9 Best Drawing Tablet Stand Arms in 2023

The Ergotron Monitor Arm supports tablets having screens up to 34 inches in size and comes with a grommet mount and a 2-piece desk lamp. On the other hand, the Wacom Drawing Arm designed for Cintiq tablets has a 5-point swivel feature.

Drawing arms is indispensable when using large-screen tablets for work or recreational purposes. 

They make using tablets convenient by ensuring stability, reducing strain or discomfort, and allowing easy adjustments. But depending on the drawing tablet you have, there can be several options to choose from, so finding the right one can be complicated. 

This guide aims to make the process a bit simpler by reviewing the best available options in detail.

Best Drawing Tablet Stand Arms

A. Monitor Arms for Large Drawing Tablets

1. Ergotron Monitor Arm – Best With Integrated Cable Management

Coming from a brand known for its high-quality computer monitor mounts and standing desks, the Ergotron monitor arm is a premium option with impressive features that provide a great experience. The first of these features is its compatibility, which allows it to be used for monitors with screens up to 34 inches, and weighing between 7 and 25 pounds. 

This means large display tablets can easily be mounted on the arm for a comfortable drawing and typing experience. Aside from that, the mounting options available are quite versatile, as the Ergotron monitor arm comes with a grommet mount and a two-piece desk lamp. These allow attaching the mount to various types of desks, with thicknesses ranging from 0.4 to 2.4 inches. 

Also, the grommet mount can be attached to desks with a thickness of up to 2.25 inches through a surface hole. Then there are the handy adjustments, which provide a lift of 13 inches, allowing the attached monitor or tablet to be raised up to 17.3 inches above the worktable. Similarly, the mount arm can be tilted by 75 degrees and supports 360-degree rotation.   

The design of the Ergotron arm is modular and sleek and features integrated cable management. It also supports additional accessories and has a very sturdy build, which helps maintain maximum stability while working. 

Apart from that, this is one tablet stand that comes with a 10-year warranty, another factor that makes it an excellent option. 

Maximum Screen Size: 34 inches | Maximum Weight: 25 pounds | Rotation: 360 degrees | Integrated Cable Management: Yes

2. Wacom Drawing Arm – Best Option With 5-Point Swivel Feature

Wacom is the industry standard when it comes to drawing tablets, but it offers some exceptional mounts and stands, like this extremely flexible drawing tablet stand. This stand allows using your drawing tablet mounted to a desk or as a free-floating screen. 

It has a sturdy construction that helps you apply pressure while using a drawing tablet with a stylus, like the Apple Pencil. On top of that, the tablet stand reaches 30 inches across, making it easy to position the tablet as needed for maximum comfort while working.  

All the regular tablet stand features required for an efficient workflow are present here, including screen tilt, rotation, contraction, and extension. In addition, the drawing arm comes with a 5-point swivel feature, maximizing usability when adjusting the tablet.

Assembling the Wacom tablet stand is also quite simple and can be completed quickly, as all instructions are included in the package. And besides the quick start guide, the package includes different screws, washers, drivers, and velcro straps for easy installation. 

As for compatibility, the arm has been designed for the Wacom Cintiq line of drawing tablets, which are some of the most popular options in the industry. The Wacom drawing arm also features six rotation axis points for easy rotation and has a durable metal construction.

This means it can easily support heavy tablets while ensuring perfect stability and is sure to last a long time. In addition, it has integrated cable management, which can help reduce clutter on your desk while working.  

Maximum Screen Size: 32 inches | Maximum Weight: 28 pounds | Rotation: 360 degrees | Integrated Cable Management: Yes

3. Wacom Drawing Tablet Stand – Best Drawing Arm for Wacom Cintiq

Another option from Wacom worth considering is the Ergo drawing tablet stand, which has been designed for the Wacom Cintiq Pro 24, which includes two models. It features an integrated design that allows the arm to be moved freely when the attached drawing tablet is rotated, tilted, or raised. 

The drawing arm allows tilting the tablet screen to 270 degrees, which provides a better viewing and drawing experience. And the screen base can be rotated 90 degrees, thanks to its three rotation axis points, which help prevent discomfort while working. So, you can use it in portrait and landscape page orientation modes. 

Similarly, the Wacom Ergo drawing tablet stand can be mounted in different ways, including at desk level and at any free height. And it comes with extension cords for both models of the Cintiq, helping save money. Setting up and making adjustments to the drawing arm is also easy.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Wacom Ergo stand is quite sturdy and will not wobble even when you apply pressure on the tablet while drawing. This is due to its high-quality aluminum frame, which also helps add to its appearance. 

And speaking of appearance, this drawing tablet stand has a sharp and clean design that makes it suitable for almost any workplace. One reason for that is that it comes with an integrated cable organization feature, which helps keep all cables neatly organized in one place, reducing clutter on your desk.   

