12 Best Free Home Exterior Visualizer Software Options

It’s a common belief that a house represents the owner’s personality, and that’s why we’re very fussy about how it looks.

Like interior decoration, the exterior of our humble abode is also something we’re very concerned about. As technology continues to evolve, we’re leaning more towards personalized customizations. It gives us room to decide how’d we want the final output to look, raising the bar higher for customer satisfaction.

That said, home exterior visualizer software is one of the rising trends in the home decor market. These exterior house design apps give you the freedom to design the exterior just how you’d expect it to be, which is highly beneficial for homeowners.

That said, we’ve reviewed 12 of the best options out there to consider, and they are absolutely free to use. Also, we’ve added a brief FAQ section that may help you get a better understanding of these software.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get down to business! 

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  1. Provia Visualiser

Provia is currently one of the most recommended visualizer software in the market, and the credits solely go to its extremely easy-to-use interface. The best thing about this program is that it makes designing look fun and gives you a wide variety of designs to play with. That said, let’s check out its core features!

Why Did We Like It?

When you’re searching for home exterior visualizers, the primary thing to remember is that these are mostly explored by users that don’t hold any prior knowledge. That said, Provia is one of the highest-rated visualizers, mainly because of the impressive user-friendliness the interface flaunts. You don’t have to be an experienced exterior designer to use this home exterior design app.

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Moreover, it allows you to upload a picture of your own house, which is further used as a template to make the necessary modifications. It helps you decide on the littlest details, such as vinyl siding, insulated siding, and whatnot. The new and improved interface has surprised us with a few itsy-bitsy intricacies that leave a significant impact in the end.

Furthermore, we’re also pretty impressed with how the application allows you to create your own aesthetic, which is great for those who seek 100% personalized designs. For free software, the Provia Visualiser stands out to be an excellent choice!

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although we wouldn’t call it a severe performance glitch, we’ve faced a little difficulty while uploading the picture. The software demands high-quality images for in-depth editing and design, which is justified in its way. That said, make sure the pixel resolution of your pictures is decent for better quality.

  • Completely free to use
  • Very easy to operate
  • In-depth designing
  • 100% personalization
  • Needs high-quality images
  1. Menards Design-It-Center

Menards design-it-center is another excellent visualizer software to look out for if you’ve never used these programs before. Although the overly professional software outlook may feel a bit intimidating, be assured that the ease of use that it offers is second to none. That being said, let’s check out whether it’s appropriate for you or not!

Why Did We Like It?

Menards is best known for the professionalism it offers in its services, which can be well-observed through the Design-it Center software. It features quite a sophisticated interface, which is guaranteed to garner your attention. Nevertheless, it’s just as easy to use as our previous pick, making it a suitable option for those who have never used these types of software before.

Menards design it center

Moving on, this program also demands a photo of your residence to get going with the design procedure. This feature comes in very handy for correctly analyzing whether your decor ideas are suitable for your house or not, which eliminates the risk of a complete exterior renovation you’d hate. If you don’t have any photos, the software lets you choose between its stock images to get a basic idea.

While using this program, you can play with a diverse palette of exterior colors and choose whichever suits your taste the most. It gives you the freedom to test every idea you’ve been having, which isn’t only limited to colors but materials too.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There’s no doubt that on its own, Menards design-it-center is an excellent exterior visualizer app that one could access for free. However, after a little nitpicking, we’ve found out that the application isn’t as versatile as the Provia Visualiser. Compared to that, you get a minimal choice of design and alteration.

  • Doesn’t charge a penny
  • Variety of exterior colors
  • Allows exterior material modifications
  • The software looks very professional
  • Limited ideas to choose from
  1. Alside

Renoworks had recently shaken the market by introducing a brand new free-of-cost exterior visualization software that makes home renovation look like a walk in the park. Alside is emerging as one of the most user-friendly alternatives to opt for; however, it’s much more than that. Does it cater to your requirements? Let’s see!

Why Did We Like It?

