What is the Chevron Pattern and How to Use It

Be it sigils, flags, designs on pottery or rock carvings, the chevron pattern has been used since time immemorial. In fact, the earliest recorded use of the chevron pattern dates all the way back to approximately 1800 BC where pottery designs depicting the same pattern was recovered from the palace of Knossos on Crete, located in modern-day Greece.

Now that we have got our history lesson out of the way, let us try to understand the chevron pattern in greater detail. First of all, what exactly is the chevron pattern? The chevron pattern originates from the chevron insignia which is essentially an inverted V shaped mark.

There are no fixed guidelines for the shape of the inverted V pattern, and it can make use of wide, flattened V’s as well as narrow V’s. Moreover, some patterns can be slightly curved as well, as seen in the Double Chevron Corporal insignia of the Royal Air Force.

In this article, we have not only prepared an extensive guide on using chevron patterned wallpapers in different rooms throughout your home but also followed it up with an interesting section which will help you further accentuate your interior with chevron patterned upholstery and furniture. So read along to get new ideas for decorating your home with the timeless chevron pattern.

Decorating with Chevron Pattern 

In this guide, we will logically proceed through the various rooms just like we would in case we were getting a house tour from a realtor. So without further ado, let us begin with the entryway.


The entryway is the first thing that people will notice when they make their way into your home; so it is important to induce a welcoming feeling with your chevron patterned wall. Now, the black and white pattern as seen below makes quite a bold statement. However, the powerful contrast between black and white may not be pleasing to all. If that is the case, we suggest a more subdued look, like the one we see in the second image of this guide.

What is the chevron pattern and how to use chevron pattern wallpapers? via Pinterest

If the silver and white pattern is not up your alley, then you can use any other low-contrast wallpaper as long as it accentuates the furniture and other elements present in the entryway.

What is the chevron pattern and how to use chevron pattern wallpapers? via Pinterest


Moving on to the more spacious living room, our possibilities increase exponentially with the increase in space. However, the living room tends to have more foreground elements in contrast to the entryway. Hence, it is much trickier to settle down on a soothing chevron patterned wallpaper for the living room. The wallpaper used in the following photo looks quite out of place in an otherwise tastefully designed living room, notice that the same chevron pattern is present in the subdued rug, spot on !

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In the above case, we believe that a chevron patterned wallpaper flaunting different wooden colors would have looked better. In case your living room has a minimalistic design, then a wallpaper like the one below will definitely spruce things up and preserve the understated look as well, this elegant pattern is present in the rug above also.

Image 4 via Pinterest

If your living room has various elements to display, then you should go for a more subdued chevron pattern wallpaper like the one pictured below. The understated design of the wallpaper does not detract any attention from the foreground elements; rather it complements them quite nicely.

Image 5 via Pinterest

In case you have an ostentatious taste, the look achieved with the composition below might pique your interest. Here, the powerful contrast of the black and white chevron pattern complements the antique foreground elements quite nicely.

Image 6 via Pinterest

The thick black and white chevron pattern illustrated below fits perfectly into a modern living room. It is a lot more subdued than the pattern in the first image of our short guide, and we feel that the thick lines definitely make it less polarizing.

Image 7 via Pinterest


Next, we step into the all-important bedroom, which, as we know is the place to unwind after a long hard day at work. Therefore it is important not to go for a garish look and instead choose an understated chevron pattern wallpaper which will not only be welcoming but also induce a feeling of calm.

The chevron pattern wallpaper below is a brilliant example if you love an understated modern interior design. Notice how despite the fact that every color of all the foreground elements present in this picture falls in the grayscale palette, the interior looks very welcoming and soothing.

Image 8 via Pinterest

In case you want to decorate your kid’s room with a chevron pattern wallpaper, then try using one which has cheerful yet soothing colors like the one seen below. We love the paintbrush effect as well.

Image 9 via Pinterest

If you are the kind of person who prefers a more vibrant design in the bedroom, then the chevron pattern portrayed next might be worth a look. The warm grey and gold pattern wall dominates the bedroom, and that is perfect if you want to divert the attention to a centerpiece or a painting on the wall.

