30 Inexpensive Cottage Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Home


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When we think of ‘cottage style’ some of the elements that strike our mind are fresh colors, comfortable furnishings, organic textures, floral patterns, and other natural elements.

But your description can vary because of a host of different ways to incorporate exciting ideas to this cozy decor style.

The design of a cottage is all about living in harmony with nature by eliminating all contemporary styles such as geometric patterns, straight lines, etc.

This style emulates more of a relaxing, laid-back country vibe that helps to design the space in a way that makes you feel calm the second you enter the cottage. When you want to redecorate your home on a budget, the cottage style makes for an ideal choice.

 It’s not only an inexpensive option but also a casual style that is pretty easy to curate. To simplify things a little more, we’ve compiled several cottage decorating ideas to welcome your family to a charming, humble abode!

So, without further adieu, let’s get started!

Inexpensive Cottage Decorating Ideas

  1. Quaint Sitting Area

When you’ve got the opportunity to design an open floor plan for creating a cohesive, harmonious living space, you can be as creative as possible. The wooden planks in this renovated Texas cottage are from Habitat, and this collection is part of their Humanity’s ReStore line. 

In this cottage, you’ll get to see how the homeowner has transformed the cow-feed sifters that he picked from a Round Top Antiques Fair into artful wall fixtures. And to give this a detailed, edgy look, they added some burlap fringes.

  1. Peaceful Patio

The back patios and the front porches are some of the favorite spots to relax as you enjoy the beauty and elegance of the garden that surrounds you.

In this Victorian Cottage of Arkansas, you’ll find an attractive wicker patio set. Moreover, the cushions have been sewn by hand and the fabric was brought from a craft store.

  1. Vibrant Bedroom

Although neutral shades are the trend of the season, you should try out bright shades if you’re a fan of bold hues. The master bedroom in the Catskills home has a sunny-yellow paint along with linens of green-and-white print that adds a spark of life to this space.

However, the seemingly low-pitched roof creates a canopy shape with a gap of about three-foot on either side. And to utilize the space efficiently, one side is filled with bookshelves, and the other has drawers and cabinets.

  1. Sunny Breakfast Nook

The beadboard-paneled breakfast corner of this New York Cottage has been designed to create a relaxed vibe with plenty of natural light.

It features a farm table that is self-built by the homeowner using restored wood, and the Eames chairs are from a Brooklyn stoop sale.

  1. Victorian Dining Room

The dining space of this Arkansas home was earlier filled with an exciting pattern of mismatched furniture covered in worn-out linens from the 1980s.

But, the homeowner found some antique pieces in this cottage, and she opted to buy it fully furnished. What stands out in this Victorian-style dining room is the chippy dining table and the sage cupboard.

  1. Stylish Bedroom

If you want a bedroom with a unique style, you’ve got to check out the restored Arkansas home. It has some upgraded fixtures with Jenny Lind-style bed and chandeliers gives a classy finish.

  1. Rustic Living Room

The living room of this Connecticut cottage comes with white-colored upholstered furniture that creates a chic yet rustic appeal. 

Also, the chairs and sofas of this place have been purposefully deconstructed, with exposed wood-and-burlap back and tufted fronts. The Zentique coffee table is a conversation starter, and it’s perfectly paired with armchairs and sofa by Restoration Hardware. 

  1. Country Kitchen

This 1900 Texas cottage has been put together recently to give it a vintage look. The materials for this country kitchen have been scored from various countryside stores in Texas. They have incorporated salvaged doors, windows, and cabinets along with rusted pressed tin ceilings that reflect the perfect country vibe.

  1. Chic Kitchen

In this Los Angeles home, the Ikea cabinets are highlighted with Carrara marble. Also, the vintage maple stool helps to liven up the space with its orange mohair.

For task lighting, it has a set of suspended Edison bulbs that are covered with rustic Victorian wire shades. What gives this place a polished look is the matching wood frames on the wall that complement the overall decor.

  1. Unique Laundry Room

This California cottage comes with a laundry room, that has an over-the-top photorealistic wallpaper bought from Anthroplogise. The wallpaper design might trick you into believing that there is a stack of books from the ground up to the ceiling. 

  1. Colorful Guest Suite

Well! You’ll find the guest suite having a great appeal, but that isn’t even close to what it looked like before the redecoration was done. In truth, the paneling on the walls wasn’t matching with the other furniture. 

But, Sarah Richardson, an interior designer who was hired for this project, chose to camouflage the walls using opaque paint. Overall, the color creates a stylish and modern vibe.

  1. Ideas for Decorating a Small Space

This California home looks pretty relaxing with an inexpensive curtain wire set. And it eliminates the use of brackets or excess rods to give it a clean look that ensures the entry of ample light. 

  1. Simple Mudroom

The mudroom of this California cottage boast of iron hooks that rotate from side to side. Besides the coat rack, the 1930’s factory stool is an edgy piece with green-colored legs that creates a simple yet classy entrance. 

  1. Elegant Dining Area

The dining area of this Chicago cottage has wide-ranging features that have been carefully curated from different corners of the world. For instance, it has been furnished with a Belgian sofa that belongs to the early 1900s, reclaimed oak-table, and a vintage footstool.