If you’re in the mood to visualize some stunning exterior designs that suit your house, we couldn’t have a better recommendation than Alside. This software is the brainchild of Renoworks, a brand that is already renowned for its high-end services and commitment to customer satisfaction. Despite being completely free to use, it gives you a premium feel while designing.


This program aces the personalization criteria with an extensive range of colors that you could play around with. Just by uploading a picture of your residence, you can start creating new and attractive designs and upgrades that enhance the overall visual appeal by a great deal. Also, just like the Menards design-it center, it allows you to choose the most resembling pictures from its stock images if you don’t have a picture to upload.

However, if compared to our previous recommendation, this software’s siding materials appear to be slightly more attractive and premium. Not to forget, you can also get into the minute details and even choose the color of roof shingles you’d want to install.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Like the Provia Visualizer, this software also has a few criteria to be met when uploading pictures. It has a minimum requirement of a 16000px landscape photo, as otherwise isn’t supported by it. Besides, it also must not have any blurriness or obstructions in the way.

  • Optimal user satisfaction
  • Sophisticated-looking interface
  • Wide range of exterior colors
  • Roof shingles included
  • Strict picture uploading criteria
  1. DreamDesigner

DreamDesigner stands out as an excellent beginner-friendly exterior visualizer to consider for those who never compromise on quality. It’s somewhat safe to say that this program lives up to its name because the final output that’s generated through its interface is too good to believe. That said, let’s check out what the hype is about!

Dreamdesigner renoworks

Why Did We Like It?

This software is developed by Royal Building Products, a highly appreciated brand for introducing designs that stand out from the rest easily. If you’re someone who takes curb appeal very seriously, DreamDesigner is the ultimate solution to your exterior visualization worries. This program clearly understands the importance of a house’s exterior, which is why it comes with such a wide range of aesthetic designs to renovate your living space.

This program flaunts the impressive exterior design schemes and materials developed by Royal Building Products, which is why the output always carries a “majestic” touch. It doesn’t have any specific photo size restriction, so you can easily upload a good enough picture and get started with the creativity.

Once you upload a picture of your residence, the software maps it out and sends it via email for you to start designing. Speaking of which, it has a wide variety starting from sidings to wall colors. Besides, it can be operated on your mobile too, which raises the bar even higher.

What Could’ve Been Better?

One of the main reasons it turns out to be a little challenging to work with this software is its excessive time to respond. If you’re looking for an alternative that assures instant results as such, then we’d recommend you to keep scrolling for a range of other options.

  • Royal Building Projects designs included
  • No such photo uploading restrictions
  • Exquisite exterior color options
  • Completely free to operate
  • The response time is relatively high
  1. CertaPRO “My Paint Colors.”

CertaPRO is an excellent software program to consider for those who want to play around with their exterior paint scheme. Boasting a diverse array of color options allows you to paint the exterior just how you’d like, which makes a great choice if you’re planning to renovate your house under a budget. Let’s check out its core features!

Why Did We Like It?

All of us have spent a fair amount of time wondering how our house looks in a completely new paint scheme. The CertaPRO software enables you to bring your creative imagination to life, made possible through an all-in-one color visualizer program. The best thing here is that you can also search for inspiration through its vast collection, in case you’re not able to come up with any fresh ideas.


However, the USP of this software is that it goes the extra mile to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with the colors that you’ve chosen. We’ve found that it comes with a Color Consulting section in the resources, where you can easily locate professional guidance to choose paint schemes that upgrade your house’s visual appeal by a great deal.

Furthermore, we’re also pretty fascinated by how this software gives you tips on interior and exterior paint jobs, which seems like a sweet bonus. Compared to our other recommendations, the learning curve here is much more profound.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As evident, this software has a clear advantage over numerous rivals when it comes to colors. However, it’s also limited to paint only- you can’t use it to create detailed modifications on the exterior’s critical areas. For instance, unlike the Provia software, it doesn’t allow you to test new window designs.

  • Detailed guidance on selecting colors
  • Wide variety of paint schemes
  • Extremely easy-to-use application
  • In-depth learning curve
  • No other modifications except the color
  1. Alure Home Designer

Now that we’re halfway through our list, it’s time to take a look at the new and improved Alure Home Designer suite software. If you’re someone who cherishes beauty in subtlety, these designs and paint schemes would feel delightful. Let us take an in-depth look at its core features and find out what’s up!