Maximum Screen Size: 24 inches | Maximum Weight: 18.8 pounds | Rotation: 90 degrees | Integrated Cable Management: Yes

4. Ergotron Drawing Arm – Best Option With Aluminum Construction

Like the other offering from Ergotron mentioned here, this one is an incredibly popular option on Amazon and is designed for heavy monitors and tablets. It supports single screens that measure up to 30 inches diagonally and weigh between 14 and 30 pounds. So, drawing tablets like the XP-Pen display tablet can be used easily.

Also, it is compatible with various types of VESA mounts, including 75 x 75 mm, 100 x 100 mm, 200 x 100 mm, and 200 x 200 mm. Moreover, there are multiple mounting options that can be used with this drawing arm, such as an extension base, an arm, a two-piece desk clamp, and additional attachment hardware.  

The two-piece desk clamp can be used on desk surfaces with edges having a thickness of up to 2.6 inches. Apart from that, there is a grommet mount that can be attached through a surface hole having a maximum width of two inches and a maximum depth of three inches. 

Adjusting your drawing tablet is also easy when using this arm, as it supports elevation up to 13 inches. The arm has five inches of lift, which helps provide the best viewing angles while creating digital art, and it can be tilted to 80 degrees. It supports 90-degree rotation, and all adjustments can be done quickly without much effort.  

Moreover, like the best drawing tablet stands, this Ergotron single monitor drawing arm features integrated cable management, helping keep your workspace clean and organized. 

Maximum Screen Size: 30 inches | Maximum Weight: 30 pounds | Rotation: 90 degrees | Integrated Cable Management: Yes

5. MOUNTUP Drawing Arm – Best Full Motion Drawing Arm

A good tablet stand compatible with both curved and flat screens that offers a wide range of motion, the MOUNTUP Drawing Arm is the next option on this list. It is a universal monitor arm that is compatible with a wide range of drawing tablets and monitors and supports screen sizes as large as 32 inches. 

The maximum weight it can support is 17.6 pounds, and it is compatible with almost any type of VESA mount, including 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm. Because of its wide compatibility, drawing tablets and monitors from brands such as LG, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, etc. are supported. 

Being a full-motion tablet stand, the arm can be rotated 360 degrees and allows using your drawing tablet in both portrait and landscape modes. One of the best features of this drawing arm, however, is that it can be swiveled to 180 degrees, which makes screen sharing very easy.

Similarly, getting the best viewing angles is easy as the MOUNTUP tablet can be tilted up to 90 degrees and down to 45 degrees. While most tablet stands offer tilt and rotation features, this one also features extendability and can extend up to 19.27 inches. It can also rise up to 16.3 inches high, which further enhances the user experience. 

As for the installation process, this drawing arm comes with a drill-free clamp, which is compatible with desks having a thickness range of 0.39 inches to 1.97 inches. 

Maximum Screen Size: 32 inches | Maximum Weight: 17.6 pounds | Rotation: 360 degrees | Integrated Cable Management: Yes

Monitor Arms for Large Drawing Tablets Comparison Table

Product Maximum Screen Size Maximum Weight Rotation Integrated Cable Management
Ergotron Monitor Arm 34 inches 25 pounds 360 degrees Yes
Wacom Drawing Arm 32 inches 28 pounds 360 degrees Yes
Wacom Drawing Tablet Stand 24 inches 18.8 pounds 90 degrees Yes
Ergotron Drawing Arm 30 inches 30 pounds 90 degrees Yes
MOUNTUP Drawing Arm 32 inches 17.6 pounds 360 degrees Yes

B. General Purpose Tablet Arm Mounts

1. KU XIU Drawing Arm – Best Portable Magnetic Drawing Arm

While the KU XIU drawing arm has several innovative features, its built-in magnets are the most noteworthy. These allow the drawing tablet stand to automatically align with the iPad Pro, for which it has been designed. They help hold the device securely in position so it does not fall while working. 

The portable drawing tablet stand is manufactured using high-hardness aluminum alloy, which makes it the best metal drawing tablet stand. Thus, it can be used continuously for an extended period without any worries, and like iPad’s official stand, supports all iPad Pro models from the 3rd to the 6th gen.

For adjustments, the tablet stand comes with angle adjustment joints and a universal rotating head. These allow customizing your drawing tablet to any position or angle just by bending the display arm and turning the soft rubber holder. The maximum height to which the tablet stand can be adjusted is 23.62 inches. 

But that’s not all, as the KU XIU drawing arm is a portable option with a screw-locking structure. This means it is easy to set up on your desk and can be stored easily in a bag or backpack without disassembling, unlike standard desktop tablet stands. 

Another advantage of this design is that the stand takes minimal space on your desk. Installation is similarly simple and does not require any tools, as the stand is incredibly versatile and can be used on various surfaces, like your bookcase, kitchen cabinet, bedside table, etc. 

