9 of the Best Sketchbooks for Ink Today

best sketchbook for ink today

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If you are an art enthusiast, this article will be of mighty use.

It carries a compiled list of good quality and affordable sketchbooks, you could purchase for all your artistic endeavors, pair them with epic colored pencils and a proper mechanical pencil and you have the recipe for success.

Drawing and paintings are made in different forms, and one of the types is with ink.

While using products which bleed easily and is prone to staining, you need to make sure that the paper quality you are using for the drawing is excellent and durable.

Featured Image via Kira auf der Heide@moonshinechild

Keeping in mind various factors, here is a list of best sketchbook for Ink, which not only look good but are excellent for your artwork!

Best Sketchbook for Ink

1. Masterclass Art Supply Co. Premium 5.5 Inch by 8 Inch Spiral Bound Hardcover Sketchbook

Trusted by various artists and professionals, this sketchbook is useful for all the right reasons. It is affordable and at the same time incredibly durable.

The sketchbook is made of very high-quality material. The cover is hardbound, giving it support and longevity. The binding is made by metal spiral, and the paper quality is top notch. It is resistant to bleeding, rough erasing as well as shading.

The cover of the book has a black embossed leatherette which gives your artwork extra protection and looks utmost stylish! It comes in two different sizes, so you can choose whatever is best suited for you.

Best sketchbook for ink today

Image via Kira auf der Heide@moonshinechild

2. Bienfang Notesketch Paper Pad, Vertical Lined, 64 Sheets, 8.5-Inch by 11-Inch

Bienfang Notesketch Paper Pad, Verically-Lined, 64 Pages, 8.5-Inch by...
  • SMOOTH BRIGHT WHITE PAPER - Contains 64 pages of...

This note-sketch paper pad is not your typical notebook or sketchbook; instead, it has half of the page with vertical lines, and the other half is blank. This makes it easy to note as well as sketch at the same time. The paper is of decent quality and does not bleed easily unless a very water-based ink is used on it. The surface texture is also very smooth and acid-free.

The vertical lines in the book make it perfect for taking swift notes and is very good for architecture or other related students/professionals. The notebook is 8.5 by 11 inches in dimensions and has 64 sheets. It is bound by a spiral binding, making it long-lasting and easy to use.

3. Bellofy 100-Sheet Sketchpad Artist Pro

Made out of premium quality art-paper, this A4 size drawing book is an ideal sketchbook for an artist. It is quite durable and made from acid-free paper. The book is quite heavy as the papers are of excellent quality. It is great for sketching, stippling, and practicing various other techniques.

From charcoal to watercolor, acrylic paint to ink or pencil- any of the medium could be used on the paper, and it will be completely bleed-free.

The sketchbook has 100 sheets and is spiral bound, making it easy to use. It is the best book to invest in if you are a professional and very passionate about your work and its quality.

4. Clearprint Fade-Out Design and Sketch Vellum – Grid 8.5″ x 11″ x 0.1″

Clearprint Vellum Pad with 10x10 Fade-Out Grid, 8.5x11 Inches, 16 lb.,...
  • Produce professional drawings and tracings and...
  • Legendary Clearprint 1000H paper boasts acid-free...

A great option for professionals and students, this clear-print translucent paper is made of 100% new cotton fiber. The paper is acid-free and does not bleed easily. The Clearprint 1000H paper has 10×10 inch faint blue grid, and it is not reproducible when photocopied or scanned.

It is easy to erase and does not produce  ghosting. The paper is made transparent without the use of solvents, hence the quality is superior. Any ink, pencils, fine art materials or drafting products could be used on it. The translucency of the paper makes visualization easy.

Best ink sketchbook

Image via Annie Spratt@anniespratt

5. FREUDE Refillable Notebook Journals, FREUDE A6 Leather Bound Travel Diary Art Drawing Sketchbook Journals

Refillable Notebook Journals,FREUDE A6 Leather Bound Travel Diary Art...
  • ✔5 Species Product portfolio:Refillable Leather...
  • ✔Blank Paper: No lined feature, you can draw...

A very rustic yet stylish looking notebook, this can be used for any kind of artwork. This notebook has a leather covering which can be refilled with paper of your choice. It also comes with a binder index table, a two-in-one touch screen pen, and a zipper pouch.

The perfect combination of all the essential required to maintain an art notebook, this a great cost-effective buy. The refill papers are readily available and are in the size A6. 80 sheets are available with the book, and you could buy more when you run out of paper.

