrations from top animators. The two volumes comprise 800 pages, but the interactive tone helps one grasp the profession’s intricacies.

4. The Illusion of Life

Our next great gift recommendation provides an idea of how to conquer the world of animation, but it makes for a fascinating read in general. So, even if you know someone who loves animated films, The Illusion of Life will surely make you a favorite. Moreover, it offers budding animators the chance to explore the minds of two of Disney’s top professionals.

Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston worked with Walt Disney himself, with the readers getting a fascinating insight into creating characters like Mickey Mouse and Bambi. It features many original sketches, thereby letting you see for yourself all the steps involved in creating these famous cartoons.

Likewise, the authors have taken help from Disney’s archives to take readers behind the scenes, which adds to the vibrant storytelling. With gift ideas such as this one, you get to learn about making it big in the animated world while also learning the art form’s nuances.

5. The Art of Coco

Another terrific gift is The Art of Coco, which, rather than focusing on multiple topics, allows readers to understand the workings of Pixar’s Oscar-winning film. The book has inputs from the team members who came up with the concept and artwork for the film and offers a brilliant perspective for potential animators.

Furthermore, it’s filled with sketches to explain the thinking behind various scenes and how it was eventually brought to life. The significant addition is the inclusion of interviews with people involved in the film which therefore answers some of the burning questions one is likely to have.

It’s guaranteed to be whole-heartedly accepted as a gift, not only by an animator but also by filmmaking students and fans in general. It makes for a compelling read, and some of the details that the book contains won’t be found anywhere else. No surprise then that it’s one of a kind.

6. Gnomon Workshop

The next recommendation is a little different but equally effective in allowing people to pursue their animation dreams. So, if you know someone who wants to make a name as an animator, you could provide them with a subscription to The Gnomon Workshop. It offers video training to help one become an excellent artist.

The developers of the program have been smart enough to avoid the hassle of online classes. Instead, they have uploaded over 300 videos by top professionals to make them accessible to people worldwide and, therefore, in different time zones. Moreover, the founder has worked on mega films like Avatar and Star Trek, so rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth.

It explains the latest software being used and delivers over 1,000 hours of classes to help an animator learn. The course is quite extensive and covers most aspects, from concept designing to texturing and bringing the sketches to life.

7. Wacom Drawing Tablet

Firstly, the Wacom Drawing Tablet offers an effective way for you to draw, paint, or edit photos. It’s compatible with MacOS, Windows, and Android, which allows you to connect it to your device and start working. All you need is to install the driver, which isn’t difficult, and register yourself with the software.

Meanwhile, with Android, you can also work on your phones, which means you can create uninterrupted and won’t be restricted by taking your PC along. It comes with a pressure-sensitive pen, which runs without batteries, thanks to the EMR technology, and ensures you get maximum precision in your tasks.

Moreover, the tablet includes the necessary control, meaning you can add shortcuts to the board and pen for more convenience. What we loved most is even if you rest your hands on the board, the tablet only picks up signals from the pen, making it more manageable to work for extended periods.

8. Wacom Drawing Monitor

From the brand that brought you the drawing tablet, you get to experience a 4K resolution drawing monitor, which delivers fantastic accuracy in your tasks. In that regard, the pen comes in handy, which features the latest technology, thanks to the over 8000 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Furthermore, the pen’s powered by EMR technology, meaning it doesn’t depend on a battery, and with the tilt support, you get more comfort while at work. The significant addition is the ExpressKey Remote, which has 17 shortcut buttons, ensuring you can complete your work faster.

Moreover, it’s compatible with Mac or PC, thereby making it extremely convenient. You won’t need to make any additional purchases, and all you need is to register to start creating. We also loved that the designers have included the latest optical bonding process, which helps eliminate parallax. Consequently, it allows you to get the same feel as pen and paper.

9. Adobe Creative Cloud

Right away, Adobe Creative Cloud allows budding animators the platform to teach the requisite skills and match up to industry standards. Significantly, it’s the ideal software for professionals and amateurs alike, which makes it incredibly user-friendly. All you need is to get your recipient a subscription, which will allow them to enjoy over 20 creative apps.