Maximum Screen Size: 12.9 inches | Maximum Weight: 1.50 pounds | Rotation: 360 degrees | Integrated Cable Management: No

2. VIJIM Drawing Arm – Best Tablet Stand With C-Clamp Design

Featuring a C-clamp design and a retractable clip, the VIJIM tablet stand is a worthy choice for those with an Android or Apple tablet. It is compatible with Apple Inc. devices, including the iPad Mini, Air, Pro series, various Samsung Galaxy Tab series, all iPhones after the tenth generation, and other 12-inch display tablets.  

Apart from these, the VIJIM drawing arm can be used with Surface devices running Microsoft Windows, and Kindle e-readers. Screen sizes ranging from 4.7 inches to 13 inches are supported, and the arm has a stretch range of 5.31 inches to 9.05 inches.

The stand has a clip-on design that enables it to be easily clipped onto a desk or headboard. It is quite secure and makes it possible to use your device in a hands-free manner without worrying about it falling down. Because of this, the stand can be used even with heavy tablets for watching movies in bed or cooking lessons in the kitchen. 

For making adjustments, the tablet stand comes with three 270-degree joints, a 360-degree gimbal, and a universal ball head. These let you adjust the height and angle of the drawing arm with minimal effort for the most comfortable working experience.

Furthermore, with these adjustments, a tablet computer can be used as a second screen while working on a desktop computer. The great tablet stand is constructed from high-hardness aluminum alloy, which, coupled with the C-clamp, helps secure it to the desk properly.

Maximum Screen Size: 13 inches | Maximum Weight: 2.20 pounds | Rotation: 360 degrees | Integrated Cable Management: No

3. ZEXMTE Drawing Arm – Best Option With Reverse Charging Port

Those searching for a premium drawing arm should take a look at the ZEXMTE drawing tablet stand holder. It features high-quality construction with an aluminum-magnesium alloy solid core and steel materials, making the drawing arm extremely durable. Because of this, a wide variety of tablets and phones can be used with it.

In fact, this lightweight drawing tablet stand is a universal stand that can be used with most tablets and smartphones. Its two ends are extendable with an inner measurement that ranges from 4.7 inches to 8.5 inches. However, drawing tablets up to 12.9 inches are compatible with this stand, which means it supports devices like the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

Installation of the drawing arm is simple, as it can be mounted on surfaces having a thickness of up to 1.78 inches. So, it can even be used on a bedside table or chair beside as well as a workstation. An Allen wrench is included with the drawing tablet stand for the purpose, and the stand can be simply be mounted by tightening the screw lock.  

Another highlight of the ZEXMTE drawing arm is its ergonomic design, which helps prevent neck, spine, and back pain, ensuring peace of mind. Also, your devices are well-protected thanks to the two rubber pads on the base and clip bracket that help prevent scratches. 

But the standout feature of this tablet stand is its reverse charging port, a technology that makes charging devices easier.

Maximum Screen Size: 12.9 inches | Maximum Weight: 1.50 pounds | Rotation: 360 degrees | Integrated Cable Management: No

4. LenTok Drawing Arm – Best Tablet Stand With Gooseneck Design

The LenTok Tablet Stand is a heavy-duty option that is constructed using high-quality metal and has a spring-powered arm. Thanks to its impressive construction, this tablet stand can support all drawing tablets and portable monitors with a screen size of less than 15.6 inches. 

It is also easily adjustable and can be used vertically and horizontally since it can be rotated 360 degrees. The height and angle of the arm can similarly be adjusted as needed because the arm joint and base are flexible. 

Coming to its special feature, the LenTok drawing arm has a gooseneck design that makes it a lightweight drawing tablet. This also makes the installation process very simple and straightforward, and it does not require any tools. The clamp base is constructed using aluminium alloy, making it sturdier than plastic ones.

Additionally, like the best drawing tablet stands, this one is compatible with several different makes and models. This is because it has a tablet clip mount that can be extended from 5.3 inches to 11.8 inches. Due to this, all iPad models, iPhones 12 to 14, Microsoft Surface Pro series, Galaxy Tabs, Huion tablets, etc., can be mounted easily.  

Portable monitors can also be used, and the LenTok arm is a versatile option that can be used in different situations. For instance, large drawing tablets can be used as a second monitor by mounting them with this stand. Or, you can use the ¼ threaded tripod head of the tablet stand to mount a ring light or camera. 

