Colors That Go With Gray and How to Decorate With Gray

When it comes to decorating or painting your house, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is what color to use to make your rooms look elegant. The shades of gray have grown in popularity over the years leaving behind white and beige. Some of the world’s best designers have been in awe of the color’s versatility and used it successfully to craft masterpieces of modern architecture.

But what color is gray, exactly? This is the next big question that might come to your mind if you intend to use this neutral color. Not to worry; we’ll tell you all you need to know about gray shades with some terrific examples. So, let’s take a look at 10 colors that goes incredibly well with gray.

Colors That Go With Gray 

1. Midnight

To create a classic and vintage ambiance, just use the fusion of the gray and black shades. This design has been deliberately created to exude a simple yet delightful look that also gives good vibes. The style is ideal for your bedroom, the lounger, guest’s room, or any place that ought to make people feel welcome.

Midnight one of the colors that goes with gray

2. Marshmallow

The subtle and relaxed shades of gray color are sometimes visually the most attracting. If you are using a combination of fluffy whites and soft grays, it is one of the cleanest and elegant choices. The combo can create a serene and cozy look, striking the right balance between gracefully welcoming and beautiful. Designers often recommend this eye-catching combination in your living area, bedroom, or any space that’s meant for relaxation.


3. Grass

Sometimes it is good to go with a divergent thinking of contrasting colors. A combination of vibrant green grass shade compliments incredibly well with shades of gray. It is a perfect fit for kid’s rooms as you would want a lively and spirited combination in their rooms just as much as they are. This combination can work equally well in places that you would want to exude a cheerful vibe.


4. Sea-foam and Green Mint

One of the best blends of green and blue elements, this shade of seafoam when used in combination with gray, portrays a soft and exotic look. This combination is very much contemporary and will give your interiors a global appeal. Try the mix in your kitchen and dining spaces, and we promise that you’ll fall in love.

Seafoam kitchen design

5. Rose

Blend with the rosy pink and the shades of gray to create a more feminine and refined look that never goes out of fashion. This tinge develops a gentle and soothing ambiance. Not only can it be used in the dressing and bedrooms, but also in the dining hall or the living room to create fun yet elegant design. Who said gray has to be neutral all the time?

Rose with gray bathroom design

6. Sun

The shades of gray and sunny yellows are one of the greatest gender-neutral and contemporary combinations. This fantastic blend can be used in every corner of your home as it effortlessly adds a comforting vibe without ever getting too intense.

As the sophisticated color adds a comfortable aura to your rooms, you can use it in any combination in your living room.  As gray is a soothing tone, it may also come as an aid to your sleep.  Add a few tinges of sunny yellow here and off-whites there, and you’ve got yourself a winning look!

Worried that the kitchen is getting too dark and serious? No problem! Use the shades in your kitchen to instantly create an uplifting environment.


7. Aqua

Steering away from the traditional usage of blue and white colors when designing, aqua blues and grays can give you a crisp and refreshing vibe. This color combination creates a clean and bright look that you can experiment with, starting from your bathroom to the office hall. There is literally no place that this color combo wouldn’t suit.

The “Keep Calm and Carry On” framed posters, pattern wallpaper on the right, and the cloth casually thrown on top of the chair go like peas in a pod. There is no way you can ignore it!


8. Cherry

The cherry red is an extravagantly bright and bold color that imbues a sense of luxury and energy when combined with shades of gray. The contrast of the two hues makes this an excellent combination and gives you a strikingly sensual and romantic vibe. Take a look at the image below; is it hard to not fall in love?

Despite being sparsely used, the cherry almost always manages to capture your attention. The sheet partly folded on top of the bed, the pillow on the chair, and the rug are perfect examples of how color can be used in a variety of interior decor elements.


9. Coral

Considered to be a softer feminine shade, coral is a vibrant color. This tone actually stands out with both the darker and lighter shades of gray. It is one of the combinations that will give you an energetic feel. It would be an ideal choice in the living rooms or the kitchen and dining spaces.


10. Violet

Violet and gray are the two most different colors from the color palette, and when used as a mix, they inevitably produce a look of striking contrast. This mix of the two hues is a classy, modern choice that effortlessly carries a royal look. Feel free to add it to your living room if it’s a king that you want to feel like.

Take a look at how the dark grey and violet pillows mix effortlessly to create a graceful charm. The white shades behind the two lamps complement the striking colors perfectly and bring a much-deserved contemporary look inside the room.

Violet and grey color schemes

11. Teal and Turquoise 

Two really broad palettes, turquoise and teal can blend with the color gray on multiple chromatic levels complementing and contrasting each other beautifully.

As one can imagine the contrast between gray and teal or gray and turquoise can be realized rather easily using the solid color, tones of silver or gold can sustain this contrast further on yet in a complementary state the balance should be far more delicate as the tones of both gray and teal or turquoise need to present the same color warmth to sustain one another, the example below showcases a setting that in which equilibrium has been found.

Teal and turquoise are colors that go with gray

Overall, simply use the gray tone as a neutral or base color to create wonders. With the right combination of the colors mentioned above you are on the right track, simply try to find the balance between the tones` warmth for an extraordinary atmosphere.

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