Furthermore, Adobe has included numerous fonts for you to ensure you get excellent variety in your tasks. You can showcase your creations and have the opportunity to see what others are working on. It’s an interactive experience that allows people to learn at their own pace.

Meanwhile, thanks to the extensive library, help is available at the click of a button. You can save whatever content you like in the creative cloud apps and if you’re worried about storage, let us tell you it comes with 100GB of space.

10. Sculpteo

First and foremost, for someone finding their feet in the world of animation, you can get them a subscription to Sculpteo, which is an online platform for 3D printing. You can produce over 100K worth of parts, thanks to numerous technologies and over 75 materials on the website.

So, it’s an effective way to create prototypes with state-of-the-art 3D printing and laser cutting services. The attention to detail is impeccable, and we loved the many tools that offer different finishing techniques. As a result, you’ll get a lot of versatility in your tasks to make your projects stand out.

You also get help from a team of dedicated professionals who provide valuable inputs related to design and creation. Moreover, you can save the file easily for future reference in 40 different formats, which speaks of the user-friendliness on display. All said and done; it delivers the finished products without any hassle.

11. Creative Bloq

If you don’t want to follow the beaten track but are instead looking for something different, then a subscription to Creative Bloq is the ideal gift. Rather than focusing on the usual aspects of digital designing, the developers of this online platform feature news and stories from around the world.

The aim is to mingle advice with inspiration, which will enable you to accomplish your goals. In that regard, detailed knowledge about the trends and innovations in the digital world comes in handy to ensure you can produce exceptional results. Furthermore, with information on various topics, you learn how to do it and get featured.

Most significantly, it provides valuable advice regarding your portfolio and the ability to turn real-life images into digital representations. It’s an all-around website with a user-friendly interface making it suitable for professionals and first-timers. And we guarantee you’ll love all that it offers.

12. Oce´u Artist Glove

One of our top recommendations is the Oce’ u Artist Glove, which solves many of the issues one may face while working long hours. It’s a two-fingered glove that’s ideally suited for drawing on your tablet. It keeps you from making false touches that may hamper your performance and is, therefore, ideal for up-and-coming animators.

Furthermore, it delivers accuracy along with comfort to ensure you have a smooth experience. And, thanks to the universal size, it’s suitable for both right and left-hand users. It’s incredibly convenient and highly user-friendly, complemented by the nylon fabric construction.

You get a potent combination of longevity and softness, ensuring you can wear the glove for extended periods. Moreover, it permits an uninterrupted experience and reduces friction, which comes in handy for sketching and digital artwork. Lastly, its extreme flexibility means it doesn’t get deformed, and you can work from various angles.

13. Joby GorillaPod Stand

Straight off the bat, the Joby GorillaPod Stand is a lot of fun to work with and delivers the necessary accuracy in your tasks. It’s ideally made for animators and features multiple mounting platforms for your devices. You can effectively attach your phone, GoPro torch, or other accessories due to its ability to endure 325 grams of weight.

Meanwhile, its compact nature makes it extremely portable and fits into your pocket for convenience. It’s also compatible with most devices, so you don’t have to make any additional purchases, and what’s significant is that you can take composed snaps of the world around you. It’s accomplished by the outstanding stability the unit delivers, thanks to the rubber foot grips.

Likewise, it comes with a cold shoe mount, which helps produce adequate light for photographing your subject. Therefore, you can shoot in a low-light situation as well to ensure your work can continue uninterrupted.

14. Expose Academy

For budding animators, creating digital content can get overwhelming. So, to help them realize their passion, you can give them a subscription to Expose Academy, a website dedicated to teaching them how to work with the latest apps. It allows you to imbibe the requisite skills to meet industry standards and make it big.

You’ve several courses to choose from, and you can opt to learn all of them or the ones you think are necessary. Among them is 3ds Max, one of the latest software used by gaming studios and architectural firms. With it, one acquires the ability to create an interior scene suitable to match global demands.

