17 Colors That Go With Yellow + Feng Shui Guide

You don’t need us to tell you the importance of color in home decor so let’s see find the colors that go with yellow together. Choosing the right color correlates to a better mood and happy vibes. And yellow is one such option that brings an expression of optimism.

Furthermore, you can pair it with various other colors to create the perfect setup, be it modern or traditional. To help you do just that, we have curated this list of the 17 best colors that go with yellow. As a bonus, there’s a short guide on feng shui, just in case you want to try out something new.

With that said, let’s begin!  

  1. White

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There’s hardly a color that isn’t complemented by white, and yellow is no exception. If you’re a fan of white decor but don’t want to make it monotonous, then adding a dash of yellow will get the job done rather well. For a contemporary, all-white bedroom with rustic wormwood furniture, try adding a couple of yellow pillows.

Pair the white linen with a mustard yellow velvet throw pillow and curry yellow knot pillow to add a minimalist yet classy charm. Other than that, you can also go for some black accents to bring about a graphic tone and balance to the color palette.

  1. Pink

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Be it Easter vibes, macaroons, or period film costumes, the pastel shade combination of yellow and pink remains quite unmatchable. And there are a number of ways to achieve that. Cotton candy pink walls with a graphic acid-yellow triangle on the ceiling make for a high-spirited environment, especially with high ceilings.

Alternatively, an all-pale pink interior with lemony bright yellow zones is ideal for highlighting the identity of each space.

  1. Brown

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We love the versatile nature of brown, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The beauty of porches with dark brown wooden beams is best bought out by sunny yellow walls. And if you’re looking to fill in the vacant space, go for woolen rugs, wicker coffee tables, and cane chairs that come in varying shades of brown.

As far as indoor setups are concerned, you can replicate the same look and feel by placing a lush brown velvet sofa against a yellow wall. Or go for a dark brown painted accent wall with a mustard yellow sofa or linen-covered armchair.

  1. Red

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The timeless pairing of yellow and red needs no introduction, especially if you’re looking to recreate an old-school vibe. Accentuate your dark, wood-framed antique bed with pale yellow fabric, and accessorize it with pillows and covers made from red toile fabric to add impact and pattern.

Besides, a couple of pale yellow picture frames and a bedside lamp in the same shade are perfect for highlighting the warm, subtle tones in the room.

For people who prefer to have bold color palettes, the mix of honey yellow and pink candy apple red makes for a vibrant interior. Keep an eye out for clean lines and classic shapes to build on the elegance factor.

  1. Turquoise/Blue

Image 5

Talking about bold palettes, we just can’t afford to miss the pairing of chartreuse yellow and turquoise. And if you’re apprehensive about two bright colors translating to a childish setup, try adding a gallery wall or achromatic accents to bring in sophistication and charm.

Another option is going for light blue linen-covered furniture against a mustard yellow painted wall. Eggshell blue hues, in particular, complement the warm tones of mustard yellow, while adding a dash of black can break the flatness.

  1. Green

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Recreate the feel of a luscious lawn on a bright sunny day in your dining space. Paint the walls with moss green and opt for yellow upholstered dining chairs to add a pop of color.

Not only that, but you can also ditch the boring dining table design for a raw wooden table to go the artistic way. A vase full of purple, orange, or white blooms can act as the centerpiece. That said, you can also choose to reverse the colors, i.e., yellow on the walls and green on the chairs for the same setup.

No matter the combination, wainscoting or paneling can be a great way to include an element of texture.

  1. Beige

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Beige is a popular choice among homeowners who want to go for gender-neutral nurseries. Similar to white, the rich tone of beige creates a soothing backdrop with white rocking chairs and crib popping against the warm tone. Moreover, the golden hardwood floor and tan accents create a subtle contrast.

On the other hand, combining pale yellow with neutral beige may sound dull, but can be the perfect way to express the minimalist in you. Especially with natural accents, you can transform any space to look more bright and airy.

  1. Grey

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The darkness of grey can be perfectly balanced with a little hint of yellow if you don’t feel like adding too much color to your space. Against the light wood furniture and floor, try accentuating with small detailings like a mustard yellow metallic lampshade or woven wall hanging. Finish it off with a bright yellow linen-covered sofa, armchair, or throw blanket.

Bring in desert print wall hangings and mustard yellow furniture for that warm, rustic vibe. Apart from that, adding indoor cacti plants can virtually transport you to the desert all by themselves!

  1. Black

Image 9 1

Not only for bumblebees or NYC taxis but black and yellow also run synonymous with sleek contemporary setups. If you’re looking for ideas to revamp your bathroom, begin with large yellow ceramic honeycomb floor tiles and Corian stone vanities. For other fixtures like shower inserts, mirrors, faucets, and wall tiles, choose metallic black to counterbalance the monotony.

