15 Best Places to Buy Furniture Online

With the advent of technology comes endless possibilities in almost every walk of life. Similarly, when it comes to shopping, you no longer have to walk down the aisles in this digital era.

You’ll have the products delivered with a click of a button by surfing several options that are available in more than a dozen of online retail stores.

We understand that you can’t see the product directly, but the images that the company provides will give you a better picture of whether the furniture design will complement your space or not.

While you don’t have any substitute for checking out the comfort of the bed when ordering furniture online, customer reviews can be your trusted companion. What’s more?

Well! You’ll be surprised by the kind of awesome deals that are available when you’re shopping online for furniture alone. The easy-to-navigate websites make it relatively simple for you to check out products, offering you a hassle-free shopping experience.

To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled some of the best online stores for buying furniture.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Online Places to Buy Furniture

Best online places to buy furnitures
  1. Amazon

When it comes to online shopping, nothing can top the benefits that Amazon offers to its customers. One of the best aspects of shopping from Amazon is that you get to check out furniture from various brands.

Amazon furniture online

Plus, many of the sellers are eligible for prime shopping, which means that you can have a bed delivered to your doorstep within the next two days by paying an additional fee. It also offers you the option to have the furniture assembled at home, making the task much simpler.

For the best part, you can use the Amazon app to get a better idea of how the furniture will fit in your room. This helps you understand whether you’re purchasing a unit that complements the overall decor of your house or not.

From sofas to cabinets and everything in between, you don’t need to worry about decorating your home because by shopping on Amazon, you can easily outfit any room. 

Moreover, if you’ve found a furniture model at a different retail store with a price tag that is higher than your budget, you can probably find a similar unit in Amazon for a lesser price. This retail giant is usually the first stop for most online shoppers who are in search of budget-friendly furniture.

  1. Ikea

If you’re on a limited budget, you can always trust Ikea to deliver products that will suit your needs perfectly. You’ll be amazed at the starting price standing at about $9.99. This retailing company also has an inspiration page that offers you different ideas that you can incorporate to give your home a unique style.

1 ikea online shop

On the other hand, no list of affordable furniture is complete without a piece from Ikea. It helps you save your hard-earned money by selling only ready-to-assemble units. You might find the directions to be a little hard to follow correctly, but by putting in a little effort, you can simplify the process.

This Swedish retailer is a go-to irrespective of the apartment size and decor that you have in mind for your home. However, you can either shop online or in their store and in both places, you’ll find Scandinavian-style furniture that will give your home a welcoming feel.

Plus, Ikea seems always to have furniture that goes along with the season pretty well. So, no matter when you’re shopping at Ikea, it will have products that will suit your needs without making a hole in your pocket.

  1. World Market

Are you in the hunt for unique items? If yes, then the World Market will be your next favorite with handmade products from all across the world. You can shop for furniture by style, but you can also shop by room just like many other online furniture stores, which is pretty handy.

2 worldmarket furniture online shopping

From chic wicker outdoor furniture to Turkish-style light fixtures, the World Market offers a varied range of products that will give your home a pop of color and a sense of character. For instance, you can find a teak wood dining set for approximately $700 and bedside tables for less than $250.

Plus, you might find many products that come with a good discount saving you more money that can be spent on artwork or other accessories for decorating the house. This retailer has about 275 regular showrooms, so if you live somewhere close by to these stores, you can try out the furniture that you saw online by picking it up on the same day.

On the other hand, if you’re buying furniture online, you’ll have to pay a small delivery fee for most of the products. Overall, if you’re on the lookout for affordable and unique pieces, you can’t go wrong with the World Market.

  1. Pier 1 Imports

This retail store is pretty similar to the World Market in terms of affordability and uniqueness of its furniture. It’s a renowned furniture store that has been flourishing for over 60 years, so they have almost every style that you’ll probably require. You can also find some of the old mid-century furniture pieces that reflect class and personality.

4 overstock online shopping

It offers a wide selection of furniture, be it contemporary or modern, and each piece has an exciting twist. This company is mainly known for delivering products that come with a boho-chic look to offer you a light headed theme that can perfectly complement any style of home decor.

Most of its furniture starts from a price tag of about $250 that caters to almost all strata of society. So, irrespective of your budget, you’ll find a product that meets your needs perfectly. With over 1,000 standalone stores around the country, it comes with the standard free in-store pickup, or you can get them shipped for an additional cost depending on the distance.

If you’re someone who likes to test the product before swiping the card to avoid impulsive purchases, then you’ll be satisfied with the policies of Pier 1 Imports. All in all, it aims to provide the best for its customers, offering you quality furniture within a reasonable price range.