Why Did We Like It?

Allure has indeed stepped the game up for exterior design with its improved state-of-the-art software that gives you the freedom to personalize the colors. The level of personal customization is so high that you can even determine which type of siding materials you’d like to add to the renovation. It stands out as an excellent choice for busy homeowners who get to decide the theme in their comfort.

Alure home designer

One of the best features of this program is that it lets you work on your own residence’s exterior. You need to upload a picture that will be professionally prepared, which is further mapped out by the brand and mailed back to you to proceed with the necessary modifications. It doesn’t bother you with high pixel resolution, mainly because it can also work with decent-quality photos.

However, apart from exterior designing, it has you covered even if you’re also in the mood for interior decoration. It comes with select packages that allow budget-friendly modification packages, ranging from a bright exterior to even something like a bold basement bar.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Performance-wise, there isn’t any severe performance glitch worth being mentioned about this product. However, there’s one minor issue – this program tends to function very slowly if your internet connection is subpar. Other than that, we wish that the brand would introduce modern siding designs, as the existing ones are a bit outdated.

  • Optimal user satisfaction
  • Sophisticated-looking interface
  • Wide range of exterior colors
  • Siding materials included
  • Outdated designs
  1. Champion Windows Designer

Just as the name suggests, the all-new Champion Windows Designer stands out as excellent visualization software for those looking forward to renovating their old and outdated windows. Boasting a range of modern and traditional designs, this software gives you the freedom to invest in whatever suits your taste the best. Let’s check out its features!

Why Did We Like It?

Champion is one of our go-to brands when it comes to enhancing the curb appeal of your residence. It has always shaken the market with its out-of-the-box designs that can instantly boost your residence’s exterior aesthetics a few notches. For those looking forward to renovating their house in a way that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, give this visualizer program a try.

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However, it’d be entirely wrong to think that the only modifications you’re allowed to create here revolve around windows. That’s because the new and improved version of this software program enables you to make other fundamental modifications such as front doors and siding. If you don’t mind raising your budget just a little higher, customizations such as roof shingles and trim are also possible.

Just like every other exterior visualization software, it also demands your residence’s photo, upon which the visualizer effects will be put on for your better understanding. In case you currently don’t have any such picture, you can choose any closely resembling photo from the software’s archives to get the job done as well.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We agree that it’s hard to find another software that gives results as accurate as of the Champion Windows Designer when it comes to accessory-oriented changes. However, one major issue here is that the program isn’t capable of changing your exterior’s color, restricting its visualizer capabilities by a great deal.

  • Ideal for window customization
  • Optimal user satisfaction
  • Sophisticated-looking interface
  • Siding materials included
  • Does not support color change
  1. Hoffman Weber House Design Software

Hoffman Weber Construction has been around long enough to be a common household name in the States. This brand has finally adapted to modern technicalities and enhanced its construction project efficiency through an excellent visualizer software that helps you customize your house just as you’d like. Let’s take a sneak peek at its core features!

Why Did We Like It?

Exterior modification becomes a fun-filled task with this tool, as it gives you the liberty to pour your heart out and create what you’d exactly prefer to see. This software comes with a 3D interactive model, giving itself an instant advantage over most of its competitors in the segment. Thanks to this incredible feature, hitting the minute details while designing your house becomes as easy as pie.


As it allows you to design the house in a 3D format, it’s possible to take it even further and plan roof replacement projects. Other than that, you get to choose between a wide range of aesthetically pleasing colors to paint anywhere around the house, not just the exterior. Furthermore, you can also change the siding materials, make some necessary trim adjustments, and whatnot- all in this incredibly smart visualizer software program.

However, the best part here is that it doesn’t charge you a single penny despite offering such premium-class design features. Instead, you’d be surprised to find out how cost-effective and attractive the Hoffman Weber construction plans get.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As the software deals with a high-end 3D interactive model that makes designing a lot easier, it’s slower than its photograph-mapping alternatives. As per most user reviews, you’re required to keep the software running for about 60 minutes before running the software optimally.