  1. Purple/Lavender/Magenta

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Shades and tones near purple pair quite well with yellow. Firstly, strong purple walls painted out in super contrasting taxi cab yellow ooze a free-spirited and groovy vibe. Beyond that, you can place wide case openings to make space for small, mono-colored inserts.

Lavender, on the other hand, is a subtle way to build a feminine ambiance without coming across as too girly. Lastly, the vibrant magenta combines with yellow to set the tone for the rest of the room. You can add as many colors as you want, but make sure they aren’t too flashy. For best results, opt for a white backdrop.

  1. Apricot

Image 11

Although mustard yellow can be used for many setups, we like how it blends with apricot to render a modern jungle-like feel. A yellow palm print wallpaper makes other earthy fixtures like natural floors, wooden furniture, and window shades made of bamboo. But the standout will be the apricot throw pillows and bed runners to make the whole decor come together.

  1. Sage

Image 12

Another of our favorite colors to bring out the warmth of a mustard yellow tone is sage. This pair will come in especially handy when you’re tasked with decorating a sophisticated space without compromising on depth. While the sage-colored walls make any wooden fixture come alive, mustard upholstered furniture will take the warmth factor a notch higher.

  1. Emerald

Image 13

Having a room painted in a warm tone of yellow from end to end may not sound like the most intriguing idea, but that’s only till you break the monotony. With minimal decor, emerald upholstered furniture, and a touch of indoor plants, let the room make a distinct statement like no other!

  1. Blue Gray

Image 14

Sure, blue-gray painted walls and ceilings can make the biggest of spaces become cramped, and that’s where pastel yellow fixtures will come to the rescue. Buy a couple of yellow chairs or a mustard upholstered sofa to bring a pop of color into the decor.

  1. Seafoam

Image 15

Usually, homeowners tend to stick to the rule that warm tones go best with other warm tones, while cool tones should be used with cool tones. However, one color that gracefully breaks this notion is seafoam, which has a unique greyish-greenish hue.

Simply place a warm-toned golden upholstered couch against a cool-tone seafoam-painted wall. Use a mix of metal accessories in silver and brass to make the whole look come together.

  1. Aquamarine+Amethyst+Jade

Image 16

Before we wrap up the list, we must mention one of our favorite tri-color combinations. Despite having multiple hues, we’re super impressed with how elegant the three colors look to create an old-world aura. If you have a room with high ceilings and windows, go for amber curtains or substitute them with yellow color mini blinds for a modern touch.

  1. Black+White

Image 17

Wondering how to spice up your rented apartment on a budget? Just use black and white to keep the backdrop achromatic, and introduce a pop of color with a canary upholstered sofa or chair.

Feng Shui Guide

Image 18

Also known as the feng shui color of sunlight, yellow is as significant as the rising sun to wake up every corner of the house. Unsurprisingly, the uplifting yellow vibes are used to lighten and brighten homes and office spaces alike.

In that sense, yellow becomes a quintessential color, especially if you live in an area that doesn’t receive much sunlight. It’s an excellent choice to set up spaces such as the:

  • Children’s room
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Studio/office space

Generally, yellow is considered to carry the fire element of feng shui in a gentler manner compared to other vibrant colors like purple or red. Moreover, most yellow tones don’t become too overwhelming, meaning you can use it in larger quantities for bigger spaces. However, there’s more to the story.

Color researchers believe that yellow promotes self-esteem, well-being, and the overall health of homeowners. 

That said, the various tones of yellow can be used to create specific energies. Depending on the intensity of the tone, the color can represent two elements. While a rich, vibrant tone represents the feng shui element of fire, a more pale and gentle tone is for the feng shui element of earth.

You can bring in an intense shade of yellow to best suit the following bagua areas to activate their respective attributes:

  • East for health and family
  • West for children and creativity
  • Southeast for money and prosperity
  • Northwest for blessings

Apart from that, the common yellow tones are more suitable for the following bagua areas:

  • Center for well-being
  • South for fame and reputation
  • Southwest for love life and marriage
  • Northeast for spiritual growth

Final Words

That’s all from us for today’s guide.

We hope you have been able to find the best option according to your needs. And if you’re a feng shui enthusiast, our guide will help you plan an interior using just yellow. So, that’s a win-win!

But before we draw the curtains, here’s a handy pro tip: while deciding on the color scheme, don’t forget to consider the dimensions of the furniture. A comparatively large sofa is likely to render a cramped look, no matter how bright the colors are.

Till we meet again! 

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