  1. 1StopBedrooms

If you’re looking to redecorate your entire home with some excellent furniture, then you should check out the website of this furniture company. You’ll be surprised at the number of products that it has to offer without having to miss out on great discounts. 

13 stopbedroom shopping

Irrespective of when you’re visiting this website, you’ll find a sale running that makes it easier to stay within the budget. Whether you’re looking to give your home a luxurious touch or a minimalist look, you can easily find products on 1StopBedroom that will suit your needs ideally. 

The extensive product description and accurate lifestyle shots make it relatively simple to imagine the furniture in your space. Plus, the shopping website is pretty user-friendly, so you don’t have to struggle to find your furniture of choice.

  1. Wayfair

When you hear Wayfair, you know it somehow that you’ll find a product of your choice as you scroll down the ton of available options. This online-only retailer is famous for its closeout prices on a wide range of themes and looks that allow you to decorate your dining and kitchen without a hassle.

6 shopping online target

We love this retail store mainly because the products are reasonably priced and it always has sales, which helps us cut down the budget. If you want some products, in particular, Wayfair will have them, and the quality, as well as the can’t-beat price, is like the cherry on the cake.

Plus, you’ll get hundreds and hundreds of options that can leave you overwhelmed, no doubt, but the shopping basket is not going to be empty again. Starting at just $20 for decorative pieces, it offers you endless varieties for every room in the house.

Furthermore, most of its products have free delivery, and it’s generally shipped within a maximum of two days. Also, you can have the furniture pieces assembled for an additional fee. The extensive customer reviews for each product make it relatively easier to understand the quality and features of the product that is being ordered.

  1. Target

Target is pretty renowned for collaborating with designers to create some of the most incredibly attractive furniture pieces at an affordable rate. There is increasing collaboration with names such as Oh Joy, Magnolia, and Nate Berkus, which shows why this big-name retailer has become a household favorite.

7 walmart online

This big-box retail store is a go-to for the fashionable bunch that is looking for reasonably priced products. The best part about purchasing products from Target is the wide variety that is available even during the sale period.

Plus, Target has an easy-to-navigate online shopping website that allows you to sort out products by style and price. So, when shopping online, you need to use the drop-down menu for selecting furniture deals by checking whether the price range matches your budget or not.

The selection of products in Target is not only robust but also affordable, making it suitable for all types of budgets. For instance, the price of living room furniture starts at about $15, and the company also offers you free shipping charges on orders that are more than $35.

Moreover, the furniture doesn’t usually come with handling charges, and you also have the option for free in-store pickup. Target is another go-to store like a few others mentioned above, where you can find decorative purchase items or get the entire house decked up with the best furniture.

  1. Walmart

When it comes to Walmart, you can always trust them for great pricing on most of its furniture items. It also comes with an All Things Home page that includes editorial-style images and design tips that have been written by their in-house experts to provide you with a pleasant shopping experience.

7 walmart online

First things first, Walmart might not be your first option when it comes to furniture, but if you’re looking for a wide range of basics, then do give their products a try. You can opt to pick out the products that are on display. But you should remember that some of the products that you can find online might not possibly be there in the store.

When shopping online for your furniture, it helps to eliminate all the hassle of having to walk through the aisles looking for the right unit. Few products might not be available in the store; therefore, online shopping is always an advantage in such cases.

Plus, the cost of bedroom furniture starts from less than $50, and for a dining table set, it won’t cost you more than $300. Here, you can also find a range of options for decorating your kids’ room from colorful study tables to cartoon-themed bedside lamps.

  1. Chairish

It comes with a bright pink logo that emulates a spark of freshness. Cherish, is known for its range of offerings that give out a retro feeling, which makes this brand stand out amongst its competitors. By looking at the furniture pieces themselves, you can say that you’re going to enjoy this redecorating process.

Chairish shopping on the internet

After all, each unit comes with an exciting vintage style that will quickly grab the attention of your guests. Plus, one of the most appealing features of this brand is the user-friendly app that makes it easy to scroll down the range of options to pick out your favorite pieces. This online retail store is equally convenient for sellers to list and highlight their products.

Moreover, the site also features shops that have been carefully curated by budding designers. The website consists of some fine-quality pictures of the furniture, making it easier for you to imagine whether the piece that you’ve selected will look good in your house or not.

  1. Lulu and George

This L.A based retailer is one of the leading manufacturers, mainly for its brilliant designs and reasonable price tags. With its variety of products, you can give your home a fresh new look by incorporating a few interesting elements such as big windows, colorful curtains, light wood furniture, antique-style rugs, etc.

9 lulu and georgia online shopping

Whether you want to swap out the bed with a whole new set or redecorate your space with a few statement pieces, there are a lot of options to choose from at Lulu and George. It offers a variety of luxe home furniture ranging from vibrant maximalist decor to minimalist furniture pieces.

