What Color is Mikado and How You Can Use It in Your Home Decor

Mikado, an earthy shade of yellow, draws its name from the Japanese word for "emperor," echoing its royal associations. With a hex range of #FFC40C to #FFDA42, this unique hue is gaining prominence in modern design. This guide delves into Mikado's origins and its rising role in contemporary decor. Dive in to explore its transformative potential.

Mikado: a hue that whispers tales of emperors, luxury, and opulence, yet loudly declares its presence in any setting. Once a revered shade donned by Japanese royalty, Mikado now transcends its ancient roots to become a modern-day design marvel. In the vast spectrum of colors, while many may overshadow yellow, Mikado stands apart with its earthy allure. This guide unravels the mystique of Mikado, a shade poised to revolutionize your perception of yellow and transform spaces with its vibrant charm. Dive in to discover the history, significance, and potential of Mikado—the color that’s redefining trends.

What Color is Mikado?

Mikado is a shade of yellow, characterized by a hex range of #FFC40C to #FFDA42 and RGB codes commonly within (255, 196, 12) to (255, 218, 66). The term “Mikado” originates from the Japanese word for “emperor”, alluding to its historical association with royal robes in Japan. Today, Mikado yellow is predominantly utilized in fashion, design, graphic design, and branding for its symbolism of luxury, power, and opulence.

Modern living room interior with sofa green plants lamp table dark wall background

Did you know that Mikado was called the ‘Color of the Year’ in 2015? Well, this color isn’t as obscure as you might think. The distinctive shade of yellow is quite popular amongst interior designers and home decor experts. If you’re ready to give this color a try, then here are all the deets.

How Can You Use Mikado in Home Decor?

This bright, beautiful shade of yellow has many applications in home decor. If you already have subtle shades of yellow in your home, you won’t find it too challenging to introduce Mikado into your color palette.

But, if you have stuck to darker shades or even just white, Mikado can be used as an accent. It adds a splash of color and life to any area in your home. You can be as creative as you want with this color – using it on rugs and carpets, flower vases, and even bedsheets.

If you’re still confused, don’t worry. Let us give you a few ideas and inspiration on how you can use Mikado in your home.

  1. Earthy Walls

Ever considered how Mikado walls would look in your home? Well, it is the perfect color to reflect your bold, outgoing, and evergreen personality. This color can look astonishing in any home, especially if you have light-colored furniture to complement it.

Image 1 1

If you are not ready to commit to painting all your walls in this color, how about painting just one wall, and keeping the rest white or beige? It acts as a cool, accented wall that draws your guests’ attention as soon as they enter.

Image 2 1

You can also choose to have a textured or patterned Mikado wallpaper on any one of your walls for a striking effect.

  1. Vibrant Shower Curtains

What is the easiest, most fun (and affordable) way to spruce up your bathroom? Do you often contemplate on your dull looking bathroom, wishing it looked a little more lively? Mikado shower curtains are the way to go!

Image 3 1

You can opt for a vivid, single-colored mikado shower curtain, or opt for printed ones. This color tends to brighten up any room it is in. If your bathroom naturally gets a lot of sunlight coming in through the windows, then your Mikado shower curtains will look even more pronounced and unique.

  1. Eye-Catching Couches

One of the first things anyone will notice in your home will be your new, brightly colored Mikado couch. Its distinctive shade is enough to spark wonder and awe amongst your house guests.

Image 4 1

If you were worried about how this zesty color would fit in with the rest of your decor, check out the picture above. As you can see, the Mikado colored couch has beautifully integrated with the rest of the home decor. Every couch is a different, vivid color – they all have their own vivacious personalities.

Mikado is a color that can blend in or contrast with any color on the color palette, allowing you to use it for dozens of home decor ideas.

  1. Sunshine Pillows

You have to admit, bright pillows which remind you of sunshine or the color of yolk are absolutely breathtaking. Why don’t you add a unique, colorful splash to your bedroom by buying Mikado pillows, cushions, or throw pillows?

Image 5 1

Get creative! You don’t have to limit the pillows just to your bed. Throw a few on the lounge, recliner, or couch if you feel like. In most cases, this color will instantly brighten up your bedroom and draw eyes towards it – without you even trying!

  1. Coffee Tables

We all have a coffee table or at least a few side tables in our home. Most of the time, we decorate these tables with small showpieces or ornamentals. But what if the coffee table itself was a flamboyant, dazzling showpiece?

Image 6 1

You can achieve that look easily in your own home by opting for a Mikado colored coffee table. Of course, depending on your home decor, you can go for smaller or larger, square, or round, tall or short side tables.

Keep in mind that this is a bold color that speaks volumes. However, it can also easily stain. If you wish to use a Mikado coffee table or side table in your home, it is advisable to provide coasters, so your guests don’t accidentally spill drinks and ruin the beautiful color!

  1. Sitting Area Decor

For most people, their sitting area or library is one of their favorite places in the house. And why not? It’s where you can spend most of your time relaxing, sitting back with your favorite book, magazine, or a Kindle.

Image 7

The sitting area should be captivating and welcoming. Typically, designers will dissuade you from using very dark, somber colors for the sitting area. So if you’re looking to reinvent your sitting area or library, why not add some Mikado furniture into it?

In the picture above, you can see a beautiful set of Mikado seaters that look dazzling against the navy blue rug. Of course, you can always get creative and choose a patterned or textured rug, to add to the ambiance and appeal.

Image 8

How about this Mikado yellow patterned rug? Imagine the places you could put this in – at the entrance, in front of your ottoman, outside your bathroom or bedroom. This brightly colored rug can add an accent to any dull looking room within seconds!

Modern white living room interior

For many designers and home decor enthusiasts, Mikado is their favorite color to play with.

And why not? As versatile as this color is, you can use it in dozens of home decor ideas to brighten, liven, and add sunshine in no time.

Of course, it is essential to remember that this is a spectacular color, and you need to take special care to maintain it well. Regular vacuuming and gentle cleaners will be enough to ensure that your beautiful Mikado home decor lasts for years to come.

With that, we have finally come to the end of our guide. We hope you are as excited as we are about this fascinating shade of yellow and are ready to add it to your home too!

Until next time, Ciao!

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