  1. Cozy Slipcovers

Cottage style generally reflects an easy-living attitude which is a vital component that adds to the relaxed vibe. It’s best when you opt for slipcovers that are sewn from affordable canvas or cotton. Moreover, it gets more simple to take them off, and there is a higher comfort factor.

  1. Numbered Stairs

The stairs in this renovated Texas cottage are covered in plywood that has been painted to highlight the stenciled numbers. And these sheets of plywood have been carefully nailed to the stair risers. Overall, it’s an exciting feature for a home with children.

  1. Simple Accessories

Fresh flowers help to add life to any room, and when you’ve got well-designed vases, it gives a better look. Even the faux branches are a great option, especially when it gets challenging to find fresh flowers.

  1. Charming Walls

The beaded board is one of the best ways to add a cottage flavor to your space. You can find beaded boards that are made with both real and faux wood. If you purchase the faux beadboard from a local home depot store, you can get them for a lower price range.

  1. Classic Floors

Hardwood floors can give your cottage style decor a stunning and beautiful appearance, imagine engineered oak flooring, imagine rough wooden floors . Floors come in a variety of different warm wood tones that are easy-to-care and pretty affordable. They also complement perfectly with light colors and soft fabrics. You can either leave the floor bare or opt for a rug during the winters.

  1. Seaside Charm

An easy way for you to add a coastal style to your home is by displaying found shells. You can either place them on racks or in clear glass containers. Moreover, hanging a frame with a picture of a fish is also a fun, decorating idea.

  1. Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are a minimalistic element, but it adds a lot of details to the overall decor. For instance, you can opt for baskets made with natural fiber for storing your extra supplies.

You can also mix different fabrics that are generally used for upholstery, slipcovers, draperies, curtains, pillows, and many more. And for a collected look you should try to coordinate different prints like checks, florals, stripes or plaid. You can easily update your furnishings to create a relaxed look by opting for fabrics that suit your style. 

  1. Charming Light

If you have a discerning eye for good design, you’ll be able to find lamp shed and other light fixtures that help to revamp the entire space. Moreover, a simple lampshade can also be styled with unique trinkets, buttons, or lace to give it a personal touch.

  1. Make a Statement

If you want your home decor to emulate the vintage style, you can add a variety of architectural fragments such as- brackets, old mantels, corbels, and molding. Especially if you appreciate the old design, you’ll find a host of vintage pieces that can be picked from flea markets and antique shops.

  1. Relaxing Bath

When it’s time for you to relax after a tiring day at work, a relaxing bath helps you make the most of this experience. You can get a vintage-styled bath, and one of the standard options are the claw-foot tubs that provide the ultimate relaxation. To create a restful atmosphere, you can play calming music, light candles, use a scented bath bomb, or add essential oils to the tub.

  1. Color and Pattern

There is a ton of colors and patterns that you can select. But, you have to ensure that they create a unifying theme. Having your room painted in bold colors is an ideal option if you like intense shades that create a powerful and sophisticated look. 

For an English cottage, floral prints in pink and green are an ideal option. And a cottage style home that is located near the shore will look best in beachy colors like soft blues and other neutral shades.

  1. Window Shutters

Window shutters are not only a functional adornment but also decorative. It helps to add character and value to your cottage. You’ll find plenty of options for a window shutter like- plastic window shutters, bay window shutters, plantation window shutters, etc.

It won’t be challenging to get a shutter that complements the style of your home. Furthermore, screens give the cottage a greater curb appeal, and it’s a great way to decorate the bare walls.

  1. Repurposed Furniture

When you look for repurposed furniture, you’ll get a lot of funky ideas that can also be used for upcycling old furniture at home. And it’s also a smart way to transform old junk pieces into new treasures. For instance, a vintage table looks brilliant when placed in the dining space or when used as an island for the kitchen.

It’s best to select a table with a proper height making it simple to use it for preparing your meals without having to bend down. Also repurposed furniture adds more warmth, interest and rustic appeal to your cottage.

  1. Open Shelving

If you’ve got a beautifully designed kitchen, open shelves will help to give it more character. From an appearance perspective, we find open shelves to be a better option than the regular cabinets with doors. It creates an illusion of more space by making the kitchen appear more open and airy. And you can use this space to show off your collections like your pretty dishes and other glassware. 

  1. Focus on Fixtures

When you add vintage-style fixtures like farmhouse faucets or sinks, it completes the look of your cottage. It’s best if you can find a dated design for your faucet that matches the configuration of the faucet that is installed presently. If you’re cautious during your purchase, you won’t have to reconfigure your plumbing.

  1. Casual Dining

To make the dining area appear more warm and friendly, you can get chandeliers that help to create a designer looking space. Selecting a coordinated style that complements the overall vibe of your space is sufficient to give your home a stylish finish.

Final words

Now that we’ve come to the end of our guide, we hope it has helped you select some fun decorating ideas for your cottage. Sure, designing your home can be challenging. But, it gets amazingly fun when you’ve got a host of affordable alternatives to choose from. 

You can go through this list again to find more ideas that match your sense of style and comfort level. After all, the serene atmosphere of your cottage should help you escape from the hectic woes of life that deplete your energy. 

So, redecorate your home in a way that it nurtures and supports you to recharge amidst the busy schedule.

We wish you all the best!


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