Apart from that, there’s Blender, which has numerous functions that aren’t seen in other online apps. By learning the software’s intricacies, you can become adept at animated content creation while another application Krita allows you to add colors to your projects.

15. Strathmore Sketch Pad

There’s hardly a more suitable gift than a sketch pad for someone who loves to doodle. Every online content initially starts on paper, and for that, the Strathmore Sketch Pad is ideal. One never knows where the next source of inspiration may come from, and therefore it’s vital to have a sketch pad close by.

Furthermore, it consists of 100 pages, so it’ll be a long time before the pages run out. It also gives creative liberty to the individual to experiment and not worry about wasting too much paper. We understand creating the right content involves trial and error, so, in that regard, having sufficient pages comes in handy.

Moreover, it’s highly durable and is immune to bending. It’ll last a long time, and you can efficiently take it with you wherever you go without any hassle. Finally, despite having the necessary robustness, it doesn’t weigh much, which is sure to please prospective buyers.

16. PRO ART Pencil Set

We’ve all heard the saying – the pen is mightier than the sword – and our next recommendation is something along those lines. The PRO ART Pencil Set is ideal for professionals and amateurs alike to replicate their imagination on paper, and in that regard, this 18-piece set comes in handy.

Moreover, PRO ART has been smart enough to add holding and toggle clamps to help you keep the pencil steady. It enables you to get much-needed precision in your tasks, making it a fantastic addition to the set. Meanwhile, you’ll be pleased to note that it comes with two sharpeners and erasers for a seamless experience.

Significantly, however, it delivers excellent variety as there are different pencils for different purposes. Among the set of 18, you’ll find eight graphite pencils, three charcoal pencils, and two charcoal sticks along with a charcoal sharpener. It, therefore, allows you to draw various types of content just as you, please.

17. Walt Disney Animation Studios The Archive Series

Most great innovators have humble beginnings, and to keep aspiring animators from losing hope, you can gift The Archive Series from Walt Disney Animation Studios. The collection contains nine books that talk about legendary animators who helped make Disney what it is. The coolest thing is that every book features the original artwork from one of Disney’s films.

It’s a cracking insight into some of the stalwarts’ minds and workings, which won’t be available elsewhere. Likewise, it also comes with a booklet highlighting the incredible contribution of these professionals to the Disney franchise and why they have been named legends. So, it’s not a bland description of animation but rather motivates youngsters to follow their dreams.

Moreover, it’s ideal for all ages and details in an evocative manner, the aspects that made the films stand out. It’s sure to provide you with fantastic ideas while describing what it takes to climb the ladder to success.

18. AnatomyTools

Our next recommendation is something different but equally captivating because there aren’t many tools like it. We’re talking about AnatomyTools, which takes digital content production to a whole new level. Not only limited to animation but the website details how to make sculptures of your creations.

It comes in handy if you want to show off your talents and to develop your skills, there are several guided demos available on the website. Leading professionals have taken the time to show just how to replicate your drawings into actual sculptures, which can then be marketed.

We loved how easy the videos are to understand and allow you to learn what appears on the outside to be a complicated craft. Moreover, the curriculum has been broken down into various levels, and as you work through them, you’ll get a detailed understanding of the subject. You get to acquire knowledge on multiple topics from animals to humans for a wholesome experience.

19. MARA3D Human Anatomy Lite

The MARA3D Human Anatomy Lite allows you to bring your digitally created human figures to life. It comes with a comprehensive guide to help you build every nerve and sinew from scratch. We assure you it makes for a cracking gift as it allows you to develop the necessary skills to leave a mark.

Furthermore, it includes one piece of a male and female figurine on which you have to develop the skin, hair, and other attributes. To do so, requires you to use the camera and grab the desired shot. And there’s no need to worry because if you’re unhappy, you can reset the camera and go again.

Meanwhile, there’s adequate lighting along with two available modes for work – portrait and landscape. We loved how gesture-based navigation ensures you can operate on the various aspects of the body, and the real-time 3D orbiting function complements it.