You can also find a ton of products that are put up on sale, which makes it great to splurge on some exciting investment pieces. Also, there are plenty of small decor items like baskets and an accent mirror.

The designs focus on modern style with a chic boho twist; this site carries almost everything related to home decor from fancy benches to statement lighting. Plus, the products are not just affordable but also made of premium quality materials.

  1. West Elm

West Elm is a modern home decor pioneer known for its mid-century aesthetic and warm minimalist styles. The clean, contemporary furnishings are seen across their whole range of products, including reclaimed wood dressers, leather beds, blush velvet armchairs, etc.

11 west elm

It’s one of the best stops for trendy and affordable furniture. West Elm is mainly responsible for making the refined style of mid-century furniture more mainstream. Plus, it’s ideal for unique and authentic furniture with competitively priced designs.

The home decor items by this furniture retailer strike a beautiful balance to ensure that the furniture designs are subtle enough to blend with any home decor seamlessly and bold enough to grab attention. In the end, if you’re looking for luxury and modern furniture with personality, then look no further.

  1. Anthropologie

Anthropologie generally has some high-end products that are slightly more expensive than the other online retail stores mentioned in this list. But if you’re focusing on getting stand-out accent pieces, then this is the destination.

12 anthropologie shopping

We understand that when you think of Anthropologie, the first that comes to mind is their bohemian style clothing. However, their furniture line is also pretty amazing with a unique and classy taste. The free-spirited furniture designs come in many eclectic styles and modern designs being one of their niche lines of products.

Moreover, when you have any of the products by Anthropologie at home, it’s not only bound to attract compliments but also blend in effortlessly with all styles of home decor.

The minimalist designs give a warm cozy vibe to your space that can tie together any room by making it seem straight out of an architecture magazine. All in all, this online retail store is for those of you with an expensive taste for furniture with beautiful aesthetics.

  1. Overstock

Just like how the name reflects, you’ll find a variety of products, which is more than only closeout furniture and merchandise. You can look out for some great deals that will complement all home styles with products for every space.

5 wayfair shopping online fast

It offers you a massive collection of furniture pieces such as thousands of dining tables, bookshelves, beds, tea tables, etc. Plus, most of its products won’t cost you anything more than $500. For the best part, you can find full dining room sets under $400 as well full bedroom sets for $750.

Here, you’ll find every style that you feel can complement the vibe that you’re trying to create in your living space. Overstock is also pretty well known in terms of giving out coupons and setting up flash sales, so you can easily strike a good deal.

However, the sales at Overstock are not just crowded, but also good products tend to get sold out very early, so don’t forget to stay updated. Many of its products are covered with a limited warranty against any manufacturing defects, and some of the famous furniture pieces have free delivery.  

  1. Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs makes outfitting your home or office as easy as possible with its vast range of products that come in varied styles and are all reasonably priced. The furniture from this store usually emulates the look and feel of heirloom antiques with its unique collection of metal side tables and classy wooden accent chairs among a host of other products.

14 ballard designs online

If you ask for the standout pieces from this furniture store, you’ll be presented with the ladylike beautiful linen vanity stools and the leather X-benches. This is to give you a glimpse of what Ballard Designs is offering this season. And the products keep changing according to the customers’ demand, making it a go-to store for modern in-style furniture.

For instance, you might have seen beds with elegant designer heads that come with details like tufting and nailheads, Ballard Designs has a range of such pieces. On an interesting note, their shopping website also outlines the specification and yardage needed for the furniture, with the option to create customized pieces by sending in the fabrics of choice.

  1. One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane is a great site for unique and inexpensive furniture; it’s filled with warm minimalist styles for the kitchen, living room, bedding, storage, and more.

15 onekindslane shopping

For every product, you can find another hundred options to choose from, so you’re never going to run out of options to find your favorite furniture design anymore. This store is known for its highly discounted and quality products that attract thousands of regular customers.

You can easily carve out a comfortable space that reflects your personality and character with its range of furniture designs, from art pieces to vintage rugs. This is an online furniture store where you can go for anything, be it a lucite chair or a washed-wood Parsons-style table.


Online shopping is not only an easy alternative but also offers you a broader range of options and prices that suit your needs.

What makes it more convenient is that you don’t have to drive yourself to the furniture store; instead, you can browse online for the best units and have them shipped.

After all, with digital transformation and the rise of e-commerce sites, the shopping experience has become more varied. You can find all types of furniture styles, be they conventional or modern, which might not be displayed in brick-and-mortar stores.

We hope our guide has been helpful to you.

Till next time!

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