Image 10 via Pinterest


Now, the look of the home office is best kept professional unless of course, you have an extravagant line of work. The one we see below is not only welcoming but also manages to preserve a professional look. Moreover, it has a Wes Anderson vibe to it.

Image 11 via Pinterest

If your home office only revolves around you and your work, then you should go for a chevron pattern wallpaper on the wall facing towards you. The decor envisioned in the next iamge is very tastefully done, and we believe that even if you have a bad day at work, you will at least have the pleasure of staring at a beautiful wall.

Image 12 via Pinterest


If your kitchen and dining area are part of one unit like the one observed in the following image, then it is a good idea to highlight the wall right next to your dining table. The yellow and white chevron pattern does a great job at brightening up the dining room area.

Image 13 via Pinterest

Most kitchens are quite cluttered with various cabinets, and other kitchen gadgets. However, if the top half of your kitchen has few cabinets, then you can surely breathe some life into it by putting up a chevron pattern wallpaper as seen in Image 14. The gold color matches nicely with the cream colored cabinets and gives a nice cohesive feel to the kitchen design.

Image 14 via Pinterest


Granted that the nursery room is for your toddler, we feel that a calming and subdued look is the safest option. In fact, there is no need to distract the baby’s attention with an overly vibrant rainbow colored chevron pattern like the one that follows.

Image 15 via Pinterest

On the other hand, if you want something a little on the vibrant side, then we believe you should take a look at the splendid teal composition below. Not only is the teal and sky blue pattern vibrant and welcoming but it also has a soothing vibe to it.

What is the chevron pattern and how to use chevron pattern wallpapers? via Pinterest

The silver and white chevron pattern is yet another understated and classy design choice as seen in the image up next. Here, the vibrant foreground elements are brilliantly accentuated by the subdued design of the wallpaper. Moreover, it has a calming and welcoming feel to it.

Image 17 via Pinterest

A good way to highlight your baby’s crib is by putting up a contrasting chevron pattern wallpaper right next to it. The one we will see next not only looks tasteful but also does a great job in bringing the focus to your toddler’s crib.

What is the chevron pattern and how to use chevron pattern wallpapers? via Pinterest

Adding Chevron Patterns to Foreground Elements

Adding some chevron patterns to the foreground elements can go a long way in accentuating your chevron pattern wallpapers. In fact, we believe that these minor touches can be considered as a sidekick to your superhero chevron pattern wallpapers. And we all know that sidekicks always help in making a superhero stronger.


One element in your home which is largely ignored is the staircase. The example below tailors wood with black and white contrast in an airy space, it is quite fitting in a modern home. The alternate steps with the chevron pattern give it a classy look.

What is the chevron pattern and how to use chevron pattern wallpapers? via Pinterest

However, you can always over do it, it might be tiring to glance at the image below as it has a dizzying feeling to it. That is mainly because the pattern clutters up the staircase and completely distracts your attention. So it is a good idea not to go overboard with the chevron pattern. Always keep it subtle and classy, especially if you are planning on using it on the stair risers.

Image 20 via Pinterest


Wallpapers aren’t the only way to spruce up your bedroom wall. A classy chevron pattern wall art, like the one below is also a great way to breathe some life into your bedroom.

Image 21 via Pinterest

Another tasteful use of wall art is seen in the simply epic composition below. The multiple chevron pattern portraits help in elevating the spirit of the room.

Image 22 via Pinterest


If your home has a lot of extravagant antique elements, it is a good idea to accentuate them with equally ostentatious upholstery sporting a chevron pattern like the one illustrated below.

Image 23 via Pinterest

On the flip-side, if you prefer understated elegance, then the cabinet below might be up your alley. The silver chevron pattern surely breathes some life into an otherwise ordinary piece of furniture.

What is the chevron pattern and how to use chevron pattern wallpapers? via Pinterest

With that, our article has come to an end. We hope that our guide will go a long way in helping you find the ideal chevron wallpapers to spruce up your home. So what are you waiting for? Start chalking up plans to transform your home right now!

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