Maximum Screen Size: 15.6 inches | Maximum Weight: 2.6 pounds | Rotation: 360 degrees | Integrated Cable Management: No

General Purpose Tablet Stand Arms Comparison Table

Best Tablet Stand Arms Maximum Screen Size Maximum Weight Rotation Integrated Cable Management
KU XIU Drawing Arm 12.9 inches 1.50 pounds 360 degrees No
VIJIM Drawing Arm 13 inches 2.20 pounds 360 degrees No
ZEXMTE Drawing Arm 12.9 inches 1.50 pounds 360 degrees No
LenTok Drawing Arm 15.6 inches 2.6 pounds 360 degrees No

Buyer’s Guide

When searching for the right tablet stand for your digital graphic drawing tablet, you need to consider certain factors, such as:

1. Compatibility 

There are several types of drawing arms available for tablets, and most of them are designed to support different makes and models of drawing tablets. Such wide compatibility is an important factor to consider when looking for a drawing arm, as it ensures that your graphics tablet will be supported. 

However, some tablet stands are only designed for use with specific drawing tablets and devices, such as the Wacom adjustable stand for the Cintiq. So, ensuring that the mounting arm is compatible with your device is crucial. This can be determined by checking the mounting options, dimensions, and size mentioned on the product or FAQ page.

2. Adjustability  

Adjustability is another vital feature you need to pay attention to when searching for the ideal drawing tablet stand. When using a drawing tablet, you often need to change its angle, height, and similar aspects for a more comfortable working space or a better view. That is why it is essential to look for drawing arms that offer tilt, rotation, height adjustment, etc. 

3. Durability

The best-quality drawing tablet stands are generally manufactured using metal or metallic alloys. Such construction provides the mounting arm with durability and helps it last a long time. Also, better-constructed drawing tablet stands can easily hold heavier tablets while ensuring complete stability. 

This results in a better user experience as the chances of the tablet and the arm wobbling or tipping over are minimal. Such options generally have strong clamps and bases, which are missing from weak tablet stands.

4. Mounting Options 

Mounting options will depend on how the drawing tablet is to be used. A mounting arm with a stable base might be the most suitable option if it is to be used on a table or desk. On the other hand, in situations where the drawing tablet is to be mounted on a wall, the best drawing tablet stand would be one with wall mounting features. 

Another thing to remember when considering mounting options is VESA compatibility; VESA refers to Video Electronics Standards Association, which determines the mounting standards for attaching monitors, televisions, and tablets. VESA-compatible mounts feature a flat display mounting interface and support a wide range of drawing tablets. 

5. Design 

The design of a tablet or laptop stand affects its ergonomics and can determine how comfortable the user experience is. Look for a graphics drawing tablet stand that promotes better posture, which can help reduce fatigue when using your tablet for an extended period. 

Such drawing tablet stands can help reduce strain, promoting better health while taking up little desk space. Thus, they provide a larger working area and help improve productivity and efficiency while working. 

Can you use the Wacom Cintiq adjustable stand with other Wacom drawing tablets?

The Wacom Cintiq adjustable stand is designed specifically for the Cintiq models from the brand and may be incompatible with other Wacom tablets. However, it may be possible to use graphics tablets, such as those from XP-Pen, if they have the same mount points and dimensions as the Cintiq models. 

Do all drawing arms come with anti-slip soft rubber pads?

Only the best drawing tablet stands come with anti-slip rubber pads, which help keep them stable on the desk surface and prevent them from moving about or wobbling. Synthetic (silicone) or natural rubber pads also prevent the stand and mounting arm from falling over, thus preventing accidents and injury. 

Can you use a drawing tablet stand for mounting lightweight ultrabook computers?

Whether a digital artist can use a drawing tablet stand to mount ultrabook computers or other thinner laptops depends on various factors. These can include the construction and building of the stand and its design. The best drawing tablet stands for larger drawing tablets or heavy tablets may be used for ultrabooks, but this may not always be true. 

What is the purpose of the locking mechanism in a drawing arm?

The locking mechanism in a drawing tablet stand securely holds the tablet or screen in one position. It prevents the tablet from moving while it is being used and is especially useful for professional digital artists who require precise positioning of the tablet. 

Can you use a drawing tablet stand for mounting other computer hardware?

Generally, drawing arms are designed for mounting tablets like XP-Pen tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and the Apple iPad Pro. However, many of the best drawing tablet stands can be used to mount other hardware, like a drawing monitor, simple computer monitors, and even cameras.

These may also make it easier to use other devices like a game controller, computer keyboard, or computer mouse with the tablet.


While many drawing arms are available for drawing tablets, choosing the best requires careful consideration of various factors, like compatibility, stability, price, durability, budget, human factors, and ergonomics. But even such factors may not be enough when all products offer excellent features and a fantastic user experience. 

If that’s the case, these are the recommended tablet stands you should know about. The Ergotron Monitor Arm features a sleek and modular design, is compatible with screens up to 34 inches, and offers multiple adjustable angles. Another option is the Wacom Drawing Arm, designed for the Cintiq range of drawing tablets and offers multiple mounting options with a five-point swivel feature. 

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