38 Brilliant Floor Level Sofa Designs to Boost Your Comfort


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A good layout is the most important component of a good interior design one might argue yet as this relevant piece is rarely a given, practicality, the grade of customization and comfort are rapidly taking the lead in the real world.

Balance in design, as in life, means everything.

The right scale, the right grade of comfort that does not disrupt one`s routine nor the way he is using the space are to be pursued. Naturally the conversation flows towards the living room,  the place in which we entertain, surprise, love and relax at the end of the day. In the midst of everything the sofa resides, ready for awkward moments and infinite laughter alike.

38 Brilliant Floor Level Sofa Designs to Boost Your Comfort

Floor level sofa designs in particular are discussed today, these are lower than their regular peers in the attempt to boost the comfort in certain settings. Floor level sofas are great fits in spaces with low ceilings, they are safer for children and last but not least, they work extraordinarily with simple pillows in large gatherings. Not once we`ve been surprised by the low number of people that we can accommodate in our living room and the floor level sofas are here to help; inspired by Japanese interior design these pieces position one in a different relationship with the ones around us, closer to earth, on the same level, thus allowing communication and interaction.

Floor level sofas invite one to use the whole floor space, comfortable pillows, rugs and blankets can make your living room floor the ultimate entertaining space in your home; the ambiance created is familiar, comfortable and personal.

1. Comfortable homemade pallet sofa

A couple of pallets carefully cleansed and hand-sewn pillows can help you shape an extraordinary spot for festive entertaining, pursue it in the comfort of your own home with little to no costs.

via Handimania

2. Crochet comfort in your living

Simple puf poufs can be transformed beyond belief with the right finish, one could pursue these crocheted clothes and create extraordinary new seating options in his living.

via mydomaine

3. Comfort in simplicity

38 Brilliant Floor Level Sofa Designs to Boost Your Comfort

A neutral color nestled on a comfortable floor sofa might be exactly what you need.

via rakuten.com

4. Floor level seating nook 

38 Brilliant Floor Level Sofa Designs to Boost Your Comfort

via southshoredecoratingblog.com

5. White and blue flooded by light

It goes without saying that floor level sofas emphasize the feeling of space through both volume and light invited in.

via weheartit

6. Simple flex sofa in beige and grey by Beale

Neutral, simple design that can be nestled in numerous settings seamlessly.

via sofaland.ca

7. Match low height sofas with floor level sofas

38 Brilliant Floor Level Sofa Designs to Boost Your Comfort

The height principle still functions and the possibilities are endless.

via ilovewood.nl

8. Extensive low height sofas by Keaton

Modern, practical, simple sofa choice ready for your layout. It can complement a setting but it requires accents around it.

via sofaland.ca

9. Color and pattern in a small form factor

One could tailor the patchwork solution of his dreams with infinite patterns and colors at their disposal. Simply choose something that fits you !

via Decor Furniture

10. Immaculate L-Shaped floor sofa

The simple, safe solution for airy settings.

via sofaland.ca

11. Elegance contrasting with colors and patterns

Source Unknown

Color and pattern cannot be overlooked when it comes to a sofa and having the option of changing these two on the furnishing of choice ought to help a great deal, find the right balance.

12. Waverunner modules sculpting space

One element can change the whole altogether, yet scaled, it all becomes something else entirely; modules can be rearranged easily to fit the needs of your event.

via Modway

13. Opollo leather sofa

Vintage leather floor leveling sofas need a certain support to feet familiar, at home. The puf poufs to match it require proper filtering as well yet the industrial design is extraordinarily rewardful, certainly not something to overlook.

via habitat.co.uk

14. Get playful with patchwork

Light, color, texture, everything you need, all of them tailored together into something interesting, memorable, remarkable.

Source Unknown

15. Arriane modules enhancing sitting

The impeccable airy decor that your pursue can receive patterns and color alike without cluttering a decor.

via Fama

16. Color in the Mah Jong Modules

The right detailing and the infinite customization options have brought the module in the attention of numerous contemporary designers. The patchwork designs ought to serve as inspiration through color and texture.

via Hans Hopfer

17. Retro immobile sofa – voyage

You ought to choose the relations between the elements of your interior design, these are about to define your space.

via Marco Fumagalli

18. Simple black and white

Clear, clutter-free, fail proof design recipe.

Source Unknown

19. Pattern balances neutral colors

U-Best Furniture

20. Simple modules in contrast 

Two elements are sufficient to create contrast, here through pattern and color in the same volume.

21. Sailor inspired collection

Sailor inspired interior designs have had their ups and downs yet in certain numbers the design motif has always been on the market. Choose something that fits your designs.

via Jean Paul Gaultier

22. Epic fluffiness in a shabby design

A super cozy design ready to emphasize your morning ritual at a low height.

via Pinterest.com

23. Impeccable gray hay mags 

Extraordinary elegant, modular, sculptural rectangular volumes that can rapidly enhance an interior design through simplicity.

via Hay Studio

24. Colorful play-room

Thanks to the small height, floor-level sofas are ideal choices for playrooms, they`re safe and comfortable.

Source Unknown.

25. Mohair velvet sofa

It may not be everyone`s cup of tea yet the solution is extraordinarily comfortable, rare and exudes authenticity.

via Abigail Ahern

26. Contrast in color and material

Velvet black in contrast with satin pink or similar vibrant colors create an interesting game, one worth playing one might argue.

via Avetex Furniture

27. Upholstered U-shape elegance

Luxurious, sumptuous and imposing this low sofa inspired by the Chesterfield couch is.

via Restoration Hardware

28. Glam 257 floor sofa surprise

38 Brilliant Floor Level Sofa Designs to Boost Your Comfort
Simple and elegant, the impeccable solution here serves memory in the form of an exposed brick wall and imposing rug.

via Vibieffe

29. Comfy Marenco sofa

It simply looks comfortable, fluffy, inviting, all in a modern design language. It can can be easily matched with pillows when the party counts numerous members.

via Arflex

30. Patterns boosting colors

38 Brilliant Floor Level Sofa Designs to Boost Your Comfort

A bold interior knows how to use color and patterns to shape something joyful, splendid.

Source Unknown

31. Graphic DS-88 geometrical sofa

Simple yet remarkable.

De Sede Schweiz

32. Adopt an unique material

38 Brilliant Floor Level Sofa Designs to Boost Your Comfort
The sofa above is composed out of two corners and a rectangle that can create numerous sitting options for your event. The material of the used is different, interesting.

33. Low L-Shaped couch 

Round edges along with the small form factor create a playfully amusing balance that is surely able to nestle you in full comfort.

Paola Lenti

34. Comfort at a low height

via Denden-Do

35. The Napali sectional sofa is different

It may not be everyone`s cup of tea but it is remarkable in its own way, choose something that enters in your definition of spectacular.

via Bretz Wohnträume

36. Layers in one floor-sofa

Comfort in two layers, two different materials.

via Gerrit Rietveld

37. Colorful domino floor level sofa

Small elements surprise, especially when they`re colorful.

via Oruga

38. Find the balance of the bohemian

Pillows, rugs, blankets, extraordinarily comfortable items to have around, in the bohemian interiors, they`re all colorful, patterned, joyful in perfect balance.

via Style Thirst

Take a moment, relax, breathe, be different today by simply being calm in this chaotic world. Enjoy the peaceful calm and pursue the simplistic, holistic approach.

How do you you find peace?



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