20. Antonki Kitchen Timer

Firstly, the Antonki Kitchen Timer is packed with stunning features that allow it to count down as well as up. It’s easy to use for all age groups and works wonders if you need to keep track of time. Plus, you’re guaranteed to get accuracy with the digital display, which makes it extremely useful.

All you need is to press both the Min and the SEC buttons to reset the clock to 00:00. Then it’s ready to start timing, and even if you’re working in the other room, the loud alarm will be audible. It ensures you’ll be alerted at the right time without having to stop and look at the clock frequently.

Meanwhile, the magnetic back pad makes it highly convenient to stick it to any suitable spot. And, thanks to the durable construction, you don’t have to worry about it falling off. Finally, the power-saving mode means the batteries can last for over a year.

21. Ampper Security Mirror

Straight off the bat, the Ampper Security Mirror is an innovative tool that you can use for viewing your surroundings or for security purposes. It comes in a metal stand that delivers the necessary sturdiness and ensures it can last a long time. The sturdy construction is further complemented by a sponge mat to prevent scratches.

Furthermore, it’s highly adjustable and offers a 360-degree view of the world around you. You can fix it at any appropriate spot without having to strain your eyes or neck to get a clear visual. We especially loved the clip-on design, which allows you to attach it to your PC, cabinet, or other convenient spots.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to use, and you don’t have to experience the trouble, as seen with stick-on mirrors. It’s the ideal gift for people of all ages and isn’t something that people usually choose, which provides a unique opportunity to please your loved one.

22. Serenilite Stress Ball

First and foremost, it comes in a triple-density construction, which helps to drive away your worries. The Serenilite Stress Ball is a simple product, but it’s a highly useful tool in contemporary times where work pressures can often bog you down. It not only helps to reduce physical strain but also keeps you mentally active and fresh.

Similarly, it cuts down on carpal tunnel or arthritis by improving blood circulation. You’ll love that it also strengthens your grip by enhancing muscle movement, which comes in handy when recovering from surgery. Besides, it’s incorporated with a tear-resistant gel core to ensure it’ll last a long time.

We loved how the designers have added a non-stick fabric allowing you to work with it for extended periods. It works wonders by stimulating multiple senses and is therefore ideal for adults and kids. Lastly, it retains its shape and smoothness for optimum comfort to suit various needs.

23. SMALL FISH Infinity Cube

The SMALL FISH Infinity Cube is another product taking significant strides to help people overcome stress and anxiety. The pocket-friendly unit is ideal for fidgeting and helps to calm your mind when you’re nervous. As a result, you can focus on your job rather than getting overawed by negativity.

Moreover, it’s suited to people of all ages and works well if someone has autism, ADHD, or hyperthyroidism. After using it for some time, you’ll notice it positively impacts your hand or finger movements, which is beneficial for work. Plus, it comes in a robust construction to withstand the demands of everyday use.

You’ll enjoy the ABS plastic blocks that are well-complemented by the stainless-steel links. It allows the cubes to be securely fixed to one another and protects them from rust or damage to endure constant movement. Additionally, the significant aspect is that it’s noiseless and so you’ll have the privacy you need.


We’ve reached the end of our guide, and hopefully, you’ve got a better idea about gifts for 3D animators.

These items are quite exclusive and offer quotes, insights, and interviews that aren’t available elsewhere. Moreover, some of the field’s leading professionals have penned down their experiences and talked about the skills required to bring one’s imagination to life.

These gifts are ideal for film enthusiasts or animation buffs who are interested in cartoons. But before signing off, we’ve decided to assist you a bit more by narrowing down the top products in different categories. From the world of literature, The Animator’s Survival Kit is our top recommendation.

Apart from that, The War of Art offers the requisite dose of inspiration to overcome the digital world’s ups and downs. Simultaneously, the two volumes of Drawn to Life are an extensive account related to the intricacies of animations.

Until next time. Take care and bye!

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