  • The 3D interactive model included
  • Allows to perform roof modifications
  • Highly sophisticated software design
  • Completely free to use
  • Slower than most alternatives
  1. GAF Virtual Home Designer

As we’re nearing the end of our list, let’s check out the GAF virtual home designer. If you’re looking for reliable roofing services under a fair budget, GAF is one of the most popular brands to opt for. That said, let’s take a look at what its new, improved virtual home designer suite brings to the table.

Why Did We Like It?

Yes, efficient roofing is indeed the brand’s forte; however, it has spread its horizons to a broader aspect of construction projects. Since GAF eventually branched out towards full-fledged exterior modification, one of the best initiatives it took was introducing an integrated visualizer software that offers optimal customer satisfaction.

Choose the right shingles with gafs virtual home remodeler 1

The introduction of this excellent program has helped the customers realize what sort of facade renovations they’re looking for. The brand offers an incredible variety of color and design options to choose from, which leads to higher personalization of design. To make it even better, the software also allows you to visualize the trim, which is impressive.

So, what exactly sets this program apart from the rest of our list? The smart interface suggests the user’s various complementary matches at the bottom corner of the screen. Unbiased speaking, some of these matches are indeed exquisite-looking and add a premium look to the exterior.

What Could’ve Been Better?

One of the biggest reasons homeowners don’t highly favor this product is the lack of optimization it comes along with. We’ve also noticed that the program is excessively slow, which gives it a significant disadvantage in the game.

  • Doesn’t charge a penny
  • Variety of exterior colors
  • Allows exterior material modifications
  • The software looks very professional
  • The software needs to be optimized
  1. Eldorado Stone

Boasting a rich and successful brand history since 1975, Eldorado Stone is one of those premium construction brands you opt for if you want to add a majestic feel to your residence. Recently, it had come to our attention that the brand had launched its visualizer software. Likewise, we give it a try, and here’s what we think!

Screen shot eldorado stone 2406

Why Did We Like It?

Although it’s not one of the most popular exterior renovation brands, Eldorado stone represents subtlety and sophistication at its finest. It has been catering to America’s stone siding requirements since 1985 and has recently undergone a major technological upgrade. This feature enables the customers to visit the visualizer program and decide which type of stone siding would look best on their residence.

The rules here are quite simple- you have to upload a picture, and the brand reverts you to a mapped version, prepared for enhanced visualization. You’re required to adhere to a specific pixel resolution standard while uploading the picture, as otherwise, the blurriness ruins it all. However, if you don’t have any photos at the moment, use any of its stock images to get a better idea.

The best thing about the inclusion of this visualizer feature is that the users can easily choose which kind of stone suits their residential exterior without the stress of physical trails. As these kinds of siding materials are a little premium, ultra-convenient features like these help make a decision quicker.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The software only allows you to make modifications related to stone siding; it misses out on a host of essential exterior renovation features. It doesn’t allow you to modify the exterior colors, which is a little disheartening for starters. Other than that, you cannot visualize side windows, doors, and roof shingles.

  • Excellent stone siding visualization
  • The program looks very sophisticated
  • Completely free to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Misses out on many important features
  1. Sketchup

As we’re nearing the end of the list, let’s take a walk toward the broader aspect of exterior design. Landscaping is a significant part of this process, and if you’re planning anything as such, then Sketchup should be your go-to brand. Let’s take a quick peek at what it brings to the table!

Why Did We Like It?

Before we begin, this current recommendation isn’t the best pick for the average person. However, if you’re an architect or a renovation enthusiast, it’ll be an absolute delight. That said, the best thing about this software is that it gives you the total creative freedom to design how you wish. It doesn’t bother you with any photo uploading issues, as you get to sketch the ideal design that you’d like to upgrade your exterior with.

Su opengraph

 As it’s mainly a 3D modeling tool, you can freely create a version of the exterior and try all the feasible ideas to decide which one fits the best. If you’re planning to color the walls, something new and unique, toggle around the application’s diverse palette to understand what you need the most.

