Can I Repair a Broken Lego Brick With Glue?

To repair a broken LEGO brick with glue, use a high-quality adhesive, such as a specific solvent or plastic weld designed for ABS plastic. Clean the broken edges, apply the adhesive, hold the parts together for 30 seconds, and allow it to harden for 10-12 hours. For hinges, be cautious as solvents can melt the plastic. You can also check the LEGO website for replacements if needed.

LEGO has been one brand that changed the game for competitive toys for kids, globally. LEGO’s building blocks are what contribute to its fame as being one of the most creative toy companies ever! 

Each LEGO set is designed with intricate details, which is why missing out on a single brick hampers the entire structure. It is somewhat similar to losing a piece in a large jigsaw puzzle – it is never complete. 

And yes, a few pieces might break or crack even with little use. Although these are some of the sturdiest building blocks available, small elements like the “cheese slopes” may chip or break if a lot of pressure is suddenly put on them.

Speaking of damage, they can break either due to excessive use, or bending and pulling of the hinge pieces. And how can we not talk about kids disassembling a constructed set in a rush? 

Now, to help you understand how you can go about fixing these broken LEGO bricks, we have prepared a guide that will answer your queries.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Repairing a Broken Lego Brick With Glue?

Can i repair a broken lego brick with glue?

The quickest remedy here is a tube of glue, and in this case, it should be strong enough to hold the pieces together. But it will be best if you build a jig to ensure that the fragmented pieces are held together to allow the adhesive to set in and stick well.

And it’s essential to find the top quality glue; otherwise, your efforts will go to waste. For the best results, you can use a particular type of solvent or plastic weld, which works effectively in “melting” the plastic. Moreover, a small quantity is all that you’ll require because if the solvent is too concentrated then it could dissolve the plastic or deform it excessively. 

Even though it manages to stick to the broken pieces, you need to be very careful while completing the task. But again, the way a brick is broken also makes a difference as it determines whether a “clutch” needs to be established or not. 

If the breaking point is on the “hole” or ‘“stud” of the LEGO brick, then it has chances of fitting either too tight or too loose. However, if the damage is more towards the aesthetic end, then fixing it won’t be much of a hassle.

Fixing lego with glue

Check With the Lego’s Website

We must say that LEGO tops the list for toys not only for its brilliant ideas and designs but also because of its customer service. This company scores high points, especially when it comes to addressing the user’s grievance. And the best part is that LEGO also replaces broken parts.

You need to visit the company’s website and go to the bottom of the page. That’s precisely where the “Support” column lies, and you can select the “missing parts” option. This should guide you to the page where you need to enter the set number, the brick type, and other information related to product delivery. 

And don’t hesitate to seek help from the official website, regardless of whether the set is pretty old or it’s a hand-me-down. The only issue that you might face is if LEGO has discontinued the production of that particular broken part.

In this case, the company won’t be able to replace it, so the option in hand is to fix it by yourself. But don’t hesitate to give it a try, because you’ll surely get a reply to your query. 

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On an interesting note, LEGO uses a specially formulated plastic weld and not the normal glue for making large displays. As mentioned earlier, the plastic weld works ideally with the ABS plastic build of LEGO bricks.

What Is the Most Effective DIY Trick for Repairing a Lego Brick?

Since LEGO bricks are made of ABS, the most effective remedy is considered to be ABS cement. You can easily find this item in a local hardware store as it’s commonly used for plumbing repairs. And for fast and easy solutions to any repair work, you can click on this link.

On the whole, ABS cement helps to weld the building blocks together chemically. But before you start with the repair work, you need to ensure that the LEGO brick is snapped, which means it should be cleanly broken without any bends. And if it meets the required criteria, then follow the steps that we have compiled below for the repair work.

  1. Clean the broken edges and keep it free of dust or any other contaminants.
  2. Use a rough-bristled brush to apply a small amount of plastic cement on both the fracture surfaces. As the plastic cement works by quickly dissolving a thin layer of the plastic, so you should apply it carefully.
  3. Once you have applied the plastic cement, you should hold both the parts together for not less than 30 seconds. This will allow the cement to sit and join the two pieces together.
  4. Don’t touch the damaged brick for at least 10-12 hours, as it helps the joint to harden fully. 

Fix lego brick with glue?

When Does Is It Get Challenging to Repair the Lego Brick?

If the LEGO brick is broken on the hinge, then it can turn out to be relatively tricky to repair. After all, it’s the weakest part of the brick, so there are chances of it not fixing correctly. 

The hinge is close to the pivot point, so you need to be steady to avoid gluing the hinge permanently in place. All in all, plastic cement tends to “melt” the plastic, which makes the two sides stick together, so it’s essential to be careful when you use solvents. 

Final words

Each LEGO set has an intricate construction, and the building blocks are an essential part of it for building any structure. That’s why any damage on the LEGO bricks calls for an easy and effective solution. 

Now that we have come to the end of our guide, we hope it has helped you find what you have been looking for. So, go ahead and complete the build after you’re done fixing that LEGO brick!

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