The notebook is very compact and easy to travel with. The leather cover also makes it protective. It comes in different colors and is made of PU leather.

6. Scribbles That Matter Dotted Journal Notebook Diary A5  

Bullet Dotted Journal Notebook | 160gsm Thick Paper - No Bleed,...
  • 😍 DONT RUIN YOUR HARD WORK: Pens and markers...

This fun notebook comes in a beautiful Teal color which will attract your attention immediately. The cover is waterproof and synthetic leather, hence is quite protective. It comes in other vibrant colors too.

The notebook is made of ivory paper which makes sure that the ink does not bleed easily and makes your entire artistic experience convenient. It comes with a pen-holder and a cover pocket where you could store important cards. It also has two ribbon bookmarks and an elastic band to keep it secure.

The notebook is great for taking notes and/or making sketches. It could be used as a journal and will come very handy if you need your information organized. It has three index pages and 201 pre-numbered pages.

Best sketchbook to use with ink

Image via Kelly Sikkema@kellysikkema

7. Moonster LEATHER JOURNAL Writing Notebook

Leather Journal for Men, Handmade Vintage Leather Journals for Women,...

This beautiful notebook comes in a dark brown leather cover and is naturally tanned. It looks very vintage and is hand-made. It also has a natural leather scent! It is moderately thick and could be used for making sketches, taking notes, brainstorming, etc.

The ink won’t bleed through, but the paper is non-refillable. The notebook has a very rustic charm to it, making it very attractive. It is made of hand-made paper and is thus earth-friendly. You could use it to treasure your precious artwork or just pen down your thoughts.

8. Golden State Ink Handmade Leather Bound Notebook by Golden State Ink

Golden State Ink Best Embossed Leather Journal & Rosewood Pen Gift -...
  • THE PERFECT GIFT – Enclosed in an elegant black...
  • HANDCRAFTED TO PERFECTION – Made with the...

Another vintage notebook to add to the list, this notebook is also made of natural horse leather and comes in a rustic dark brown color. It is the best gift for an artistic person! It comes in an embossed gift box, and the journal has a Celtic sailor’s knot embossed in the front of it.

It is handcrafted and looks very chic. The paper is also eco-friendly and has 240 pages. It does not bleed too, so it is very convenient for any ink usage. The company also has a flexible return and refund policy in case you are dissatisfied.

9. Moonster LEATHER JOURNAL Tree of Life

Leather Journal Tree of Life - Genuine Leather Notebooks For Women -...
  • ★ BEAUTIFULLY HANDCRAFTED: Made from Soft &...
  • ★ EARTH-FRIENDLY: 120 sheets/240 pages (counting...

This notebook is handmade and has a unique tree design embossed on top. It is dark brown in color and is made out of real leather making it look very classy. It contains 120 sheets made of handmade paper which does not bleed easily. Hence, it is perfect for drawing, painting, sketching, ideating, etc.

The notebook has a leather strap to keep it secure and adds to the charm of the product. The notebook is 8×6 inch in dimensions and is moderately thick, making it easy to carry. This unique looking book is a must-have if you like all things vintage.


This is a compiled list of some of the great notebooks/sketchbooks you could choose from to tingle those creative minds and making your artistic experience a memorable one. The sketchbooks are user-friendly, economical, and in some cases even refundable.

Whether it is a modern notebook with bright colors or a vintage book, this list will surely be helpful! Make the best suitable choice for yourself and thank us later for the great buy!

Sketchbook designed for ink

Image via Kelly Sikkema@kellysikkema

SaleBestseller No. 1
Leda Art Supply A5 Sketchbook, 160 Tear Resistant Pages, Ideal for...
  • VERSATILE: dense 81 pound (130 gsm) sketchbook...
  • PREMIUM: 160 pages of smooth, cream-colored paper...
SaleBestseller No. 2
Canson C400100928 XL Series Pen & Ink White, 9-x-12-Inch
  • An ultra-smooth, bright white paper
  • Gives the artist clean, crisp lines with no...
Bestseller No. 3
Creative Mark Reflexions Double Wire Sketch Book Journal Textured...
  • BLACK SKETCH BOOK: This handy field art book...
  • EVEN SURFACE TEXTURE: Our drawing book has 80...

In this article we have reviewed the best sketchbooks for ink overall yet other sketchbooks have been reviewed as well on Architecture Lab; in here you can also find the best paper for acrylic paint, best sketchbook for architects ,best sketchbooks for markers and the best sketchbooks for watercolors, cast a glance and fuel your dreams with epic tools!

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