15 Best Online Lighting Stores For You To Consider

Put up dazzling lights in your home and delight guests.

After all, what good is a fabulously remodeled home if you cannot show it off in all its glory? Apart from bringing out beautiful interiors and furniture from the dark shadows, light fixtures create beautiful accents that leave a long-lasting impression. 

For instance, nothing says elegance like a grand chandelier in the living room. Or perhaps, you are looking for a vintage pendant light to complete the rustic kitchen design. 

No matter your taste or budget, stylish lamps, chandeliers, pendants, and sconces are just a click away. All you have to do is pick an online store to shop at. 

Without further ado, here’s our pick of online lighting stores that provide options ranging from affordable to luxuriant and from minimalist to extravagant. 


  1. IKEA 


The Swedish store, IKEA, is perhaps one of the most well-known stops for budget shoppers all over the world. While it is undeniably treasured for being wallet-friendly, the signature clean Scandinavian design of their home improvement items sets them apart.

And while IKEA furniture receives a bad rap for being difficult to assemble, their line of light fixtures is relatively easy to set up. For instance, take their range of minimalistic bamboo lamps that are straightforward in design, and add a tropical touch to any room. Not to mention how these, and their iconic paper lanterns, are made of sustainable material. 

  1. Walmart


Your neighborhood Walmart might be a short drive away, but nothing is stopping you from availing of their pick-up and delivery service.

Whether you are looking for an exquisite crystal candle chandelier or a mid-century style iron pendant, there are tens and hundreds of models to choose from. Not to mention how the diverse inventory of fixtures is neatly categorized by design, material, price, and special offers.

Needless to say, the sorting feature is a huge plus, especially when compared to navigating through the maze-like aisles at the store. What’s more, you don’t have to be afraid to invest in pricier products; 30-day guaranteed returns have you covered. 

  1. Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters always have their style game on point – and we are not just talking about their fashion line. The trendy and affordable range of clothes and shoes appeals to the younger crowd, but so does their ever-expanding home department. 

Add a creative touch to your teen’s bedroom with their range of creative products. This includes star-shaped cut-out paper lanterns, string lights in the shape of a planet, and adorable neon night lights in the form of animals. 

That’s not to say that the store excludes mature designs; their range of glass pane and bamboo pendants hit the sweet spot between whimsical fun and elegance. 

  1. CB2


CB2 is taking after its parent company, Crate & Barrel, and is now shipping to most parts of the world. Take your pick from their carefully curated expansive selection of sconces, ceiling mounts, pendant lights, table lamps, vanity lights, outdoor spotlights, floor lamps – you name it. 

Although CB2 sets itself apart by adding a creative and unique touch to each piece, it stays true to its sophisticated roots. So, if you are looking for the signature mid-century style Crate & Barrel piece, with a trendy twist, at half the price, CB2 will deliver – literally and figuratively. 

  1. Anthropologie


Nothing says boho-chic like rattan trims and tasseled fringes, which is what Anthropologie is all about.

That being said, the designers at the store are expert craftsmen who blend in soft neutral colors with dramatic patterns. And since most of these pieces are handcrafted, they have an individual flavor. At the same time, all of them add a head-turning accent to any room and house – without being too loud. 

  1. Etsy


Vintage will never be out-of-style, and the popularity of Etsy has been proving the same for many years. 

Made up of a vast community of curators, crafters, collectors, and business-savvy members, the only issue you will have on this site is the myriad of unpassable deals. Not to mention how the platform is an overwhelmingly positive space – which cannot be necessarily said about most lighting stores.

With that in mind, this is one of the best online resources if you are looking for an object of sentimentality and one-of-a-kind lighting pieces. 

  1. Crate & Kids


Whether you are a child at heart or have a child of your own, adding some fun and magic into the room can boost anyone’s spirit.

That being said, check out the warm and cozy lights from Crate & Kids for the nursery or your own bedroom. Whether you choose a woven pendant or an illuminated globe to add a fun element, the quality from this branch of international home decor store, Crate & Barrel, remains superior. 