As per the customer reviews, this product is one of the most easily accessible and beginner-friendly 3D visualization software to look out for. Although it comes in both free and paid versions, the former comes loaded with all the necessary features, a versatile exterior house design app to consider.

What Could’ve Been Better?

No matter how advanced it gets, it continues to be too complicated for regular homeowners to operate, and that’s why it caters to a particular niche. Besides, the free version takes quite a while to render the 3D models, which is a little upsetting.

  • 3D modeling software
  • Total creative freedom
  • Different color options
  • Comes in both free and paid versions
  • Not suitable for regular homeowners
  1. Window World Visualizer

The last recommendation on our list, the Window World Visualiser, is by far one of the easiest-to-use exterior visualization software out there in the market. The brand has raised the bar for window adjustment through this ultra-convenient application. But does it serve your requirements properly? Let’s take a look!

Why Did We Like It?

This product is very simple to use, due to which it makes an excellent choice for those who haven’t operated visualizer software before. You simply need to click into the program and choose your preference, and it gets the job done with the highest accuracy rate. Most importantly, if you’re looking forward to changing your exterior windows without wasting time on labor, give this smart application a try.

Window world visualizer

Furthermore, we’re also amazed by how efficiently it handles secondary modification jobs such as front door and siding visualizations, raising the bar further high for convenience. You can simply use their photos and make the necessary modifications to get a basic idea of how the design would look in your residence.

However, in case the results aren’t satisfactory, you can also take it a step further. Simply upload your self-clicked photos of the exterior to get a more in-depth visualization of how the modification can look if pursued.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Considering the limited visualization services that it offers, we indeed have a few complaints from the Window World Designer. First, it’s a little disheartening how the brand hasn’t yet enabled the program to make color changes, which could’ve raised its value astronomically.

  • Very simple and subtle
  • Attractive window designs
  • Sidings and front door included
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Doesn’t include color changes

Exterior paint visualizer by mccormick paints mar15 min 

Hey there, are you still having any doubts regarding home exterior visualizer software? Don’t worry; we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions that may help you understand this program a little better.

Now, without any further ado, let’s check out the brief FAQ section.

  1. What is a Home Exterior Visualizer Software?

Back in the day, interior/exterior decor wasn’t a cakewalk. You’d have to be very sure of what you’re doing, considering there’s no going back. However, modern technologies such as exterior visualizer software help you get a virtual blueprint of your idea, including the colors, siding materials, and roof shingles you’re planning to install for the renovation. Thanks to this program, exploring new and creative ideas for exterior modification becomes entertaining and non-damaging.

  1. How Do I Redesign The Exterior Of My Residence?

Creating and exploring designs in this software may sound a little complex to the average person, but be assured that it’s relatively effortless. That said, all you need to do is click on the program and choose any stock photo that resembles your residence’s exterior. Afterward, you can continue making modifications until you’ve decided upon a theme. However, you can also conduct a real-time analysis by uploading a good-quality picture of your residence exterior.

  1. Can I Use Home Exterior Visualizer Software For Free?

Yes, absolutely! This type of software is developed by exterior designing companies that look forward to integrating their vision with the client’s personalized needs for a better project. However, various professional-grade variants also come with paid versions that allow manual 3D modeling.

House paint simulator certa pro home

Final Words

Now that you’ve learned about the 12 best home exterior visualizer software options in the market, we hope that it has become a little easier for you to decide which one suits your needs. Also, we expect the FAQ section to be a little helpful in clearing your doubts.

That said, have you found your pick yet? If not, then allow us to guide you. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that offers color changes, siding, and roof modifications, we’d recommend you go for Provia Visualizer.

However, if you’re mostly concerned about ease of use and quicker response, our ideal recommendation would be the Menards Design-it Center. Although it comes with comparatively limited options to choose from, it’s still good enough for most people.

On that note, we’ll see you soon with more informational articles. Till then, stay tuned!

Featured Image Courtesy of David Santos

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