  1. Joss And Main


At Joss and Main, you get to pick between silver, bronze, chrome, gold, and brass for your chandelier finish. Needless to say, a majority of the lighting options from this brand has a seemingly masculine and robust feel. At the same time, you can opt for statement pieces that are designed after antique chandeliers fit for a fairy-tale ballroom. 

The website itself is easy to navigate, and the options allow you to sift through thousands of gorgeous pieces based on style, color, shape, budget, and even room size. 

  1. Shades Of Light


When a store is dedicated to selling lights, it is given that the selection will pack a punch. 

And indeed, the innovative designs at Shades Of Light will be enough for the lighting needs of your entire house. Moreover, these are not just pretty accent pieces; they have been crafted to show you in the best light, literally.

Apart from the strategic and flattering illumination that each design facilitates, the website also contains guides and tips on finding the perfect angles and ways to light your room. No wonder their range of vanity lights is a favorite among their many satisfied customers.

  1. Lumens


In the lighting world, any high-end statement piece from Lumens is a symbol of elegance and luxury. 

In fact, the website curates the best of the best and puts them all together to narrow down your choices to the finest on the market. If still in doubt, head on to the “Ideas & Advice” column for inspiration, DIY projects, and lighting tips. 

What’s more, the company ensures that your order reaches your doorstep at a small shipping charge, which is waived on orders above $75. 

  1. Schoolhouse Lighting


As the name suggests, Schoolhouse Lighting has an array of gorgeous vintage-themed fixtures that include schoolhouse designs, of course. 

Although the designs are inspired by the distinct style of schools, libraries, and courthouses of the 1920s, they are far from dull or grim. In fact, the designers redefine and elevate the retro style by adding pops of color and contemporary features, such as integrated LED fixtures.

  1. Houzz


As much as the clean look of the modern, minimalist style exemplifies elegance, the rustic charm of farmhouse-style furniture remains relevant even today. 

Head on to Houzz to find homely lighting options for your entire house, be it wall sconces, lamps, chandeliers, vanity lights, pendants, and so on. Look closely before skimming over a product; you may notice how cleverly delicate details balance the seemingly rough industrial designs. 

Furthermore, keep your eyes peeled for in-site discounts – just to add to the bargain offered by free shipping.



Sleek and clean – these are the markers of an elegant and modern piece. At the same time, it becomes increasingly difficult to develop designs that are unique and attractive with minimalist pieces. 

However, at ALLMODERN, each lighting fixture looks like a work of art that belongs in an art gallery. This comes as no surprise as the most talented designers in the industry have created these iconic pieces. 

Needless to say, even though no two designs look alike, they are still characteristically similar in providing a sophisticated touch. If that doesn’t clinch the deal, take a peek at the price tag; rates for designer home decor don’t get better than that. 

  1. West Elm


Have you envisioned the exact design of your future lighting fixture? Got a rough idea and need help moving in the right direction?

No matter where you stand, the consultants at West Elm are ready to hear you out and provide guidance. What’s more, these in-home and in-store consultations are free of cost. Alternatively, you can spare the face-to-face meeting and reach out to the team via the in-site design chat.    

Nevertheless, the West Elm online store has a vast inventory that will meet the lighting design needs of even the pickiest home decor enthusiast.

  1. OZlighting


Outdoor or indoor, traditional or modern, metal or timber – this online lighting store is your one-stop shop for whichever design choice you make. After all, the OZlighting catalog consists of the best in the business and an inventory of thousands of products that range from vintage glass pendants to stylish LED spotlights. 

And with clearance sales and seasonal sales all year round, what more can you ask for? 

Final Thoughts

Designing your living room without leaving its comfort is now possible with online shopping – and, that too, without compromising on style. 

Even if you are shopping from the big box stores, don’t limit yourself to practical accents. From modern floor lamps to bohemian straw grass pendants, even the most budget-friendly lighting stores have a wide selection of options that are priced from low to moderately low. 

At the same time, some sites may sell pricier fixtures in return for reassuringly heavy pieces that are meant to last for decades. Their catalogs may also boast of top-notch companies in the market, in addition to a team of talented designers, curators, and consultants.

Nevertheless, go ahead and pick any one of these and illuminate your life with glittering lights and eye-catching lighting designs.

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